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Spacemon: Frontier - Chapter 53: An Explosive Holiday Eeveening!

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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! This is a spinoff of the sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system, this time GMed by yours truly. You can get caught up the entire Spacemon saga here!

“Good work, boys,” said Captain Cyrus Drake.

The Maverick’s captain had just heard Gaster and Taraka’s report of their reconnaissance of Peter Baker’s villa compound. Not only had the pair found a good path up the cliffside that provided lots of cover, but they had also found an entry point to the inside of the compound.


Cyrus himself, along with Axel, had found another way up that led directly to the landing pad. This location was not a good entry point by any means, but it would be a good place to launch their distraction from. The plan was really starting to come together now. All that was left to do was pick up the supplies they needed.

“Now that we know how we’re getting in, we need to make some preparations,” the captain continued. “We need some explosives for our distraction. Fortuna doesn’t have a place to get them, but there’s an arms dealer in Northpoint up in the planet’s northern mountains. I need someone to volunteer to catch a shuttle and go pick some up.”

“I’ll go,” Gaster spoke up. “I have experience negotiating with arms dealers.”

“I shall accompany you,” Taraka said. “I’d like to see what Pokemon live in the northern region of this world.”


“Alright then,” Cyrus said. “The next shuttle leaves in an hour. Make sure you don’t miss it.”

“Don’t worry, Captain,” Taraka said. “You can count on us.”


Taraka shivered as he and Gaster stepped out of the arms dealer’s store in Northpoint with the explosives the captain had sent them to purchase. It was a cold evening up in the snowy northern mountains of Meridian. Compared to the equatorial jungles surrounding Fortuna, being here was like being on an entirely different planet.

“Sure is cold here,” the monk commented to his crewmate. “Beautiful, though.” Taraka gazed up at the clear night sky. A colorful aurora danced across the black canvas above the mountain peaks.


“Can’t argue with that,” Gaster said, nodding in agreement.

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“So how about we go see what Pokemon are around here?” Taraka asked.

“I’m up for it,” Gaster replied. “I bet we can find some on the outskirts of this town.”


“We shall see.”

The pair’s trek across Northpoint to the exit of the settlement led them through the town center, where a large evergreen tree had been erected and decorated with colored lights. The surrounding buildings — mostly shops and colonial offices — were also decorated with lights and wreaths.


“I see the big wigs who fund this place have brought the capitalistic spirit of Christmas here,” Gaster grumbled.

“Not a fan of the holiday season?” Taraka asked his crewmate.

While Christmas was not celebrated in the Sinai religion, the monk knew enough about it. It was an important holiday in the old Earth religion of Christianity that was still celebrated in the Alliance, the Geneva Confederacy, and parts of the Romanov Union. With all that had been going on aboard the Maverick lately, Taraka hadn’t realized the holiday was coming up.


“I’m just not a fan of the culture of consumerism built up around it,” Gaster explained. “The rich big business assholes represent everything I hate about my country. There’s a reason I came to the Outer Rim.”

“I see,” Taraka said.

The conversation died down as the pair continued on their way across town. Soon enough, they had reached the edge of the settlement, and they didn’t need to go much further before finding some Pokemon. Following a trail that led further up the mountain Northpoint was built upon, they came across a Hitmonlee and an Ursaring battling it out in an apparent territory dispute. Taraka also spotted a Mamoswine some distance away, trudging through the snow.


“This time I’ll catch myself a bear,” Taraka said, remembering the unfortunate incident with the Pangoro the previous day. The monk reached for Sirius’s Pokeball and sent his Togekiss out.


“The Hitmonlee’s mine, then,” Gaster said before sending out his Salandit. “Sakuya, use Smog on that Hitmonlee!” the former smuggler commanded the Pokemon as he took aim with his rifle. He squeezed the trigger, but the Hitmonlee’s lightning reflexes allowed it to dodge the shot. Then, as Sakuya skittered up to it, the Hitmonlee jumped up and over the Salandit as she spewed out a poisonous cloud.

“Allow me to help,” Taraka said. He then blasted the Hitmonlee with psionic energy, sending the Pokemon into a confused daze. With that taken care of, the monk turned his attention to the Ursaring. “Sirius, use Thunder Wave!” he commanded his Togekiss as he began moving toward the bear Pokemon. Sirius flew up to the Ursaring and zapped it with electricity. It tried to fight back, but its body seized up and it was unable to move.


Meanwhile, the Hitmonlee attempted to counterattack Sakuya. Thankfully, in its dazed state, the fighting Pokemon slipped on the icy ground and fell down. Gaster was quick to pounce on the opportunity, commanding his Salandit to attack: “Sakuya, use Smog again!” The former smuggler’s Salandit spewed out another cloud of smog at the Hitmonlee, leaving it burned and poisoned.

The Hitmonlee was quick to recover. It hopped to its feet, then jumped at Sakuya. It delivered a powerful kick to the Salandit, sending her flying. Gaster’s Pokemon landed right beside Taraka, so the monk kneeled down and provided a healing pulse of psionic energy.


“Sirius, use Yawn!” Taraka shouted as the Hitmonlee came in for a second attack. The kicking Pokemon jumped at Sakuya again, but Taraka’s Togekiss worked her magic, causing it to become drowsy. Taraka then put himself in the Hitmonlee’s way and deflected it away with his staff. The Hitmonlee collapsed into the snow, asleep, and was promptly captured by Gaster.


“Thanks for the assist there,” Gasster said.

Taraka nodded at his crewmate just as the Ursaring threw a large rock at Sirius. Swift on the wing, the Togekiss avoided the attack then flew in to strike back. “Sirius, use Ancient Power!” Taraka commanded his Pokemon.


Just then, the Mamoswine came charging in. “I’ve got this!” Gaster called out, taking aim at the charging Pokemon. “Sakuya, use Flame Burst!” he commanded before opening fire on the Mamoswine. A combined assault of laser shots and fire left the Mamoswine injured and burned, but it continued its rampage. It thrashed about wildly, slamming both Gastser and Taraka with its tusks before it finally collapsed in a heap, unconscious.


Now only the Ursaring remained. The bear Pokemon picked up a pile of rocks and lobbed it at Sirius and Sakuya. The two Pokemon quickly moved out of the way as the rocks rained down, avoiding getting hit.

“Sakuya, use Ember!” Gaster then commanded his Salandit. The former smuggler’s Pokemon spat out a jet of flame at the Ursaring, then Taraka threw a Pokeball at it. The ball only held for a second before breaking open.


“Sirius, use Yawn!” Taraka ordered his Togekiss as the Ursaring began charging at him. The Ursaring ripped at the monk with its claws, then fell to the ground, put to sleep by Sirius.


“Let’s try this again,” Taraka said before making another capture attempt, this time using a Great Ball. The Ursaring was pulled inside the ball, which then fell down into the snow. It shook once … twice … three times … then it exploded open!

Wide awake, the Ursaring reemerged and let out a fierce roar. “Sirius, use Fairy Wind!” Taraka commanded as the ursine Pokemon took a step toward him. The monk’s Togekiss let loose a blast of air, but the Ursaring dodged the attack. The Ursaring then charged at Sirius and began ripping into her with its claws. The fierce Pokemon landed several swipes before the Togekiss managed to fly out of reach.


By this time, Gaster has recalled his Salandit and sent out his Cinccino instead. “Lulabelle, use Sing!” the former smuggler commanded his newly sent out Pokemon.

The Cinccino ran up to the Ursaring and let out a piercing cry that left it dazed. Taraka then threw another Pokeball at the strong bear, but it immediately broke free. It let out another roar, then moved past Lulabelle swiping at her with its claws as it did so.


“We need to hurt it some more,” Gaster said. “Lulabelle, hit it with Swift!”

“Sirius, use Fairy Wind!” Taraka then commanded his own Pokemon.

Lulabelle and Sirius unleashed their attacks, causing the Ursaring to stumble backwards. Taraka then blasted it with psionic energy, dazing it. The Ursaring quickly sprang back, snapping out of its daze and taking a swing at Sirius.


“Lulabelle, use Swift again!” Gaster commanded before tossing Taraka a Great Ball.

Taraka threw the ball he had been given at the Ursaring, but it promptly broke free.


“Goddamnit!” Gaster cursed. The former smuggler pulled out another Great Ball, then chucked it at the Ursaring. The bear was pulled inside, and the ball fell into the snow. It shook once … twice … then fell still. The Ursaring had finally been caught.

Really?” Taraka asked in annoyance as he watched Gaster walk over and pick up the ball.


“Here ya go,” Gaster said as he tossed the ball to Taraka.

“Thanks,” Taraka said. “I owe you like ... a lot of money.”

“Don’t worry about it, mate,” Gaster said. “Just refund me those two Great Balls and we’re good.”


Taraka nodded. “I can do that. I appreciate your generosity.”

“I think if we detonate the explosives on those fuel tanks we saw on the landing pad, we can cause the most chaos,” Cyrus said to Axel.


The two were sat at the table in the mess area of the Maverick’s living quarters, going over their distraction plan for the attack on Baker’s villa. They still had a day until they made their move, but it was good to plan ahead.

“Sounds good, boss,” Axel replied.

It was rather calm aboard the Maverick at the moment. Gaster and Taraka were still up north, purchasing the explosives needed for the mission, and Erik was in town picking up some supplies. The members of the crew who were still on the ship were occupied as well. Anya was lounging on the couch on the opposite end of the room from Axel and Cyrus, reading something on her datapad, and Ace and Kasey were in the workshop, working on a project.


The calm atmosphere was soon interrupted, however, when Erik returned. The Maverick’s engineer was carrying a beat up cardboard box and had an excited look on his face.

“Whatcha got there, Erik?” Cyrus asked his longtime friend.

“A little surprise,” Erik said as he walked over to the table. The engineer set the box down between Axel and Cyrus, then pulled the top flaps open. “Merry Christmas.”


The two men peered into the box and were greeted by a most unexpected sight. Axel’s eyes went wide with surprise and he uttered two words.

“Holy crap.”

“We’re back!” Gaster announced as he and Taraka boarded the Maverick.

No response came. It was quiet aboard the ship.

“I wonder where everyone is,” Taraka said.

Gaster shrugged. Because they spent a lot of time in space, the members of the Maverick’s crew tended to be on different sleep cycles; it was highly unlikely that everyone was asleep. In the rare event that they were, Ace would have at least heard Gaster calling as he had no need for sleep.


As they walked closer to the front of the ship, Gaster could hear a commotion coming from the living quarters. Upon entering the room, Gaster saw the whole crew of the ship gathered. A cardboard box was set on the table and a bunch of baby Eevees were running about.

“Oh my goodness,” Taraka said as he entered the room behind Gaster, a smile of delight appearing on his face at the sight of the Eevees.“What is going on here?”


“Ah, you’re back,” Cyrus said, approaching the pair. “Erik found an abandoned box of baby Eevees in an alleyway while picking up supplies,” the captain then explained.

“I see,” Gaster said. “Here are the explosives you requested, by the way.” The former smuggler held out the bag storing the charges he and Taraka had purchased.


“Good work,” Cyrus said as he took the bag off his hands.

“There’s still an Eevee left that no one’s claimed if either of you want it,” Axel said, looking up from the baby Pokemon he was playing with.


“Wow, everyone’s got one it seems,” Taraka said, looking around the room. Sure enough, the other members of the crew each had an Eevee of their own now. Even Anya had one in her lap that was playfully pawing at the hair tie on her wrist.

Approaching the table, Gaster peered into the box sitting on it. There was, in fact, one more baby Eevee inside, fast asleep.


“Go ahead, you can have it,” Taraka said, patting Gaster on the back. “After all, you helped me get that Ursaring earlier.”

Image Credit - Serendipity-Kitty

“You sure?” Gaster asked, glancing at his crewmate.

Taraka nodded. “Yeah. I have a Flareon and a Glaceon already. Also if you want another grass type I’ve got a leaf stone that I don’t need.”


A slight smirk formed on Gaster’s face. “I might just take you up on that offer.”

Notes: This chapter did not turn out the way I expected it to. For a while in this campaign, I had been tracking the in-game date, but I lost track of it and stopped shortly after the party beat the ghost gym. I’ve been updating the Spacemon timeline DragonStorm and I use to track the dates of events in the setting as I go along writing these chapters and it just happened to turn out that the date in the Spacemon universe that this chapter takes place during was December 24. There’s a lot of lore surrounding it, but for simplicity I’ll just say that yes, some Earth religions survived on and the new Sinai religion isn’t the only one that exists in the setting.


So yeah, this chapter kind of became a weird Christmas special of sorts (even though it’s not going to be posted on Christmas because it is mid April when I’m writing this). This chapter covered the second half of session 41 and we were still waiting to hopefully have more than two players for the big mission, so it was just more Pokemon searching. Novi and unknown decided to explore in the polar mountain regions this time and there wasn’t much to it in the session. For the writing I decided to give a bit more reason why Gaster and Taraka went there. I figured needing to get some supplies for the mission was a good enough reason. Once I realized that it took place during Christmas, I decided to throw that into the mix. Funny how they happened to go to a snowy place.

At the end of the session I had Erik bring back a box of baby Eevees, which was inspired by something I did in the campaign I GMed before this one. I just wanted to do it again, so I did it. Again, it worked out for the better that it happened during Christmas. I had been hoping to wait for more players to be there, but ended up deciding to just do it. It didn’t matter because the other two players I had dropped out before attending another session.


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the rest of the Spacemon saga, join the Spacemon Discord server, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon: Frontier!

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