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Sony Unveils The Order: 1886 Gameplay Teaser [UPDATED]

A post on playstation.blog today announced that Sony will be giving some sneak peek gameplay footage on their twitch.tv channel. The footage was from the game The Order: 1886.


You can easily see the resemblance of the emblem in the back of the announcement and the emblem for the game. I will add have added the short teaser here later.

The game's graphics look amazing, but for those who knew nothing about the game that went to watch this "sneak peek" of The Order: 1886 might be let down or confused as to why to care about it. For some reason I feel like many of the viewers might have been confused as to why this "sneak peek" was worth their time.

Regardless, the game's atmosphere and lighting look fantastic. I'm not sure how I've felt about it being a cover-shooter to be honest. I never really got into many cover-shooters before so this game might have lost my interest a bit. Hopefully E3 has some real information about the game, because that was a tiny amount of footage with no new information about the game.

Does anyone else feel like Sony needed to stream this short trailer? I feel like they could've just posted this to the playstation blog instead of herding the viewers to see a tiny teaser video.

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