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Some Random Notes on a Slow Weekend, Starring Lord PyramidHead, esq.

  • Look at that seal. Look at it.
  • Today is my 25th birthday.
  • Come on and slam.
  • And welcome to the jam.
  • There is a burgeoning community of rational people forming online in response to the constantly toxic discussions about gender and sexuality. It’s typically been a giant slap-fight between radfem and MRAs, but more and more people are starting to see both the bullshit and the reasonable arguments coming from each side.
  • The same can’t be said about science deniers. Oh lawdy. Between the chemtrails, the anti-vaxxers, the anti-GMO, the Illuminati, the “fluoride is poison!” idiots, the climate deniers, the “gay agenda”, the homeopaths... There’s so much bullshit floating around the internet, and gullible idiots just eat it up.
  • I bought Blue Dragon, Remember Me and Devil May Cry 3 for a grand total of $5 yesterday. Garage sales, son. I swore I wouldn’t buy anymore games until the backlog cleared more, but... Come on! You don’t ignore $1 DMC3!
  • I pronounce the word “garage” as one syllable. “Graszh”.
  • I also say things like “an historical”, because I don’t pronounce the H. I don’t know what accent I have.
  • Toronto now has a black police chief, as of this week. We have significantly fewer black people than most American cities, and we tend to not lynch “subdue” black criminals the same way either. Racism still exists, of course, but I have a hearty giggle at the Americans who say things like, “The police aren’t racist, black just commit more crimes!”
  • Someone at Squaresoft didn’t see a problem with translating “Batsu” to “Butz” on the PS1 version of FF5. This also gives me a giggle.
  • Wild Arms 3 is okay, I guess.
  • Front Mission: Gun Hazard is a very good mech platformer for the Super Famjam, but it’s very repetitive and lacks the massive bosses that are a staple of this subgenre.
  • It bugs the piss out of me when Americans call the political left “liberal”. Liberals are centre-right. lrn2politics. As a general term, “socialist” is a far more accurate word to describe the left. It’s not a slur.
  • I’ve seen my views drift from centre-left to almost dead-centre. While I like a lot of what the left demands, I’ve begun to notice just as much crazy bullshit in leftist politics as in rightist. All the same, on the libertarian v. authoritarian spectrum, there are tremendous flaws with either extreme. A happy medium is somewhere in the middle.
  • Basically, I’m true neutral now. Anyone need a Druid for their next D&D game?

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