Since Kotaku doesn’t like to cover Xbox stuff unless it’s absolutely necessary (but will gladly let me know when Sony delays another game), I guess the job falls to someone else. Anywho, yesterday Xbox had a bit of an event in San Francisco that covered things from game announcements, showcases, DLC and special editions, and Phil Spencer himself talking a bit about the ‘box’s future. While there isn’t anything major (*looks at above video* no pun intended), there are a few nice things to see, there is some news on games that I’m... mildly interested in, and I see this as something to lightly hold us over till E3. With that said:

Forza Motorsport 6 Gains Porsche, and is Coming to Windows 10

Ori and the Blind Forest Remembers it has a Definitive Edition, Drops Some Info on it

It’s coming next month, it will be compatible for people who bought the original, has a new chapter, fast travel, easy and hard(er) modes, and a bunch of stuff I’m too lazy to type out, given what else there is to cover.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Comes to PC TODAY

For $30, and it’s now 60 fps.


Xbox One Gets Another Update, With Some Surprisingly Good Features

More party members! More chat and streaming options! You can now buy 360 games on the One marketplace! Tons more! For preview members that is...

Looks at Quantum Break:



Dark Souls III:


The Division:

Killer Instinct Season 3:


And- wait, that’s it? I got them all? Oh, thank god.

And finally, Phil Spencer Talks Phantom Dust, Dev Kits, and Console... Evolution

I’ll let Polygon take it from here.


I know that I’m not writing much here, but it’s more than what Kotaku did.