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Spacemon: Blueshift - Chapter 1: Crash Landing

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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! This is an alternate universe story with one key difference that shifts the entire narrative in an interesting way. You should get caught up on our canonical adventures here first!


Alex’s small frame cast a long shadow across the ground in the light of Vandia’s perpetually setting sun as she ran across the plains toward Khirpai, the small city where she was born. It was just another boring day for the teenager, just like every day for the past year. It had been so long since that night on the roof; the night she poured her heart out only to have it crushed. Now Alex spent her days scouring the streets for scrap metal and Pokeball parts. She tried to remain focused on her mission to escape Vandia and find her father, but she was never able to forget Naomi.

Maybe today I’ll find something useful, the girl thought as she reached the farms on the outskirts of town. She vaulted a nearby fence, taking a shortcut across a cabbage field to get to her destination faster. Suddenly the ground exploded into giant dust clouds as a volley of laser fire came hurdling down from the sky.

“What the hell?” she asked aloud as she looked up towards the clouds. A space battle! Here!? she thought, seeing bright flashes of light amongst the gray and purple masses. Although it wasn’t quite as exciting as what she had seen in the movies, this was still the most interesting thing to have happened to her in years!

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As she watched with excitement in her eyes, a ship broke through the atmosphere, tumbling and turning, upside down relative to the planet. It righted itself at the last moment, just before hitting the ground. It tore through the cabbage field and smashed through the fence, stopping just a few feet from the girl. A single word escaped her mouth as she stared in wonder at what she had just witnessed.


After a few moments, three people emerged from the crashed ship. They slowly walked alongside their vessel, surveying the damage it sustained in the crash. As they neared the front of the ship, one of them spotted Alex standing there, staring in awe.


“Hey, who are you?” The young woman asked as she approached Alex.

“Who are you?” The girl responded. “You fell from the sky!”

Before the woman got the chance to respond, Alex spotted her companions approaching. The blue-haired teenaged girl in particular caught her attention. Wow, she’s so pretty, Alex thought. She could feel her pulse quickening in a way she hadn’t felt in a long time. Quick, say something!


“Why is your hair blue?” Alex asked the blue-haired girl. She received a quick glance in response, but the girl quickly turned away from her, remaining more interested in examining her damaged ship. Well, that was a dumb thing to ask.

“Have you never seen a ship before?” the young woman asked, seeming annoyed with Alex’s outburst.


“Not one that exploded and crashed in front of my face!” Alex answered.

“Yeah, well, it wasn’t exactly planned,” the young woman responded.

Suddenly a man with spiky blond hair wearing nothing but a lab coat and a pair of pink boxers emerged from the ship. “Why… why isn’t he wearing any pants?” Alex asked. The man’s appearance was just so absurd. Looking at the others, she noticed that they didn’t really seem to care or notice. “No seriously, like, why isn’t he wearing pants?”


The young woman’s grey-green eyes narrowed as an annoyed expression formed on her face. “That’s not really any of your business.”

Ugh, she’s no fun, Alex thought. She looked back over at the girl with blue hair, who now seemed to be focused on the conversation. Alex’s interest was immediately captured by what appeared to be a glowing purple tattoo on her arm. Let’s try this again...


“What’s up with your arm?” Alex asked, approaching the blue-haired teenager.“It’s all, like, glowy and shit.”

“It’s not really any of your business,” the young woman said again, sounding a bit more annoyed now. She stepped between Alex and her blue-haired crewmate.


“You almost crashed a ship into me!” Alex shouted, pointing a finger right in the young woman’s face. “Bullshit it’s not my business!”

“Well, we’d like to be going now if-”

“Going where? I don’t think you’re going anywhere with this piece of shit.”

“You said you never…”

“Never what?”

“Do you have a ship?”


“You’re just a kid. Just shut up.”

“C’mon guys, let’s just go to the city and fix our ship,” the blue-haired girl said to the others, trying to calm the tensions.


“No seriously, I have a ship,” Alex continued to insist. She thought that if she helped them, they might be able to get her off this planet. “Well, half a ship anyway,” she continued. “It crashed over there and I found it. The point is I have lots of scrap. I can help you.”

“I would really rather not trust this child,” the young woman said to her crewmates.


“Who are you calling a child!?” Alex demanded. “Blue over there doesn’t look any older than I am!”

“Didn’t you hear me say it’s none of your business?”

“What’s your problem? I’m trying to be nice here!”

“Oh, no one really knows,” the pantsless man answered.

“She’s always like this,” the dark haired man chimed in.

“So she was born with a stick up her ass?” Alex asked.

“Alright, that does it!” The young woman yelled angrily.

“You’re gonna regret saying that,” the blue-haired girl warned Alex.

Suddenly, a blast of energy struck Alex, sending her flying back into the side of the crashed ship. “Ow! What the fuck was that!?” the teenager screamed at her attacker, a pained tone in her voice. “Why did you do that to me!?” She lunged at the young woman, and tried to punch her in the face.


The woman stepped to the side, and Alex’s fist collided with her shoulder. She then reached for one of her Pokeballs. In response, Alex grabbed four of her own Pokeballs off her belt, two in each hand, and prepared to throw them.

“Guess what, I have a Pokeball too,” said the man with no pants.

“H, don’t get involved,” the blue-haired girl warned him. She then stepped between the two hot-headed girls and tried to break up the situation before it got any worse. With her glowing purple hand, she grabbed Alex by the arm.


Alex felt a dry wetness clamping down around her arm as the other girl made contact. What the hell? Alex thought. The feeling was quite uncomfortable. Alex tried to squirm free as the blue-haired girl pulled her away.

Suddenly, the pantsless man ripped a piece of broken panelling off the ship and lifted it up in the air. “STOP IT! WE’RE BUSY AT THE MOMENT! OR I’LL HIT YOU WITH THIS!” he shouted angrily.


“She started it,” Alex jabbed at the fuming young woman as she ripped her arm out of the blue-haired girl’s grasp.

“GUYS, CAN WE JUST STOP!?” the blue-haired girl shouted at everyone.

“But I have this piece of side paneling, what am I going to do with it now?” the pantsless man asked.


“Go build another of your Goddamn augmentations or whatever,” the blue-haired girl told him.

“It’s useless now,” the man said, throwing the panel aside.

“Shouldn’t you go back to your parents or something?” the young woman asked Alex. She seemed to have calmed down a bit.


Alex tensed up at the mention of parents. No, stay strong, Alex told herself. “What parents?” she asked, trying to sound tough.

“Uh… parents. Like normal kids have,” the young woman responded.

Despite her best efforts, Alex could feel the sadness welling up inside.“I… don’t have parents…” she said as her facial expression formed into a frown.


“Well that’s wonderful!” the pantsless man commented.

“Where do you live?” the young woman asked. Alex detected a hint of guilt in her voice.


“In a crashed ship,” Alex answered. “I told you that.”

“Look, we really don’t have time for this. We just want to get our ship fixed so we’re gonna go to the city and do that,” the young woman explained. She then turned and walked off toward Khirpai with H and Dmitri close behind.

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Damn it, I need them to help me, Alex thought to herself. She watched them leave, then turned back to the blue-haired girl, then back to the others once more. She ran after them, hoping that she could convince them to help her.


Shandra sighed as she leaned up against the Helix. It had been quite an eventful day. She and her crewmates had come to this planet to find Gilgamesh and ended up crashing after the Helix was attacked by a bunch of crazy people. Then that annoying girl showed up. Speaking of which… she thought. Shandra looked around and noticed that the local girl seemed to have disappeared. She shrugged, then resumed checking the damage to the Helix.


It definitely wasn’t too bad of a crash, all things considered. The damage to the ship was mostly superficial. Whatever scrap material Morgan, Dmitri, and H found would definitely be enough to get the ship spaceworthy again.

“Hi!” Shandra suddenly heard a high-pitched voice shout behind her. She turned around to see the local girl standing there with an excited look on her face.


Not this again, Shandra thought to herself. She looked at the girl for a moment, and then back at the ship. She then turned and walked back onto the ship.

“Why are you here anyway?” the sound of the girl’s voice followed her inside. She turned to see the teenager walking behind her.


Ugh, this girl is annoying, Shandra thought as she navigated her way to what she hoped to make into a lab to study the Warp.

“Hey! I’m talkin’ to you! What are you doing here? Why is your friend such a jerk? What’s up with the guy with no pants? Are you even listening to me?” The girl’s incessant questions never seemed to end. When Shandra finally reached her lab, she shut the door in the girl’s face, then breathed a sigh of relief. “Fine! I didn’t want to talk to you anyway!” she heard the girl yell through the door.

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Shandra stood there for a moment, leaning up against the door and enjoying the silence. However, it only lasted briefly as she realized her mistake. Crap, I can’t just let her wander around the ship.


She poked her head out of the room, confirming her suspicion; the girl was gone. Shandra darted out of the room, hoping to find the unsupervised stranger now roaming around the Helix.

“Lame. Boring. Amateurish,” Alex grumbled as she tossed Pokeballs aside. Wandering around the crashed ship, the girl had found her way to some sort of Pokeball workshop. Being an expert on the craft of making Pokeballs herself, the room had caught her attention. Unfortunately, the designs she found within weren’t living up to her standards.


Eventually, the blue-haired girl entered the room, out of breath. Alex got the impression that she has spent a great deal of time trying to locate her. “Okay, as much as I don’t want to answer your questions, I really don’t want you wandering around the ship,” she told Alex.

“But I wasn’t wandering. I was in here,” Alex pointed out.

“I wouldn’t touch some of those if I were you,” the blue-haired girl told Alex before she could say anything more. “H has… a problem…”


“Who’s H?”

“You know, the weird guy in the lab coat.”

“Oh, you mean the guy with no pants?”

“Yeah… Anyway, some of those are kind of dangerous.”

“Nah. These are kind of amateurish.”

“Oh, you wouldn’t know the half of it.”

Yes, Alex thinks. I said something right.

“I know right?” the Sinai girl agreed. “What was he thinking? These aren’t hack-proof or zombie-proof!”


“Zombie-proof?” the blue-haired girl asked, sounding a bit weirded out.

“Yes,” Alex told her. “Y’know, for when you need to protect your Pokemon from the zombie Pokemon!”


The blue-haired girl stared back with a blank expression, causing Alex’s face to flush red with embarrassment. Damn it! I blew my chance. She probably thinks I’m a weirdo now.

The blue-haired girl sighed, then handed the girl a Pokeball. “Here. Open this.”


“Just do it.”

Alex looked at the ball for a moment before chucking it at the wall. It exploded and string shot went everywhere.


“Boring! I could make that in my sleep.”

“That is one of the milder effects of these. You really shouldn’t be messing around with them.”


“Oh, I’ve made things far more dangerous than that before.”

“Like what?”

“Like this one.” Alex pulled a Pokeball of her own design out of her bag, then threw it at the wall. A blast of electricity bursted out, sending sparks flying everywhere.


Judging from the look on the girl’s face, she seemed impressed. Alex felt her heart flutter for a second. “I see your point, but still, you shouldn’t be messing around with these,” the girl told her, snapping her back to reality.

“But I do it all the time,” Alex explained.

Really…” the blue-haired girl said, putting a hand on Alex’s shoulder. Alex felt herself blush once more at her touch. “We just met you and I’d rather not share our entire personal lives with you.”


Suddenly, they warped out of the room and appeared in a different one.

“Woah, what the fuck just happened!?” Alex shouted in surprise, stumbling back a bit.


“It’s a long story,” the girl said before walking out of the room.

“Wait! You need to tell me what that was!” Alex shouted as she followed her out and off the ship.


Author’s Notes: This is a series that was born out of an asinine comment I made on one of the chapters on my post-mortem re-read of the entire Spacemon series. I actually liked my idea so much that I decided to just mess around with the idea for fun without any plans of actually posting it. But here it is. I ended up making this a reward for the official Spacemon Facebook page reaching 20 likes. I’ll be posting these in between Profile entries to keep me refreshed and allow me to not get burnt out on that series.


So, the basic premise of Blueshift is a simple question: what if Shane had instead taken on a female form during the Sinai experiment that created him? This series will explore that idea by looking at how I feel things would’ve played out with this slight difference.

Why start at the beginning of Volume 2? Well, I feel like the plot up until this point would’ve been pretty much the same, and only the introduction of Alex into the mix is what causes things to divert, and not just because of my personal bias. The original comment that spawned this series was a joke about how if Shane had been a girl, then Alex would be crushing on her so hard when they first met, so yeah, this whole thing is basically an alternate universe ship given its own story. Don’t worry, there will still be a ton of cool differences asides from just romantic plotlines!


So, things of note… the name Shandra was actually a name The Other Guy came up with in a comment thread somewhere. The name Shane is actually an acronym for Semi-Humanoid Artificial Neural Engine (as revealed in his origin story), so he came up with a new acronym for this, at the time, hypothetical ship timeline which stands for Semi-Humanoid Artificial Neural Development Research Automaton. I also wanted to try messing around with different perspectives, so I tried to write parts specifically from Alex’s and Shandra’s points of view to give a different feel from the original chapter. I basically just grabbed the bits that needed a bit of a redo and left out the stuff that stayed the same in this alternate timeline, so I’ll be assuming readers have read the original story beforehand. The opening of the original chapter really isn’t relevant so I chose to just start with Alex witnessing the crash. Here I did something fun and flipped the parts that were written from the Helix crew’s perspective in the original and put them into Alex’s. This was a good moment for me to show Alex’s crush begin to take shape. Just to make things flow better I decided to do a bit from Shandra’s perspective since she’s going to be one of the character’s I’m focusing on the most, plus it allowed me to cut out some parts that really didn’t need to be there. I also changed the tense from present to past. Present tense works really well for translating directly from tabletop interactions, but for the way I want to write this series past tense works a lot better.

Right now this is pretty close to the original chapter, but, over time, each entry will deviate a bit more. This was all pulled from Volume 2, Chapter 1 if you want to compare. I hope you enjoy this series!


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon: Blueshift!

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