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Spacemon: Remastered - Chapter 2: An Unlikely Partnership

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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

On the remote Gigan Station, a mining facility in Sector 25 in the Outer Rim, Arlon Jett found himself allied with three unlikely strangers when the station was attacked by the Red Suns, a pirate organization that used to be an elite team of bounty hunters that he used to run with. The four narrowly escaped the station by stealing a small Genevan bucket class ship and now must work together once again in order to survive!


Arlon sits in the co-pilot seat in the cockpit of the newly acquired ship feeling rather confused. He could have sworn the Red Suns had somehow tracked him to Gigan Station, despite the fact that, as far as Arlon knows, they believe him to be dead. But they were after something else and Arlon is extremely curious as to what it is. All he knows is that it was some kind of data package.

But he realizes that this is not the time to dwell on it. There are far more important things to worry about at the moment. Arlon pulls himself out of his thoughts and formulates a plan of action. “Alright, here’s the deal,” he says, turning to the young woman in the pilot seat who has been flying the ship. “We’ve got no warp drive, which means we’re not leaving this sector any time soon. We’ve also got limited fuel, so we need to refuel if we want to go anywhere.”

“So what do you suggest we do?” the young woman asks.

“Well, lucky for us, there’s a planet nearby where we can refuel; maybe even find a warp drive. Erebus,” Arlon tells her, pointing to a planet on the nav chart. “It’s a small forest planet. There’s a... I wouldn’t exactly say spaceport there. More of an... outlaw’s den, if you will. Not a very savory place but we can get what we need there.”

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“Alright. I’ll plot a course,” the woman says.

“Right. Well, since we’re all stuck together for the time being, what are your names?” Arlon asks.


“Morgan,” the young woman says calmly.

“Dmitri,” says the Romanov man.

“And I am Experiment #1749XQR5Z-H, but you may call me H,” the quirky blond man says.


“So what are you, some kind of escaped lab experiment then, mate?” Arlon asks.

“I am a superior being! I am the one who will bring Humanity to perfection!”

Right,” says Arlon, thinking it best just to agree with the strange man.

“And who are you?” Morgan asks.

“The name’s Arlon.”

The rest of the trip is spent in silence, the four strangers not feeling very talkative. Having just met, they don’t feel particularly keen on sharing anything more about themselves. The ship eventually arrives at the planet Erebus and Morgan flies it into the atmosphere. As they approach, the ship starts rumbling and Morgan seems to be struggling with the controls.


“Pull up!” Arlon shouts at her. “You’re gonna crash the bloody ship!”

“I’m trying!” Morgan shouts back.

“Let me do it!”

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Without even waiting for Morgan to get out of the way, Arlon seizes the controls and pulls the ship up from its crash course. The tops of the trees shake wildly in the wind as the ship narrowly avoids a collision.

“How about we let the experienced pilot fly the ship from now on then?” He asks as he settles into the pilot’s seat.


“Why didn’t you say something sooner?” Morgan asks, sounding quite annoyed with him.

“Well you were so keen on flying, I just assumed you knew what the bloody hell you were doing. But now that that’s cleared up, I’ll be flying this bucket.” He brings the ship in low and sets it down in a clearing in the lush forest of Erebus, a couple miles outside the settlement.


“Why are we landing so far away?” Dmitri asks.

“This isn’t exactly the nicest place to be,” Arlon tells him. “Trust me, mate, you don’t want to land any closer that this.”


They disembark from the ship and set out in the direction of the town. As they walk along, there’s suddenly a loud rustling in the brush.

“Hold up,” Arlon tells them. “Something’s coming.”

Before anyone else can react, a Scyther bursts out of the bushes. It is closely pursued by a pack of wild Poochyena.


“That Scyther’s mine,” says Dmitri, reaching for a Pokeball. “Wilhelm, Night Shade,” he commands as he releases his Gastly. The ghostly Pokemon sends a blast of energy at the Scyther which catches its attention. It lunges forward and swipes at its attacker. With the Scyther distracted, the Poochyenas start ganging up on it, biting it in several places.


“Best to mop up the Poochyena if you want to catch it,” Arlon says, throwing out his own Pokemon, “Ironhide, Metal Claw.” he says, pointing at one of the Poochyena. The Aron charges forward and swipes at it, knocking it away from the Scyther.

The others follow suit and send out their own Pokemon, directing them to start attacking the Poochyena. The large group of Pokemon beating up on them causes them to turn tail and flee.


“Not so fast,” Arlon says as he throws a Pokeball, catching the Poochyena at the back of the pack. “Now Ironhide, hit that Scyther with another Metal Claw!”


“Yvonne, Tackle it!” Morgan instructs her Eevee. The two Pokemon land their hits, leaving the Scyther pretty beat up. But it isn’t done just yet. It lunges at Ironhide, its blade clanging off of the Aron’s armor as it inflicts a bit of damage.

“#1 hit it with Stomp!” H commands his Rhyhorn. The Pokemon charges at the Scyther and kicks it, knocking it into a tree.


“Now it’s all mine,” says Dmitri as he throws a Pokeball at it. The ball shakes a couple times before falling still.

“Nice work, mate,” says Arlon as he picks up his own Pokeball, now housing a Poochyena.


They continue on through the forest and eventually arrive in a large cleared out area with a small settlement. The place looks quite unpleasant, crawling with what looks like all sorts of criminals and scum.


“Best watch yourself here,” Arlon tells his companions as he leads them to the cantina.

“Hey mate, you know where I can get some fuel around here?” Arlon asks the bartender.


“Sure,” the man says. “If you buy a drink.”

“Fine. Just give me a beer,” Arlon says, then turning to the others, “You want anything?”


“Yeah,” Dmitri replies as he joins Arlon at the bar. “I’ll take a bottle of Vodka.”

“A whole bottle?” The bartender asks. “That’ll be a hundred credits,” he tells Dmitri. “And thirty for the beer,” he adds, turning to Arlon. They pay up and the bartender serves them their drinks. “The man you’re looking for is Aarn Hondo. You’ll find him in the scrap shop across the way.”


“Thanks, mate,” says Arlon, sipping his beer.

After finishing their drinks, they head over to the scrap shop. Upon entering, it becomes pretty apparent which one Hondo is.


“I hear you’re the man to talk to to get some fuel around here,” Arlon says as he approaches the man.

“Ah, yes, my friend, I do believe I can help you with that. What kind of ship you got?”


“It’s a Genevan bucket class ship,” Arlon tells him.

“Ah, a Genevan bucket. Very nice. How much fuel are we talking?”

“Just fill it up; we’re pretty much out at this point.”

“Very well. That’ll be fifteen-hundred credits.”

“That seems a bit steep there, mate. Why don’t we sweeten the deal a little? I don’t suppose you also happen to have a warp for sale here do you?”


“I may have one or two lying around,” Hondo tells him. “It’ll run you fifty-thousand credits.”

“I’m afraid we don’t have that kind of money at the moment,” Arlon tells him. “I was thinking we could work out some kind of deal.”


“I’m listening.”

“I believe you may be familiar with the bounty hunter Arlon Jett.”

“Ah, yes. I believe I’ve come across the name.”

“Well he’s me, mate. I don’t suppose you need anything done.”

“Word is that you’re a dead man.”

“Well, I thought it best my enemies believed me dead. I am a wanted man.”

“Ah, yes,” Hondo says with a laugh. “It is a lot harder to catch a dead man. Very well. What kind of deal are we talking about here?”


“Well, I was thinking we could do something for you in exchange for a warp drive, and a better price on the fuel.”

“Ah, yes. I do have a package I need delivered, but what’s to stop you from running once I give you a warp drive?”


“Well, you should know from my reputation that I never break a contract.”

“Very well. The package and the warp drive will be delivered to your ship, and I’ll knock five-hundred credits off on the fuel. I need the package delivered to the Alexi System in Romanov Space. Figuring out how to smuggle it in is up to you. Oh, and one more thing: whatever you do, do not open the package.”


“Sure thing, mate,” Arlon tells him. “I believe we can handle that.”

“A pleasure doing business with you.”


As the unlikely crew exits the scrap shop they are stopped by a group of shady looking characters. “You lot are trainers, yeah?” one of them asks as he drops his cigarette butt to the ground and stamps it out. “How about a battle?”


Arlon glances back at his comrades and they give him a nod. “Alright then, mate,” Arlon tells him.

“How about we make this interesting then? Two-thousand credits on each side in the pot, winner take all.”


“I’ll take you up on that,” Arlon tells the man as he reaches for a Pokeball.

The three opposing trainers send out a Boldore, a Quilava, and a Beedrill. H releases his trusty Rhyhorn while the others opt to use their recent captures. Dmitri sends out his Scyther, Morgan her Solrock, and Arlon his Poochyena.


“Beedrill, use Pin Missile!” the Beedrill’s trainer commands. The Pokemon locks onto Morgan’s Solrock and fires a nasty stream of stingers in its direction. Only one meets its mark but it’s enough to take down the Pokemon instantly.

“Use Flame Wheel!” the Quilava’s trainer instructs, pointing at Dmitri’s Scyther.


“Dodge it and use Wing Attack on that Beedrill!” Dmitri commands his own Pokemon. The Scyther flies to the side as the wheel of fire whizzes by. She then flies full speed at the Beedrill and lands a hit with her wings.


“Crocuta, Bite that Quilava!” Arlon commands his Poochyena. She runs forward and sinks her fangs into the Quilava, dealing a pretty harsh blow.


“Boldore, use Headbutt!” the last rival trainer commands. The large Pokemon moves in on Crocuta and hits the Poochyena with its head, knocking her back a bit.

“#1, use Stomp!” H commands his Rhyhorn. The Pokemon runs forward and slams the Quilava with his sizable feet.


“Yvonne, use Quick Attack!” Morgan shouts out as she releases her Eevee. The Pokemon runs up to the Quilava and slams into it, knocking it out of the fight.

“Beedrill, use Twineedle!” the Beedrill’s trainer commands. The Pokemon flies full speed at Crocuta and hits the Pokemon with its dual stingers. The Poochyena can’t stand up to the hit and she goes down.


“Use Wing Attack again!” Dmitri commands his Scyther. The Pokemon flies after the Beedrill and strikes it with her wings again and knocks it out.


“Boldore, use Rock Blast!” the last trainer still in the fight commands. His Boldore looks at Dmitri’s Scyther and fires a rock at her but she’s a swift fighter and dodges out of the way.

“#1, use Fury Attack!” H commands. The Rhyhorn runs up and strikes the Boldore repeatedly with his horn but does little more then scratch the Pokemon’s rocky hide.


“Yvonne, use Quick Attack again!” Morgan commands. The Eevee sprints at the Boldore and throws herself at it, but the Boldore pays no mind.

“You too, Gigan,” Dmitri instructs his Scyther. Again, the same result: the Boldore is quite resilient.


“You’re up Ironhide!” Arlon shouts as he releases his Aron. “Use Metal Claw!” Ironhide emerge from his ball and charges at the Boldore, swiping it with his claws. The strike cuts through the Boldore’s defenses but the Pokemon stays standing.


“#1 finish it off!” H commands his Rhyhorn. The Pokemon charges the Boldore and crashes into it, finally taking it down.

“Not bad,” the Beedrill’s trainer tells the victorious team.

Arlon doesn’t trust them, but these lowlifes don’t back out on their deal and pay up. Arlon splits up the money with his new crewmates and then they go on their way.


After their victory the crew heads back to the ship. On the way back they encounter a Wurmple, a Weedle, and a Caterpie in the dense forest. Arlon pressed on toward the ship while the other three stay back to capture them. The small bug Pokemon don’t put up much of a fight and they capture them with ease. The trio then quickly make their way back to the ship.


Hondo’s men arrive at the the parked ship a short time later with the warp drive and the package. A group of them works on installing the warp drive in the ship while another group secures the package in the cargo hold.

“Remember, don’t open it,” one of the men reminds Arlon before they depart from the ship.


“Alright, let’s find out what’s inside,” H says as soon as the men are gone.

“We are not opening this package,” Arlon tells him sternly.

“Why not?” H asks, seemingly flabbergasted by Arlon’s words.

“Hondo specifically instructed us not to open it. I don’t break a contract, so this package stays closed.”


“Well that’s no fun,” H replies before walking around the room.

After H leaves, Arlon takes a quick look around the cargo hold and discovers a few great balls lying around. He pockets them before exiting the room and locking it behind himself to make sure H doesn’t mess with the package.


Arlon makes his way to the bridge and plops himself down in the pilot seat. He then activates the ship’s comm system and summons his shipmates: “Get up here so we can figure out a plan.”

Once they gather on the bridge, Arlon looks at them and explains the situation. “We have a warp drive now but we’re not getting to the Romanov Union without a Pokemon to act as a psychic navigator,” he informs them. “I don’t suppose any of you happen to have one capable?”


“Unfortunately, no,” Morgan tells him.

“I don’t either,” says Dmitri.

“Nor I,” says H.

“Well, I guess we’ll have to catch one then. Let’s head to the next system over for now and see what we can find.”


After a couple hours in warp space, the ship arrives in the next nearest system. As luck would have it, as Arlon flies the ship through the system’s asteroid belt towards the interior planets, he spots a Beldum floating between the large space rocks.


Arlon quickly activates the comms and informs his crewmates: “There’s a Beldum out in space. If we can catch it, we can use it as our navigator.”

“How exactly do you plan on catching it?” Morgan asks when she arrives on the bridge, “It’s not like we have space suits are anything.”


“How indeed,” says H as he steps onto the bridge, “We all have Pokemon that can survive out in space. We will use them to bring the Beldum onto the ship.”

“And how exactly do you propose to do that, mate?” Arlon asks.

“Simple. We will use a rope!”

“And how exactly do you plan on getting a rope around it?”

“No, no, no. We will soak the rope in water and it will freeze into a pole of ice in space. #2 will coat the end in string shot so it can easily be stuck to the Beldum. Your Geodude will guide it into place from the airlock and Morgan’s Solrock will help stick it on with its telekinetic abilities. Dmitri, your Gastly will lure it in.”


“You realize this plan is complete bullshit, right mate?”

“And that is precisely why it will work!” H declares as he heads off the bridge toward the airlock.


“You’re lucky I’m such a bloody good pilot then,” Arlon says under his breath as he lets out his Geodude. “Terra, go with them and follow the plan.” The Geodude nods and then follows Morgan and Dmitri off the bridge.

The two arrive at the airlock to find H having his Weedle coat the end of the rope in sticky string. “Excellent!” he exclaims when he says his shipmates arrive. “Release your Pokemon and well shall begin!”


“I can’t believe we’re actually trying this,” Morgan replies as she releases her Solrock, “Come on out, Corinne.”

Under H’s supervision the plan gets underway. Dmitri releases Wilhelm and instructs the Gastly to fly out into space and get the Beldum’s attention. In the meantime, Arlon attempts to keep the ship as close to the Pokemon as possible.


Whatever Wilhelm does seems to work and he is able to lure the beldum near the airlock where Terra and Corinne are working on extending the rope. They successfully stick it on and begin to reel the Beldum in. Arlon works hard to keep the ship as steady as possible as the Pokemon pull the Beldum closer.

Once the Solrock and Geodude get the Beldum into the airlock, H slams the close button and seals it in. Arlon quickly sets the ship to autopilot and runs to the airlock to assist. In the meantime, Dmitri raises his hand and sends out a ray of energy, sending the Beldum into a state of confusion.


“Terra, grab onto the Beldum and hold it in place while we open the interior airlock,” Arlon commands his Geodude as he arrives on the scene. The Pokemon moves in and wraps her arms around the dazed Beldum and Arlon opens the airlock.

“#2, use String Shot!” H commands his Weedle. The little Pokemon sprays the Beldum with string, binding it in place.


“Wilhelm, use Nightshade,” Dmitri instructs his Gastly. The Pokemon blasts the Beldum with a surge of dark energy. The gathered trainers follow up by instructing their Pokemon to attack and whittle it down.

“Alright, it is time to catch it!” H shouts as he reaches for a Pokeball.

“Here, use this,” Arlon tells him, handing him one of the great balls he found in the cargo hold. H grab it out of his hand and throws it at the Beldum. The ball shakes violently and the Pokemon breaks out.


“Now it’s my turn,” says Dmitri.

As much as he wants to hang on to the great balls, Arlon knows they need to catch this Beldum if they want to go anywhere so he tosses one to Dmitri. Dmitri nods at him and then throw the ball at the Beldum. The ball shakes violently again, but this time it falls still.


“I can’t believe this bloody plan actually worked,” Arlon says to his shipmates.

“I told you it was going to work!” H exclaims.

“Whatever, mate,” Arlon replies. “Now let’s get this guy hooked up to the warp drive so we can actually get somewhere.”


Session/Revision Notes: This was another session from before I introduced the “Session Notes” section at the end of each chapter to summarize the interesting stuff that happened in the game and how it affected the story. But it’s a bit more memorable to me because this was the first time that we worked together to do this crazy bullshit plan to do something. In this case it was to catch a Beldum in space without having any space suits! I still don’t know how we even managed to pull it off.


Like the previous chapter, this one was also written from memory as I hadn’t yet started to take notes on the sessions for the sake of writing these. If I recall correctly, this was around the time when I first got the idea to actually start writing about the sessions here on TAY, although I never got to it until after the third session. That’s why the first three chapters were written in one post originally. So going back to this chapter for revision, I had to again fudge some of the details as they have been long forgotten by me, DragonStorm, and the other players!

As for interesting stuff that happened this session, as players we were still getting to know each other, much like our characters in the game, so RP was a bit awkward still. But once we teamed up to catch that Beldum we really started to bond in both respects! Then there was that killer Beedrill! That thing completely murdered Morgan’s Solrock in one hit, I’m not even joking. Like the HP dropped from full to below -100% which is the threshold for killing a Pokemon instead of fainting it that we’ve been using (the book says -200%, but DragonStorm made it harsher). But because it was the second session and we all barely had any Pokemon, DragonStorm showed mercy and let it live. So far, it has been the only time such mercy was shown because, you know, we’re fucking badasses.


If you’re interested in the original version of this chapter, you can find it here. The initial posting actually lumped the first three chapters together since they were more or less just short blurbs.

Post-Chapter Challenge: The purpose of the first session was to get the party together and get them onto a ship, so there wasn’t much time to get to know the characters. With this session, we got to see a bit more of their personalities as they interacted with each other.


For this week’s challenge, I would like you to come up with your own character in the Spacemon universe. You can come up with a new addition to the crew or a standalone character. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even try coming up with a whole crew of your own.

Who is your character? What’s their name? Where are they from? What are their goals and motivations? What are their fears and flaws? What are their quirks? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What’s their story?


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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