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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! This is an alternate universe story with one key difference that shifts the entire narrative in an interesting way. You should get caught up on our canonical adventures here first!

“So this Darkrai thing, you fought it in a dream?”

Shandra leaned back in the pilot’s seat as she glanced over at Arlon, who was looking over the Helix’s mission logs. “Something like that,” she told the mercenary. “I wasn’t there, but from what I understand, that’s not inaccurate.”

“Interesting…” Arlon stroked his facial scruff as he glanced down at the logs again. “And it gave Dmitri some kind of power like yours?” The Red Suns’ leader nodded toward Shandra’s glowing mark, which was placed upon the navigation console, steering the ship deeper into the Void of the Warp.


“Not like mine, no.” Shandra let out a slight laugh. “I don’t even think he’s figured exactly out how it works yet.”

“Well, it seemed to help somewhat back on the station. Hopefully it can give us an edge the next time we face that bloody creature…” Arlon trailed off, returning his focus to the ship’s mission logs.

In the silence that followed, Shandra shifted her attention back to what she was doing as well. It was eerily quiet. With control of the ship out of her hands, Minerva had retired to her room, while the others had scattered as well. Shandra could only assume that, after the events on the station, her crewmates needed some time to recuperate. She was a bit worried about Alex, but there really wasn’t anything she could do at the moment. Shandra tightened her grip on the console. The closer the Helix got to the heart of the Void, the more she needed to focus her will.


“So where are we headed anyway?”

Shandra looked over to see Arlon gazing out the front viewport into the swirling strands of warp energy. “You haven’t figured it out yet?” she asked the mercenary.

Arlon smirked. “I suppose it is that obvious. I thought this felt familiar. You’re taking us back to Giratina, aren’t you, luv?”


“Who else?”

“You really think it can help stop that thing?”

“I certainly hope so…” Shandra trailed off, and the bridge fell into silence once more. Will Giratina’s power be enough? she wondered.


Suddenly, the silence was broken by the sound of footsteps. Shandra turned her head to see Alex walking onto the bridge. “Hey,” she greeted the Sinai girl, flashing a warm smile. However, the smile quickly disappeared as Alex drew closer. She looked quite distressed. “Are you alright?”

“Can we talk?” Alex asked nervously, placing a hand on Shandra’s arm. Shandra could feel it trembling.

“What’s wrong?” Shandra asked, looking up at Alex from her seat.

“I… About earlier… That monster… And then you got hurt and I… I- I’m sorry I ran…”


“There’s no need to apologize,” Shandra assured the girl. “You were scared. We all were.”

“That doesn’t make it okay. You took another hit for me and I repaid you by running away…”

Shandra reached out with her free hand and grabbed onto Alex’s. “Hey, it’s not your fault. I’d do anything to protect you. You know that, right?”


Alex nodded, but she still had a worried expression on her face.

“It’s going to be okay,” Shandra continued. “I know you’re scared, but we’ll face that monster together. We’ll find a way to stop it.” She scooched herself back in her seat and motioned Alex to sit. “C’mere.”

The Sinai girl plopped herself down on the seat and Shandra wrapped her free arm around her, pulling her into a hug.


Silence filled the bridge as Shandra continued to move the Helix deeper into the Void. Arlon had fallen silent again, engrossed in the mission logs, and Alex had fallen asleep. Shandra’s marked arm rested on the console as she steered the ship through warp space, while the other lay across the sleeping girl, whose head now rested against her shoulder.


“Well, you lot have certainly been up to some interesting things the past few months,” Arlon suddenly said, breaking the silence. Shandra looked over to see the mercenary leaning back in his seat.

“That’s one way to put it,” the blue-haired girl replied.

“I have to say, luv, things are starting to make a lot more sense now that I’ve read through your mission logs,” Arlon continued.


“That’s good to hear, I think.”

“Indeed,” the mercenary replied as he put his feet up on the console. “So, when did this start?” he asked after a brief pause, glancing at the sleeping Alex.

“Oh,” Shandra responded, a bit surprised by the question. “We’ve been together for about a month. Since Darkrai…”


“I see. Well, you seem hap-”

The sound of rapidly approaching metallic footsteps cut the mercenary’s words short. Shandra turned her head to see H stepping onto the bridge. “Hey, H,” she greeted her crewmate.

“How’s it going, mate?” Arlon asked.

“You have stood in my way for the last time!” H shouted at Shandra, ignoring the mercenary entirely. “Release me from this prison!” The crazed cyborg leapt at Shandra, tackling her and the sleeping Alex in her arms to the floor. The Helix shook violently as it was flung out of control into the Warp.


“Bloody hell!” Arlon shouted. From her new position on the floor, Shandra could see the Red Suns’ leader wrestling with the controls.

“Ha! Take this!” H shouted as Shandra picked herself up. “Belly-pogo augment Number D!” His belly-pogo flung out of his chest compartment with a boxing glove and clocked Shandra in the face, knocking her back to the floor.

“What the hell is going on!?” Alex shouted in confusion, having been violently awoken from her slumber.


Suddenly, Dmitri rushed onto the bridge and attempted to subdue H with his psionic abilities. In one swift motion, H leapt to his feet and avoided Dmitri’s blast of hypnotic energy. The cyborg then proceeded to pick up the dazed Shandra and toss her across the bridge. Seeing the wall rapidly approach, Shandra teleported herself behind her assailant to avoid further injury.

Her glowing arm surging with energy and glowing a shocking shade of purple, Shandra prepared to strike. “Where are you?!” H shouted, his back still facing her. “Your silly mental tricks will not subdue me!” As the cyborg turned around to face her, Shandra struck him full force and sent him flying across the bridge in return.

Calmly, Shandra wiped a small trickle of blood from her lip, then turned to help Alex up. “You okay?” she asked the girl after pulling her to her feet. Alex nodded.


Shandra then turned back to the pilot’s seat. “Someone deal with him,” she said as she plopped herself down and placed her marked hand back upon the navigation console.

With the ship now safely back on course to the Void, Arlon eased off the controls. “You good, luv?” he asked Shandra.

“Yup,” the blue-haired girl answered. “I got it from here.”

“Alright then,” the mercenary responded. He then turned to Dmitri. “C’mon, mate, let’s deal with this bloody fool.” The two picked the now-unconscious H up off the floor and carried him away, leaving Shandra and Alex alone on the bridge.


Eventually, after what felt like hours, or perhaps even days, the Helix arrived at its destination: the heart of the Void. Shandra let out a relieved sigh as she removed her marked hand from the navigation console. She clenched her fingers into a fist, then relaxed them once more. It felt so good to move them freely after they had been in one place for so long.

Shandra then tapped Alex, who was once again asleep in her arms, lightly on the shoulder. “Huh?” the girl moaned groggily as her eyes fluttered open.


“We’re here,” Shandra explained.

Alex stood up and stretched. “And where is here?” the Sinai girl asked.

“The Void,” Arlon answered as he took his feet down from the console. The mercenary stood up and glanced out the viewport. “Home of Giratina.”


As if on cue, a massive shadow flew over the top of the front viewport. Shandra recognized the serpentine form of Giratina wrapping itself around the Helix. The Pokemon’s devilish face neared the viewport as it curiously gazed into the ship.

“Woah…” Alex gasped. Her voice was full of awe, but Shandra thought she could detect a hint of fear.

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The blue-haired girl placed a reassuring hand on Alex’s shoulder. “Don’t be afraid,” she said. “It’s not going to hurt us.”

“So, what’s the plan, luv?” Arlon asked.

“Now I get it’s attention.” With that, Shandra turned and walked off the bridge.

“Hey, where are you going?” Alex called after her as she moved down the corridor toward the airlock.


Shandra didn’t quite know how to explain, so she remained quiet. She wasn’t even sure if she understood it herself. Ever since she first saw that abomination, Shandra’s memories of being the Gardener had slowly been returning to her. It was all still a jumbled mess, but Shandra was sure of one thing: despite being responsible for seeding the Galaxy with life, she had no hand in the creation of Giratina. That must mean something.

Suddenly, Shandra felt a sharp tug on her arm. She turned to see Alex just behind her. “Can you just stop for a second?” the girl asked. “What are you even doing? Why are we here?”

“You know how I’m the Gardener?” Shandra asked calmly in return.

“Mhm,” Alex answered with a nod.

“Well, back on the station, when I saw that monster… I remembered everything… from before the sphere crashed… I remember everything… from the moment they created me.”


“Everything?” Alex asked in surprise.


“So then what are we doing now?”

“There are a few things that I don’t remember,” Shandra continued. “And one of them is creating this thing.” She turned and pointed to the massive Pokemon flying around the outside of the Helix through the small viewport on the airlock doors. “Which means I didn’t.”


“But what are you actually gonna do right now?” Alex asked.

“You know, when you put it that way, I don’t really know,” Shandra told her. She reached out and put her hands on the girl’s arms. “Just stay right here, and I’ll be back before you know it.” She turned back to the airlock and stepped inside. Once the interior doors shut behind her, Shandra opened the exterior doors and let herself fall into the Void, directly at Giratina.

As Shandra drifted away from the Helix, Giratina flew past her. She turned her head to see it sitting in the airlock, despite it being far larger than the airlock itself. Wait, no. Goddamn it, she thought as she flailed around to adjust her view. In an instant, Shandra teleported herself back into the airlock and shut the door. Unfazed, Giratina warped itself into the corridor on other side of the door.


Shandra sighed, then opened the door to see Alex staring in confusion at the Pokemon. Giratina flew down the corridor, warping the very space around it. Shandra herself was even having a bit of difficulty wrapping her head around what she was seeing, so she could only imagine what must have been going on inside Alex’s head.

Just then, Arlon and Dmitri emerged from around the bend on the far side of the corridor, which now seemed to stretch on for miles. Then, in an instant, the pair had crossed it. “Bloody hell!” Arlon exclaimed in surprise and confusion. “Am I going mad again?”

“Giratina is just distorting space around it,” Shandra explained. “Try not to think too hard about it.”


Turning her attention back to Giratina, Shandra poked the Pokemon with her branded hand, immediately capturing its attention. Giratina looked intently at Shandra’s mark with a look of what she perceived to be confusion. It didn’t seem to remember her, or the brand it had given her. Does it not have a concept of object permanence?

Shandra created a small ball of warp with her hand, and Giratina immediately flew into the palm of her hand. Okay, this is weird. The Pokemon, which was much bigger than Shandra, was somehow occupying the small sphere in her hand. Let’s try this. Shandra pulled out an Ultra Ball with her free hand and slammed it down on Giratina, but it just phased inside of the Pokemon. I don’t think I can actually capture this thing. Shandra retracted her hand, pulling the ball back out. Giratina then turned away and began flying down the hallway.

As the serpentine Pokemon glided away, Alex grabbed onto one of the spikes protruding from its side. The girl swung herself up onto Giratina’s back as it continued to fly down the corridor. “Alex, wait!” Shandra called after her as she began to pursue. She didn’t want her to get hurt.


The others close behind, Shandra chased after Giratina as the hallways and elevator shafts unfolded into a straight line before it. Slowly, the Pokemon pulled away and the path continued to distort, leaving each of its pursuers stranded on a free-floating platform along a twisted and distorted path of walls, floors, and ceilings. Driven to ensure Alex’s safety, Shandra quickly leapt forward and kicked herself off the nearest floating wall. Jumping from platform to platform, wall to ceiling to floor, Shandra continued her pursuit.

Eventually, Shandra landed on a platform with a door. She could hear Alex crying out in pain on the other side, so she didn’t hesitate to kneel down and drop through. On the other side, Shandra was greeted with the sight of Giratina, with Alex still clinging to its back, sitting in the warp field generated by the ship’s warp drive.

“Alex!” Shandra shouted. Without a single moment of hesitation, Shandra swapped her position with Alex’s, safely pulling the girl out of the Warp and leaving herself riding on Giratina’s back. The space around Shandra began to warp and distort at an increasing rate as realization filled her. In that moment, she became keenly aware of what the Warp actually was. It was Giratina, and Giratina was Space itself. She realized that Giratina was the sole reason that all warp technology worked, why Space worked.


Here goes nothing, Shandra thought as she placed her marked hand on top of Giratina’s head. It sparked some kind of reaction, and she could feel even more power flowing through her. She kicked her feet off of Giratina, launching herself back onto the floor, outside of the warp reaction. The mark now extended much further, almost to the shoulder, and it hurt like hell. “Well, that wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but thanks, I guess,” she said aloud. The ship, for the most part, had returned to some semblance of euclidean normality.

Shandra then shifted her attention to Alex, who was lying curled up on the floor. “Are you alright?” she asked the girl as she crouched beside her, her voice full of concern. Shandra took Alex in her arms and held her close.

“You saved me again,” Alex spoke softly. The girl smiled weakly as she reached up, brushing Shandra’s face with her fingertips. “Thank you.”


“Seriously, don’t worry about it,” Shandra said, smiling. “I know you’d do the same for me.”

She stood up, then pulled Alex to her feet. “C’mon, let’s get out of here,” she said.

The pair stepped through the doorway and, thanks to Shandra’s new understanding of the nature of the Void, they were suddenly on the bridge. As Alex looked around to get her bearings again, Shandra approached the navigation console, then placed her hand on it once more. Alright, let’s do this. She focused on returning the ship to normal space, and began affecting the Warp around the Helix.


Shandra knew that it would be risky to simply return the ship to where it had been because that abomination might be waiting for them, so she began thinking of an alternative destination. Her first inclination was to transport the ship to the complete opposite end of the Galaxy, but that would land them in Romanov space. Where, then? she asked herself. She glanced the side and noticed Alex plopping herself down in one of the empty seats. That’s it!

The Helix began rapidly ascending through the layers of warp space— much faster than it had traveled on the trip into the Void— and emerged right on the surface of the planet Vandia. Oh, fuck. Out the front viewport, Shandra watched as the ship tore across the very same cabbage field it crashed in two months ago as it slowly ground to a halt.

Once the ship had settled, Shandra sighed and reached for the comms. “Ladies and gentlemen, the Helix has landed.”


“Would somebody please explain why we are back on this worthless planet, of all places?” H demanded.

Hey,” Alex protested against the cyborg’s description of her home planet. “I grew up here you know!”


“Exactly,” H fired back at the Sinai girl. “Now, someone tell me what we’re doing here.”

Shandra sighed. With the Helix safely out of the Void, the ship’s crew had reconvened on the bridge and H, who was once again conscious and back to his normal self, had been quite unhappy to find that they were once again on this particular planet. The cyborg’s incessant complaining was starting to get on Shandra’s nerves.

“We’re here because it’s not where we were,” she explained after a brief pause. “It is very far away from where we were. I wanted to get us as far away from that abomination as possible, and there was no way I was going to take us into Romanov Space. So that’s why we’re back here on Vandia.”


Wonderful,” H grumbled.

“Quit complaining, mate,” Arlon told the cyborg. “This planet can’t be that bad. Now, I think the more pressing question is what our little field trip actually accomplished.” The Red Suns’ leader looked expectantly at Shandra.

“Right,” the blue-haired girl agreed. “I’m pretty sure I got what I was looking for by going to see Giratina… a way to increase the power I received from it the last time we visited it, since I’m sure we’ll need every edge we can get against that monster. What I actually got wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but I think it will help.”


“And what, exactly, did you get out of all that, luv?” Arlon asked.

“A deeper understanding of what Giratina actually is, more or less.” Shandra noticed Arlon’s eyebrow raise at her explanation. “This is going to sound like Sinai bullshit,” she warned as she continued. “But Giratina is literally everywhere at once. It is the physical manifestation of Space itself.”

“Well, that’s certainly unexpected,” Arlon commented. “So how does this help us?”


“If you hadn’t noticed, we exited the Void much faster than we entered it,” Shandra told the mercenary, a slight smirk forming on her face. “And we dropped right onto a planet. Assuming I know the destination, I’m pretty sure I can warp us anywhere... instantly.” Shandra snapped her fingers for emphasis and a few sparks of warp emerged.

“Well, that ought to come in handy,” Arlon responded. “Now, I think we really should be on our way. I would like to meet back up with the rest of the Red Suns on Harmonia so we can plan our next move.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Shandra agreed. “I’ll warp us there.”

“Wait, hold on,” Alex spoke up. “Before we go, I wanna go home and get my stuff since you didn’t let me take anything with me last time.”


“That’s because you snuck onto the ship and started breaking my stuff,” H berated her.

“I didn’t break anything!” the girl shouted back. “You’re just a stupid asshole!” With that, she stormed off the bridge.

“Quickly, let us leave while she’s gone,” H exclaimed.

“No, H,” Shandra responded. “I’m not leaving her. In fact, I’m gonna go help her get her stuff.” She turned and followed Alex off the bridge, leaving H to quietly seeth. Shandra reveled in this petty show of spite towards the cyborg.


Alex briskly walked away from the Helix in a huff. H is such a jerk, she thought as she neared the edge of the cabbage field. Why can’t he just be nice for once?

“Hey, wait up!”

At the sound of Shandra’ voice, Alex turned to see the blue-haired girl running after her. The Sinai girl slowed her pace, allowing Shandra to catch up. “Hey,” Alex greeted her with a smile. “What’s up?”


“Nothing,” Shandra replied. “I just thought I’d come give you a hand getting your stuff.”

“Oh, well, uh… thanks. You don’t have to...”

“But I want to.” Shandra grabbed Alex’s hand. “You should know that by now.” Alex nodded and tightened her grip on Shandra’s hand. Together, the two set out across the familiar plains of the Sinai girl’s home planet.


As they continued on, Alex leaned her head against Shandra. “I’m really glad I met you,” the Sinai girl said.

“Me too,” Shandra replied. “Meeting you was one of the best things that ever happened to me.”


The two crested a hill and Alex spotted the crashed half ship that she used to call home. “There it is!” the girl called out. She wasn’t quite sure why, but the thought of showing Shandra her former home filled her with excitement. “C’mon!” Alex shouted as she broke into a run, pulling Shandra along with her. “I can’t wait to show you!”

It wasn’t long before the two girls were standing outside the crashed and abandoned ship. “You used to live here?” Shandra asked curiously as they entered.

“Mhm,” Alex replied. “For a few years.”

“I’m sorry you were alone for so long.”

“I wasn’t alone, I had my Pokemon with me.”

They passed through a few doorways and arrived in the part of the ship that Alex used as her living space. It looked exactly how she left it two months ago when she left. “It’s like I never left…” the girl said as she gazed around her room. “So, uh… this is it,” she said as her eyes fell upon Shandra, who was curiously looking around the room. “I know it’s not much, but…”


“...It’s something, right?” Shandra said. “So, where do we start?”

“Oh, um, let’s see…” Alex looked around the room in search for a box amongst all the scattered trinkets and Pokeball parts. “Where did I put that stupid crate? Aha, there!” The girl pointed across the room to a large metal box in the far corner, hidden underneath a pile of junk. “Wanna pull that crate out and start filling it with those Pokeball parts there?”

Shandra nodded, then got to work. She fished out the crate and started loading it up with the Pokeball parts and finished Pokeballs that were scattered across Alex’s work table.


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While Shandra took care of that, Alex began collecting her personal effects from around the room. It mostly amounted to random trinkets the girl had collected, but she was fond of them nonetheless. Of course, there were a few objects of far more value to her that she wouldn’t have left behind if she had been given a choice. Most important to Alex was an old copy of the Sinai bible that Raj, her mentor when she was living in the Ninauli Monastery, had given her. She carefully lifted the ancient book from the shelf it sat upon, then gently placed it into the crate.

“Alright, what next?” Shandra asked. Alex looked over to see that she had cleared off the work table.


“Just this stuff here,” Alex answered, pointing at her desk. Shandra crossed the room and began moving the stuff off the desk while Alex continued to work on the shelf.

“Hey, what’s this?” Shandra suddenly asked. Alex looked over the see the blue-haired girl reaching toward a holo-frame sitting on the desk.

“No, don’t!” Alex shouted, but it was too late. The image stored in the frame sprang onto the screen at Shandra’s touch; it displayed a picture of Alex with the girl who had once been the most important person in her life. The Sinai girl braced herself for some sort of adverse reaction, but it didn’t come.


“This is the girl you told me about, isn’t it?” Shandra asked as Alex walked over to the desk.

“Yeah…” Alex trailed off as her thoughts drifted back to her days with Naomi. She hadn’t thought about them much since meeting Shandra. Those days are long gone now. “I couldn’t let go,” she finally said after several moments. “She meant so much to me, then she was gone… But then I met you, and…”

“I understand,” Shandra interrupted in the momentary pause. She pulled Alex into a hug and just held the girl against herself. “I’m here to stay.” Alex happily stood there in Shandra’s embrace. With all the craziness that had happened recently, she was glad that Shandra was there to help her through it all.


“We’d better get back to the ship,” Shandra said after several minutes had passed. “I’m sure they’re all wondering what’s taking so long.”

“Right,” Alex agreed. She picked up the frame and tossed it into the box, then gathered up the last of her belongings. Once it was all packed up, Alex pulled out a Pokeball modified for storage and pressed it against the box. The ball pulled the box and its contents inside, allowing Alex to just drop it into her bag.

“Those storage balls certainly come in handy,” Shandra commented.

“Ha ha, yeah,” Alex laughed.

“Shall we?” Shandra asked, motioning toward the exit.

Alex took one last look around before following Shandra out. As she walked down the corridor, the girl suddenly felt a strange throbbing sensation in the back of her mind. She stopped in her tracks, and shook her head back and forth, trying to clear her thoughts. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to help at all.


“You alright, Alex?” Shandra asked, looking back at the girl.

“I don’t know,” Alex answered. “That Giratina thing must have messed with my head,” she reasoned, recalling the spatial distortions in the Void.

“We can have MARIA check you out when we get back to the ship,” Shandra suggested.


“It’s probably nothing,” Alex responded. “It’ll probably pass now that we’re back in a place where things make sense and this 9.38 meter hallway is actually 9.38 meters… Wait… Why do I know that?” She looked at Shandra for some kind of answer, but the blue-haired girl simply looked back, a confused expression on her face.

As she looked at Shandra, Alex was bombarded with a wave of precise numbers and measurements. The girl shut her eyes tight, hoping they would go away.

“Alex, you’re scaring me,” Shandra finally said. “What’s going on?”

“I… don’t know,” Alex answered. “Like… I know how big everything is. It’s weird.”


“Alright, now you’re starting to confuse me,” Shandra told her. “What are you talking about?”

“Just by looking at things, I know their size,” Alex attempted to explain. “Like, you’re 1.727 meters tall, and your eyes are 24.2 millimeters wide, and your shortest eyelash is 7.4 millimeters and your longest one is 7.9, and-”

“That’s creepy,” Shandra cut her off.

“But why do I know that?!” Alex shouted. “What’s happening to me?!”

“I’m not sure, but I think I know why it’s happening,” Shandra answered. “You were only in that warp reaction for a few seconds, but it must have affected you somehow.”


Alex’s face went blank from the realization, before the girl fell to her knees and started crying.

“Whoa, hey, you alright?” Shandra asked, kneeling down to comfort Alex.

The girl tilted her head back to reveal that she was pretending, before jokingly bawling, “I didn’t get a magic tattoo!”


Author’s Notes: Man, we’ve got a lot of differences here. There was a lot that we decided to change up from Volume 3, Chapter 2 here. Since we had Arlon on the ship this time, I thought it’d be fun to give him and Shandra this sort of buddy moment on the bridge where he was looking over the mission logs (something he did a bit later on in the canon storyline) and they were just shooting the shit a bit. I’m happy with how that bit turned out. The first real big change was what we did with Alex. In the original she tried to find medication to help her, but we thought we could try some different scenarios. With Morgan gone, we could’ve had Alex take something else by accident, but we ended up deciding that with her relationship with Shandra, Alex would just go to her for comfort.

Of course, not everything has to change. H’s shenanigans were too great to not include again, so that little bit played out more or less exactly how it did in the original. As did the encounter with Giratina itself, save for a few dialogue changes. With Alex not high on sedatives, and Morgan gone, it made sense to make the exchange that was originally between Shane and Morgan and make it between Shandra and Alex. I’m very happy with how that part turned out. I also reworked the descriptions of Giratina’s spatial distortions to be more descriptive and just paint the picture better. And, of course, we gave the fact that Shandra rescued Alex with Ally Switch again new meaning thanks to their relationship. It’s kind of funny how many times that it’s happened.


Since we’ve been bleeding the lines between original chapters and sessions to tell the best story, it made the most sense to include some pieces from Volume 3, chapter 3 to end it. The dialogue that opened that chapter needed some tweaking to account for Morgan no longer being present, but other than that it was mostly the same. The major difference here is that Shandra went with Alex to get her stuff instead of Alex going solo. It gave us the ability to give them some more bonding moments, plus I got to play around with a different version of the scene with Naomi’s photo. We also needed to rework Alex’s ability manifesting, so we pulled some of Alex’s and Shane’s lines from when Alex returned to the ship in the canon storyline, whipped up some new bits, and put it all together. The humorous ending was all The Other Guy!

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon: Blueshift!