I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Sol's Shady Music Café: "Mezzanine"

Massive Attack's Mezzanine was one of the first albums I got when I was building up my original music library. My best friend's dad introduced me to them years ago and they have remained regulars on my playlist. The eponymous track, "Mezzanine," is my third favorite on the album, but that's only because of how incredible Elizabeth Fraser's vocals on "Black Milk" and "Teardrop" are . Regardless, I consider this song to be one of the best trip-hop tracks ever released. If I was to introduce someone who had never heard the term "trip-hop" before, this is the first song I would make them listen to.


As always, the song was chosen randomly from my list of about 120 unique artists. Please share any of your favorites, new discoveries or anything you have been listening to lately. It doesn't have to relate with whatever I post. It only needs to be something that you have enjoyed. (I don't know why anyone would post anything they didn't enjoy.)

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