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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Mafia: Sometimes you only have yourself to blame

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It was almost time. Meathead got up looking longingly at his pillow but knew there was no point sticking around any longer. He headed towards the deck and passed by Kidechka’s Candy Store on the way.
Looks like she closed up early.

It had been an interesting day for certain with the captain dead and everyone scared witless. Meathead had learned early in life that mob mentality can be a frightening thing. His fears were not unfounded. Minutes after the body was discovered there were people with murder in their eyes, ready to exact vengeance even if they knew nothing.

He surfaced and the crowd was instantly silenced. He paced along the edge of the ship, towards the gangplank. He wondered if he should have played things differently.

It probably wouldn’t have made a difference.

He could hear someone saying something, but it didn’t matter at this point. He knew his fate and jumped into the cold Pacific hoping that maybe the next game would be more interesting.


DisturbedShadow was not happy. He had a feeling Meathead was not the culprit, but somehow got swept along and ended up voting for him anyway.He didn’t know him well, though a few days before the murder he heard music playing from Meathead’s room and thought he sensed a kindred spirit. Maybe in another life things would have gone differently.

He headed to his room and noticed the door was ajar. He felt a chill down his spine. He knew he locked his door before he left. Who could have got in there? His mind raced and wondered what his next step should be. He needed to call for help. It could be nothing, but better safe than sorry.

He started knocking on the doors of the neighboring cabins. Nothing. Where was everybody? Were they really still out on the deck? He decided to head back up.

“Where are you going?”

He spun around and saw the murderer, knife in hand, still red with dry blood. DisturbedShadow was no coward, but he was also just a normal person. A very unarmed normal person. He ran back towards the door to the deck when it swung open and another entered. He was saved, they could probably take this person out together.

“The murderer! The murderer is right there!”

There was a long pause as the newcomer looked directly at DisturbedShadow.

“I know”

Understanding dawned on DisturbedShadow’s face as he saw the other killer move slowly towards him. It was over for him. It would be over for everyone.

There was more than one.


Alright two down, so many more to go! I probably wont write stories this long next time, but I wanted to write something longer for Meathead and DisturbedShadow since they are sadly leaving the game so early :(


I messaged this already to everyone that has roles, but I’ve tweaked night time a bit. The night cycle will only be 12 hours long, and I will end the night cycle as soon as I hear from everybody with a role.

I hope this will keep downtime as low as possible so no one gets bored.

Another thing I want to clarify, everyone must vote during the day vote. I was lenient in the first round, but from now on I’ll be a bit more strict. If you do not vote by the time voting ends it will count as a vote against yourself. If you do not vote twice (Not counting this first round), then you will die instead of whoever is supposed to be voted off.

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