I'm really feeling it!

Having maps from Resident Evil modded into other games isn't exactly new. Killing Floor and Sven Co-Op have had their own rendition done a while back, just to name a few. Heck, I wouldn't doubt it being done in Minecraft as well. After all, it's also technically a zombie game.

Fans of Resident Evil will find it an unmistakable replica of everybody's beloved mansion.


But if this project turns out to be a success, this may mark the first time Resident Evil maps get modded into an open-world/open-ended survival horror game (you know, games like DayZ and such). And that game is Project Zomboid.

After the mapping tools for Projet Zomboid have been released, Japer from The Indie Stone forums and the Steam Community is working on rebuilding the Resident Evil 1's famous mansion, and if all goes well we may see Raccoon City's police station in the future.


Check it out! It looks like it could be a great "sidequest" if it accompanies an open world map.


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