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Sol's Shady Music Corner: "Age of Consent"

Welcome to my first music post. I plan on doing this roughly once a day when I don't see another music post. To choose songs, I have a bank of 125 or so listed out that will be determined by random number generator. As I discover new music, I will add it to The List. If I find s a song that I absolutely must share, I'll just post it without bothering with The List.

Part of my reasoning behind doing this is because I love listening to new music. I enjoy artists from just about every genre out there and there are thousands of musicians that I have never heard of. That's where you guys come in. Post whatever you like or whatever you're listening to at the moment. I will try to listen to every song you guys post. If I like it enough, I may add it to The List as well.


Anyway, to the actual song. This song, "Age of Consent," is the opening track off of New Order's 1983 album Power, Corruption and Lies. The entire album is a good listen and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys the song. MementoMorie recommended this album to me a couple months ago. Since then, a few of the songs have been regular occurances on my playlist. "Age of Consent" is probably my favorite from the album after a couple of full listens with "The Village" coming in a close second.

What about you guys? Have you discovered any new bands lately, or have any favorites you want to share?

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