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As some (if not all) of you know, Comic Con is going on in San Diego right now (and I’ve once again forgotten that I have relatives down there, with free food and lodging... dammit...). Along with news from Marvel, the Eisner Awards, and even news about actual ongoing comic books(!), DC showed what’s on their docket of upcoming films. Along with a cool looking Justice League trailer, we also got news on Aquaman, Shazam, Green Lantern Corps, Wonder Woman 2, and the Flash movie. Which, as it turns out, is adapting the Flashpoint storyline from 2011.

Now, some of you may remember that over a year ago, in a flight of fancy (and in my own way of coping with seeing Batman v Superman), I wrote my own take on how Warner Bros could save the DCEU. This involved getting through the already planned films, reworking the Justice League movie, and... sending the Flash back in time. I will say that in my version, the movie was a mix of Flashpoint and Justice Society, and from what little we’ve heard, it so far doesn’t sound like that’s where this is all going. Still, though... can I at least say CALLED IT?


In seriousness, I doubt that my idea would be used at all, and that this will be more like a Days of Future Past situation where WB will just use a single film to fix its problems, and that it’ll probably be a straight up adaptation of the original storyline. For now, I’ll just enjoy that we might have a canonical reason for why the DCEU will be have good films back to back in some time, instead of one film holding up the rest of a terrible roster.

Which reminds me: I wouldn’t mind seeing Wonder Woman again...

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