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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!


Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the GCS Dunsparce traveled to the Outer Rim world Banton chasing a lead on the Red Suns. They tracked them down to a warehouse in the capital city where they faced off with Arlon’s former friend Kiril Zhukov. After defeating him, the crew took him prisoner and took a laptop from the warehouse containing information about Gigan Station. The crew interrogated Kiril and learned that the Red Suns used the data to create a virus capable of hacking a warp gate. Kiril also told them the Red Suns were already on their way to Sector 25 to test out the virus. The crew of the Dunsparce now prepare to chance after them.

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“This is bad,” Morgan says to her crewmates. Arlon, Dmitri, and Shane stand gathered around her, watching her analyze the data on Kiril’s laptop while H sees to the injured Romanov’s wounds. “They used the data they stole from Gigan Station to make a virus capable of hacking a warp gate,” she continues.


“We already knew that,” Arlon tells her. “What does it do?”

“I’m not sure; there isn’t a copy of the virus on here. Whatever it does, it can’t be good.”


“Let me have a look,” Dmitri tells her. “I know a bit about warp technology.”

“Go ahead.” Morgan steps aside and lets Dmitri sit down at the laptop.

Dmitri takes several minutes to scroll through the information and he starts to form an idea of what it actually does. “It seems like they want to alter the gate so that it can be activated without destination coordinates set,” he explains. “I think the virus is supposed to modify the targeting system to fire it at local coordinates.”


“Damn it, Garth,” Arlon curses. “Of course that bastard wants to turn it into a bloody weapon. What does it actually do?”

“I can’t say for sure,” Dmitri tells him. “Not without a copy of the actual virus. But… I think it creates some sort of tear in warp space that will mess up anything it’s fired at.”


“We have to stop them,” Morgan says urgently.

“No kidding, luv,” Arlon tells her. “But first we need to figure out what to do with our friend over there,” he continues, nodding toward Kiril, still lying unconscious on on the medical table.


“Let’s just dump him on some random uninhabited planet to fend for himself,” Dmitri suggests.

“Why not just dump him here?” Arlon asks.

“He might come after us,” Shane points out.

“Have you seen the shape he’s in, mate?”

“I would rather dump him on a planet like Dmitri said,” Morgan chimes in.

“Fine,” Arlon agrees. “But we’ll at least leave him these.” Arlon places Kiril’s Pokeballs on the table.


“I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” Morgan tells him.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, we’re dropping him off on some random planet. The least we could do is leave him with his bloody Pokemon. They’re not going to do us any good anyway; his Pokemon are well trained and won’t listen to us after that fight.”


“We can Wonder Trade them,” Dmitri suggests.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Arlon responds. “If he finds out, he’ll fucking kill us.”


“Like he wasn’t going to already,” Shane cuts in. “At least this way we can get some Pokemon out of it.”

“Am I seriously alone on this one?” Arlon asks. “Fine. Do whatever you want. I want no part of this.” Arlon throws his hands up in disbelief, then walks out of the room.


Before leaving Banton, the crew travels to the Wonder Trade center in the capital. Arlon looks on scornfully while his crewmates trade away Kiril’s Pokemon, each trading one. Dmitri receives a Floette, Morgan receives a Pidgeot, Shane receives a Trapinch, and H receives a Swablu. They then make a few quick deals with each other; Shane trades the Trapinch to Dmitri for his Houndour and H sells Shane his Lotad.


The crew then makes one last stop to pick up some supplies. Morgan also purchases a dawn stone, which she then uses to evolve her Eevee into an Espeon. Arlon purchases a dusk stone for himself, believing he might catch a Pokemon that requires it to evolve. The crew then returns to the Dunsparce and Arlon sets a course for Sector 25, with a brief detour to dump Kiril on a random planet.

Image Credit - digital-fluids
Image Credit - digital-fluids

The crew selects a barren wasteland of a planet with not much more than a few scattered mining stations. Arlon begrudgingly brings the ship down and remains in the cockpit while his crewmates dump Kiril on the ground nearby. With the deed done, Arlon takes off once more, getting back on course for Sector 25.

The Dunsparce drops out of warp space in Sector 25 into the middle of heated crossfire between three Federation cruisers and a small fleet of pirate ships lead by the UAS Corsair. A small Sinai meditation sphere flies around the battle, observing.


“We’re coming in hot!” Arlon shouts over the comms. “Five enemy ships! Man the guns!”

Arlon swings the ship in towards the pirate ship holding near the gate and Dmitri opens fire upon it. Dmitri misses the first couple of shots as the vessel turns in order to return fire. Dmitri hits them dead on with the ion laser and disrupts their shields, he then lights them up with the proton laser and blows the ship up.


“One down!” Dmitri shouts.

“Great!” Arlon shouts back. “Get ready for the next one!”

Image Credit - White Dragon Miniatures
Image Credit - White Dragon Miniatures

Arlon pulls the ship up and around the back of one of the Federation cruisers, flying inverted over the top of it so that Dmitri can get an angle on the ship firing on it. He downs its shields with the ion laser, then the cruiser fires a salvo of heavy plasma cannons at it, decimating the undefended vessel. With its assailant destroyed, the cruiser begins to turn in order to assist the other two.

On the sensors, Morgan picks up a strange warp signature as the gate begins to glow red instead of its typical bluish-purple. “Something’s happening to the gate!” Morgan announces to her crewmates.


“They must have already hit it with the virus!” Arlon shouts. “This could get ugly!”

One of the Federation cruisers unleashes a massive salvo on the Corsair, but the shots seem to bend around the frigate. The space around the cruiser begins to glow and distort, bending and warping the ship in unnatural directions.


The meditation sphere hails the Dunsparce and Arlon accepts the call. An elderly Sinai man appears on the viewscreen, his dark skin complimented by his flowing white beard and thick eyebrows. He appears to be some sort of monk. “This is a dangerous area,” he says with a thick Sinai accent. “The warp gate is behaving strangely. I advise you leave the area.”

“What about you, mate?” Arlon asks the man.

“I felt a disturbance in the Warp. I came here to investigate.”

“Well, we know exactly what’s going on here, mate,” Arlon informs him.


“We’ve been pursuing these pirates for some time. They hacked the gate using some sort of virus to turn it into a weapon.”


“If you wish to help, undo what they have done. The Warp should not be used in this manner.”

“Will do, mate,” Arlon tells him. He hangs up and then pulls the Dunsparce around, back toward the gate. “Morgan, do you think you can hack in and shut it down!?”


“I’ll try!” Morgan responds. Once in proximity, Morgan hack into the gate and commandeers the Red Suns’ virus. She releases the Federation cruiser from the spatial rend tearing it to pieces and redirects the assault toward the nearest pirate ship.

“Nice work!” Arlon yells to her. “Now let’s help that cruiser out!” He pulls a hard turn and flies full speed toward the cruiser taking the brunt of the attack from the pirates. With one cruiser still turning to assist and the other disabled, the Dunsparce is the only ship able to help.


Once in range, Dmitri opens fire on the enemy ships. Arlon weaves between the ships as Dmitri lights them up, taking down two of the ships’ shields, allowing the cruiser to take them out with its heavy cannons. With the rest of the pirate fleet destroyed, the Corsair turns away and jumps into warp space.

With the danger passed, the Federation ships move to dock with each other in order to evacuate the cruiser critically damaged from the warp gate, and to manage the raging fires from focused laser fire aboard the other. As Arlon looks on through the front viewport, one of the cruisers hails the Dunsparce. He accepts the call and a Federation officer appears on the viewscreen.


“Thanks for the assist,” the man says.

“No problem, mate,” Arlon replies.

“What happened here?” Morgan asks.

“We were attacked by pirates.”

“Obviously,” Arlon chimes in.

Morgan shoots him an annoyed glance, then turns back to the officer. “What did they want?” she asks.


“We don’t know. To destroy the gate maybe. We won’t know until we’ve thoroughly investigated the scene. We have to close the gate down for a while so I’m afraid you’ll be stuck here in Sector 25 for a while.”

“Thanks for the heads up,” Arlon tells him before hanging up. He then turns to his crewmates. “If we’re going to do anything we’re going to have to do it now,” he tells them.


“When I hacked into the gate to stop the virus, I managed to download a copy,” Morgan announces. “Maybe I can modify it to make the get take us to the uncharted sector. Right now is probably our best shot since the virus is still in the warp gate.”

“Do you think you can reprogram it in such a short period of time?”

“I can try,” Morgan tells him.

“If we work together, I think we can manage it,” Shane chimes in.

“Right then, get on-” Arlon is cut off by the sound of yet another ship hailing the Dunsparce. “Oh, bloody hell! What is it now?” He turns back to the console to see that the Sinai meditation sphere is once again hailing them. Arlon sighs and answers the call.


“Hello again,” the man says. “Nice work. I can feel the Warp calming.”

“Yeah, no problem, mate, but we’re kind of on a tight schedule here.”

“You mentioned a disturbance,” Morgan says to the man. “What kind of disturbance?”


“What these pirates did here...” he says. “To this gate... It sent out fluctuations. Those trained in these matters are able to feel them. They are what led me here. But, what are you doing here? I have the feeling that you did not simply happen to be passing by.”

“We’ve been tracking these pirates,” Arlon explains.

“Hmm… I would like to know your names.”

“What’s it to you, mate?”

“You are interesting.”

Before anyone in the cockpit can say anything, H suddenly comes flying into the room on his extendo-legs and magnetizes to the wall. “I am Ara Haoshyangha!” he shouts. “The being that will achieve perfection!”


“Now you really interest me,” the Sinai man says.

“Don’t mind him, mate,” Arlon responds. “He’s a bit… odd.”

“I see. And what about the rest of you?”

“My name is Morgan,” Morgan introduces herself.

“I’m Dmitri,” Dmitri follows suit.

“I’m Shane.

“And I’m Arlon.”

“I am Gilgamesh,” the Sinai man responds. “I am a gym leader and a student of the Warp.”


“Maybe you can help us then,” Morgan tells him. “We’re trying to get to a sector without a gate.”

“Ah. Interesting,” Gilgamesh replies. “And you think this gate might help.”

“We’re hoping we can repurpose the virus the pirates used to get us there,” Arlon explains.


“Messing with the warp in this manner may be dangerous to you. Where are you going? I am curious.”

“Here,” Morgan tells him. She reaches for the console and transmits the coordinates.


“What is so special about these coordinates?” Gilgamesh asks.

“It’s for a job,” Arlon tells him. “We’re being paid a hell of a lot of money to go there.”


“There was also a promise of knowledge,” Dmitri chimes in.

“Ah. You seek knowledge,” Gilgamesh observes. “This reminds me of a tale... Have you ever considered the difference between Humans and Pokemon?”


“Humans evolved from Pokemon, I know,” Dmitri says confidently.

Gilgamesh gives him a confused glance. “That is an… interesting… theory,” he says. “But, have you considered the difference?”


“Only Humans are capable of good and evil,” Arlon says. “At least that’s what some old Sinai friends of mine used to say.”

“Ah, yes,” Gilgamesh says. “It is said that at the beginning of time, when Life began, it was simpler... and it was. In the beginning there were two trees, the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. It is said that most life ate from the Tree of Life and they became the first Pokemon. Some, however, ate from the Tree of knowledge and became Man. Those that did gained the knowledge of good and evil and the power to choose between them. This is the difference between Humans and Pokemon. Pokemon cannot feel hate... nor love, as much as we would like them to.”


“But we can still love our Pokemon,” Arlon interjects.

“And in the end that is all that matters,” Gilgamesh replies. “Our love for our Pokemon help them to grow. Peace be with you.” The Sinai man hangs up, allowing the crew of the Dunsparce to return to their business.


Before anyone can do anything, a loud explosion echoes through the ship. “Can’t we get a bloody moment of peace on this ship?!” Arlon shouts out, exasperated.

“Damn it. I thought that would work,” H grumbles. “I’ll deal with it.” He drops off the wall and hurries out of the cockpit. The others follow him to the cargo hold to see what the problem is. Upon entering, they see a giant white sticky mess coating the walls.


“Someone had a good time,” Dmitri says with a laugh.

Morgan laughs nervously at Dmitri’s joke for a brief moment. “What exactly were you doing in here?” she asks.


“The shot was right... but the pressure was too much,” H says, appearing to ignore his crewmates. “Seriously, does anyone have a dive ball?” he asks. “Oh never mind I’ll buy one.”

“Right then, let’s get this mess cleared up,” Arlon says. “Then let’s work on getting to that uncharted sector.


After dealing with the mess in the cargo hold, the crew gathers back in the cockpit. As he settles back into the pilot’s seat, Arlon notices a message from Gilgamesh. He opens it to see a brief line of text accompanied by a data package.


If you are looking to travel to a sector with no gate, it is important to have a way back. This may help you.

Arlon quickly reads the words, then opens the package. He peruses its contents while Morgan and Shane get to work on reprogramming the virus. It contains religious writings connected to warp space. They speak of a being or beings that reside within the Warp that seems to take travelers on their way and trap them or help those that are lost find their way. The rough translation states that it will interact only with “that which it finds interesting.”


“Gilgamesh says we need a way back once we get there,” Arlon says once he finishes reading through the stuff from the Sinai monk. “He’s right. Once we get to this sector, we have no way back. He sent us a bunch of stuff about some warp being that he thinks can help us back.”

“So we’re going to rely on some crazy religious mumbo-jumbo to get us back?” Morgan asks.


“I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve heard stories,” Arlon tells her. “Smugglers who were lost in warp space being saved by some kind of Pokemon in warp space. It could work for us.”

“I guess it will have to,” Mogan responds. “The virus is all ready to go.”

“Well, if we’re really doing this, now’s the time,” Arlon says.

“Wait!” H protests, “We need a dive ball first!”

“There’s no time, mate!” Arlon shouts back at him. “The Federation is already locking this system down. If we leave now, we may not get another chance.”


“Fine,” H agrees. “Just let me download a schematic before we go.”

The FNS Scimitar sits in space, docked with the crippled FNS Cutlass. The crew of the Scimitar continues to scramble to evacuate the Cutlass and assess the damage caused by the malfunctioning warp gate. The FNS Rapier floats nearby. Having dealt with the fires and loss of atmosphere, the crew brings the cruiser in to dock with the Cutlass in order to assist with the evacuation.


Lieutenant Evan Matthews sits back in his seat on the bridge of the Scimitar, observing his fellow officers go about their business at what seems like double speed. Tasked with monitoring the warp gate’s readings, today his job is all the more important due to the dangerous malfunction caused by the pirate attack.

Suddenly, a light begins to flash on Lieutenant Matthews’s console, drawing his attention back to his duties. The warp gate appears to be once again giving off some very strange readings, just like the moments before it folded the Cutlass over like it was made of cloth. However, this time it appears to be behaving differently.


“Commander, the gate is giving off some really strange readings again!” the lieutenant shouts to his commanding officer.

“Is it going to tear a hole in another one of our ships!?” the commander responds.


“The numbers are way off,” Matthews explains. “But not like last time. The gate seems to be firing up like normal but…”

“But what?”

“The power levels are off the chart.”

“Can you shut it down?”

“No, Sir. It’s been activated by that bucket that helped us out. They’re flying into it!”


The crew watches as the Dunsparce flies into the glowing mass at the center of the warp gate shining off a vivid shade of green instead of the typical purplish-blue hue. The ship collides with the mass and a brilliant blast of light radiates out from the gate. When the light clears, the Dunsparce is gone.

“Damn it! What happened!?” the commander shouts.

“They’re gone, Sir,” Matthews replies. “I don’t know where they’re headed.”

“Get Haverson on the line,” the commander instructs. “Tell the admiral to hurry it up. We need to investigate this situation now!”


Session/Revision Notes: This was another chapter that became too long for just one remastered chapter, so this chapter only covers the first half of the session. There was a lot of missing dialogue in the original chapters that I put in to show the crew working out what the virus does and coming up with plans to deal with it instead of it just being a brief description of what happened. I think it turned out very nice, even though it increased the length.


This session gave us our first taste of space combat and finally got to put my pilot skills to the test! It was a fun change of pace and pretty interesting encounter. And then we met Gilgamesh for the first time. The dialogue between Gilgamesh and the crew was pretty well documented in the original chapter, so all I had to do was add some polish to make it flow a bit better.

In the original chapter, there was a brief line where an officer and the commander of one of the Federation cruiser had a brief conversation when we hacked the warp gate to get to the mystery coordinates. I expanded it a little bit here to be a bit of an end-of-chapter scene not focused on the players, which has happened a few times in Volume 2 and at the end of Volume 1. I think it was a neat way to wrap up this chapter and set the stage for the next one.


If you’re interested in the original version of this chapter, you can find it here. As mentioned before, it covers the events of both this rewritten chapter and the next.

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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