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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! This is a spinoff of the sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system, this time GMed by yours truly. You can get caught up the entire Spacemon saga here!

The vastness of Araimia’s ocean stretched across the horizon as Axel, Gaster, and Taraka rode across the waves in the small speedboat they had rented back at the harbour. Having dealt with the Tyranitar up in the hills, the three member of the Maverick crew had decided to explore the waters and see what Pokemon they could find there. Looking out at the gently bobbing sea as he steered the boat, Gaster watched the sunlight glitter beautifully on the waves.

“Ah, this is the life, boys,” Axel said as he leaned back in his seat, putting his hands behind his head to rest against them.

“I’d have thought you, of all people, wouldn’t like being surrounded by this much water,” Gaster teased the mercenary.


“Hey, just because I like fire doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the beauty of the sea,” Axel replied.

Gaster smirked. “Fair enough.”

“Hey look, an island,” Taraka suddenly spoke up, putting an end to their conversation.


Gaster looked where the monk was pointing and, sure enough, he could see a small rocky island in the distance. As it drew nearer, the former smuggler thought he could make out some moving figures on it. “What do you know?” he said. “Looks like there might be some Pokemon on it.”

“Let’s check it out!” Axel said excitedly.

“Works for me,” Gaster agreed, steering the boat in the direction of the island.

A few minutes later, they came up on the island only to find that its shoreline was a tall, rocky cliff all the way around. “Looks like we’re gonna need to fly,” Axel said. The mercenary reached for a Pokeball and sent out his Charizard. As Axel mounted up, Taraka followed suit and sent out his Aerodactyl.


“You know I don’t have a Pokemon that can fly, right?” Gaster asked his crewmates.

“Fels Vogel can carry both of us,” Taraka said, motioning to his Pokemon. The monk then climbed up on the Aerodactyl’s back, and then held out his hand. Gaster grabbed hold, and Taraka pulled him up.

The trio’s two winged Pokemon then lifted off, carrying their trainers up onto the island. It was a flack slab of rock with an elevated section on the far side, separated from the lower level by another steep cliff. Looking in that direction as he slid off the back of Taraka’s Aerodactyl onto the rocky ground, Gaster could see the moving figures he saw before near the base of the cliff.


“Let’s see what we’ve got here,” the former smuggler said as he began walking toward them. Upon approach, Gaster saw that the figures were, in fact, Pokemon, a Barbaracle and a pair of Binacles, to be exact.

“Shall we?” Axel asked, walking up beside Gaster.

Gaster nodded, then sent out his Shuppet.

“Alright,” Axel said. “But first …” The mercenary reached for a Pokeball, and recalled his Charizard. “This is not a job for Ritsu,” he said before sending out his Luxio instead.


“Fels, Bite the one on the left,” Taraka commanded his Aerodactyl as he joined his two crewmates. His Pokemon quickly flew at the wild Pokemon and snapped up the Binacle to the left of the Barbaracle in his jaws.

Gaster, meanwhile, took aim at the Barbaracle with his rifle and fired off a shot, landing a direct hit. “Now, Clara, use Will-o-Wisp!” he then commanded his Shuppet. His ghostly Pokemon sent sent a eerie flame over to the Barbaracle, drawing its ire. The fierce Pokemon ran beneath Taraka’s Aerodactyl, straight for Clara, and slashed through her with one of its razor-sharp claws.


“Fels, switch targets to the Barbaracle,” Taraka ordered his Pokemon. “Use Crunch!” His Aerodactyl dropped the Binacle in his mouth then lunged down at the Barbaracle, sinking his razor sharp teeth in. The monk, meanwhile, pulled out a Pokeball and tossed it at the Binacle, capturing it instantly.

As for Axel, he moved up on the right flank. “Krieg, use Charge,” the mercenary instructed his Luxio as the two approached the remaining Binacle. As Axel’s Pokemon stored up electrical energy, the Binacle began scooching along the ground toward them to engage the new threat. Deciding to help out, Gaster aimed his rifle at the Binacle and fired off a shot, doing a real number on it.

“Alright, Krieg, I’ve got this now,” Axel said to his Pokemon, “Go after that Barbaracle. Use Spark!” Breaking away from his trainer, Krieg ran at the Barbaracle, sparking violently from all the built up energy inside him. He then dove at his target, releasing all the charged up electricity. Although it was now looking quite worn out by now, the Barbaracle wasn’t done yet; it scratched its claws together menacingly, seeming to taunt the Maverick crew.


Seeing the condition the Barbaracle was in, Gaster moved in and readied a Pokeball. Once in range, he threw it as hard as he could. The ball made contact and pulled the Pokemon inside. It fell to the ground, shook once … twice … three times … then broke open!

“Damn,” Gaster cursed.

“Let me show you how it’s done!” Axel shouted. He delivered a strong punch to the Binacle he was dealing with, stunning it just long enough to slip out of its reach, then tossed a Pokeball of his own at the Barbaracle. This time, the ball only shook twice before the Barbaracle to break free.


“Yes, nice job,” Gaster said dryly.

Before he could say anything else, the former smuggler saw another pokeball suddenly come flying out of nowhere. It hit the Barbaracle dead on, pulled it in, then flew back up to the cliff above where it had come from, right into the hand of a man in a grey and blue suit of armor not unlike Axel’s with a bright blue visor. A Blastoise stood behind him, cannons primed and ready.

“Thank you for weakening that for me,” the man said tauntingly as he placed the Pokeball onto his belt.


“Who are you supposed to be?” Gaster asked as he aimed his rifle at the man.

“An asshole who has a bad habit of showing up at the most annoying times,” Axel said angrily. It was clear that the two had met before.

“So you made another pathetic little friend, huh?” the man said. “Well, listen up, pal. The name’s Dane Lory, leader of Maelstrom, the toughest band of mercenaries this side of the Rim!”


“Can’t say I’ve heard the name before,” Gaster said, taunting this Dane Lory in return.

“That’s because he’s a coward,” Taraka said. “Get him, Fels. Use Crunch!” With a loud, screeching roar, the monk’s Aerodactyl lifted into the air and flew at Lory.


Fels Vogel was met with a jet of highly pressurized water from one of the cannons mounted on the mercenary’s arms, keeping him at bay. “Shellshock, use Water Pulse!” Lory then commanded his Blastoise. Taraka’s Aerodactyl was hit with another jet of water, forcing him down to the ground where he collapsed in a heap.

As Taraka recalled his fainted Pokemon, Gaster fired off a few shots from his rifle at Lory, but his armor seemed to be quite resistant. “Clara, use Night Shade!” he then commanded his Shuppet, hoping she would fare better. Indeed, the ghostly attack she unleashed proved to be far more effective.

“Krieg, Charge up again!” Axel shouted to his own Pokemon before firing off a burst of flames from his flamethrower at Lory. The opposing mercenary, however, proved to be quite quick, evading the incoming fire.


As Axel’s Luxio charged up electricity, Taraka sent out his Tangrowth, only for her to be blasted by a blast of ice and snow from Lory’s Blastoise. “Roma, use Giga Drain and heal yourself,” the monk responded quickly. Reaching up the cliff with her long-reaching vine arms, the Tangrowth drained away some of the Blastoise’s energy to recover her own.

“You know, I’d love to stay and chat,” Lory said as he looked down at the three members of the Maverick’s crew and their Pokemon. “But I really need to be going now.” With that, the mercenary hopped onto his Blastoise’s back. The large turtle Pokemon then dove into the ocean and began riding the waves away, boosting away with its water cannons.

“You’re not getting away this time, you damn coward!” Axel shouted after the fleeing mercenary. He recalled his Luxio, sent his Charizard back out, then jumped on her back. “After him, Ritsu!”


As Axel and his Charizard took off in pursuit, Taraka jumped onto his Tangrowth and had her jump into the water, leaving Gaster alone on the island. “Damn it, guys,” the former smuggler grumbled to himself. After quickly capturing the sole Binacle that had been left behind, Gaster ran back to the boat. He then jumped down the cliff onto it and sped off after his crewmates.

As he closed in, Gaster could see licks of flame and jets of water flying as his crewmates squared off with Lory over the ocean. However, he also spotted a large, dark shape moving beneath the surface. When it was just below the combatants it emerged from the water. It was a Wailord, but its hide had a rough, rocky texture to it and was colored shades of brown and grey. As the Humongous aquatic Pokemon blasted out water in all directions, Axel, Lory, and Taraka all shifted their focus to the new threat.


Knowing his crewmates needed his help, Gaster released his Gloom on the bow of the boat, then pushed the motor to its limit, trying to close the distance as fast as possible. “Hydro Cannon!” the former smuggler heard Lory shout as he got near. He watched as the mercenary’s Blastoise fired a huge jet of water, which blasted Axel and Ritsu with impressive force, sending them crashing right into the Wailord. Angry, Axel’s Charizard fired back with a torrent of flames before being brought down by a shot from one of Lory’s water cannons.

Recovering quickly after falling into the ocean, Axel recalled the unconscious Ritsu and sent his Luxio out, then began swimming for the boat. As fast as he could, Gaster adjusted course toward his crewmate and eased off the throttle so as not to collide with him.

Meanwhile, Taraka was keeping his focus on the Wailord. “Roma, use Grass Knot!” the monk commanded from atop his Tangrowth, who was floating in the water. Reaching out with her long vine arms, Roma ensnared the Wailord and squeezed as hard as she could, doing a real number on it.


As the boat slowly moved into the fray, Gaster took aim at the Wailord and fired off a few shots that were simply absorbed by its rocky hide, doing little more than agitating it. Breaking free from Roma’s grasp, the Wailord dove beneath the waves to get away from its assailants. With the Wailord out of the picture for the time being, Gaster switched targets, sending a volley of shots at Lory and his Pokemon.

Because of the covering fire Gaster was providing, Axel ordered his Luxio to attack. Krieg swam up to Lory’s Blastoise, sparking off electricity, but the mercenary was more than prepared. “Use Protect!” he commanded his Pokemon. Retreating into its shell, the Blastoise kept itself safe from the attacking Luxio. Lory than fired back, blasting Krieg with a jet of water, leaving him stunned

Lory then had his Blastoise start moving toward Axel as he continued to swim for the boat. Gaster didn’t hesitate to fire off several more shots to keep his crewmate covered. “Ficus, use Stun Spore on that Blastoise!” the former smuggler ordered his Gloom as he squeezed the trigger. A spray of stunning powder from Ficus soon halted the Blastoise’s advance.


“Roma, use Giga Drain and take that thing out!” Taraka followed up with a command of his own. The monk’s Tangrowth grabbed onto Lory’s Blastoise with her vine arms and drained the last of its energy away, leaving it floating unconscious in the water.

Lory quickly recalled his Blastoise, then sent out the Barbaracle he had just captured. “Alright, let’s see what you can do,” the mercenary said. “Use Fury Cutter!” he then commanded the Pokemon, directing it after Axel. With surprising speed, the Barbaracle closed the distance between itself and its target, and slashed at Axell with its razor-sharp claws. Lory the followed up by blasting Axel’s Luxio with more water, taking it out of the fight.

Axel, for his part, handled himself quite well in the predicament he found himself in, throwing the Barbaracle off his back, then recalling his fainted Pokemon. He then quickly began swimming for the boat once more. Unfortunately for him, that’s when the Wailord chose to reemerge. It breached the surface of the waves, then spewed a massive amount of water out from its blowhole. The torrent came crashing down upon Lory, Taraka, Roma, and Axel, the last of whom was rendered unconscious.


At this point, both Gaster and Taraka jumped to action. “Roma, use Stun Spore!” the monk commanded his Tangrowth before sending out a wispy psionic flame in the Wailord’s direction. With the giant Pokemon’s attention drawn, Gaster threw caution to the wind and drove the boat right into the middle of the action so he could fish his crewmate out of the sea.

As he was pulling Axel safely aboard, Gaster felt the boat begin to shake violently. He turned to see Lory’s Barbaracle striking the boat. With his hands occupied, all the former smuggler could do was order his Pokemon to attack. “Ficus, Mega Drain!” he commanded. As the Gloom launched her attack, the Barbaracle dove down beneath the waves, avoiding the hit. At the very least, however, it was no longer attacking the boat. With a surge of strength, Gaster pulled Axel onto the boat before it came back. Without missing a beat, he then picked up his rifle again and fired off some shots at Lory, forcing him beneath the surface as well.

Gaster then turned back to Taraka and the Wailord to see the monk attempting a capture. Unfortunately, the Wailord broke out with ease. “Use Mega Drain, Roma!” the monk then ordered his Tangrowth.


“Let me help you with that!” Gaster called out to his crewmate as Roma made her attack. “Ficus, use Sleep Powder!” With another blast of powder from the former smuggler’s Gloom, the Wailord was put to sleep.

Suddenly, a Pokeball came flying in, pulling the Wailord inside, but the Pokemon broke out once more. “You’re not stealing another one, you bastard,” Gaster said, aiming his rifle in the direction the ball had come from. He squeezed the trigger, spraying Lory with laser fire. This bought Taraka time to attempt another capture.


After the monk failed once again, Lory emerged in another spot and tried to swipe it from Taraka once more. Seeing the Wailord break free again seemed to convince Lory to cut his losses. “Fuck this, I’m out of here,” the mercenary said before firing both his water cannons, boosting himself away.

“You go after him!” Taraka shouted to Gaster. “I’ve got this!”

“You got it!” Gaster shouted back before pushing the throttle to max, rapidly propelling the boat after Lory. Quickly closing the gap, Gaster ordered his Pokemon to attack. “Ficus, Stun Spore!” Another spray of powder left the mercenary immobilized in the water, leaving him wide open. Taking his time, Gaster lined up the perfect shot, then squeezed the trigger.


With Lory floating defeated in the water, Gaster brought the boat in and fished him aboard. He then turned back just in time to see Taraka successfully capture the Wailord. While they now no longer had to worry about that particular Pokemon, they still had Lory’s Barbaracle to deal with. Seeing the vicious Pokemon spring out of the water to attack his crewmate, Gaster turned the boat around. However, by the time Gaster had returned to the monk, Roma had already dispatched the Barbaracle.

“That was one hell of a fight, huh?” Gaster asked as he helped Taraka back onto the boat.

“Indeed,” the monk replied with a nod. “But the day is ours.”

“Nice work with that Wailord,” Gaster said. “Now let’s get back to the ship.”

Taraka nodded. “A wise decision.”

Notes: Now that was a fun chapter, huh? It was a fun encounter for sure. We start out with the second chunk of session 22. After the party had dealt with the Tyranitar, we still had time left, so they decided to go look for Pokemon on the ocean, the other of the two biomes on Araimia. Dragonstorm was actually listening in on this part of the session and in a private message he made some suggestions, such as throwing a cool rock type-shifted Wailord at them because the planet’s common type was rock, as well as having Lory show up again and try to fight them for it. I loved the idea, but we didn’t have much time left so I was like I’ll do this next session. I ended the session off with them finding a Barbaracles and a Binacle and then I had Lory show up to snipe the Barbaracle from them. I let them fight him for a round before I had him flee (as being a coward was now very much part of his character now), and left that as a teaser for the next session.


Unsurprisingly, Axel was ready to chase after him right then. Unfortunately, however, he wasn’t able to make it to the following session. He got held up at work and was originally planning on coming late, but then he ended up needing to stay longer than expected and had to miss the whole thing. It was still a fun encounter though. I ran Axel and his Pokemon like I usually did with Cyrus as an NPC helper and it was totally not my fault he and his Pokemon fainted. Lory ended up rolling the worst possible roll for capturing the Wailord, so at that point I had him give up and try to leave, but they ran him down, and Taraka once again got to catch a cool high level type-shifted Pokemon. There was a bit more to the session after this encounter, but it was mostly just a teaser for the following session’s events and when writing this chapter I decided it made more sense to open the next chapter with it instead. Look forward to that in the next chapter!

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the rest of the Spacemon saga, join the Spacemon Discord server, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon: Frontier!