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Vernian Process - Sonic Symphony (Retro Gaming Retrospective #1)

A Medley of Sonic 1 tracks

Hey guys, I'm back for another volume of my "Retro Gaming Retrospective" series of re-worked classic gaming themes. This time I decided to share my very first volume of the series. Originally created in 2010, I started this project (RGR), as a way to practice arranging and producing for my band Vernian Process. I chose Sonic first, because it was probably my favorite franchise growing up. Sonic was like my babysitter. I would get home from school, do (some of) my homework, and then close my door, and hang out in Moebius for several hours till mom called for dinner. I must have beat the first three games 100 times easily. I remember how amazing it felt the first time I was able to get all of the Chaos Emeralds. And discovering Super Sonic, without using debug codes, or cheats at all.

A Medley of Sonic 2 tracks

I knew that I wasn't the only person out there who shared this experience, so I decided to do an album of renditions that were faithful to the original compositions, but sounded like they were produced with much higher quality samples. At the time I made these, they did sound HQ to me, but that was before I actually got some decent gear, so now I'm not totally thrilled about some of these mixes (I'm my own worst critic), but not embarrassed enough, to not share them. In retrospect, I really wish I'd found some better percussion samples, and used a tad less reverb lol.

A Medley of Sonic 3 tracks

In 2001, I worked for SEGA of America, and was the core gameplay tester on Sonic Adventure 2. My job was to unlock all of the levels in both Hero and Dark mode, and provide the VMU's with those levels saved on them (I had to make one VMU per level). Then I would put the VMU's out for the rest of the team to use so they could test and regress their resolved bugs. I did this every day for over 6 months. It was a pretty integral role on the team, as we didn't use debug modes or level select cheats.

A Medley of Sonic & Knuckles tracks

Eventually as we got close to the ship date, I was tasked with clearing the game 100%. That meant finding every emblem in the game, S ranking every mission, finding all hidden Chao's, beating every mode... it was a monumental task. But I eventually accomplished it. It was one of the greatest feelings in the world. And my management team was so happy with the work I did, that they made me the only non-lead team member to receive a copy of the Japanese Sonic 10th Anniversary Birthday pack. hand signed by all off Sonic Team, and presented in person by Sonic's pops Yuji Naka.

I've tested a hell of a lot of game since then, but I'll never forget working on SA2.

A Medley of Sonic CD tracks

As you can imagine Sonic is very dear to me for many different reasons. From those early memories that I share with a whole generation of gamers, to those later life defining moments I experienced early in my professional career. Their really was no choice when it came to picking my first game franchise to pay tribute to.

A dance mix of Ice Cap Zone (the most popular track on the original compilation)


Download for FREE here: Sonic Symphony - An Orchestral Tribute to the 16-Bit Classics

These tracks were originally written and composed by Masato Nakamura, and were all arranged from various midi compositions found online. I take no credit for their compositions, only for the treatment of the instruments and arrangements.

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