Yep, that's the new storefront you should be seeing if you log on to Steam now.

After months of people complaining about Steam getting clustered with releases, it looks like they're finally doing something about it. Not only does this update sport a new look that continues the blue on black gradient, but I'm seeing new search features, an exploration queue to help you find new potentially interesting games, some new recommendation system that might be better than the old one with an endless scrolling list as you pass the basic store windows....AND Steam Curators.

Not like Valve is curating themselves, so much as what I've been hoping they'd do since talking about it years ago. The talking point answer is user or organized-based curation. Instead of Valve or any one company deciding what does and what doesn't get on highlighted on the storefront, leaving out possible great or interesting games, we now instead have multiple curators recommending content.

Anyone apparently can become a Steam curator, but what likely will already has happen-ed is certain individuals or organizations (including Kotaku I think) of people that already have some clout or fame, will jump on this to recommend you content. Thankfully it looks like there will be a way to follow (yep, there is) these curating groups, so you can pick the ones that align with your tastes, and the games they recommend will appear on your personal home store page. Steam even highlights how many groups recommend the same games.

Haven't had much time to actually dig into this stuff, including checking my own possible grammar/spelling errors...but this is exciting, and OF COURSE in typical Valve fashion they don't really build up hype (like Source 2.0), and just decide to dump it on me today. Thought my Steam Metro Skin broke the program, but thankfully nope.


I'm just glad to see Valve recognizes the store was getting crap in the discovery department, and is now doing something about it. I expect these tools will improve as well.