I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hope everyone had a good week and is about to have a good weekend. I played a lot of Destiny this week. It's weird, like it's got some actual problems but I think part of what people don't like is that it isn't perfect. Invisible walls all over the place prevent you from exploring, oddly placed instant-death-pits keep you from exploring, and yet there are all these chests hidden in spots that demand you test your luck with instant death pits and possible invisible walls.

I played with Tut and Neryl the other day and had a blast.. The strikes are really fun and get you a bit more focused than a lot of co-op games can. But I really wonder about whether people are going to dig how this game works. I kind of have a feeling that Destiny is going to push the "$100 game" debate further-namely that some games might need a higher price point to make that sort of production and development feasible. For Destiny I feel like they basically created a set of content, then cut off an amount that will probably cost about $40 to sell as expansions almost immediately.


So let's celebrate with some random music I have been thinking about. No real focus this week. Too much destiny to really work one up. There is still something great about these tracks. And this time I'm adding something else, a reccomendation: Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain album. I really don't see myself ever doing a straight up Jazz Soundtable ever. But I think it's a great album to listen to for everyone, at least one good playthrough to see if you like it. There's something kind of off about the choices they make on that record. Really good stuff that keeps you listening deeper each time.

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