I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

The guys at Did You Know Gaming just published their new entry, and lo and behold it's all about our favorite Dot Matrix Gaming Portable, the Nintendo Game Boy.


In today's entry featuring Jake from VSauce3 we learn:

  • How the Game Boy became the the first portable video game system played in outer space, orbiting the Earth over 3000 times.
  • How Gunpei Yokoi first thought of the idea of a handheld video game system back in 1979 when he saw a Japanese businessman playing with his pocket calculator.
  • That the predecessor of the game boy was Ball from the Game & Watch series.
  • That the blank green background was chosen because the green contrasted better with the LCD overlay in different levels of light.
  • That Neil Young's Silver and Gold Album cover picture was taken with a Game Boy Camera.
  • That the Game Boy Pocket was created as a concession for the failure of the Virtual Boy.
  • And some other interesting facts about Nintendo's 400g behemoth!

I never knew about the idea that conceived the system, and neither did I know about the reason why that ugly green background was selected for the original design, but it makes sense since the system never had a back-lit display (except for a few limited editions released in Japan), and the only way to play it was in well lit rooms.

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