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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the GCS Dunsparce met with Arlon’s old acquaintance Maxx Aler on the fifth moon of Manitou. He outfitted the ship with weapons and provided Arlon with information on the Red Suns in exchange for the data on Project Genesect. Aler directed them toward the planet Banton, an Outer Rim desert world near Alliance Space. On the way to Banton, the Dunsparce was swallowed by a space Wailord where they met Captain Benz, the Water Gym leader. The crew challenged Benz, fighting their way through the Wailord in a series of battles. The crew now prepares to depart and be on their way to Banton.


H awakens in the lab and finds the ship completely empty. He checks the ship’s scanners and realizes that the Dunsparce is inside of a space Wailord. Still a bit extra delusional from being knocked out, he sets out to explore the inside of what he views as a truly magnificent and superior being.

After wandering through the inside of the Wailord, H somehow finds his way to the Pokemon’s brain. Standing below the brain, he realizes it is much higher than he can reach. “It’s time for Amazing Device A!” H declares. He brandishes his invention, simply string shot on a rope, and uses it to scale the walls of flesh and bone.

Once atop the brain, he decides to experiment. He tries shooting the brain with electricity, but it elicits no response from the Wailord. He suddenly falls down onto the brain and hits his head again. As he collides with the gray matter, H feels a connection form between himself and the Pokemon and it shows him the history of its people. The Wailord is lonely and subject to the whims of Humans, or so it seems at first. H comes to the realization that this Pokemon is using its surroundings, its human “master” to its own advantage.


“Such genius!” H shouts out. “In order to progress toward my destiny of becoming the most superior being, I must learn to use my surroundings as well! I must use the inferior ones who travel with me to my advantage! I must help them, so that they can help me to achieve my goals!”

In his delusions, H believes that he is, in fact, speaking with the Wailord. He hears the majestic creature’s voice inside his head. “Henceforth, you shall be known as Ara Haoshyangha!”


Feeling changed, improved even, H returns to ship to await his companions’ arrival. They soon return, soaked in the Wailord’s bodily fluids. “Hello my friends,” he greets them. “Welcome back.”

Arlon, Morgan, Dmitri, and Shane give each other very confused looks. “What’s gotten into you, mate?” Arlon asks.


“I am a changed man,” H continues.

“I see...” Arlon tells him. “Well, I think we would all very much like to get the hell out of here.”


Arlon walks off and heads to the cockpit. He flies the Dunsparce out of the Wailord and then sets then takes the ship through the warp gate, a course set for Banton. Eager to get cleaned up, Arlon leaves the ship on autopilot, then heads off to get a shower.

As the Dunsparce flies through warp space, Shane goes to the lab to confront H about their recent altercation. Stepping into the lab, Shane sees H once again working on something, oblivious to his presence. Shane clears his throat, causing H to look up.


“Yes, what is it?” the cyborg asks.

“We need to talk,” Shane tells him.

“About what?” H asks.

“You know exactly what. You tried to trap me, to experiment… I hope you’ve learned my limits on what I will and will not allow.”


“Of course,” H replies. “You have your limits and I have mine.” Before he can say anything more, he suddenly goes flying at the wall of the lab and his head becomes quite stuck to it.

Shane stares with a confused look on his face.

“I have been conducting experiments with magnetism,” H explains.

“I see,” Shane replies, still wary of H. “So have we come to an understanding?” he asks.


“Yes, yes,” H tells him. “I will not try to experiment on you. You are my rival after all. I must find a more befitting way of overcoming you.”

The Dunsparce drops out of warp space in the Elyon System in Sector 27, the location of Banton. Arlon takes the ship down to the desert world and lands near the outskirts of one of the smaller settlements. “What are we doing here?” Dmitri asks. “Wouldn’t we be better off landing in a spaceport or something?”

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“Normally, yes,” Arlon tells him. “But an old friend of mine is set up here. His name is Korben Danstar. He’s a weapons dealer. If we want to confront the Red Suns then arming up might be a good idea. Plus he knows the underworld of this planet like the back of his hand. He’ll know where they’re set up.”


The crew disembarks from the Dunsparce and begins the trek into town. As they walk along, they come across a group of wild Pokemon. A Cacnea sits in the sand enjoying the sun along with a Sandile half-buried in the sand and a Helioptile basking on a nearby rock. “Excellent, a Sandile,” Arlon says to no one in particular. He reaches for a Pokeball and sends out his Froakie. “Jiraiya, use Water Pulse!” The Froakie fires a large pulse of water at the Sandile, catching it off guard and delivering a powerful blow, dazing the Pokemon. The action catches the Helioptile’s attention and it charges itself up with electrical energy, as if to warn the attackers to stay away. The Cacnea, on the other hand, does not seem particularly bothered.

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Dmitri releases his Scyther and directs it to attack the Sandile as well. “Gigan, use False Swipe!” he commands. The Scyther flies at her target and swipes at it with one of her sharp blades, further whittling the Sandile down. He then reaches for a Pokeball. He lobs it at the Sandile, and the Pokemon is pulled inside. The Pokeball shakes violently, then the Sandile breaks out.

Arlon then throws one of his own, but, unlike his comrade, he is successful. Dmitri looks at him with an annoyed expression on his face. “Sorry mate,” Arlon tells him. “This one’s mine.”


The others release their own Pokemon and join in the battle as well. “Flora, use Bug Bite!” Morgan commands her Beautifly. Flora flies at the Helioptile and makes her attack, further distressing the Pokemon. H pulls out a Pokeball and throws it at the Helioptile, but the Pokemon breaks out.

Further distressed by the capture attempt, the Helioptile unleashes a massive Parabolic Charge in a desperate attempt to heal itself. “#1, intercept it!” H commands his Rhyhorn. Like a lightning rod, #1 absorbs the attack, leaving the Helioptile panicked and confused.


While H focuses on attempting to capture the Helioptile, the others turn their attention to the Cacnea. “D.A.T.A., use Tackle!” Shane commands his Porygon2. It flies at its target and slams into it, catching it off guard as it had not expected be part of the battle.

“Gigan, False Swipe!”

“Flora, use Stun Spore!”

Before the Cacnea has a chance to react, Dmitri and Morgan immediately have their Pokemon follow up on D.A.T.A.’s attack, leaving the Cacnea hurt and immobilized. Shane then pulls out a Pokeball and throws it. The ball pulls the Cacnea inside, shakes a couple of times, then falls still.


“Jiraiya, use Water Pulse!” Arlon commands his Froakie, turning his attention to the Helioptile. The blast of water crashes into the Helioptile, leaving it quite weakened. H then pulls out a great ball and throws it, successfully capturing it.

The crew eventually makes their way into town, following Arlon as he leads them to Korben’s shop. Upon entering they see racks of guns everywhere. Small arms, rifles, heavy weapons, laser swords, grenades, anything they could possibly imagine.


“That… is a lot of weapons,” Shane comments.

“This is the right place alright,” Arlon says with a laugh. He looks around, but doesn’t see anyone there. He walks through the aisles, admiring the rows upon rows of weapons, eventually finding Korben in the back room checking inventory, back turned to the door.


“I see business is just as good as ever, mate,” Arlon says, announcing his presence.

“You certainly have an eye for it Arlon Jett,” Korben replies as he turns around. He does not look at all surprised to see Arlon. “Good to see ya, pal,” he says, pulling Arlon into a bear hug. “How’ve ya been? Still alive and kicking I see.”


“Of course, mate,” Arlon says with a laugh, patting his old friend on the back. “It takes more than an explosion and a twelve story drop to kill me.”

“Indeed. Now what can I get for ya?

“I need weapons... and information,” Arlon tells him. “So, business as usual.”

Suddenly there is a loud crash in the main room. “Dmitri, be more careful,” Morgan’s voice flows into the room.


“Friends of yours?” Korben asks.

“My new crew,” Arlon replies.

“That would make sense.”

“Yeah… they’re not quite… what I’m used to, but they’re alright, if a bit inexperienced. But enough about that. I need to know where the Red Suns are operating here. I heard they were on Banton but couldn’t get a specific location.”


“And you think I might know,” Korben says, a big, stupid grin on his face.

“Of course, mate. You know everything about the bloody underworld of this dustball.”


“I heard something about them being here. In the capital, surprisingly. They only recently set up shop here, so I can’t quite pinpoint a location just yet.”

“Thanks, mate. Now let’s get down to business. We need some weapons.”

“Planning on blowing your old pals up?” Korben asks, chuckling a bit.

“You know it, mate.” Arlon laughs, realizing how much he missed his old friend’s sense of humor.


Once their business is concluded, the crew heads back to the Dunsparce, but not before Dmitri catches a Sandile of his own. Upon returning, Arlon takes the ship up and flies it to the large capital city in the far more urban region of Banton on the opposite side of the planet.

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Arlon finds a reasonably priced spaceport and sets the ship down. Between the five members of the crew, they easily split the fee. The crew then proceeds into the city. Being rather familiar with Banton, Arlon leads his crewmates to a bar favored by smugglers and other criminals to see if they can get any information on the whereabouts of the Red Suns.


“You lot look around,” Arlon tells his crewmates. “I’ll go talk to the bartender.

“What can I get you?” the Bartender asks as Arlon approaches the bar.

“Actually, mate,” Arlon tells him. “I’m looking for information.”

“Funny how more people seem to order information than drinks,” the bartender quips.


“I’m looking for the Red Suns.”

“Never heard of ‘em.”


“Look pal, I just mix drinks.”

“Fine, I’ll take a beer,” Arlon tells him. The man seems to be telling the truth so Arlon grabs his drink and moves on. “What the hell kind of bartender works in a place like this and doesn’t have any bloody information,” Arlon grumbles to himself.


Bored and not particularly sure why his crewmates decided to come to this place, H approaches a random guy. “How is your day going, my friend?” he asks.

“Uh... Who are you?” the man asks H apprehensively.

“I am the man who wishes to be enlightened by you.”

“Uh… Okay? What do you want from me?”

“Tell me about your day, your week, your lifestyle! All there is to know so that I may improve myself.”


“I’m a farmer?”

“You’re not interesting at all,” H tells him before walking off to find someone else to talk to.


Meanwhile, Morgan looks around the bar looking for any sort of indication that someone here might be a connected to the Red Suns. Suddenly a weird feeling overcomes her and the place looks different. She looks at a guy and suddenly she sees him working somewhere, moving crates in a warehouse. The crates are branded with Red Suns’ logo. Her vision then zooms out and gives her an indication of where the particular warehouse is located in the city.

Morgan looks up and everything seems to be back to normal. She looks very confused about what just happened to her and a bit shaken up. Shane notices her distress and walks over to her. “Something wrong?” he asks her.


“I’m not sure,” Morgan tells him. “That’s never happened before.”

“What?” Shane asks her, unsure of what she means.

“I saw something,” Morgan explains.

“Like here... or what?”

“No, not here. That’s the really creepy part.”

“What did you see?”

“I looked at that guy,” Morgan tells him, nodding at the man who had triggered her vision. “And he was somewhere else and I think he’s a Red Sun.”


“I’m gonna go get the rest of the group.”

Shane flags down his crewmates and they all gather at an open table in the back corner. H puts his feet up on the table and everyone sees that he has replaced them with a cybernetic pair.


“What happened to your feet?” Morgan asks him.

“I have improved myself,” H explains.

“I’m not even gonna ask,” Shane chimes in.

“It’s painful but I will learn through the pain,” the cyborg tells the group.

“Okay, Good for you, mate,” Arlon responds. “But we’ve got far more important things to worry about.” He turns his attention to Morgan. “What happened?”


“I had some sort of vision or something,” Morgan tells him. “I’m not really sure. It’s never happened before.”

“Psionic abilities, perhaps?” Arlon postulates. “I used to know someone like that. Well, she didn’t have visions or anything, but you get the idea. It’s not really important anyway. What did you see?”


“That man over there,” Morgan tells him, nodding at the man in her vision once again. “When I looked at him, I saw him working in a warehouse moving crates. They all had the same logo the ship that attacked Gigan Station had on it.”

“That’s got to be where they’re operating,” Arlon tells her. “Did you see where it’s located?”


“Yeah. I can probably take us there.”

“Right then. Let’s get moving.”

Despite never having been on the planet before, Morgan leads her crewmates to the warehouse she saw in her vision. Arlon moves up to the door but is unable to open it. “Locked,” he informs his companions. “Maybe I can get in through a window or something.” Arlon walks around to the side of the building and spots an open window a floor up. “I can get in through there,” he tells his crewmates. “I’ll drop down and open the door for you.”


Using a dumpster pushed up against the side of the building, Arlon manages to jump up onto the slanted roof and climb up to the window. Surprisingly, H joins him with relative ease. “Not bad,” Arlon tells him as he looks in through the window. He sees several workers moving crates around, loading them onto a ship. He also spots a familiar face: the large, bald, bearded Romanov, Kiril Zhukov. Damn it, Arlon thinks to himself. Kiril was one of his crewmates back when he was a part of the Red Suns. He was a man Arlon once called a friend. Going up against him means a tough fight.

“You still got that rope, mate?” Arlon asks H as he opens the window a bit further.


“Indeed I do,” He tells him.

“Great. I need you to lower me in.”

H pulls out the rope and lets it drop down into the warehouse. Arlon grabs hold and slides down into the building, barely making a sound as he hits the floor. He hides behind the crates and listens in.


“Hurry it up! The boss wants cargo delivered now!” Kiril’s heavily accented voice booms at the workers.

Delivered where? Arlon asks himself. No time to think about that now. There will be plenty of time for questions later.


Arlon sneaks back to the door and opens it up for his crewmates waiting outside. Arlon remains unseen but, unfortunately, one of the workers sees it open, revealing Dmitri standing out in the open. Dmitri just waves at the confused worker. While he stares at Dmitri, dumbfounded, Arlon runs up to him and grabs him from behind. The man manages to get out an audible sound before Arlon chokes him out. Arlon quickly drags the body out of sight as Dmitri runs into the warehouse and hides with him.

“It came from over here!” another worker shouts. It sounds like he’s just around the corner on the other side of the crates. Arlon quickly climbs up on top of the stack of crates to remain unseen, but Dmitri is not fast enough. Arlon reaches down to help Dmitri up, but it’s too late; a pair of workers come running around the corner and see the two of them.


“Boss I found ‘em!” one of them shouts.

Arlon runs along the crates and jumps down in front of them. “Don’t try anything,” he commands them forcefully, causing both to turn tail and run.


Meanwhile, another pair of workers run out the door to investigate. Morgan blasts one of them with psychic energy, knocking him to the ground. He quickly gets back up and follows his coworker away from the building as fast as possible. “I didn’t get paid enough for this shit!” he screams as he runs.

“What’s going on here?” H asks, dropping in through the window, landing near Arlon.


“We’ve been spotted,” Arlon explains..

“Wonderful!” H exclaims in excitement.

The sound of Kiril’s heavy footfalls echoes in the warehouse as he walks between the lines of crates.


“Greetings comrade!” Dmitri shouts to his fellow Romanov from atop the crates, giving him a wave before releasing his Scyther. Kiril waves back at Dmitri, then grabs a heavy weapon off his back and aims it at him.

“B.O.L.T., use Thunder Wave!” Shane shouts as he runs into the room with his Rotom. The Pokemon blasts a wave of electricity at Kiril, but the large Romanov man dodges out of the way.


“Kiril, we don’t have to do this!” Arlon shouts as he runs around the corner with his Quilava.

Image Credit - professorhazard

Kiril stares at Arlon with a look of pure surprise, thinking him to be dead, just like most of the Galaxy. His surprise at seeing his one-time ally quickly turns to anger. “Arlon Jett! You have balls coming here!” he shouts. He then reaches down to his belt and grabs two Pokeballs. He throws them up, releasing the pair of Electrodes Arlon is all too familiar with. “We shall see whose balls are bigger!”

“Compensating much?” Dmitri goads Kiril against his better judgement. Kiril responds by firing his cannon at Gigan. A giant blast of ice flies out from the weapon and collides with the Scyther, freezing her solid.


“Sleva, Prava, Rollout!” Kiril commands, pointing at Arlon. The two Electrodes roll at toward Arlon and his Quilava, rapidly picking up speed. Arlon leaps out of the way of Sleva, but Prava collides with his Pokemon, slamming her into a crate.

“Cinder, use Ember!” Arlon commands his Pokemon in response. The Quilava fires a lick of flames at the Electrode that hit her, searing its casing.


“B.O.L.T., use Confuse Ray!” Shane commands his Rotom, directing it toward the other Electrode. The ghost Pokemon unleashes a ray of dark energy, sending Sleva into a confused daze.


“Camille, use Ancient Power!” Morgan commands her Solrock. The psychic rock blasts a wave of rocks and energy at Prava, starting to whittle it down a bit.

Jumping into action, H kicks his legs up and fires his foot at the wall, then magnetizes it to the metal surface. Retracting the cable connecting his foot to the rest of his leg, H pulls himself to the wall. Using his momentum he flips himself up and fires his other foot at the ceiling. He pulls himself to the top of the very top of the room, then releases his his Rhyhorn in the air above Kiril. “#1, use Stomp!” H shouts to #1 as the Rhyhorn falls down toward Kiril.


#1 crashes down on Kiril, breaking several of the Romanov’s bones and knocking him unconscious. Unfortunately, this has the unintended consequence of causing Kiril’s other two Pokemon, a Weezing and a Gengar, to come out of their Pokeballs. In response, Arlon and Shane recall their Pokemon and send out Sandile and Porygon2.

Prava, the Electrode Arlon’s Quilava burned, bounces off the wall at an increased speed and rolls right for his Sandile. It crashes right into the newly released Pokemon, packing a powerful punch. Sleva, the other Electrode, also bounces off the wall in a similar fashion. It covers itself over with ice as he rolls at #1. The Rhyhorn manages to dodge out of the way, causing Sleva to careen off into a pile of crates.


Prizrak, Kiril’s Gengar, looks at Shane’s Porygon2 and unleashes a blast of focused energy which takes the Pokemon down instantly. “Wilhelm, use Shadow Punch!” Dmitri commands his Haunter in response. The Pokemon throws a punch at his evolved form but the Gengar manages to throw his own punch in response. The the two ghostly Pokemon’s fists slam into one another, injuring both of them.


“Looks like it’s your turn again, B.O.L.T.,” Shane says as he recalls his fainted Porygon2 and sends his Rotom back out. The Pokemon doesn’t even get a moment to react to the situation before Otrava, Kiril’s Weezing, spits a giant blob of sludge at it, doing quite a bit of damage. Seeing how weakened his Rotom is, Shane recalls it and sends out his Klefki.


“Camille, use Confusion!” Morgan commands her Solrock, pointing at the Weezing as the intended target. The Pokemon fires off a blast of psychic energy of the Weezing, dealing a powerful hit. Feeling more confident in her newfound abilities, Morgan also blasts the Weezing with psychic energy, further whittling it down.

Kiril’s Electrodes roll back into the fray for another hit. Prava guns for Arlon’s Sandile again, delivering a more powerful hit than the last, however the Pokemon resists the attack. Sleva goes after #1 again, once more coating itself in ice. This time it lands the hit and does some serious damage to the Rhyhorn.


“Caiman, use Sand Tomb!” Arlon commands his Sandile in response. The reptilian Pokemon unleashes a blast of sand at Prava and takes the burned and weakened Electrode down.


“K.E.Y.S., use Fairy Wind!” Shane commands his Klefki. The Pokemon summons up a gust of wind to strike Prizrak, but the Gengar dodges out of the way by phasing through some crates.

“Camille, use Psywave!” Morgan commands her Solrock, also targeting Prizrak. The Pokemon fires off a wave of psychic energy but the Gengar quickly floats up and away from the attack.

Image Credit - Twarda8

Otrava flies at Shane as fast as he can, a bright light emanating from his pores as he approaches. Once in range, the Weezing explodes with massive force. Shane quickly teleports out of the blast, but K.E.Y.S. isn’t so lucky. The explosion knocks the Klefki out instantly, almost killing him. The Weezing lands on the ground unconscious, leaving a poisonous haze floating in the area of the explosion. Shane recalls his fainted Pokemon and sends out the Cacnea he caught earlier.


“I probably should have warned you guys, all his Pokemon explode!” Arlon shouts to his crewmates.

“All of them!?” Morgan shouts in response. Wishing to avoid another explosion, Morgan focuses on the Gengar and fires off another blast of Psychic energy. This time the attack lands, finally taking the ghostly Pokemon out of the picture.


Dmitri targets the last remaining Electrode, and shoots a hypnotic beam at the Pokemon, putting it to sleep. The Electrode keeps rolling in its sleep and slams into a wall.


“S.P.I.K.E., use Pin Missile!”

“Caiman, use Assurance!”

“#1, use Stomp!”

Shane, Arlon, and H, simultaneously command their Pokemon to strike the now vulnerable Electrode. All three unleash their attacks, dealing a massive amount of damage, but waking the Pokemon up in the process. The Electrode begins to glow, building up for an explosion. Thinking quickly, Dmitri pulls out the laser sword he purchased in Korben’s shop and runs at the Pokemon. He strikes the Electrode with the blade, knocking it out before it can explode.


Arlon breathes a sigh of relief. “That was a close one. But we don’t have much time. I suspect more Red Suns might show up. Let’s search the place and see if we can’t find anything useful.”

The crew splits up and searches through the warehouse. They come across some weapons and useful supplies which they decide to take with them. Arlon finds his way to a small administrative office where he sees a laptop sitting on the desk. Having a good idea of what Kiril’s password might be, Arlon tries a few variations and successfully gains access. He quickly searches through some files and finds lots of data on Gigan Station and the nearby Sector 25 warp gate. He realizes this must be the data the Red Suns stole from the station so he decides to take the laptop with him.


“I found something,” Arlon announces as he returns to the main room. “A laptop which has the information we need. We can analyze on the ship. Let’s get out of here.”

“What do we do about him?” Morgan asks, looking over at Kiril’s unconscious body.


“We’ll take him with us. Interrogate him.” Arlon walks over and picks up his onetime friend’s Pokeballs. He recalls the Romanov’s fainted Pokemon and then stashes the balls in his pocket for the moment. “H, we’ll need your Rhyhorn to lug him back to the ship.”

Back on the Dunsparce, the crew ties Kiril up in the cargo hold and wait for him to wake up. When he shows signs of stirring, Arlon approaches, then slaps him in the face a couple times. “C’mon mate, wake up.”


“Wha..? Where am I?” Kiril asks as he begins to come to.

“That’s not important right now, mate,” Arlon tells him. “Now, tell me, what are you planning.”


“I have nothing to say to you,” he tells Arlon angrily.

“You might wanna rethink that, mate,” Arlon responds. He places a foot on Kiril’s broken rips and applies pressure. The Romanov spits blood at him in retaliation.


“This isn’t working,” Morgan interrupts. “Get out of the way.”

“What are you doing?” Arlon asks.

“Just move,” Morgan tells him. Arlon steps out of the way, then Morgan blasts Kiril with psychic energy, sending the man into a state of confusion.


“Ready to start talking?” Arlon asks Kiril. The Romanov seems to be quite out of it.

“Where am I?” Kiril asks again. He Looks around, then locks eyes with Arlon. “Oh, hello Arlon,” he says. “I didn’t know the boss had you working this job too.”


Arlon looks at him with a confused expression on his face. He then comes to the realization that Kiril must think that he’s still with the Red Suns because of whatever Morgan did. “Of course, mate,” he says. “The boss thought you could use a hand. What’s the plan?”

“We’re using the virus we created from the Gigan data to hack the warp gate.”

“And where is this virus?”

“Only the boss knows.”

“Where is the boss, anyway?”

“He is in Sector 25. We will be joining him there soon.”

“Thanks mate,” Arlon tells him. “Now get some rest. You look tired.” He then turns to his crewmates. “Let’s get him patched up,” he says. “Then we’ll figure out what to do with him.”


Session/Revision Notes: After two weeks of missing players, we finally had all our players back for this session. H’s player came up with some crazy story of what his character was doing while we were fighting the gym. It provided a change in his character so that he would be (temporarily) less of a dick to everyone else’s characters and give all of us some amusement.


With our party intact we could focus on some plot! We headed to Banton and delved into more of my character’s backstory. That meant fighting one of the Red Suns characters I came up with: Kiril Zhukov. I now have a much more detailed backstory for Arlon so I added in more details that weren’t present back when we played this session. I think it made the scene flow a lot better.

H replaced his feet with cybernetic magnet feet with extendo-legs in this session which lead to the fight with Kiril being way more interesting. His player rolled a nat 20 on Rhyhorn’s stomp so it messed Zhukov up so bad.


This chapter really didn’t need that much work in terms of rewriting compared to some of the previous chapters. It mostly just needed some polish which is what I gave it. I only ended up adding about three and a half pages on to length. It did push the length to the point where I considered breaking it into two chapters, but there wasn’t a great place to split it up so I just left it as is.

If you’re interested in the original version of this chapter, you can find it here.


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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