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Because I haven't seen one here recently, I will give it a go. Five songs from my music library that came up randomly. I definitely didn't skip a couple that I didn't deem worthy of sharing, like a few songs I dislike but haven't removed from my library yet (yes I did.)

1. "Hero In Mr. Sholensk" by Rabbit Junk

One of my all-time favorite bands, but not one of their best tracks. This one leans a little too closely to Hot Topic style metal for me. If you are into loud guitars accompanied by electronics and a hugely diverse set of influences, then you might like Rabbit Junk.


2. "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" by The Raveonettes

This is Danish duo that has a fondness for walls of noise and 50's style. Again, not my favorite track by them, but it's a good cover. I'd recommend "Love In a Trashcan" or "Beat City" for one of their more typical tracks, though they do branch out into more pop and country oriented songs from time to time. Then there's that 80's goth-ish album that we don't talk about.

3. "Mindphaser" by Front Line Assembly

Probably one of the most important industrial group of the 90's after Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, Front Line Assembly is another long time favorite of mine. I have no idea where I found this band, but I remember jamming to their Artificial Soldier and Tactical Neural Implant albums back in middle-school. Good, happy stuff.


4. "Sacer" by Gang Gang Dance

I know pretty much nothing about this band. Morie introduced them to me earlier this year and I acquired a couple of their albums. Odd, but interesting music. Very cool drums.


5. "Get Your Snack On" by Amon Tobin

If you like electronic music, go listen to one of this guy's albums right now. Easily one of the most creative and talented guys in the scene. In fact, go look up Ninja Tune and check out a bunch of his label-mates. If you've played the first Infamous, you're already familiar with his style.


Also, if you've made it this far, I'm considering doing a series of "The Bests" posts asking everyone's favorite things from certain categories. Nothing general like "best video game" or "favorite food" but more specific. Also, there will be Dave Grohl.

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