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Welcome to the exciting conclusion of the first volume of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the GCS Dunsparce returned from their voyage to the mystery coordinates provided by Mr. Silver. After paying the crew for their findings, Mr. Silver provided them with information regarding an impending Genesect attack near the planet Solace Prime in core Federation space. Upon leaving the meeting, the crew engaged in combat with Arlon’s former Red Suns compatriots Devlin Garth and Rena Bourdeaux. Emerging victorious, the crew took them captive and Arlon was able to get Devlin to confess to murdering the former Red Suns leader and framing him for it. Shocked by this betrayal, Rena left Devlin’s fate in Arlon’s hands. Now finding herself in a position of power Rena asked Arlon to return with her to help deal with the chaotic void Devlin’s absence would leave. Arlon agreed on the condition that he first had to see his mission aboard the Dunsparce through first.

Together with his crewmates, Arlon traveled to Federation Sector 4 and met with Vice Admiral Alexandra Graves aboard the FNS Halberd. The crew shared their information on the Genesect and agreed to assist the Halberd in the coming battle. They also turned in Devlin Garth for his actions regarding the Sector 25 warp gate. While preparing for the battle, the crew managed to acquire a new ship, and Alliance-make frigate which they dubbed the UAS Helix, a ship that will serve them well in the battle to come.

The UAS Helix flies out of the hanger, ready for combat. Her new crew is as prepared as they can be for the oncoming storm. Arlon maneuvers the frigate away from the massive Halberd, turning to facing the new threat. A swarm of Genesect drops out of warp space surrounding a massive Romanov carrier. The frigate’s sensors detect that there are around two-hundred-twenty of the cybernetically enhanced insect Pokemon swarming around the carrier alone. The carrier’s hangar doors slide open and many more Genesect pour out and start flying at the Halberd.


“That bloody ship must be crawling with them,” Arlon says to himself in awe.

The dreadnought begins flying towards the oncoming Geneset and opens fire. The Genesect, puny in size compared to the hulking Halberd, are easily able to outmaneuver it and dodge the majority of the laser salvos. Arlon flies the Helix towards the swarm, causing several Genesect to break off from the main group to engage the frigate.

“Man the guns!” Arlon shouts to the rest of the crew.

Dmitri runs to the plasma cannons while H takes control of the heavy plasma beam. Dmitri takes a few shots at the Genesect but the Pokemon easily dodge out of the way. H tracks a group of the swarming Genesect with the beam and fires in a wide arc, destroying three of them. A couple of the Genesect return fire but Arlon quickly takes the ship into a dive and avoids most of the shots, only allowing one to land a hit. The shields absorb the blast and the gunners continuing firing on the Genesect.


“Keep it up, mates!” Arlon shouts to his crewmates.

Dmitri opens fire once again but he misses. The Genesect are too easily able to dodge the cannon fire. However, the beam is a different story. H fires it across a large chunk of the swarm, managing to hit twelve, killing about half of them.

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“Dmitri, keep them suppressed with the cannons!” Arlon shouts. “H, you’re our main fire power, that beam is chewing them to pieces!”

The Halberd is not nearly as lucky as the Helix, only landing a few glancing blows that only suffice to wound a handful of the swarming Genesect. The enemy Pokemon fire another salvo of shots at the Helix, but Arlon rolls the ship, dodging all of the incoming shots.

“You’ll have to do better than that you bloody bastards,” Arlon says confidently.


The Halberd continues to close in on the Romanov carrier, picking off a few Genesect along the way, but the dreadnought is taking on much more damage than it is dishing out. The Genesect swarm all over it, tearing its hull to pieces.

“We have to help them!” Morgan shouts to Arlon.

“I can try to draw some away, but there’s not much I can do,” Arlon tells her. He swings the ship by the Halberd, allowing H and Dmitri to pick a few off.


In response, a group of Genesect detach from the Halberd and fly at the Helix. Dmitri fires at them with the plasma cannons but only manages to nick one of them and they continue closing in. Arlon dodges past most of their incoming fire, but one manages to land a blow and break through the temporarily disrupted shields. The crew of the Helix hear a loud clank as it latches on the hull of the ship and starts trying to scrape through.

“It’s trying to break through into the cargo bay!” Arlon yells to his crewmates. “Morgan, Shane, get down there! Dmitri go with them, you’re not doing anything on those cannons!” He then reaches for a Pokeball and releases his Quilava. “Cinder, go with them!”

“You too #1!” H shouts, releasing his Rhyhorn.

Shane, Morgan, and Dmitri head down to the lower cargo bay in the elevator accompanied by their crewmates’ Pokemon. As they arrive in the cargo bay, the Genesect busts through the hull and magnetizes itself to the floor as the vacuum of space begins to suck the air out of the cargo bay. The blast doors seal shut in response.


Shane sends out his Rotom, Morgan her Solrock, and Dmitri his Slugma. Up close, the Genesect looks like a merciless killing machine. Its eyes flash as it scans the room and assesses the threat levels. Dmitri seizes the moment and throws a string shot canister at the hole in the ship. It explodes, releasing a giant wad of string shot which seals it up enough to prevent anything from flying out but the Helix continues to slowly leak atmosphere.

The Genesect locks onto Dmitri’s Slugma and fires its cannons at the small lava slug. The Slugma is surprisingly resistant to the attack, but he still takes a heavy hit. In response, Cinder, Arlon’s Quilava, runs forward and spits a massive tide of flames at the Genesect, melting through its armor and inflicting tons of damage upon the metallic creature’s innards.

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“B.O.L.T., use Thunder Wave!” Shane commands his Rotom. The electrical ghost fires a wave of electricity at the wounded Genesect, causing it to seize up.

“Now hit it with Psywave!” Morgan commands her Solrock. The Pokemon fires off a blast of psychic energy but the Genesect dodges out of the way.


“Obsidius, Flame Burst!” Dmitri instructs his Slugma. The fiery Pokemon spits out a burst of flames at the Genesect and whittles it down further. #1, H’s Rhyhorn, runs up next and launches a giant rock at the Genesect, but it dodges out of the way and the boulder crashes into some crates, completely destroying them.

The entire ship rocks as it is hit with a volley of fire from the swarming Genesect which downs the shields, allowing several shots to hit the hull. Undaunted from the violent shaking, Cinder spits out another lick of flames at the Genesect, burning through more of its armor.

The Genesect stands upright and its eyes flash. It seems to be sending out some kind of signal. It then locks on to #1 and fires off a beam of ice. The Rhyhorn withstands the blow but it seems to be pretty badly hurt.


“B.O.L.T., use Shock Wave!”

“Camille, use Fire Spin!’

“Obsidius, Flame Burst!”

The crew commands their Pokemon to strike, unleashing a torrent of fire and electricity at the Genesect, bringing the cybernetic Pokemon down. Its eyes begin to flash more rapidly.


“I think it’s sending out some kind of signal,” Shane says. “I’m not sure what it means, though.”

There are two more loud metal clanks on the hull as another pair of Genesect land on the ship and start clawing through the string shot covered hole. They easily tear through and crawl inside.

“We need to get out of here!” Morgan shouts. She and Dmitri recall their Pokemon and then begin falling back with Shane and his Rotom right behind them. Unsure of what to do, Cinder and Rhyhorn follow along.


The crew splits up and exits into the hallway through doorways on opposite ends of the cargo bay. Dmitri, Cinder, and #1 escape through the starboard-side door while Shane, Morgan, and B.O.L.T. get out through the port-side door. Once safely on the other side, Morgan releases her Espeon. #1, who is is pretty bad shape, continue to retreat back to H on the upper deck of the ship, leaving Dmitri alone with Arlon’s Quilava. Dmitri quickly sends out his Haunter to back him up. The two Genesect split up and each pursue their retreating targets out different doors, following the strategy of divide and conquer.

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On the port side, the Genesect fires a powerful beam at Morgan’s Espeon, knocking her out instantly. The Genesect on the starboard side fires its cannon at Wilhelm, a bright blast of energy hits the Haunter and deals some damage to him. Cinder quickly steps in and spits out a massive surge of flames, completely engulfing the corridor. Streaks of flame shoot down the narrow passage, setting the entire place on fire. The Gensect’s eyes glow a menacing red through the flames.


“Wilhelm, Shadow Punch!” Dmitri command his Pokemon. The Haunter charges through the flames with his fist raised, but when he makes contact, he simply bounces off of it. The mechanical monster stares at the Pokemon menacingly.

Back on the port side, the Genesect continues to close in. “B.O.LT., use Thunder Wave!” Shane commands his Rotom. The Pokemon shoots out a burst of electricity at the Genesect, causing it to seize up, slowing its advance. Morgan uses the opportunity to recall her fainted Espeon and release her Pikachu. Shane then vanishes from sight, preparing for a powerful strike.


On the starboard side, Dmitri lifts his hand and fires off a blast of energy at the Genesect, sending it into a state of confusion. However, it fights through and locks onto Wilhelm. It’s cannon glows red and fires a massive blast of energy, taking the Haunter down. The explosion gives the hall the appearance of a fiery hell, the flames reflecting in the Genesect’s fierce red eyes. Dmitri recalls his Haunter and sends his Slugma back out. Cinder charges at the advancing Pokemon, rolling herself into a tight ball of fire and bashing against the cybernetic being.

“Jean, use Volt Tackle!” Morgan commands her Pikachu back on the port side. The electric mouse charges itself up with volts of electricity as he runs forward. He leaps into the air and slams full force into the Genesect. The critical blow leaves the cybernetic Pokemon sparking and immobilized.

Shane then reappears behind the beast and jumps up on its back. He sees a blue drive on the Pokemon’s back and thinks it looks important. He phases his hand in and rips the thing right out of the Genesect’s back. The Pokemon’s eyes start flashing rapidly. It seems like some sort of distress signal, like it has lost its connection with the command signal it was receiving. Dmitri, slowly being pushed back by the other Genesect, runs across the hall and throws a great ball at the damaged one, hoping to catch it. The ball pulls the cybernetic Pokemon inside, but it quickly breaks out again.


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Rounding the corner on the starboard side, the other Genesect charges up its cannon and fires a massive blast of electricity at Cinder. In the narrow quarters the Quilava is unable to get out of the way of the blast and takes the hit dead on. The powerful blow knocks the Pokemon out instantly.

Suddenly, #6, H’s Helioptile, runs into the room with a giant gust of silvery wind. The wind gushes down the hallway, hitting both Genesect and putting out the fires, leaving only smoke and embers. Both Genesect’s eyes start flashing, evaluating the new threat.


“B.O.L.T., use Shock Wave!” Shane commands his Rotom, seizing the opportunity to get another hit off on the Genesect. The electric ghost fires off another burst of electricity, further whittling the heavily damaged Genesect. The cybernetic Pokemon ignores B.O.L.T. and fires a powerful beam at Jean, determining the Pikachu to be a larger threat. However, the quick electric mouse easily dodges out of the way. The beam travels down the hall, then bounces off the wall right back into the Genesect, scrambling its command signal.

Shane, now behind the advancing Genesect, runs through the cargo bay to get behind the Genesect on the Starboard side. He pulls out his recently purchased incendiary cannon and fires it at the Pokemon’s back. The massive explosion sets the hall on fire once again, as well as the Genesect. It continues to press on, charging up its cannon again to fire at Dmitri’s Slugma. It unleashes a powerful blast which takes the Pokemon down. It lets out a high pitched mechanical sound that echoes throughout the ship.


“Jean, use Electro Ball!” Morgan commands her Pokemon. The Pikachu jumps up and launches a ball of electricity at the heavily damaged Genesect, which starts to spark and wobble. The wounded cybernetic insect fires a beam of ice at B.O.L.T., landing a direct hit. The Rotom, however, manages to stay up. Not wanting to take any chances, Shane recalls the Pokemon and sends out his Klefki.

Dmitri also switches out his Pokemon, releasing his newly evolved Gyarados, hoping to use its size to block the Genesect’s progress. However, the Genesect does not seem to care, launching a blast of lightning out of its cannon and taking the Gyarados down with one shot. It then collapses, taken down by the fires burning it alive.

“Jean, use Volt Tackle!” Morgan commands her Pikachu. “Take it down!” The small yellow Pokemon runs at the sole remaining Genesect and charges himself up again. He leaps at the cybernetic Pokemon and slams into it, taking it offline.


“What’s the situation down there?” Arlon’s voice sounds over the comms.

“All clear down here,” Shane replies, running over to a nearby intercom.

“Great job, mates, now get up here. We’ve got an opening on that carrier and I intend to take it.”


“Before we go, I just want to check out these Genesect real quick,” Shane says to his crewmates. He approaches one of the damaged Genesect and boots himself into its CPU. Upon entering, he can sense the command ship and traces the signal to find where it is going into the brain. He tampers with a blinking orange… thing, but that only seems to deactivate the signal being sent to the carrier. The signal continues to broadcast on other channels, as if connected to something else. However, he can’t seem to figure out what. Unable to do anything else, Shane boots himself out.

“What happened?” Morgan asks him.

“I think I cut off communication with the carrier but it’s still transmitting elsewhere,” he explains.


“We should just kill them then,” Morgan says. “Just to be safe.”

“Good idea,” Shane agrees.

“Dmitri, use your laser sword to take them out,” Morgan tells her crewmate.

“We should try to repair them and use them for ourselves,” Dmitri protests.

“I don’t think it works that way, Dmitri,” Shane tells him. “They’re completely controlled by command signals. If we repair them they will more than likely attack us.”


“Fine,” Dmitri agrees. He pulls out his laser sword and uses it to finish off the Genesect. He then quickly follows his crewmates back up to the bridge.

“Here we go!” Arlon shouts as he flies the Helix at the Romanov carrier. “Tear them up!” H and Dmitri open fire with the guns, punching a hole through the remaining Genesect. Arlon cranks the engines to max and pushes through the opening, straight into the carrier’s open hangar.


As soon as Arlon lands the ship, a large group of Romanov soldiers surrounds the Helix. Dmitri fires the plasma cannons at them, killing them and blowing a hole straight through the wall. “Nice work, mate,” Arlon tells him, patting him on the shoulder as he walks past.

The crew disembarks from the Helix and takes a look around. Shane peers into the hole Dmitri blasted in the wall and spots what appears to be the main elevator shaft. “This way!” he shouts to his crewmates, waving them over.

“Excellent, this should take us right up to the bridge,” Aron says. He jumps down into the shaft, landing on top of the stationary elevator. He then looks up and motions for the crew to follow. Once they join him, he reaches down and pries open the hatch so they can board the elevator.


The crew rides up to the bridge uninterrupted. Silence fills the air as they approach the elevator grinds to a halt. They step out of the elevator onto the bridge. An admiral in formal naval uniform with a full but trimmed beard and a pipe in his mouth stares them down as they approach. He has a crazed, villainous look in his eyes.

“How dare you defile the sanctity of my bridge!” the admiral shouts at the boarders. “You are a blemish on this glorious day!” Three Romanov marines move up behind him. They all seem ready for a fight. The admiral pulls out a Pokeball and releases a Clawitzer, while the marines send out a Beartic and a pair of Magnemites.

“If it’s a fight you want, mate, we’d be happy to oblige,” Arlon says as he pulls out a Pokeball and releases his Aron. The others follow suit and send out Rhyhorn, Gyarados, Klefki, and Croconaw.


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“Ness, Flamethrower!” Dmitri commands his Gyarados. The giant serpent unleashes a surge of flames on the Beartic, dealing quite a bit of damage.

“K.E.Y.S., use Fairy wind!” Shane commands his Klefki. The Pokemon summons up a blast of wind which strikes the Beartic, whittling it down even more


“Hector, use Waterfall!” Morgan commands her Croconaw, pointing at one of the Magnemites. Her Pokemon runs forward and attempts to strike the Magnemite but it floats out of harms way.

“Use Supersonic!” the two marines command their Magnemites. The pair of Magnemites fire off blasts of sound at Hector and Ness, sending Morgan’s Croconaw into a state of confusion.


“Water Pulse!” the admiral commands his Clawitzer. The Pokemon locks onto #1 and fires off a blast of water, taking the Rhyhorn down instantly.

“Use Earthquake!” the last marine commands his Beartic. The ice bear Pokemon charges into the middle of the attacking Pokemon and crashes its powerful paws down, causing the floor to shake. Floor tiles fly up and strike Hector and Ironhide. Both Pokemon withstand the hit and prepare to fight back.


“Ironhide, use Iron Head!” Arlon commands his Aron. “Take ‘em down!” The Aron charges forward at the beartic, skull plate glowing bright. Ironhide collides hard with the Beartic, knocking it out. The glow intensifies as he strikes and he begins to change shape, evolving into Lairon.

H’s eyes start glowing yellow as he reaches his hand into the air. Thunder and lightning blast out from the consoles and strike his hand, a giant bolt appearing there. He lobs it at the Clawitzer, leaving it smoking and clinging to consciousness. He then quickly grabs a Pokeball and throws out his Helioptile.


“Sir, something is wrong with console!” one of the deck officers calls out. The admiral makes an angry growling sound.

“#6, use Thundershock!” H commands his Pokemon. The Helioptile shoots out a small burst of electricity at the Clawitzer, finishing it off.

Image Credit - Concore


“Hector, use Ice Fang!” Morgan commands her Croconaw. The Pokemon’s fangs freeze over as he charges at one of the Magnemites. He sinks them in and coats the Pokemon over with ice. The frozen Magnemite drops to the floor. H then pulls out his Pokeball Ball cannon and launches a magma grenade at the remaining Magnemite, taking it down. Defeated, the marines recall their Pokemon.

“Nyet! Nyet! Nyet!” The admiral yells as he runs toward the console. “You think you’ve won don’t you!?”

“Yes!” Morgan shouts back.

“The Genesect will swarm you all!” He yells as he slams his fist on the big red button with a look of insane satisfaction. Nothing happens. No Genesect are coming. He starts mashing the button, “What’s going on!?”


“I don’t know sir! Is not responding!”

The blinking orange light on the console begins to slow, then goes out. Looking out the viewport, those on the bridge can see Genesect turning away. They fly to the gate and jump away into warp space.

“Where are you going!?” the admiral shouts after them “Come back!” The command crew stand around awkwardly, looking at their admiral as he loses his mind.


“You’re coming with us, admiral,” Arlon tells him, pressing his pistol against the admiral’s head. He then looks over at his crewmates. “Round them up,” he tells them. The others begin reining in the remaining command crew. Realizing they’ve lost, they surrender without so much as a struggle.

Using the carrier’s console, Arlon hails the Halberd. The call is quickly answered, and Vice Admiral Graves appears onscreen. A very surprised expression appears on her face when she sees the Helix crew. “We’ve captured the command crew,” Arlon tells her.

“I’m impressed,” she says, a look of genuine awe on her face. “I noticed your ship boarded the carrier, but I did not expect you to have captured the bridge on your own, and so quickly no less. The Genesect appear to have retreated. Return to the Halberd. We will repair any damage and discuss rewards.”


“It is with great honor that I present you with the Federation Medal of Civilian Valor, given only to those citizens of the Federation who go far above and beyond what is expected of them,” Graves says as she pins medals onto the crew of the UAS Helix. “You will also be paid handsomely for your efforts. But, now that this is all over, I’m curious: what are you planning to do next?”

“This battle was just the beginning,” Arlon tells her. “There are greater powers at work here and I intend to find them.”


“There are hints of something larger here,” Morgan agrees. “We need to be prepared.”

“Interesting,” says Graves. “I wish you well on your journeys. I suspect I will be hearing from you again.”

Back aboard the Helix, Arlon flies the ship away from the Halberd, then jumps into warp space, on course for Banton. He then gets up from his seat and calls the rest of the crew to the bridge. “Well mates, I think it’s time we said our goodbyes,” Arlon announces to his companions once they arrive. “With my name cleared, I feel it is best that I return to the Red Suns.”


“Well, this is what you wanted isn’t it?” Morgan asks, wondering why Arlon seems to be getting sentimental.

“It is, luv,” Arlon tells her. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the time I’ve spent with you lot. I may be a right prick sometimes, but you’re alright. I don’t make this decision lightly. We need to be prepared for whatever’s coming next. I can use the Red Suns’ resources to better further that goal. You’re all quite resourceful, so I’ll be sure to send anything I find your way.”

“Well, it’s been a good run,” Shane tells him, extending his hand.

“Indeed it has, mate,” Arlon says, grabbing hold and giving a firm handshake. “Indeed it has.”


The meditation sphere approaches the silver-lined cruiser. Gilgamesh wonders if he has done the right thing.

He boards, walking through the familiar hallways to the small office, to find that same screen gazing back at him.


“I’d like to formally thank you for your aid in finding the Resurrector,” Mr. Silver tells him. “It’s been instrumental in the success of the project. In fact, I’ve already received reports of engagement in Sector 4.”

“And just what exactly do you plan to do with them?”

“They are a test.”

“For what?”

An eerie silence falls on the room before the mime responds.

“I called you here to fulfill my end of the bargain. I thought you might wish to know that the Gardener has been found.”


A look of awe dawns on Gilgamesh’s face. “So then… that means-?”

“Yes. They are coming.”

Session/Revision Notes: This session was a great way to end things. We got our first real taste of space combat and got to fight the Genesect at long last! Lots of interesting stuff. The battle was based around the fact that in this universe there is no concept of a fighter, a small class of ships like X-Wings or TIE-Fighters. The Genesect have taken the role of fighters and challenged the way naval commanders think about warfare. So that’s why the Halberd got chewed to pieces.


We got a good taste for what’s coming next semester with that epilogue that DragonStorm prepared for us. Gilgamesh was working with Mr. Silver? Mr. Silver was behind the Genesect? Who the hell is this guy anyway? And most importantly, who the hell are “they?” These are all the important questions we were asking ourselves at the end of this volume. Of course, as you know if you’ve read Volume 2, now we know the answers. It’s been a blast to come back and revisit this volume now that we know the truth.

In terms of revision, this was the easiest chapter to rewrite. I had reached the peak of my writing for Volume 1 and was getting good at squeezing in as much detail from my notes as possible. I just had to give it that extra bit of polish to get it up to par with Volume 2. The big thing here really was the retcon on the name. It turns out that the original name, Solus Prime, is the name of one of the original thirteen Primes in Transformers and DragonStorm goofed and thought it was an original name. If it was just for the game it would have been fine, but since I write up these chapters and put them up on the Internet I decided to go with a change in name, thus Solace Prime.

Looking back now, I seem to have added a bit of much needed character development for Arlon in these last few chapters. I was never really satisfied with Arlon as a character the first go-round, so I’m glad to have finally done him justice. Over the course of the volume, we’ve seen him change from a guy only in it for the money, to a man who truly cares for the future of the Galaxy. It’s a great way to end his story as a player character and having him go on to be an awesome side character for Volume 2. I truly feel that I’ve fulfilled his story, and I am looking forward to doing the same for my new character.


If you’re interested in the original version of this chapter, you can find it here.

Post-Chapter Challenge: And we have reached the final challenge of this remastered run of Volume 1. Between this and Volume 2, you now have everything you need to think about the Spacemon spinoff that you are about to come up with!


What will it be? A TV series? A feature film? A video game? A novel? Whatever you want! The stories of our heroes are very well told at this point, so let’s follow a new story in this universe! Who are your characters? What is their place in the Spacemon universe? What story do they have to tell!? It’s all up to you!

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!