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Hello, and welcome to Spacemon, the tale of my Pokemon TRPG campaign played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) System! Here you will find the complete collection of pieces set between the events of the original series and its upcoming sequel!

Spacemon is a science fiction space epic set in a Pokemon universe imagined up by GM and fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. The pieces contained in this collection began to be posted in February 2017 and have been continually worked on since, with more to come in the future. This collection contains all the Spacemon pieces set between the events of the original Spacemon series and its sequel, Eleventh Hour. Most of the posts are part of Tales & Transmissions, a series of loosely related pieces set at various points in the Spacemon timeline, but there are also miniseries and other pieces set between these two series here as well, all organized according to the recommended reading order. Please enjoy!


Tales & Transmissions: Road to Recovery

Tales & Transmissions: Family Ties

Tales & Transmissions: The Special Day

Tales & Transmissions: The Big Day

Tales & Transmissions: Motherhood

Tales & Transmissions: The Contract

Tales & Transmissions: The Last Day

Tales & Transmissions: Initiation

Tales & Transmissions: Rematch

Tales & Transmissions: Glory Days

Red Winter Part 1

Red Winter Part 2

Red Winter Part 3

Red Winter Part 4

Red Winter Part 5

Tales & Transmissions: The Protogé

Finished this collection? Then be sure to check out everything else related to Spacemon! Want more of the story? You can also find every post related to Spacemon here! And finally, be sure to check out the Spacemon Appendix for more insight into the world and characters of Spacemon (Spoiler warning if you haven’t finished the series)!

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