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So... What Happens to Us if Gawker Shuts Down?

I’ve been hearing a lot about this Gawker controversy thing. I don’t have a clear picture, but it does look possible the Gawker might shut down and rebrand, or shit the bed entirely and get sued into oblivion.

As an aside though, I have a note to Gawker’s editorial staff, and to the other editors defending what they did: You guys have one chance to stand up for your integrity. One chance. You blow it, you risk everything. And what do you risk everything for? A fucking HULK HOGAN SEX TAPE. You are fucking idiots. Really. You are. You’ll defend sleazy, cut-rate journalism, shit more akin to Mexican tabloids printed on pink stationary paper than real journalism? That’s your line in the sand? Guys, sit down, have a drink, and think about your lives to this point.


[Edit: Someone told me it’s actually not about Hulk Hogan. It’s about the blackmail and extortion of an executive from a rival media corporation, publishing stories about his interactions with a gay escort in order to disparage the business he represents. That’s... Worse. Much worse. Gawker, you ought to be fucking ashamed of yourselves. If you ever dare call yourselves journalists again, you will be Milli Vanilli levels of lying. If you call yourselves schoolyard bullies or gossip queens, both will be acceptable. And to all the editors from Kotaku and the like defending these clowns? Yeah, get fucked. You’re a bunch of amateurs, and you should make yourselves sick for standing up for this shameful bullshit under the guise of “integrity”.]

Anyway, Rant aside.

What happens to TAY? If Kotaku went down tomorrow, I probably wouldn’t care. But TAY? There’s nothing else like it on the internet. Lords know I have no interest in returning to the console wars and gay bashing of NeoGAF and GameFAQs. So I really gotta ask, to everyone around - the admins, the regulars, the lurkers... Do we have an exit strategy? Can we set up shop elsewhere if the worst scenario does come about?

Lemme know ladies and gents.

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