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With Super Smash Bros Ultimate coming out later this year, I think it’d be fun to list some of my favorite 3rd party characters that I’d hope get into the game. Please note, that this list is no particular order.

Nightmare (from the Soul Calibur series)


Man, I love this evil knight with his massive sword. When I first picked up Soul Calibur 2, I immediately played Nightmare first because of how awesome I thought he looked and how easy he was to play. I was captured by how cool and awesome Nightmare made me feel when I played him and I’d love to see him join the Smash cast.

I also think that Nightmare has a decent chance of getting into Smash U because of a variety of facts. First, Namco Bandai is producing Smash U. So, it would be easier for Sakurai to get approval to use Nightmare than other 3rd party characters. Second, the Soul Calibur series has already collaborated with a Nintendo when Link was a playable character in Soul Calibur 2. Finally, Nightmare is basically the poster boy of the Soul Calibur series and if any character from Soul Calibur were to be in Smash U, it’d probably be Nightmare.

Simon Belmont/Miriam (from Castlevania and Blood Stained respectively)


The Castlevania series has deep roots in Nintendo history and I think it’d be fitting for Simon Belmont or Miriam to join the Smash U cast because of it. I think it’d be cool to have a whip character in Smash U because of how unique of a fighting style it’d be. Plus, I absolutely love the gothic aesthetic of the series.


I’m not sure on whether either Simon or Miriam would be in Smash because I’m not too clear what Nintendo and Sakurai’s relationship is like with Konami and Koji Igarashi. Although, since Snake and Bomberman are now in Smash U, I think the relationship is pretty good with Konami. It probably falls down to if Sakurai is able to convince Iga to add Simon into Smash U. Although, Sakurai may decide to add Miriam to Smash U if Iga insists because Miriam is basically a female Simon Belmont

Arle Nadja (from Puyo Puyo)


Puyo Puyo is a puzzle game that is as ubiquitous in Japan as Tetris is around the rest of the world and I think Sakurai would acknowledge this popularity in some way in Smash U. I’d like to have Arle because it’d be cool to have a puzzle game representative in Smash U. Also, I really like Arle’s character design and her cute pet Carbuncle.

Nintendo and Sega have a pretty good relationship right now, so I imagine it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to add Arle to Smash U. Although, I’m not too sure how Sakurai would feel by adding a second 3rd party character from Sega. Sakurai didn’t seem to have a problem with adding Ryu to the game after Megaman got into the game, so who know.


I’m going to stop here for now since it’s late and I want to get to sleep. I may write a 2nd article on my hopes for 3rd party characters in Smash U another time.


Anyways, what 3rd party characters do you hope will be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

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