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Spacemon - Origin Story 1: The Parisian Job

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Welcome to the first exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! This is an origin story for one of the characters that was written after the campaign began, but it serves as a prologue to the main story. You can check out the rest of our adventures here!

“Target is on ze move,” the smooth French voice of Rena Bordeaux sounds in Arlon’s ear. “I cannot get a clean shot. Zere are too many civilians.”


“I’ve got eyes on him,” Arlon speaks into his earpiece as he moves through the crowd. “He’s headed for the mag-train stop. I’m in pursuit.”

“Arlon, stay on him. But keep your distance,” Lars Rickets’ voice instructs him. “We don’t want to tip him off.”

“I know the drill, boss,” Arlon replies as he follows the target inside the mag-train stop. “He’s getting on the southbound train.”


“I want you on that train,” Lars tells him, “Rena, I’m coming to pick you up. We’ll follow the train from above. Kiril, Devlin, I want you at the next two stops.”

“We’re on our way,” replies the gruff voice of Kiril Zhukov.

“I’m on the train,” Arlon says into his earpiece as he takes a seat, eying his target on the other end of the car.


“Excellent,” says Lars. “Stay out of sight and let us know if he does anything.”

“I know the drill. The bastard doesn’t even know we’re on him.”

As the mag-train flies along the skyline of the Alliance metropolis world of Cacia, Arlon watches his target, who still remains unaware of his presence. The Red Suns had been contracted to apprehend Ward Pezal, a hitman suspected in dozens of assassinations across the Galaxy, and had tracked him here to Cacia.


The train passes by the next several stops, but Pezal remains seated. Lars continues to direct Kiril and Devlin down the line as he and Rena follow from above, but it seems to Arlon that Pezal intends to remain on the train. Suddenly the hitman locks eyes with him and flashes him a wicked grin. The man gets up from his seat and begins to make his way to the back of the train.

Arlon immediately jumps up and quickly moves to follow. “He’s on the move,” Arlon says into his earpiece. “The bloody bastard knew we were on him the whole time. He’s headed for the back of the train. I’m in pursuit.”


“Be careful,” Rena warns him.

Arlon arrives at the back of the train to find himself face-to-face with Pezal. “You’ve got nowhere to run, mate.” he tells the hitman.


“I beg to differ,” Pezal replies calmly. He presses a switch in his hand and the back door to the train explodes behind him. Arlon reaches for his pistol but he’s too late. Pezal jumps off the back of the train and onto the track.

“He jumped off the bloody train!” Arlon shouts over the comms. “I’m going after him!” He runs down the length of the train car and leaps out the back onto the track. Arlon sprints down the track toward Pezal, quickly making up the ground.


“Don’t move,” Arlon tells the hitman as he aims his pistol at him.


“You’re too late,” Pezal tells him with a laugh. He looks down to the ground miles beneath the mag-train rail and then back to Arlon. “You’re just another bounty hunter who failed to bring me in.” He leans backward and drops off the track as a Golurk swoops in to pick him up.

“No you don’t!” Arlon shouts as he runs for the edge. He leaps off after Pezal as he pulls out a Pokeball. “Spitfire!” He presses the button and releases his Charizard beneath him. He lands on the Pokemon’s back and nudges him after the falling target.


Spitfire pulls his wings in and dives straight down at the hitman as he lands on his Golurk. The ghost Pokemon fires up its rockets and flies away.

“After him!” Arlon orders his Charizard. With a giant push from his wings, Spitfire takes off after Pezal at full speed. “Use Fire Blast!” The Charizard exhales a massive ball of flames at Pezal and his Golurk as he pursues them.


In response, the Golurk’s rockets fire off with even more thrust, putting some distance between itself and Arlon and his Pokemon. Before it manages to get away with its trainer, a large ball of shadowy energy slams into it.


“I’ve got your back, Arlon,” Rena’s voice sounds in Arlon’s earpiece. He looks up to see Rena’s Metagross floating in the air in front of the Golurk.

“Nice save, Rena,” Arlon tells her. He then nudges Spitfire forward toward Pezal. “Now, use Shadow Claw!” Arlon commands the Charizard.


With another thrust from his wings, Spitfire closes the distance with Pezal and his Golurk and swipes at them with his sharp claws. The attack makes contact with the Pokemon and deals a nasty blow, tearing right through its armor. Pezal commands his Golurk to counterattack, but Arlon’s Pokemon easily dodges out of the way. While it’s distracted, Rena’s Metagross gets off another Shadow Ball. Surprisingly, the Pokemon manages to take the hit.

“Finish him off with Air Slash!” Arlon commands Spitfire. The Charizard makes a hard turn and launches a slicing blast of air at Pezal’s Golurk, knocking it out. Pezal and his Golurk begin to fall, but Arlon nudges Spitfire down at full speed. The Charizard dives hard and grabs Pezal out of the air.


Prize in hand, Arlon and his Pokemon fly to the ground to meet up with the others. Another job well done.


Lars Rickets sits in the captain’s seat on the empty bridge of the of the UAS Corsair, the Red Suns’ Alliance-make heavy frigate, staring off into the vast vacuum of space as his ship drifts along. As he watches the the sparkling stars in the distance, he reflects on his team’s recent operations.

After collecting the bounty on Pezal, the Red Suns hadn’t seen much action. The jobs they had run in the time since had been rather trivial: protecting private shipments, chasing down smalltime bounties, and the like. But money is money, and the Red Suns are in a bit of a tight spot financially. They have to keep making ends meet somehow, even if that means taking on such menial, low paying jobs.


Lars is pulled out of his thoughts when a flashing light appears on the console, signifying an incoming call. Lars presses the answer button on his armrest and a man appears on the screen.

“Greetings, UAS Corsair,” the man says. “I would like to speak with your captain.”


“You’re talking to him,” Lars responds. “How can I help you?”

“My employer would like to hire you and your men for an upcoming operation. He is willing to pay a… handsome reward.”


“Go on,” Lars tells him, intrigued by the proposition.

“There is a data package that my employer would very much like to get his hands on. It is currently located here.” A set of coordinates and blueprints of an Outer Rim mining facility appear on the screen. “Gigan Station, located in Sector 25.”


“What are the details.”

“You and your men are to board the station and secure the package. No witnesses. No survivors. Once you depart, destroy the station.”


“You realize that what you are asking is highly illegal?” Lars asks.

“As I said, my employer is offering a handsome reward.”

“I am afraid your employer is… misinformed in regard to who we are. We are respectable bounty hunters, not some rabble of pirates and murderers.”


“My employer is prepared to pay you upwards of one-and-a-half-million credits.”

“I’ve made up my mind. No amount of money can buy my code of honor. Goodbye.” Lars hangs up the call, a sour expression on his face.


“That sounded like a perfectly reasonable deal to me.” Lars turns to see Devlin Garth standing behind him. “Not takin’ that job was a bad call.”

“Son, we’ve been through this before,” Lars says as he stands to speak with Devlin. “There are certain lines we will not cross, even if we need the money.”


“But we wouldn’t even be in this mess if you were more willin’ to do what’s necessary fer survival.”

“There is no point in surviving if you have to sacrifice your ideals in the process. We are not taking that job and that’s final.” Lars briskly walks off the bridge, passing by Arlon on his way.


“Yer makin’ a mistake,” Devlin grumbles to himself.

“What was that all about?” Arlon asks him.

“Mind yer own business,” Devlin responds as he fiddles with the comms.

“You were at his throat again, weren’t you, mate?” Arlon asks as he sets himself down in the pilot’s seat.


“I said mind yer own damn business.”

“Alright, no need to be such a bloody wanker about it,” Arlon responds. What’s his problem? he thinks.


Arlon sits alone on the bridge of the Corsair watching the gases of the nebula swirl around the ship through the viewport. The Red Suns had just gotten off yet another low paying bounty; the third one this week. Money remains the key issue for the team of bounty hunters. It had been quite some time since they had received well paying job.

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However, that isn’t really what has been troubling Arlon. Devlin Garth is his main concern. He had never liked the guy, but lately he had been more trouble than he’s worth. He was too violent for Arlon’s taste, too ruthless. Given the choice, he would always go for a kill over a capture. To Devlin, dead or alive just means dead.


Those are the least of Arlon’s problems with the man. He’s gunning hard to take over after Lars retires, showing himself to be greedy and power hungry. For years now, Devlin had been urging Lars to expand the Red Suns into far more illegal operations: arms dealing, credit mining, piracy. While Lars had always been opposed to these ideas, the fear that Devlin may one day take over the Red Suns and expand into these other activities continues to gnaw away at Arlon. He fancies himself to be a far better candidate to take over for Lars, but remains unsure if the man will pick him over Devlin.

Arlon is pulled from his brooding when he hears the sound of someone walking up behind him. He turns back to see Lars walking onto the bridge. The Red Suns commander sits down in the captain’s chair and activates the comms. “Everyone, come to the bridge. It’s time to talk business,” he announces.


“We got another job?” Arlon asks, swiveling his chair around to face Lars.

“A big one,” Lars tells him.

“About time. How big are we talking?”

“Two-hundred-thousand credits…”

“I thought you said this was a big-”


“...Job… Wow.”

“Did you just say two-hundred-thousand each?” Rena asks as she walks onto the bridge. Devlin and Kiril follow closely behind.


“I did,” Lars tells her.

“One-million credits?” Arlon asks, still in disbelief. “One-million bloody credits? What the hell is this job anyway?”


Lars presses a button and a picture of a Federation official appears on the viewscreen. “This is Konstantin Schroeder, the Federation’s Director of Economic Provision. He’s our target.”

“Target? For what?” Arlon asks.

“We’re being paid to kidnap him,” Lars explains.

“What for?” Arlon asks him.

“Yer certainly askin’ a lot of questions,” Devlin snidely remarks

“Well, I want more bloody details on this job.”

“Our employers were not too forthcoming with that information,” Lars explains.

“This whole business is rather shady, innit?” Arlon asks.

“I’m inclined to agree with you, but…” Lars trails off as he looks over at the viewscreen again. “This is just a simple snatch and grab operation and the money is too good to turn down. We’d be crazy not to take this job.”


“I still don’t like it.”

“You don’t have to like it,” Lars tells him sternly. “We need this job.”

“Alright, alright. Where are we headed?”

“Parisia. Schroeder is going to be there to discuss funding with Genevan officials in the city of Calais. That’s where we’ll strike. We’ll be able to take him on route to the capitol building from the hotel he’s staying at.”


“Zis sounds simple enough,” Rena chimes in.

“Exactly,” Lars agrees, “If we play our cards right, we can be in and out before anyone knows what happened. Arlon, set a course for Parisia. We can review the plan on the way.”


“Yes, boss,” Arlon says as he swivels his chair back around. He plots a course and then jumps into warp space on route toward the nearest warp gate.

As the Corsair flies through warp space on route to Parisia, Arlon takes some time to relax in his personal quarters. He lies on his back on his bed, contemplating the upcoming job. Something about it just seems off to him. The door suddenly slides open and he glances over to see Rena in the doorway. “You alright?” she asks as she steps into the room.


“Yeah, I’m fine,” Arlon tells her as he sits up. “I’m just not sure about this job. Something about it just doesn’t sit right with me.”


“You know Lars wouldn’t ‘ave taken it if he didn’t ‘ave a good reason.”

“I know, I know. It’s just that… I don’t know, I can’t shake the feeling that something’s not right about it. Who would want to kidnap this Schroeder guy anyway? And why all the secrecy? I don’t like it.”


“I think maybe you need to take a nice long break after zis job is all over,” Rena tells him with a chuckle. “I know I could use one.”

“Tell me about it. I think I’ll go fucking mental if I have to spend any more time on this ship without a bloody vacation.”


“With all ze money we are getting for zis job, I’m sure Lars will be giving us some shore leave. Maybe we can go someplace nice. Just ze two of us.

“Ha, you don’t really strike me as the romantic type,” Arlon says with a laugh.

Rena places a finger on Arlon’s lips, as if telling him to be quiet. “You talk too much sometimes,” she says playfully as she pushes him back onto the bed.


“You know you love it,” Arlon responds as he pulls her down into an embrace. “Now come on, we don’t have much time before we get to Parisia.”

The Corsair drops out of warp space in the core system of the Geneva Confederacy. The brilliant light of Europa reflects off the orange rings of Gaia as the ship approaches its destination. Arlon is temporarily blinded by the star’s light before he steers the frigate toward the moon Parisia, one of the many capitol worlds of the Genevan states in orbit around the gas giant. As the ship moves closer, the moon eclipses the light.


“Isn’t it beautiful?” Rena asks Arlon as she walked onto the bridge. “It ‘as been quite a while since I ‘ave been back ‘ere.”

“Indeed,” Arlon agrees. “Much nicer than the planet I come from. There was nothing but bloody fields as far as the eye could see. Leaving that place was the best damn choice I ever made.”


“But at least you did not grow up in ze slums,” Rena says with a laugh.

“Yeah, yeah. At least you had some nice sights to look at.”

“We ‘aint here to see the sights,” says Devlin as he joins the two on the bridge. “Ya’ll know that.”


“Here to piss on the mood again, Garth?” Arlon asks.

“Just makin’ sure yer focused on the mission.”

“Why the hell wouldn’t I be? It’s only my bloody job, innit?”

“Now, now boys,” says Rena, trying to break up the hostilities. “No need to fight.”


“Rena’s right,” Lars tells them as he walks onto the bridge. The Red Suns’ leader calmly looks at his crew. “We’ve got enough to worry about on this mission without the two of you at each other’s throats.”

“Got it,” Arlon responds before returning his focus to piloting as the Corsair breaks through the atmosphere.

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Arlon flies the ship over Parisia’s beautiful Azure Sea on approach to Calais, one of the sprawling megatropolises covering a large portion of the planet. They are still a good ways out, the massive skyscrapers protruding above the horizon. The ship’s powerful engines quickly close the gap and before long the Corsair is soaring above the city, the many towering structures adorned with lush rooftop gardens. The skyline of Calais is truly a sight to behold.


Arlon sets the ship down on a landing platform miles above the surface of the planet and the Red Suns gather in the ship’s “war room” to review the plan for the mission.


“In case you’ve forgotten,” Lars tells the team. “The target is Konstantin Schroeder, the Federation’s Director of Economic Provision. He’s visiting Parisia to discuss funding with Genevan officials here in Calais. We need to take him alive,” he adds, looking around at his crew to make sure they understand.

“Right,” says Arlon, glancing over at Devlin, who he knows would be the most likely to kill a target given the option.


“The plan is to grab him en route to the capitol building from his hotel. Arlon and I will intercept the Schroeder’s vehicle here,” Lars continues, pointing to a point on the map.

“How do we know he’ll pass that way?” Arlon asks.

“It’s the most direct route from the hotel to the capitol. They have no reason to suspect anything and, therefore, no reason to take another route. We will intercept them at this point, using Salamence and Charizard. Riding our Pokemon will allow us to outmaneuver them. Arlon and I will board the vehicle and secure Schroeder. Rena will be on overwatch on this rooftop here.”


“Not a problem,” Rena chimes in.

“I will take Schroeder on Salamence and Arlon will pick up Rena with Charizard. Then we will fly to the rendezvous point here, which Kiril and Devlin will have secured. They will be waiting with our vehicle to quickly transport us back to the Corsair. We will be long gone from Parisia before anyone knows what happened. Any questions? No? Good. Let’s move.”


The aging bounty hunter steps away from the table, adjusts his hat, and turns to begin arming up for the mission. While he may be getting on in years, Lars’s mind is as sharp as ever and he commands the respect of his team just by being in their presence. His brilliant strategies had seen the Red Suns through many tough jobs, and secured them many high rewards. The man’s brilliance is no small part of the reason why the Red Suns are one of the most elite teams of bounty hunters in the galaxy.

“Still having misgivings about the job?” Lars asks, noticing Arlon following closely behind.


“Yeah… The whole thing seems a bit sketchy to me,” Arlon tells him. “I mean, kidnapping a director?”

“Son, you’re not changing my mind.” Lars sighs for a moment before continuing. “Look, all we have to do is capture this guy and deliver him, and you know we need the money right now.”


“I know, but I’ve just got a real bad feeling about this one.”

“Just don’t let that feelin’ of yers get in the way of the job,” Devlin jabs at him.


“How about you worry about yourself and not kill the bloody target for once then?” Arlon snaps back.

“Lock it down. Both of you,” Lars tells them coldly. “You don’t have to like each other, but we’re a team and we’ve got a job to do so put your petty differences aside.”


“Got it,” Arlon replies.

“So, are you ready to do this job?” Lars asks him.

“Yes, boss,” Arlon answers. He steps away from the group and checks his weapons, not that it’s really necessary since he always makes sure to keep them clean. Holstering his pistols, Arlon follows the rest of the team off the Corsair.


“It’s time to go,” Lars tells the team as he releases his Salamence.

“Come on out, Spitfire.” Arlon’s Charizard emerges from his ball and lets out a mighty roar before leaning down so that Arlon can mount up.


Arlon hops up onto Spitfire’s back and motions for Rena to get on. Once she is seated, Arlon nudges Spitfire and the Charizard pushes off the ground with his powerful wings, following Lars and his Salamence into the skies of Parisia.

The team arrives at the target location, a strategic rooftop overlooking the passing air traffic. The air-cars fly by in both directions as the Red Suns dismount. “Rena, get yourself set up,” Lars instructs the Parisian sniper.


“Already on it, boss,” Rena replies as she unslings the sniper rifle from her back and sets it up on its bipod.


Lars nods and then reaches for his earpiece. “We’re in position,” he says over the comm channel. “What’s the status of the rendezvous point?”

“Location is secured,” Kiril responds.

“Excellent,” Lars tells him. “Standby. I’ll let you know when we’re headed to you.” Lars then turns to look at Arlon. “Get ready, the target should be passing by any moment now.”


Arlon and Lars climb back onto their Pokemon, prepared to take off at a moment’s notice. As if on cue, the director’s air-car flies into view.

“I’ve got the target in sight,” Rena announces.

“Let’s move,” Lars says to Arlon. The pair nudge their Pokemon and they lift themselves off the rooftop with their powerful wings.


Arlon and Lars fly full speed at the air-car, quickly closing the distance. They swoop in on either side of the open-top vehicle and prepare to board. A thin, dark haired man with glasses wearing a fancy blue suit sits in the back. A Shinx lies sleeping in his lap. Seeing the two Pokemon flanking his vehicle, a look of surprise appears on the man’s face

Arlon and Lars simultaneously leap from their Pokemon into the vehicle. Upon landing, Arlon quickly pulls out one of his pistols and aims it at the driver. “Try anything and I’ll shoot,” he says calmly.


“Vat is the meaning of this!?” the man in the back demands of the boarders, his shouts waking the Shinx in his lap.

“Konstantin Schroeder?” Lars asks him.

“Yes, that’s me,” the man responds, still quite baffled by the situation.

“You’re coming with us, Director,” Lars tells him as he places a hand on his arm.


“I, most definitely, am not!” Schroeder protests. His Shinx hisses at Lars and sparks fly off from its blue fur.

“You may want to recall your little friend there, mate,” Arlon chimes in, eying the director’s Pokemon. Schroeder nervously obliges before Lars begins dragging the man toward his Salamence.


“Vat are you doing? There is no vay I am riding avay on that beast!”

“Just shut up and climb on,” Arlon tells him.

Suddenly a shot flies through the air and hits the driver right in the head. “What the fuck?!” Arlon shouts as the air-car begins to dive. He quickly shoves the driver out of the seat and takes the controls.


“Rena, what’s happening up there? The driver’s been shot,” Lars asks the sniper over the comms.

“I’m not sure,” Rena responds, “I can’t figure out where ze shots are coming from. Wait… I think I see something. He’s on ze-” Suddenly she cuts out.


“Rena, are you there?” Lars asks. “Rena!? Shit!”

Suddenly another shot hits the air-car and takes out one of its thrusters. “I can’t hold this thing together!” Arlon shouts as the vehicle begins plummeting to the ground. “We’re gonna crash!”


The air-car narrowly misses colliding with a building as it drops. Arlon tries to regain control and pull out a landing but it’s no use. The vehicle slams into the ground, causing Arlon’s head to fly forward. It crashes against the dash and knocks him out cold.

Arlon comes to in the burning wreck of Schroeder’s air-car. As his vision clears, he looks around at the damages. “Lars?” he calls out. No response. He shakes his head clear and begins to climb to the back of the vehicle. “No…”


Both Lars and Schroeder lie dead, blood spattered across the back seat. Upon close examination, Arlon realizes that their wounds are not from the crash; both have been shot in the head, executed.

Arlon draws a pistol as he steps from the wrecked vehicle. He looks around for Lars’s killer, but the street is vacant. He reaches for his earpiece. “Rena? Rena, do you copy? Kiril? Is anyone there.”



“Goddamn it!” Arlon shouts. He rips the earpiece from his ear in anger and throws it on the ground.


Arlon hears the familiar roar of his Charizard and looks up to see the Pokemon circling above with Lars’s Salamence. “Down here!” he calls to them. They fly down toward the ground and land with a thud. Arlon walks up to his Pokemon and pats him on the back of the neck. “I wish you could tell me what the bloody hell happened here, mate,” he says to the Charizard.

Before he can get the chance to sort everything out, Arlon hears the sound of approaching sirens. “We need to get out of here,” he says to his Pokemon. Before leaving, Arlon climbs back into the vehicle where Lars’s Salamence nudges his trainer’s lifeless body. “I’m sorry, mate,” Arlon says to the Pokemon, comfortingly rubbing it on the back of the neck. “We’re not leaving him here though.” Arlon lifts Lars’s body out of the wreckage and places him on the back of his Pokemon. “I need you to follow me, okay?”


Arlon climbs onto Spitfire’s back and nudges the Charizard to take off. With Lars’s Salamence in tow, Arlon directs the Pokemon to fly back to Rena’s rooftop. Upon arriving, Arlon finds Rena lying facedown on the roof. “Rena!” he shouts as jumps off of Spitfire’s back. He runs over to the sniper and checks her pulse. He breathes a sigh of relief, realizing that she is still alive.

Arlon kneels down and rolls her over. “Rena!” he shouts as he shakes her, trying to wake her up. Her eyes flicker open. “Wha-? What ‘appened?” she asks.


“We were shot down…” Arlon trails off.

“What’s wrong?” Rena asks, seeing the distressed look on Arlon’s face.

“Lars… Lars is dead!”


“I don’t know… I was knocked out when we crashed. I woke up and… he’d been shot in the head. Schroeder too.”


“Why did zey leave you?”

“I don’t know, maybe they thought I was dead already. Whoever did this… whoever shot that air-car down, whoever killed Lars. We have to find them. We have to make them pay for what they did! I don’t even know where to begin… You didn’t get a good look did you?”


“I’m sorry Arlon… I located ze sniper but… I didn’t get a good look at ‘im. Zen… someone ‘it me on ze back of ze head. Someone knew I was ‘ere.”

“We have to tell the others. My earpiece is dead. Please, tell me yours is working.”


Rena reaches for her earpiece but it isn’t there. She looks around quickly and sees it lying on the ground, smashed to pieces. “Merde!” she shouts. “It’s broken.”

“Let’s get out of here,” Arlon says with a sigh. “We’ll head for the rendezvous point…”


Arlon and Rena silently ride Spitfire to the rendezvous point with Lars’s Salamence in tow. Neither feels like talking, still in disbelief that their leader is dead. As they land on the rooftop, Arlon notices that both Devlin and Kiril seem rather on edge. Arlon dismounts and walks over to the Salamence to collect Lars’s body. He silently walks to the waiting air-car and places the body inside.


“We know what you did,” Devlin sneers at him.

“What the bloody hell are you talking about?” Arlon asks.

“I know this was you,” Devlin tells him.

“You… you think I did this!?” Arlon shouts at him.

“What is ‘e talking about, Arlon?” Rena asks.

“I know you wanted to take over,” Devlin continues.

“Not like this,” Arlon tells him coldly.

“Then what’s this?” Devlin asks, showing him some data on his Pokedex: an intercepted message between whoever was responsible and… himself…


That’s impossible! The thought screams inside Arlon’s head. I didn’t send this!

“Is it true, Arlon?” Kiril asks him.

“This wasn’t me! I didn’t send this, I swear!” Arlon shouts. “I was knocked out. When I woke up, both Lars and Schroeder had been shot in the head. Whoever did that… they must have taken my Pokedex when I was knocked out! I swear on my life!”


“The evidence seems pretty clear to me,” Devlin tells him.

“Why would I want this!? Lars was like a father to me! He did more for me than my old man ever did… No… I think you did this!”


“Typical. Blamin’ me for yer own actions.”

“Everyone knows you were gunning to take control when Lars retired.” Arlon backs away as the others begin to move in on him.


“The same goes for you… mate.” The last word slides out of Devlin’s mouth with a hint of venom as he reaches for a Pokeball.

“I swear this wasn’t me!” Arlon shouts as he continues to back away. “I’m being set up! You have to believe me!”


“We’re way past believin’ anythin’ you say.” Devlin throws out a Pokeball and releases his Tyrantrum. Arlon backs up to the edge of the rooftop as Devlin and his Pokemon move in on him. “You got nowhere to run to.”

“Then I guess I have to fly.” Arlon leans back and falls backward off the building. Spitfire immediately lifts off with his powerful wings and dives after his trainer.


“Use Rock Slide!” Devlin commands his Pokemon. The Tyrantrum stomps to the edge of the roof and slams the ornate stone roof tiles with his powerful tail, breaking off massive chunks down on Arlon and his Pokemon.

The Charizard swoops down and grabs his trainer as several chunks slam into him and deal a pretty nasty blow. However, the strong Pokemon fights through and flies away as Arlon swings up onto his back.


Devlin recalls his Pokemon with a look of pure anger on his face. “After him!” he shouts at his fellow Red Suns. “Chase him across the entire city if you have to!”

The sun sinks behind the skyline of Calais as Arlon and Spitfire set down by the river. Due to his injuries, the Charizard can no longer sustain carrying his trainer. “Thanks, mate,” Arlon says to his wounded Pokemon as he recalls him.


Arlon looks up at the Eiffel Tower as he catches his breath. The structure is one of the most iconic landmarks on Parisia, within the Geneva Confederacy itself. It is a replica of the original, back on Earth. Apparently it had a similar status back there as well. Despite the direness of his situation, Arlon can’t help but chuckle a little. No wonder the French rebuilt it here, he thinks.

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The moment of peace is cut short by the sound of an air-car whizzing past. Arlon looks up to see the Red Suns’ vehicle circling. “Bloody hell, they caught up fast,” Arlon grumbles. “The fucking Pokedex, I should have known better.” Realizing that his former allies had tracked him here, Arlon removes the device from his pocket. He slams it down on the ground as hard as he can, and then stomps on the damaged device. Then, he kicks it into the river, just to be sure. The vehicle begins to set down as Arlon quickly runs for the cover of the buildings.

The Red Suns chase after Arlon as he enters an under-construction building. Arlon hears the sounds of his former allies echo in the empty rooms as he rushes up the stairs. “Split up. He can’t have gone very far,” Garth commands Rena and Kiril.


Already acting like he’s the bloody leader! Arlon rages in his own head as he continues up.

“There is noise in stairwell,” Arlon hears Kiril’s voice echo behind him.

“So much for being the stealthy one,” Arlon grumbles to himself. Once he reaches the highest accessible floor Arlon exits the stairwell and searches for a way out. Unfortunately he finds himself up against a large pane of glass. He turns to find another way but finds himself face to face with the Red Suns.


“You got nowhere to run to this time,” Devlin sneers at him as he reaches for a Pokeball.

“So this is how it’s gonna be, then?” Arlon asks as he reaches for his own Pokeballs. He releases his Charizard and his Nidoking in between himself and his former allies. In response, Devlin, Rena, and Kiril release their own Pokemon: Bastiodon, Metagross, and Weezing, respectively.


“Kaiser, Earth Power! Spitfire, Flamethrower!” Arlon commands both his Pokemon. The Nidoking kicks up a massive blast of debris at Devlin’s Bastiodon, shattering the floor tiles. The Charizard spits out a massive surge of flames at Rena’s Metagross. Both targets take some damage but continue to close in on Arlon and his Pokemon.


“Ordinateur, use Psychic!” Rena commands her Metagross. The large metallic Pokemon fires off a blast of psychic energy at Kaiser, but the Nidoking manages to dodge out of the way. The blast flies past and shatters the glass behind Arlon. The wind surges into the room.

“Otrava, Gyro Ball!” Kiril instructs his Weezing. The Pokemon charges at Kaiser, and this time the Nidoking is unable to dodge. Otrava slams into the Pokemon and deals a heavy blow.


“Bastion, use Stone Edge!” Devlin commands his Pokemon. The Bastiodon charges forward at Arlon’s Charizard and slams into him with massive force, crushing the Pokemon against the wall. Spitfire lets out an agonized roar before it falls still, lifeless.


“No!” Arlon shouts at the death of his Pokemon. Rage burns in his eyes. He reaches for his belt and throws out another Pokemon. His Haxorus emerges and lets out a mighty roar. The highly aggressive Pokemon is one of his most powerful, and he needs him now more than ever.


“Chopper, use Superpower!” Arlon commands his Pokemon. The Haxorus rushes Devlin’s Bastiodon and hits him with all his might. The already injured Pokemon goes down from the hit. “Finish it off!” Arlon shouts out, thirsty for revenge. Chopper turns and slams the downed Pokemon with his powerful tail, pushing it out the damaged window.

Rena look at Arlon with surprise, shocked to see him act with such brutality. Devlin just grunts in amusement.


“Kaiser, Ice Beam!” Arlon commands his Nidoking. The Pokemon fires a focused beam of ice from his horn at Kiril’s Weezing and delivers a powerful strike.

“Ordinateur, use Shadow Ball!” Rena commands her Metagross.

“Otrava, Sludge Bomb!” Kiril commands his Weezing.

Recognizing Arlon’s Haxorus as a major threat, the two Red Suns focus in on the Pokemon. Their Pokemon launch their attacks and the combined effort deals a nasty blow to the dragon Pokemon.


Devlin then sends out his Tyrantrum. The Pokemon locks eyes with Chopper and lets out an angry roar. Just as Arlon and Devlin despise each other, their dragon Pokemon also have a strong rivalry. “Rex, use Head Smash!” Devlin commands his Pokemon. The Tyrantrum charges at Arlon’s Haxorus. then slams him full force with his powerful skull. The wounded Haxorus can’t stand up to the extremely powerful hit and is killed instantly.

Upset over the loss of yet another Pokemon, Arlon angrily throws out his last combat-ready Pokemon. His Aggron shakes the floor as he emerges from his ball. Arlon points at Devlin’s Tyrantrum and commands his Pokemon: “Titan, use Iron Head!” The large Pokemon charges at the Tyrantrum and strikes the dragon Pokemon with his horns, tearing through the beast’s rocky armor and dealing a nasty blow.


“Kaiser, use Earth Power!” Arlon commands his other Pokemon. The Nidoking follows up on Titan’s attack by kicking up a blast of debris at Devlin’s Tyrantrum. The dragon Pokemon looks pretty beat up but it stays standing.


“Ordinateur, use Shadow Ball!” Rena commands her Metagross, this time pointing at Arlon’s Aggron. The Pokemon fires off another ball of shadowy energy which connects with Titan, dealing some damage to the Pokemon.

“Now, Otrava, Explosion!” Kiril commands his Weezing. The Pokemon floats into the middle of the fray and detonates.

Image Credit - NoSc

The blast launches Arlon back, sending him flying out the window. His belt snags on an exposed piece of metal, but the force is too great and the belt snaps. A Pokeball breaks loose and falls along with Arlon and he plummets toward the river below. Arlon reaches out and grabs it, then manages to straighten out into a dive just before he hits the water.


“No one could have survived that fall,” Kiril says as he looks down at the river stories below.


“Good riddance,” Devlin replies as he surveys the battlefield. Arlon’s Nidoking lies fainted next to the lifeless bodies of his other Pokemon, knocked out from the explosion. The Aggron is also out cold, but the Red Suns had to take the sturdy Pokemon down by focusing their fire. Devlin walks to the edge and looks down with Kiril. “It’s a shame he turned out to be a traitor,” he continues. “He was a useful ally.”

Devlin spots Arlon’s belt snagged on a piece of metal and picks it up. He removes the balls for Kaiser and Titan and then casts it aside. Devlin then recalls Arlon’s fainted Pokemon. “You’ll be a fitting replacement,” he says aloud as he places the Aggron’s ball on his belt. He then turns to Rena and shoves the Nidoking’s ball into her hands. “Here, you can do whatever you want with this one.”


Rena silently grabs the Pokeball and places it on her belt.

“I know you two were… close,” Devlin continues, seeing the saddened look on Rena’s face. He places a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t mourn him. Look at who he really turned out to be.”


“Don’t touch me,” Rena tells him coldly, pushing him away. She then walks out of the room, back toward the stairs.

Arlon sits in the cramped quarters of a small cargo ship. He had barely made it out alive. His skin is covered in burns from the explosion but he couldn’t stay on Parisia for treatment. it seemed that Devlin had put out the word that Arlon was responsible for the hit on Schroeder as his name and picture was all over the news. He had been lucky to make it offworld.


Arlon looks down at the Pokeball in his hand. It had been the only one he had managed to hold on to; not that it mattered since the other Pokemon were still in the building where he fought his former allies. He presses the button, hoping that it’s the ball he thinks it is. Out pops the recently hatched Aron he had been planning to train.


“I guess it’s just going to be me and you for a while, mate,” Arlon says to the small Pokemon.

The Aron looks at him expectantly.

“I guess you’ll need a name… Hmm… How about Ironhide? Yeah… That’ll do nicely.”

Devlin walks down the immaculate white hallway as well-armed guards direct him at each intersection. He had come to this ship for what sounded like a very promising business opportunity.


He arrives at a set of doors which slide open as he approaches, revealing a dimly lit office. A silhouetted figure stands looking out the viewport into the vastness of space. As Devlin steps into the room, the figure turns to face him.

“Devlin Garth, Origin: Alliance colony world Wharton... recently promoted leader of bounty hunter organization ‘Red Suns.’ Greetings. We have much to discuss.”


Author’s Notes: For the past 3 months I have been sporadically working on this piece between the Volume 2 chapters. Once Volume 2 wrapped up, I threw in all my effort to finish it up. I am so excited to finally post it!


After Volume 1 concluded, I felt like I wanted to explore Arlon’s character a bit more, especially since I was going to be rolling a new character for Volume 2. I thought exploring the job mentioned in Volume 1 in which he was framed for the murder of an important Federation official and the old boss of the Red Suns was the perfect choice!

It was really interesting to write a whole story in this universe without basing it on an actual TRPG session. It opened up a lot of options, such as being able to write (mostly) from the perspective of a single character, and being able to make up a crazy battle with really high level Pokemon. It was quite fun.


As you can see I was quite harsh on Arlon here and killed two of his Pokemon. I had to explain why they’re no longer around at the start of the campaign somehow and I figured it was improbable that he would go through something like this without losing a couple. And then the other two just weren’t in their Pokeballs when Arlon was blasted out the window. If you’ve read through Volume 1 and 2 of Spacemon then you probably know what happened to those two.

I hope you enjoyed this little look at Arlon’s backstory. It was a fun piece to write, and it was a fantastic way to kick off all the Spacemon goodness I have planned between Volume 2 and Volume 3!


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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