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Soon 'Ground Zeroes' Will Feel A Little Less Empty

Metal Gear Solid fans can put down their guns, set aside their console-related differences and finally enjoy a good, complete game.

In a move that many people may have seen coming, it was revealed in the latest episode of Kojima Station that the platform exclusive Déjà Vu and Jamais Vu missions for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will breach the barriers of inaccessibility, becoming free multiplatform DLC on the 1st of May. The missions will be delivered to Xbox and PlayStation gamers free of charge via a patch, injecting the extra content into the respective platforms and raising the number of playable missions from six to an impressive seven.


Xbox gamers will be able to experience the Déjà Vu mission previously enjoyed by PlayStation owners, and can look forward to reliving some of the most iconic scenes from Metal Gear Solid 1 and its setting of Shadow Moses. Meanwhile PlayStation devotees will once more be able to take control of the cyborg-ninja Raiden in the Jamais Vu mission, finding themselves dropped into the middle of an action-packed battle between humanity and body-snatching aliens that until only recently was exclusive to Xbox. Before this announcement it was tough luck for either party wanting that change of pace, finding themselves locked out of the choice for simply owning the wrong console.

This is fantastic news for the series and its fans, for long has Ground Zeroes as the newest addition to the Metal Gear franchise been a topic of contention. This is probably due to some fear mongering concerning its ambiguous length and unorthodox marriage of story and gameplay (two elements of Ground Zeroes, by the way, that are much less worrisome than you might think. I've clocked ~18 hours in total and loved every second of it,) so a little bit of additional gameplay on either side of the console fence is definitely a good thing.

Have you been looking forward to playing the other console's missions or do you not really care? Leave your thoughts in the discussion below.

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