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Hey all, you probably know me from these once-weekly posts creatively called Game of the Week.

I say “once-weekly” because some of you may have noticed that I’ve been posting these weekly retrospectives less often—it became more like Game of the Bi-Week, then it became more like Game of the Month, and so on. In short, I fell off.

There’s a ton of excuses I could give (work, life, etc.) but I feel like the real reason is that I simply took this weekly retrospective article format as far as it could go. Scratch that—as far as I could take it. That’s more accurate, I think. I started GOTW way back in July 2013, with a look back at Final Fantasy VI in what I now see as an alarmingly badly written piece.


At the time, GOTW was started by me in an attempt to kickstart my content output and improve my writing. I think my writing has gotten a bit better; maybe you don’t think so, but I do. And I created weekly posts for four years, which is something I never thought possible.

The first title screenshot from my first GOTW!

I hated missing those self-imposed weekly deadlines, yet in recent weeks and months I struggled to come up with articles that didn’t read like the previous week’s. Part of this is my habit of choosing these games more or less at random; often, I would make up the “Next Week” teaser on the spot, seconds before clicking publish. I did have a list of games I wanted to cover, and I hit most of them, so that’s a thing.

But every article started to feel “same-y” to me, and GOTW started feeling less fun as a result. It went from a fun way to revisit important, underrated, or just plain oddball games, and it started feeling like I was writing them more out of obligation. Like I had to, rather than I wanted to. I mean, I enjoy games writing, and someday, somehow, it would be cool to earn money doing it, but not if it’s no longer fun, you know?


So eventually, I just said “I’ll do it next week.” And next week came, and went, and then the next one, and I realized I might need a break from GOTW and its format, which I felt had become restrictive to me.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna write about games anymore. Hell no. I love doing this. I’m just going to look at new approaches for doing so. Like, don’t even consider this a goodbye to GOTW; it’s just on hiatus. Perhaps I’ll come back to it; if I can find a way to make it fresh again, than definitely. If not, well, I’m still here. I’ll likely do more retrospectives, but apart from the GOTW format; this way, I can be more in-depth and generally write whatever I want.


A special shout-out to the TAY community for being the absolute best community on this new-fangled Internet thing, and especially to Zarnyx, who granted me authorship and, by extension, gave me my voice, making GOTW possible. Thanks all for reading, and look forward to more words about games by me (as soon as I figure it out).

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