This story is written here solely for my good friend Z the Fluffy Bunny. She is always asking me where stories about ME are and why I only tell stories about my friend Will. Well here you go Z, here is a story about me.

I went with my wife and roommate to the first ever Space Coast Comic Con on Saturday in Cape Canaveral Florida, and we had a great time. Then we ran some errands after we got home, and even more fun was had. Make sure you stick around for the ending, it is totally worth it.

Anyway, we decided to go to the convention about a month ago when we found out the voice actress for Mio in K-On! would be there. We also decided that we wanted to do some K-On! cosplay since no one ever does and it should be easy.

Wow that is a lot bigger than I expected. Oh well, that is us. I was Tsumugi and my wife was Yui.


I know what you are going to say, and you are absolutely right. My wife had the hair clips on the wrong side. I told her like ten times to fix it but she refused.


And I know you can’t see it in that photo, but yes I was wearing the full outfit with a skirt and women’s flats for shoes. And I looked fabulous and no one can tell me any differently. But seriously, never wear a wig ever. They are hot and annoying and the hair gets in your face all day. And then the voice actress for Mio laughs when she sees you.

But it all worked out great. We sat through our first ever panel at one of these cons and then got our guitar signed!


She’s there on the bottom under Azu-Nyan. We also had her sign a couple of other things.


Then we got to sit through another panel with someone who is now my favorite voice actor of all time - Brina Palencia.

First, she accidentally let an F-bomb slip in the middle of her panel, which was amazing. Then she took a phone call from Christopher Sabat (voice of Vegeta) and put it on speaker phone so everyone could here him. Then she told a bunch of stories about how her and Sabat and her brother prank their fellow voice actors all the time. By the end of her panel she had solidified herself as one of my favorite people ever.

Then we had her sign a couple of things because she just happens to play one of my favorite characters ever in Spice and Wolf.


So that was pretty much all we did at the convention, but now comes the best part of the story. Here is my Will moment of the day.


So we got back home around 5:30 p.m. and decided we wanted to try a new place. So we went to this little Italian place around where we live. It had good reviews so we decided it would be a good place to check out.

Well, we ordered our food, normal easy stuff. There was only one other table with people at the restaraunt so we figured it wouldn’t take too long. We were wrong.

45 minutes later our roommate got her appetizer. Then 15 minutes after that she got her meal. 20 minutes later my wife got her pizza. 25 minutes later I told the place to cancel my sandwich because the other two had finished their meals.


Now in all fairness to the place, the food was fantastic. I got the sandwich to go and they comped it because of the wait, so it wasn’t a total loss, but it was an omen of things to come the rest of the night.

We headed to BJ’s to get some groceries after the meal, speaking of BJ’s.....

Anyway, so we get there and get all of our groceries and are checking out. I get to the last item in my cart at the self checkout and this happens.


That is me and my roommate laughing in disbelief as 25 pounds of cat food dumps onto the floor though our shopping cart. And yes that is four employees, including the store manager, watching with disbelief as well.

What happened was as soon as I picked up the bag, the bottom just fell out. The whole bottom was just gone. So we just looked on as 25 pounds of cat food waterfalled to the floor.


That picture was taken by my wife, who immediately texted it to everyone she new and posted it on facebook. By the time we got home, she had a ton of questions as to what happened and a lot of laughs from people. I nearly killed my roommates mother who couldn’t stop laughing when she saw the picture and nearly choked.

So there you are Z, there is a story about me. Enjoy it.