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Sonic X-treme Found, Compiled, Leaking As I Type This

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Remember Sonic X-Treme? Of course not, it never made it to the shops and we know how much the Saturn could have used it. Lurking around NeoGAF once again proves useful because it seems we will finally be able to play the game in the most advanced stage of development.


Krejlooc does a far better job than I possibly could summarizing the troubled development cycle that the game took, spawning from it's isometric Megadrive roots to 32x and finally Saturn.

While we wait to see if it is indeed possible to have the game running in it's current build states (Windows 95 only, people!) it's great new to know the level editor has been also fully compiled, allowing for fans to take upon them to complete the game that SEGA never did. Until that time, here is the video pitch to SEGA that made them green-light the project in the first place, running on a Commodore Amiga 3000.

I often wonder how many more lost games are out there waiting to be discovered. After all, we already have an amazing amount of culture done in the past 30 years that arrived in shop, but often the games that where never made offer far more interesting stories.

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