I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So, After about 72 in game hours, I’ve finally went about finishing the main campaign. The fallout 4 talks end here, those of you sick of my rambling about it.... until the dlc comes out... >> << Spoilers Follow, though I’m keeping it vague to not go overboard with my own playthrough.

The main story can and will frustrate you with options nearing the end

Sure, New Vegas had you torn 4 ways but you got sort of a feel of which organization was inherently good, evil, or a bit of both. You also had the opportunity to take the reins yourself, but that really isn’t the case here.


In the end, after doing what I did (I stuck with the ol’ BoS, just ‘cause it seemed a little bit like the lesser of all catastrophic options, ironically.) But there were three more options. Minutemen, which well, would’ve taken a hell of a lot more time building ranks, dealing with putting out lots of little fires (I’m sorry, but any camp that has to try and tear me away from what i’m doing every time they have a raider problem is fucked. I have a finite time to do the things I do, and you have to show a bit of independence if we’re gonna get along.) The Railroad, which was a good idea but I just lost interest in it, after P.A.M. kept trying to shove me into more clear-outs for minimal caps. Then there was the other option. The Institute.


The stakes were really large with The Institute, as my original inkling of “More time has passed than I think” confirmed with Kellogg’s memory, were actually used twice. Suddenly you weren’t looking for a baby, and you weren’t looking for a 10 year old. Suddenly, you were looking at an elderly man of 60. Man, did that twist the feels knife. It’s a little hacky to use the same device twice for a plot, but it worked nicely for me. Not only were you wrong (or not) once, but twice. It really had weight to see that not only was my son was grown up, but was indoctrinated to be the head of the very thing I’d been hunting down. At first, I tried to stay with him. I couldn’t do it. Fighting the Brotherhood, and pretty much any positive characters I’d encountered through my playthrough. The Brotherhood almost seemed to run parallel to them, I’d still have to kill the railroaders, plus my son and the institute. I could’ve stuck with the minutemen, but again, It didn’t really feel like they had a dog in that fight, not to mention if they did, it would be like pitting a teacup poodle against a giant pitbull. The Railroad just didn’t feel like it’d be a worthwhile ally either, with the same problem. So I took out a courser in my charge after a single mission for the institute. I was brought to a rooftop, where my son and I had a quiet chat. I realized my pleas would of course fall on deaf ears, and I was banished. After that, all bets were off. So, I did what I had to do, with a lot of semi-innocent blood on my hands. I spoke with Shaun once more as he was seemingly resigned to his fate, the game almost beckoned me to shoot him. I didn’t. Instead, I left him to face some nuclear annihilation. After the fact, The little synth Shaun came pleading for me to take him. Would a little redemption be in the works? I weighed the choices carefully, and was really hesitant at first, but I chose to save him. Better something of a reminder rather than nothing. I felt the ending carried with it more than a bit of sadness. I was triumphant, but there wasn’t a lot of pomp and circumstance. Instead, just more of the same. Hell, a worse feeling. And that’s what makes Fallout 4 an excellent game, at least from a storyline perspective.


So, What’s the end result?

I’m still playing the hell out of Fallout 4. Is it perfect? Nah. There’s plenty of things that bug me, But it’s a Bethesda game. It’s sort of the trade off. It’s probably going to sit in my XB1 until I either get Rise of the Tomb Raider or just run out of things to do. Was it worth the wait? The hype? On both counts, Absolutely. Fallout’s sort of a sentimental thing, and it allowed reconnection with an old friend, so yeah, on more than one level, it was worth it.


So what’d you think?

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