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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

Using a modified version of the Red Suns’ warp gate virus, the crew of the GCS Dunsparce flung themselves into warp space toward the mysterious coordinates provided by Mr. Silver. After surviving the unnerving and out of control journey through deep warp space, the crew arrived at the coordinates and discovered the lost origin world of Humanity, Earth. On the planet, the crew discovered some sort of ancient, crystal tree giving off strange energy as well as the fossilized skull of some sort of ancient Pokemon. Finding nothing else of interest on the dead Earth, the crew returned to warp space, drifting along, hoping for a way back to civilization.


The GCS Dunsparce floats adrift in warp space. The swirling shades of pink and violet flow past the view ports of the ship; a constant reminder to the crew that they are lost in space. Unlike on the way to Earth, however, the Dunsparce is not in deep warp space, so the crew is not experiencing the same feeling of terror. But without a destination or a way home, uneasiness still permeates throughout the ship.

Dmitri stares through a starboard viewport out into warp space. He gets the feeling that something out in the swirling energy is aware of their presence. He can faintly see shapes moving around in the darkness. “I see stuff floating in warp space!” he shouts to the crew. No one really pays him much notice.

Dmitri heads to the cockpit and fires up the sensors, hoping to get a good read on whatever is out there. The scans determine that a pair of Inkay are floating around by the ship. With this information, Dmitri mans the gun controls and attempts to shoot at the Inkay. However, the Pokemon dodge out of the way. They begin circling around the ship, now quite interested.


“Dmitri, what are you doing?!” Shane shouts at him.

“Trying to get their attention,” Dmitri explains.

“There are way better ways to do that,” Shane points out.

“But it worked, didn’t it?” Dmitri snaps back.

“What have you gotten us into?” Shane asks with a sigh. he locks down the weapons so Dmitri can’t do any other stupid things. He then sends out an SOS signal, hoping someone will pick it up.

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Dmitri waves at the Inkay from the viewport, attracting the attention of one of the Pokemon. The space squid Pokemon floats up to the viewport, bobbing up and down as it does so. It turns upside down and watches Dmitri intently. Dmitri makes his way to the airlock and opens it up. The Inkay curiously floats inside to investigate. Dmitri seals the exterior airlock behind the Pokemon and opens the interior one.


Dmitri holds out a candy bar and the Inkay floats over. The Pokemon begins eating the candy bar quite contently. After a while, Dmitri holds out a Pokeball and the Inkay presses a tentacle against the button, capturing itself.

“See, that wasn’t so bad,” Dmitri says to Shane.

“I guess not,” Shane agrees.

“Want me to see if I can get the other one too?” Dmitri asks him.


Dmitri releases his newly caught Inkay. “Cthulhu, I need you to get your friend,” he instructs the Pokemon, thinking up a name on the spot. The Pokemon floats back into the airlock and eventually back out into space. The Inkay returns a short while later with the other one in tow.


They repeat the same process of capturing the second Inkay that Dmitri used on the first one. Dmitri and Cthulhu keep the Inkay entertained while Shane prepares a timer ball. Once it reaches maximum power, Shane presses the ball against the Inkay and captures it with ease.

Image Credit - Blizzard Entertainment (StarCraft Wiki)

The hours slowly tick away as the Dunsparce drifts through warp space. With each passing moment, the unsettled feelings of the crew grow. H attempts to work on his experiments to stave off the feelings, but eventually he can longer keep focused. He steps out of the lab to see Dmitri dancing around, praying to the warp, clearly beginning to succumb to warp madness.

“O vast and mighty Warp, please bequeath unto us the path to salvation!” Dmitri shouts.


Upon seeing this H lets out a large scream. In his delusional state, he interprets Dmitri’s growing madness as a sign that he is the Messiah. H runs at the Romanov man and attempts to knock him out with a punch to the face. “You are the Messiah!” H declares. “You must be augmented! Purified!”

“What the hell is going on out here!?” Morgan shouts at her crewmates as she steps into the corridor, drawn by the sounds of shouting. Both Shane and Arlon are close behind. The trio sees their crewmates running around in circles.


“Mighty Warp!” Dmitri shouts. “Mighty Warp! Mighty Warp!”

“You are the Messiah! You must be purified!” H shouts as he chases Dmitri around the room.


“This is getting ridiculous,” Arlon grumbles. He steps between his two crazed crewmates and grabs H to prevent him from hurting Dmitri. “Cut it out, mate.”

“But he must be purified!”

“Oh, just shut up already!”

“Let’s try this,” Shane says as he pulls out a Pokeball and releases his newly captured Inkay. “D.E.R.P., wipe his mind!” The Inkay fires a focused beam of hypnotic energy at H, knocking him out and erasing his memory of the past few minutes. Shane then turns his attention to Dmitri. “Do you mind stopping?” he asks. “I think H is losing it.”


“Alright,” Dmitri agrees, seeming a bit more coherent now.

Arlon brings the unconscious H to his room while Shane heads into the lab and Morgan returns to the cockpit. Once he drops H off in his bed, Arlon joins Morgan at the front of the ship. Arlon plops himself down in the pilot’s seat and begins fiddling around with the various switches on the console while Morgan stares out the viewport. She observes a strange warp effect appearing in front of the ship.


Back in the lab, Shane begins scrawling a call for help on a piece of paper using his Inkay’s ink. Recalling the warp being that Gilgamesh mentioned, he wonders if he can contact it somehow. Once he completes his message, Shane releases it out the airlock and watches it burn up in purple flames.

Time continues to tick away aboard the Dunsparce. The minutes become hours, the hours become days. With every passing moment, the crew drifts closer to warp madness.


In the lab, both H and Shane have been steadily sinking down into madness. Shane stares down at the Inkay ink splattered across the table in the lab. He sees glowing energy rising out of one of the puddles. Shane sticks his hand in and watches it rise up out of another.

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On the other side of the room, H looks up from his work to see Shane slapping his hand against the table, splattering ink everywhere.”You fool!” he shouts. “That only works with lava!” he then looks back down at his Numel and continues running experiments with the Pokemon’s lava. He turns his head and looks down through the floor at space, now visible through the gaping hole the lava has melted through the floor. “What have I done!?”

Shane glances over at H, who is now cautiously walking around a wide swath of empty floor. “What the hell are you doing?” he asks.


“There’s a giant hole! Don’t you see the giant hole!?” H shouts, tearing his eyes off the hole in the floor.

“There’s nothing there!” Shane shouts at him.

H looks back to see the hole is no longer there. “Hmm. That’s odd… I could have sworn… No matter! There is work to be done!” H storms out of the room and returns a short while later with the heat suit. Shane looks on as H begins to fill the suit with lava, which miraculously holds it in.


“You shall be the greatest Pokemon of all!” H declares to the heat suit. “You shall be Heaty and you shall be mine!” The crazed scientist pulls out a Pokeball and throws it at the heat suit. He and Shane watch as it is pulled into the ball. “Wonderful!”

Morgan walks through the main starboard corridor of the Dunsparce. As she passes by Dmitri’s room, she sees him painting on the walls, drawing strange glyphs with his Inkay’s ink. The glyphs trigger another vision; Morgan sees ancient ruins located somewhere in Sinai space. She doesn’t quite know why, but she knows that they are important.


“Dmitri, what are you doing?” She asks. Dmitri says nothing and continues to stare at the ink glyphs on the walls. Morgan walks over and slaps him across the face. “Pay attention!” she shouts.

“Huh, uh, what?” Dmitri asks, snapping back to reality.

“What are you doing?” Morgan asks. “What is this?” She points at the writings on the wall.


“It’s a recreation of a wall writings in ancient ruins in Sinai space,” Dmitri explains. “I… don’t know why I know that.”

“What does it say?”

“Thy powers vast, thy form unseen
O lord of warp, please heed our call
Take us to where we know we’ve been
Or take us to our own downfall.
And should you grant your mark to one,
Their power shall blot out the sun.”


“What does it mean?”

“I don’t know…” Dmitri trails off, once again returning to blankly staring at the wall. Morgan watches him for several minutes, pondering the meaning of the glyphs.


“Giratina!” Dmitri suddenly screams, snapping Morgan back to attention. Dmitri runs out of the room in the direction of the cockpit. Concerned about what he might do, Morgan quickly chases after him.

One by one, each member of the crew enters the cockpit, as if somehow drawn there. A shadow begins to form in front of the ship, materializing out of the strange warp effect Morgan had noticed early. The shadow slowly drifts closer and seems as if it part of the view port. Dmitri fires a beam of hypnotic energy at it but it bounces back and hits him dead on, knocking him to the floor.


The ship begins to shake violently and it feels as if it is being pulled into warp space, despite the fact that it is already in warp space. The glowing purple and pink energies of warp space begin to fade, leaving only a dark void which seems to stare into the crew’s very souls.

A glowing pair of red eyes emerges from the void, seemingly locking eyes with everyone at once. H screams in panic and begins mashing the fire button but nothing happens since Shane had locked the weapons down after Dmitri had fired them at the Inkay. Shane also panics and teleports himself away to the cargo hold.


“Giratina...” Morgan whispers, the name pounding in her head. In response, the eyes focus all their attention on her. “What do you want?” Morgan asks. “Can you help us?” Nothing happens.

“Take us home,” Arlon says. The eyes shift their attention to him, causing his stomach to churn.


“What is that?” H asks, falling down to the floor. The eyes appear above him, looking right down at him.

Dmitri reaches out and touches the eyes. He feels only nothingness. He steps forward into the eyes but they vanish, leaving him standing there like an idiot.


In the cargo hold, Shane huddles in a corner. He feels slightly more aware now, realizing that the warp being Gilgamesh had mentioned must have found them. “Speak of the devil and he shall appear,” he says. The eyes appear before him. He stares into the eyes and feels the void staring back at him. “Can we strike a deal?” he asks.

Original Source image could not be found. Unfortunately, I could only find it on websites where it was used without crediting the original artist. I did slightly modify it from the original, which had a trainer standing in front of Giratina. I actually found this one in one of the PTU books, where it was credited to “unknown artist.”

This seems to elicit a response from the eyes as Shane suddenly finds himself in complete darkness. He looks around to see his crewmates standing in a circle. A giant creature appears in the center, its name burning in each of their minds: Giratina.

“Please, can you take us home?” Morgan begs the creature. “I would give anything… what do you want?”


“I offer you my servitude!” Dmitri declares to Giratina. “I can spread warp madness to all in your name!”

“I am not a Human, but a creation of Humans,” Shane says to Giratina. “My servitude may be more useful to you. With the power to warp through shadows, nothing will be safe.”


Giratina looks at Dmitri, then at Shane, then at both of them, then back to Shane. Shane observes that it seems to be choosing between two different toys. In the end, Giratina approaches Shane and reaches out.

“Well it will be fun either way,” Shane says as he reaches back. As his hand makes contact with Giratina, an intense searing pain travels up his arm. A light appears on his hand and swirls up to his shoulder in a glowing pattern of black, red, blue, and purple.


Suddenly the crew finds themselves back aboard the Dunsparce, fully cognizant once again. H finds the heat suit lying on the floor at his feet with a Pokeball taped to it.

Shane rushes back to the cockpit and takes a seat in the co-pilot’s seat as power begins to surge through him. He envisions the vast network that is the Warp, determined to fly the ship back to civilization. He reaches out and attempts to pull the ship along. Arlon stares at him in awe as the mark on his arm begins to glow brilliantly.


The Dunsparce flies out of the Sector 25 warp gate at incredible speed, right into a small fleet of Federation ships! The ships move in, boxing the Dunsparce in. The large destroyer heading the fleet hails the Dunsparce and Arlon accepts the call. An admiral appears on the screen.


“Attention undeclared ship, this is Rear Admiral Douglas Haverson of the FNS Claymore,” the Admiral declares. “You have entered the site of an active investigation.”

“We have business here,” Morgan tells him.

“We must search your ship.”

The destroyer transmits docking instructions, then the admiral hangs up. Arlon flies the Dunsparce to the destroyer and docks as instructed.


“Quickly! You must hide!” H shouts at Shane. He drags him to the lab and directs him to hide under a table. He then exits the room and sets off a string shot grenade, something he designed while the ship had been drifting through warp space.

Meanwhile, Arlon heads to the airlock to greet the admiral and his men. On the way there he notices Dmitri’s wall writing but there’s nothing he can do about it now. He shuts the door but doesn’t think it will prevent anyone from seeing it.


Arlon approaches the airlock and opens it up. The admiral steps onboard, followed by several Federation marines. “How can I help you fine gentlemen?” Arlon asks.

“We have to search your ship and ask you a few questions,” the admiral explains.

“Sure thing, mate,” Arlon tells him. The admiral nods at the marines and they fan out to search the ship. The admiral heads toward the warp drive and motions for Arlon to follow.


Once at the drive, the admiral brings up the jump log and begins scanning through it. “What was your business here a few days ago?” he asks Arlon, quickly glancing up at him.

“We make deliveries between here and Sector 17.” Morgan tells him as she walks into the room.


“Hmm. Yes. This seems to check out with your jump data,” the Admiral says. He then looks back down and continues scrolling. “Hmm… That’s odd.” He looks up once again. “After the battle you were reported to have left the sector. Where did you go?”

“Sector 17,” Morgan tells him. “Those pirates messed with the gate so it might not be recorded.”


“There is no record of you having jumped from Sector 17,” the admiral points out.

“Okay, full disclosure, mate,” Arlon speaks up. “The gate launched us into deep warp space without a destination. We’ve been lost in warp space for days and by some miracle it spit us out here again.”


“Why did you not mention this sooner?”

“Well we thought you wouldn’t believe us,” Arlon lies. Of course the real reason is that he knows that the Federation would jump at the chance to take credit for their discoveries if they didn’t keep them secret.


“Very well,” the admiral tells him. “We will continue our search of the ship.” He walks out of the warp drive room, Arlon and Morgan following behind him. He makes his way to the personal quarters where he finds Dmitri’s wall writing.

“What in the hell is this?” the admiral asks. “This looks like the product of warp madness, except...”


“Except what, mate?” Arlon asks.

“Nothing,” the admiral says. “Take pictures of it,” he orders his men. “I want this whole place documented.”


“What?” Arlon asks. “Why?”

“This is an ongoing investigation. We cannot discount any of this as being connected.”


“Whatever you say, mate,” Arlon grumbles.

The admiral checks the rest of the rooms but finds nothing of interest and moves on to the lab. “You probably don’t want to go in there, mate,” Arlon warns the admiral as he reaches for the console to open the door.


“We need to search the entire ship.”

“Take a look for yourself,” Arlon response, opening the door to reveal the sticky mess H unleashed in the lab to hide Shane.


“Care to explain?” the admiral asks.

“You will probably want to talk to our scientist,” Arlon tells him.

As if on cue, H walks up behind them. “Well, you see, I was experimenting with string shot and my tests failed spectacularly,” he explains.


“We need you to get this cleaned up right away,” the admiral tells him, sounding quite annoyed.

“I’m afraid that all this string shot might be a bit toxic,” H lies.

“Very well,” the admiral tells him. “We will call in a hazmat team to deal with this.”


He and his men step away from the door to call in the hazmat team, granting Shane the time to gather all the sensitive materials in the lab and teleport them along with himself to the smuggling compartment in the cargo hold.

Several hours later, the hazmat team shows up and gets the lab cleaned up. The soldiers then search the room and find nothing of note as Shane had brought it all to the smuggling compartment in the cargo hold.


Satisfied, the admiral moves on to the cargo hold. “We need you to declare all your cargo,” he announces as he steps into the room.

“Just some empty crates at the moment,” Arlon tells him.

The admiral motions to the crates and his men begin searching through them. They move through the empty crates at a surprisingly quick pace, moving them aside and slowly getting closer to the hidden smuggling compartment.


“Look at this!” H suddenly shouts, realizing he needs to buy Shane time to teleport away once again. He pops a pogo-stick augmentation that he had installed in his delusion state while lost in warp space out of his stomach and begins bouncing around on it.

The two soldiers searching the crates stop to look at him, then look at each other with confused expressions on their faces.


“Warp madness?” one asks his comrade.

“Warp madness,” the other agrees.

Seizing the opportunity H provided, Arlon sneaks out of the cargo hold and sets off an alarm. Unfortunately the admiral notices him walking back into the room. “What did you do?” he asks.

Image Credit - alkapon

“Nothing,” Arlon replies.

“Search him,” the admiral orders his men.

The two Federation soldiers searching the crates move in and being patting Arlon down. They don’t find anything of interest other than his pistol. “You’d be crazy not to have a gun in the Outer Rim,” Arlon says, shrugging off their concerned expressions.


Before anyone can say anything else, H sets off another string shot grenade, covering the a large area of the cargo hold in sticky string. The Federation soldiers reflexively reach for the their guns and point them at H. “Sorry,” he says. “A failed experiment, as I said. I keep them on me so I can keep an eye on them.”

“Make sure it doesn’t happen again or it will be on your head,” the admiral warns him sternly.


Fortunately for H, he does not need to set off another as his little “accident” provided Shane a chance to teleport back to the lab. The admiral and his men cut themselves down and resume their search of the room, discovering the now empty smuggling compartment.

“What’s this?” the admiral asks, raising an eyebrow at Arlon.

“It came with the ship, mate,” Arlon tells him. “We don’t use it, of course. We got the ship on a discount. Beggars can’t be choosers, you know?”


“I believe you. But if we catch you using it, you will be dealt with. Your ship is clean. Stay out of trouble.”

Once the Federation soldiers leave the ship, Arlon sets a course for the nearest location of one of Mr. Silver’s ships, coincidentally just on the other side of Sector 25. On the way, the crew come across an ice world called Fluroth with a main settlement and a few ice farms and decide to land and take a look.

Image Credit - RodentRage

Arlon sets the Dunsparce down in an unpopulated area and the crew sets out into the cold to explore. After a bit of wandering around, the crew comes across an area with many wild Pokemon. Engaging them in battle, Dmitri captures a Glaceon and a Swinub, H captures a Snorunt, Shane captures a Bergmite, and Arlon captures a Sneasel.


The crew explores the planet for a little while longer before returning to the Dunsparce due to the cold. They spend a bit of time warming up on the ship before Arlon takes the ship back up into orbit. then jumps to their destination. As the Dunsparce approaches Mr. Silver’s ship, the ship receives docking instructions from the gigantic vessel. It appears that Mr. Silver has been expecting them.

Session/Revision Notes: This was a long session! We went well over an hour later than we normally had before this point and got so much done. I think this was the most time I’ve spent on rewriting a session. It was just so hard for me to get through this for some reason. All the other chapters up to this point had been done weeks in advance but I only just finished this one on Monday. But enough about that.


H’s player was late so we ended up starting without him. As a penalty DragonStorm gave him some low focus rolls so when he showed up H was very delusional which added to the comedy as the crew of the Dunsparce went insane with warp madness. I still can’t believe he tried to catch the heat suit. He statted it and everything before DragonStorm told him he didn’t actually catch it. He even rolled an 8 on the d100 to capture it!

We went for hours with just straight up RP, with only a couple wild Pokemon battles at the end. We even avoided fighting the Inkay in the beginning because Random-Roaming-Robot did like James in the anime and just befriended them. I can’t believe how many Pokemon he charmed to capture in this session. It’s ridiculous. I ended up cutting down the wild battles at the end in the rewrite but he also charmed a capture out of the Swinub as well.


But the main attraction this session was Giratina! Our first Legendary encounter. I wasn’t particularly interested in a brand but everyone else was sort of vying for Giratina’s favor, especially The Other Guy and Random-Roaming-Robot, so narratively it was basically just Shane and Dmitri competing for a brand from Giratina. In the end Shane won out and was granted power by Giratina.

If you’re interested in the original version of this chapter, you can find it here.


Post-Chapter Challenge: This session was our first Legendary encounter in this campaign. Legendaries can be major plot devices in a Pokemon campaign, although sometimes they can be limited by the setting as well. DragonStorm sort of set up this whole idea that Pokemon aren’t capable of the same free thought as Humans, that they cannot experience love and hate, etc. So in that respect, he was a bit limited in what he could do with Legendaries, but in the end it turned out quite nicely. In the game that I GM, it’s quite a different story. My game sort of has this whole pantheon of Legendary Pokemon gods that are very much like the gods of Greek Mythology. They interact with humans a lot and go around making lots of babies in the forms of new Pokemon and powerful humans.


So this week’s challenge will be to establish your own pantheon. Pick a few Legendaries, pick any setting your want, and then figure out what their places are in your pantheon and how these Legendaries interact with each other, the world, and, most importantly, a party of player characters. How do they fit into the setting? What are the rules that govern their actions? It’s all up to you.

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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