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Sol's Shady Music Café (Late Edition): "Gamen"

Today's artist is a Swedish neofolk group called Garmarna. I found their third album, Vedergällningen, by chance in a box filled with albums about to be thrown out by my local library. The name caught my eye, for some unknown reason, so I grabbed it.

I was fully expecting it to be some foreign pop group, since that's what most of the stuff in the bin was, but I was taken aback when I heard the fast drum rhythms off of the first track. The drums mixed with the electronic bass line, string sections and enchanting female vocals meant I was instantly hooked. I listened to this track three or four times before I went on to the second. Few other songs on the album have grabbed my attention as much as the opener, but it was still a good find overall. My only major complaint with the group is that the Swedish language doesn't always sound that pleasant to the English speaker. Look up their song "Euchari" for an example of what I'm talking about. Despite this, Garmarna has a very unique sound spanning traditional Scandinavian music, rock, ambient and downtempo that I have yet to hear from any other artist.


As always, the song was chosen randomly from my list of about 120 unique artists. Please post any of your favorites, new discoveries or anything you have been listening to lately. It doesn't have to relate with whatever I post, just whatever you feel like sharing.

I also apologize for not posting it until now. I might start writing these the night before and have them post automatically in the morning. I am considering using Fridays for a special long write-up about some of my favorite artists, if you guys care to read them. And on a non-music related subject, I may be a bit late to the party, but I'll be putting up thoughts on the new Devil May Cry from the perspective of someone who didn't like the original games much in the next couple of days.

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