I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Soundtable: What Do You Believe?

Hope everyone's week was groovy. I've been playing a lot of Destiny still. The devs are showing marked improvement in communicating with the players, but I think also gamers might just start having to accept that this might be all there is to the game. The endgame sort of came stupid early. Not that there aren't fun things to do, just for players who enjoy the experience of seeing their characters progress Bungie's game is a flop.

So there's this interesting problem with any game that's got the persistent world thing going: do you think you'll be playing it in the future? Do you think the devs will make the right changes, release content that adds to what works, etc. I mean Bungie can make it so that better loot drops from strikes, but I'm still replaying strikes I've done before a dozen times. Even if I enjoy the strikes or the dailies or whatever repetition hollows all things.

"What do you believe?" It's this question that just calls to you, to your true self. There's an answer we give the rest of the world, but then there also exists this endless answer we give ourselves.

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