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Spacemon: A Pokemon Tabletop Story - The Complete Saga

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Original image source can’t be found. The original image used to create this header image is on every wallpaper site in existence.

Welcome to Spacemon, the tale of a series of Pokemon TRPG campaigns! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the  Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247 and myself. Here you will find the entire saga, conglomerated for your reading pleasure!


In terms of Story, Spacemon takes place in an original Pokemon setting cooked up by the original GM, DragonStorm247 and now expanded across four campaigns. It is the distant future of what was essentially real-world Earth, except with Pokemon instead of animals. Humanity ended up destroying the planet, and fled Earth aboard massive life ships known as arks with many different species of Pokemon. Not all the arks made it, but those that did eventually grew into four galactic powers that later formed a Galactic Federation that brought a new era of peace. Currently, the earliest campaign in the timeline takes place a few hundred years after the formation of the Federation

On this post you will find links to every chapter of Spacemon as well as all the supplementary posts written by myself and the other players. I’ve organized them in a recommended reading order that I think makes the most sense. Each post has a link in the footer at the bottom to the next post in the series according to this order. This way you can read through the entire saga with ease!


Recommended Reading Order

Spacemon: Frontier [In Progress]

Spacemon: Rising Stars!, Volume 1 [Coming Soon]

Original Series, Volume 1

Original Series, Volume 2

Original Series, Volume 3 

Interlude: Original Series to Eleventh Hour [In Progress]

Spacemon: Eleventh Hour [Coming Soon]

Spacemon: Blueshift (Alternate Universe Series) [In Progress]

Spacemon Appendix [Major Update Pending] 


DragonStorm247 - GM (Original Series), Contributing Author

DisturbedShadow - GM (Frontier), Arlon Jett, Alexandria Hawthorne, Main Author

ClarissaGavin - Morgan Durand, Kiril Zhukov (Vol. 2) Ace (Frontier Ch. 49 & 66+), Contributing Author


The Other Guy - Shane, Rena Bourdeaux (Vol. 2), Contributing Author

Random-Roaming-Robot - Dmitri Smirnitsky

??? - Experiment #1749XQR5Z-H

axelchildofdestiny - Axel Zuikaku

Novibear - Taraka Bhulaka

unknown67 - Gaster Jameson

Alec - Kasey Coulson

Final Words (2/16/16)

This series has certainly had its ups and downs, with fluctuating popularity here on TAY, and even among the players themselves at times, but in the end, I think it was a wonderful experience. Thank you to all the readers for supporting Spacemon and leaving your comments, even if only a few dedicated individuals stuck out the journey all the way through. Without your support, I would not have continued the series here on TAY and I wouldn’t have been able to share this journey with all of you.


Special thanks to Kaploy9 for reading and commenting from day one. To Astaranth for all the epic comment threads. To ArchmageSparrowhawk for engaging comment threads. To MonocleDan for reading from early on and finally jumping into the comments to liven them up. To Unimplied for making the awesome title GIF for the Halloween special. To András Neltz from Kotaku for featuring the Spacemon posts in the TAY round-up when Kotaku handled it. To Zarnyx and GiantBoyDetective for featuring the posts in the round-up once TAY took over those duties. And to Stormborn for the honest critiques that seriously helped me to improve my writing chops. Finally, I would like to thank the GM of this campaign and the other players for making this whole thing possible! You guys are seriously the best.

Sharing this story over the past sixteen months was a blast, and you can count on me giving the sequel campaign we plan on doing in a few years the same treatment. Hopefully now that this is all done, this series is in a more consumable form for anyone interested in reading through the whole thing. Feel free to pop by and comment here, or on any of the chapters linked above; I’d be more than happy to discuss this series with anyone! Be sure to Like Spacemon on Facebook, join the Spacemon Discord server, or follow it here on TAY to stay up to date! Until next time... I’ll see you starside!

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