I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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In case you guys and gals haven't heard, Tomodachi Life just came out, which is, apparently, a game that doesn't let the player's Mii's come out. And that is, with nary a doubt, a huge problem, especially if we take into consideration all of the glowing success Gay Runaway Fantasy Simulator 2013 had when it was released. Obviously this makes Nintendo a bad company, and the game itself terrible — because of the lack of being inclusionary to all people, everywhere, from every walk of life.

But, maybe that's the problem with society and not actually a fault with game itself.


In today's world, the power of political correctness is everywhere, and it shows. People being lambasted for things they say in the privacy of their own home, those being ridiculed for their opinions because they do not coincide with how people of this ever-wonderful, new-age society believes people should think, companies issuing apologies because someone was irritated by something that either was placed into, or left out of, a game. Each situation involves the same underlying circumstance — someone wasn't happy and they wanted to make sure people knew. We could, of course, call this the Outrage Generation. And, why not? It's easier than ever, through the power of social media, and blogs that masquerade as something more, — believing they actually have power because of the name that appears in the url — to hurl negative statements at people and companies because their feelings got hurt or that they don't approve of someone's opinion.

Case in point, let's take a look at Tomodachi Life and Nintendo for a quick second. When it was announced that Nintendo's newest title wouldn't include same-sex relationships, people, across blogs everywhere became upset, going so far as to call Nintendo bigoted, conveniently glossing over the fact that, when it comes to homosexual relationships, Japan as a whole is still struggling to find that acceptance that is becoming so prevalent in the States. Also, take note that Nintendo is a Japanese Company, because when they mentioned 'social commentary', they are thinking about people from their own country first, not us.

Which brings me to this point: All of you, where ever you are, no matter what you do, nor what what agenda you are pushing, whom got upset because of the decision to allow only opposite-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life, need to get over yourselves. Sometimes, and this might come as a shock, it's not about you. Just because you believe companies need to cater to your thoughts and ideals shows just how far and insane the quest for inclusion has gotten. You all have become egocentric forgetting a basic rule that my family once taught me when I was a child:

The world doesn't revolve around you.

We have become fixated on everyone being included in every game that, when a title comes that excludes some, people begin to lose sight of a simple guideline that all children, young and old, should know. So, instead of regressing to a pre-child-like state of mind, where you forget something so basic, in your journey to make sure all the world conforms to the agendas you wish to shove down people's throats, remember that people are all different, that humanity, despite what you think, is not a hive mind and then, finally, for once in your life, grow up and realize that not everyone cares what you think, nor about what you believe in.


Because that is what makes humanity unique — our ability to have free will and free thought. Trying to strip that away from the citizens of this earth is far more disgusting and unforgivable than not allowing same-sex relationships into one game.

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