I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So Long Summer

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Summer Break had officially begun for me when my classes had ended. July Twenty-four was the day where all I had to do was work and play. I had just finished up my Database systems course which had taught us a lot about SQL coding. I don’t mean to boast but I passed that Class with a B+. That stands for Bear Plus that means I am a Bear and then some. So I guess you can say it’s like the human grading scale’s A+. Two weeks before that I murdered my Accounting for managers class B+ there too.


So what had I immediately begun to do every day after work? Laze about, watch Anime, and Play video games of course! In fact I even got a few Platinum trophies on the PlayStation Network. I know some of you could care less for trophies and achievements in general but for me if the game seems to have a reasonable line up and the game is good enough to the point where I feel I need to complete it I will try my BEST!

So let’s go over what I watched and beat this summer.

Video games

Tales of Xillia (Platinum), Lumines Electronic Symphony (100 % unlocked), Time and Eternity (Platinum), HomeFront (beat it on normal), Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (100 % trophies), DOTA 2 (I COMPLETED THE TUTORIAL!)


I been thinking about doing my own little review of the games above but I am not too sure. If anyone else is interested in me giving my take on these please let me know. I would be happy for the motivation to do so.


Usagi Drop, The Devil is a Part Timer (I will review this!), Ucherei, Yuyushiki, My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong as I Expected (TUT said he would review this), and finally Kamisama no Memochou/Heaven's memo pad. Also Haganai Season 2 (which I will not review because nope)


I reviewed a few of those they are linked properly. I enjoyed them all thoroughly. check them out shoot me some recomendations!


So I know summer may have never came for some of you but for these past few months what did you accomplish in Life? Whether it is games, anime, or anything related that you got somewhere in be it positive or negative how was your summer?

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