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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! This is a spinoff of the sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system, this time GMed by yours truly. You can get caught up the entire Spacemon saga here!


“Ah, incredible!”

“Truly magnificent!”

“Oh, what have we here?!”

Axel looked on with a grin on his face as he watched the merchant appraise the artifacts he and his crewmates had collected on Zintau. With each excited reaction, the sum of credits the mercenary was picturing in his mind grew considerably.

“I must say, this is quite the impressive collection,” the merchant said. “Considerably more so than your last offering. Where did you say you found these artifacts?”

“Zintau,” Axel informed him.

“Ah, I see.”

The Maverick’s crew once more found themselves back on Khalimuck selling ancient technology. This time, however, they had a much bigger haul. Two months ago, they had sold this particular merchant an artifact they had collected on Exun and it had taken quite a bit of haggling to get a good deal. Judging from the plethora of valuable items he and his crewmates had brought to the merchant this time, Axel wasn’t expecting to have that issue again.


“Yeah, it was all sealed in this ancient vault,” Gaster said. “It took a lot of work to obtain these artifacts. They must be quite valuable.”

Axel could tell exactly what his crewmate was doing. Gaster had a certain way with words, and Axel had gotten to know him well enough to know that he was trying to persuade the merchant to give them a better deal. It didn’t seem to be that necessary this time, though.


“I can give you two-hundred-eighteen-thousand credits for these items,” the merchant offered. It was certainly a much better offer than last time.

Cha-ching, Axel thought, imagining all the things he could purchase with his cut.


“Wow,” Gaster said.

“We’ll take it,” Cyrus said. The captain reached out and shook the merchant’s hand, sealing the deal.


Moments later, Cyrus transferred his crew’s cut of the sale to their Pokedexes, at least the members who were present. The others would get their pay back on the ship. Axel’s eyes lit up as he looked at the twenty-seven-thousand-credit transaction on the screen. He was about to go on a shopping spree.

“Good work, boys,” Cyrus said. “You’ve definitely earned yourselves some time to peruse the markets and put those credits to good use.”


“Thank you, Captain,” Taraka said.

“I’ll meet you at the monastery in a few hours,” the captain continued.

Selling off their salvage haul hadn’t been the only reason the Maverick’s crew had returned to Khalimuck. They were also here to speak with the local monks. The crew wanted to know if they knew anything about whoever was taking artifacts from ruins in the region and Taraka wanted guidance for finishing his pilgrimage. That could wait a few more hours, though. Right now it was time to spend their hard-earned credits.


Gaster listened to the sound of wind in the trees and of dirt and gravel crunching underfoot as he and Taraka made their way to the monastery outside of town. It was much quieter here, just beyond the outskirts of town, than in the busy markets of Khalimuck’s spaceport. However, the peace and quiet was soon replaced by the sound of Pokemon trading blows.


Following the path between the the trees, Gaster and Taraka soon arrived at a clearing where a group of local Pokemon trainers was gathered. Two trainers were facing off in a Pokemon battle while the others watched. One trainer’s Zangoose was swiftly dodging and maneuvering about as the other’s Pinsir attempted to trap it in its pinchers.


“Use Slash!” Gaster heard the Zangoose’s trainer command.

“Counter it!” the other trainer responded as the Zangoose moved in to strike.

The Pinsir quickly grabbed the Zangoose and redirected its momentum toward the ground. Then, it stomped down on it, knocking it out.


“Nice one,” the Zangoose’s trainer said as he recalled his fainted Pokemon.

With the battle concluded, one of the trainers who had been looking on happened to glance in Gaster’s and Taraka’s direction. “Hey there!” he called out to the pair, waving them over.


Gaster looked at Taraka and shrugged. The monk shrugged back. The two crewmates then approached the trainer to see what he wanted.

“You two look like tough Pokemon trainers,” the shaggy-haired trainer said, eyeing the Pokeballs on their belts.


“I guess you could say that,” Gaster said.

“I knew it,” the man said. “The name’s Chaz. I’m always lookin’ for tough trainers. Can I interest you in a battle? You two versus me and my buddy Dax here.” He motioned at one of the other trainers who had been watching the previous battle, a thinner guy was spiky dark hair.


“I suppose we have some time,” Taraka said. “We accept your challenge.”

“Great,” Chaz said. “Dax, get over here!” he then shouted, waving his friend over.


“What is it?” the man called Dax asked, approaching the three men.

“I found some new trainers for us to fight,” Chaz said, motioning at Gaster and Taraka. “This is, uh …”


“Gaster,” the former smuggler introduced himself.

“And you may call me Taraka,” said Taraka.

“Nice ta meetcha,” Dax said.

“How does a two-versus-two battle sound?” Chaz asked. “Two Pokemon each. And whaddya say we make things interesting and wager a thousand credits each?”


“Works for me,” Gaster said.

“Alright, let’s battle!” Chaz exclaimed.

With that, the two pairs walked a few paces from each other and sent out their Pokemon. Gaster sent out his trusty Krokorok while Taraka went with his Carvanha. Chaz and Dax sent out a Nidoking and a Gengar, respectively.


“Jimothy hit that Nidoking with Sand Tomb!” Gaster issued the first command of the battle. His Krokorok stirred up a tornado of sand as sent it towards Chaz’s Pokemon, trapping the Nidoking in a spinning vortex of pain.

“Clyde, use Focus Blast!” Dax ordered his Gengar in response. “Get that Krokorok!”


“Watch out, Jimothy!” Gaster warned his Pokemon as the Gengar began charging up its attack. His Krokorok dove out of the way at the last second as the powerful blast of energy came in. While the attack still hit its mark, Jimothy avoided the brunt of the attack.


“Kingpin, use Smack Down!” Chaz then commanded his Nidoking. Fighting through the Sand Tomb, the mighty Pokemon picked up a rock and chucked it at Jimothy as he picked himself back up. Luckily, the sand obscured the Nidoking’s vision, causing it to miss its target.

Taraka, meanwhile, had his Pokemon start building up power due to the Carvanha’s lack of mobility on land. “Lechew, use Focus Energy,” the monk commanded as the fish Pokemon slowly moved up.


“Jimothy, use Torment!” Gaster then commanded his Krokorok. Jimothy attempted to throw the Nidoking off its game, but the larger Pokemon was not intimidated. “Now, fall back!” the former smuggler instructed.

“Clyde, use Shadow Punch,” Dax directed his Gengar after Jimothy as he retreated back toward Taraka’s Carvanha. His Pokemon extended its arm after the Krokorok, striking him with a ghostly fist at a distance.


“Kingpin, get in there and use Thrash!” Chaz ordered his Pokemon next. Just barely hanging in their as the raging Sand Tomb whittled it down, the Nidoking stomped forward, getting right between Jimothy and Lechew. It then began thrashing around wildly in a last ditch effort, somehow managing to land a critical strike on both Pokemon.

Lechew was knocked out instantly, but Jimothy fought to hold on; the Krokorok began to glow and grow in size as he struggled, evolving into a Krookodile! Ultimately, Jimothy succumbed to his injuries, but not before the Nidoking went down. Chaz’s Pokemon collapsed to the ground next to the Krookodile; the Sand Tomb had done its job.


“Woo hoo! That was exciting!” Chaz exclaimed as he, Gaster, and Taraka all recalled their fainted Pokemon.

“You got lucky there,” Gaster replied. “Now it’s time to get serious.” With that, the former smuggler tossed out the Pokemon that had proven to be one of his strongest since capturing her, his Milotic.


As for Taraka, he sent out his fire Zubat. “Aday, Bite that Gengar!” the monk immediately commanded the Pokemon.

“Clyde, use Spite!” Dax commanded his Pokemon as the Zubat sunk his teeth in. The Gengar did its thing, leaving Aday with a ghostly affliction. “Now, get some Payback!”


“Aday, use Fire Fang!” Taraka commanded in response.

As the Gengar and the Zubat traded blows, Chaz sent out his next Pokemon, a Kangaskhan. “Khulan, hit that Milotic with Dizzy Punch!” he ordered the Pokemon. The Kangaskhan ran up to Gaster’s Pokemon and punched her, but her hard scales withstood the hit.


“Francisca, fall back and use Aqua Ring!” Gaster responded with an order of his own. The former smuggler’s Milotic slithered away from Chaz’s Kangaskhan and shrouded herself in a healing veil of water. “Now, hit that Gengar with Water Pulse!” Gaster followed up with a second command. It was time to even up the score. Francisca proceeded to blast Dax’s Gengar with a jet of water, leaving it dazed and confused.

“Clyde, use Shadow Punch!” Dax issued a command to his Gengar. The ghostly Pokemon attempted to follow it, but in its confused state, it knocked itself out.


With the Gengar out of the picture, Taraka shifted his attention to the Kangaskhan. “Aday, use Fire Fang!” the monk commanded his Zubat. The fiery bat flew at the Kangaskhan, open jaws aflame, then began to glow. By the time Aday reached his target, he had evolved into a Golbat! Taraka’s freshly evolved Pokemon moved to attack Chaz’s Pokemon, but the Kangaskhan dodged out of the way.


“Khulan, stay focused on that Milotic!” Chaz shouted to his Pokemon. “Use Dizzy Punch again!” Moving past Taraka’s new Golbat, the Kangaskhan stomped up to Francisca and delivered another punch. Once again, the Milotic withstood the hit, and then she was healed up by the water veil surrounding her.

“Francisca, blast it with Hydro Pump!’ Gaster responded. With a powerful spray of pressurized water, the Milotic propelled the Kangaskhan away from her, leaving it much worse for wear.


“Bony, Headbutt that Golbat!” Dax shouted as he sent out his next Pokemon, a Marowak. Jumping at Aday, the newly released Pokemon bashed the Golbat with its skull-covered skull, delivering a powerful blow.


“Aday, use Swift, then get out of there!” Taraka commanded his Pokemon in response. The monk’s Golbat pelted both the Marowak and the Kangaskhan with stars of energy, then put some distance between himself and the two Pokemon.

“Not so fast!” Dax shouted. “Bony, crush it with Rock Tomb!” His Marowak obliged the command, pulling a large rock out of the ground. It then lobbed the boulder at Aday, taking the Golbat out of the fight. Now it was all down to Francisca.


“Khulan, use Dizzy Punch!” Chaz ordered his Pokemon.

“Francisca, use Frost Breath!” Gaster commanded in response as the Kangaskhan ran back across the clearing at his Milotic. Chaz’s Kangaskhan struck Francisca with its fist, then took a blast of frozen air directly to the face.


The Kangaskhan fell to the ground, defeated. Now it was down to one-versus-one. With his type advantage, Gaster was confident he would win.

“Bony, use Headbutt!”

“Francisca, use Hydro Pump!

Dax’s Marowak ran at Gaster’s Milotic and slammed into her with its bony head only to be blasted backwards by a torrent of water. It was close to going down now.


“Headbutt again!” Dax commanded.

“Francisca, finish it with Blizzard!” Gaster ordered his Pokemon in response.

The Marowak ran at the Milotic again and landed another hit, then it was struck by a blast of ice and snow. Just like that, the battle was over.


“Man, I was right about you guys,” Chaz said. “You are tough. That was one hell of a battle. I guess we owe you some credits.”

“You weren’t so bad yourselves,” Gaster replied.

Taraka nodded in agreement. “Indeed.”

Notes: This was a short little chapter. The first scene was the last 20 minutes of the previous session’s chapter, which made more sense to be in a separate chapter. The second scene is the first hour of session 36, which was a shorter 2-hour session. Axel and Alec couldn’t make it again and they hadn’t officially dropped out so there wasn’t a lot to do. This was just the first of many sessions with just Novi and unknown before my next player joined the campaign. Based on pacing reasons, it made sense to put these two scenes together as one chapter and put the second hour of the session at the start of the next chapter. As for the contents of this chapter, I added a lot of details that weren’t present in-game. I added a bunch of dialogue between the party and the merchant to make things a little more interesting instead of the simple descriptions I gave during the session. I chose to write the scene from Axel’s perspective because it was the last in-game moment his player was present for. They had some other goals on Khalimuck, but to start off the first of these two-player sessions by battling some random trainers. Again, I added a bunch of details for the writing. I had them come across a battle in progress, I gave the pair of trainers they battled names and some character, I gave their Pokemon, which had been randomly generated, nicknames, and just gave the scene some polish. I think it turned out pretty interesting.


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the rest of the Spacemon saga, join the Spacemon Discord server, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon: Frontier!

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