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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

Arlon, Morgan, Dmitri, and H acquired a warp drive for their ship from scrap dealer Aarn Hondo in exchange for delivering a mysterious package to Romanov Space for him. Although Arlon said he could handle the job on his own, the other three decided to stick with him and officially become a crew.

Arlon relaxes on ship’s bridge, putting his feet up on the console. “Ah, that’s nice,” he says aloud. It had been quite some time since he had a ship of his own to kick back on with some nice peace and quiet on the bridge.

The silence is broken when Arlon hears the sound of footsteps walking onto the bridge. He looks over to see Morgan and sighs, relieved that it’s her and not one of the other two. “Need something, luv?” he asks.


“Shouldn’t we be going somewhere?” she asks him.

“Like where? We’re on a stolen ship with a presumably stolen warp drive. There’s no way we’re getting through the warp gate just yet.”

“Well then what would you suggest we do?” Morgan ask.

“Well, there is a gym in this system. If we challenge it and earn the badge it would at least improve our chances. We’re gonna need to lie our way through so having a badge will make us seem more… credible.”


“If you say so.”

“Right then,” Arlon says. He takes his feet down from the console and sets a course for the gym.


After a short trip toward the center of the system, the ship arrives at the gym’s location in orbit around the planet Ragnarök, named for the fact that a large chunk of the planet had been blown away by some long ago disaster. Ragnarök’s surface is far from habitable with a toxic atmosphere and a massive sea of exposed molten rock on the destroyed hemisphere. The planet is orbited by a massive set of rings comprised of asteroids and large chunks of the planet itself.

The gym itself is housed within a station built into the surface of one of the larger chunks. As Arlon brings the ship in, he hails the station and is granted permission to dock. Once the ship is securely docked, the crew steps out into the docking bay. They make a brief stop at the small shop on the station to pick up some potions, just in case.

Once they are ready, Arlon, Morgan, Dmitri, and H step through the large doors into the main arena. They emerge in a large open room full of rocky terrain a couple of gym trainers stand by the edges while the leader stands atop the raised area in the center. They ignore the trainers for now and head straight for the leader himself. He strokes his facial scruff as he watches them approach.


“Welcome to Ragnarök,” he tells them. Arlon notes the faint hint of a Swedish accent in his voice. “I am Johan Lindberg. I take it you are here to challenge me.”

“Indeed we are, mate,” Arlon replies, cracking his knuckles.

“Very well,” Johan replies. “Two Pokemon each. One at a time. You’ll need them.” He steps down from the raised area and walks off to the side, directing the challengers to stand on the side opposite from him.


“#2 can handle this!” H confidently shouts as he sends out his Weedle. Arlon sighs and shakes his head when Johan throws out his own Pokeball and a Golem springs out onto the field. “On second thought,” says H, immediately recalling him.

“Ironhide, let’s do this,” says Arlon as he switches in his Aron.

“Use Magnitude,” Johan commands his Golem. The large rocky Pokemon stomps its foot down, causing the whole arena to rumble. Ironhide is blasted with dirt and chunks of rock but the sturdy little Pokemon hangs in there.


“Now use Metal Claw!” Arlon commands his Pokemon. Ironhide runs at the Pokemon and claws its rocky hide with his sharp claws.

“Finish it with Bulldoze” Johan instructs his Pokemon. The Golem, unfazed by the hit, charges at Ironhide and slams full force into him, knocking him out of the fight.

Arlon recalls his fainted Pokemon and pulls out another Pokeball. “Alright, your turn Terra!” Arlon shouts as he releases his Geodude.


“Use Magnitude,” Johan commands his Golem again.

“Dodge it!” Arlon commands as the Golem prepares for another attack. As the Pokemon crashes down and kicks off another quake, Terra floats up and out of the way. “Now use Magnitude!” Terra crashes down to the ground and starts a quake of her own, knocking the Golem over. It quickly rolls up and jumps back to its feet, ready for another attack.


“Use Rock Blast!” Johan commands his Pokemon. It fires a flurry of rocks at Arlon’s Geodude, landing a few hits. Terra doesn’t seem that bothered and awaits Arlon’s command.

“Terra, use Defense Curl!” The Geodude rolls up in a tight ball to protect herself while she prepares for her next attack.

“Golem, use Rock Slide!” the Gym leader instructs his Pokemon. It fires a torrent of rocks at Terra, but the defending Pokemon stays up.


“Time for another Magnitude!” Arlon shouts out. Terra springs out of her defensive position and launches herself into the air. The Pokemon begins glowing as she falls back to the ground. Summoning all of her strength, Terra crashes down in front of the Golem as she evolves into a Graveler and finishes the Pokemon off with another powerful quake.

“Impressive,” Johan says to Arlon as he recalls his defeated Pokemon. “But we’re just getting started!” He pulls out another Pokeball which brings out a Magcargo. “Use Ancient Power!” The Pokemon summons a massive surge of power and blasts it at Arlon’s Pokemon.


“Use Rock Throw!” Arlon instructs his Graveler. The freshly evolved Pokemon picks up a large rock and chucks it at the Magcargo.

“Use Flame Burst!” Johan instructs his Pokemon. The Magcargo, not particularly bothered by the previous attack, spits a burst of flames at its attacker, further whittling the Graveler down.

“Now use Magnitude!” Arlon commands Terra. The Graveler summons another powerful quake which completely decimates the Magcargo, taking it out of the fight.


“Prepare yourself,” Johan tells his challengers as he recalls his fainted Pokemon and pulls out another Pokeball. “Go Fuckle!” he shouts as he throws the ball into the air. A Shuckle emerges and plops down to the ground, staring down Arlon’s Graveler.

“Terra, use Rock Throw!” Arlon commands his Pokemon. The Graveler picks up another rock and lobs it at the Shuckle, but it just bounces off.

“Use Power Split!” Johan commands the Pokemon. A light blasts out from the Shuckle and strikes Terra, draining some of her power into the Mold Pokemon.


“Use Magnitude!” Arlon commands his Graveler. It hits the Shuckle with a quake but it doesn’t do very much.

“Alright, now it’s time for Rollout!” The Shuckle retreats into its rock and starts rolling. It strikes Terra and then keeps going, bouncing off the large boulders in the arena. The two Pokemon keep trading blows but the Shuckle just keeps bouncing around and striking stronger each time, finally taking Terra down.


From here, the tide of the battle begins to turn as the Shuckle rolls through H’s Rhyhorn and Morgan’s Solrock with ease. With not many options left, the crew turns to Dmitri’s Beldum. The Pokemon withstands the Shuckles attacks, but it’s only capable of the move Take Down.

“Maine, you can do this!” Dmitri encourages the Pokemon as the fight starts to wind down. “One more Take Down!” The Pokemon throws itself at the Shuckle, finally knocking it out of the fight, even though the Beldum knocks itself out too.


“That was quite the intense battle,” Johan compliments the victorious challenges. “I’m impressed.” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handful of badges. “You have earned the right to wear the Asteroid Badge.”

After collecting their winnings, the crew returns to the Dunsparce and Arlon plots a course to the sector’s warp gate. “Here’s the plan,” Arlon tells his crewmates. “I figured out how we’re going to do this during the battle.” He turns to Morgan. “You’re pretty good with computers, right?” he asks.


“I suppose,” Morgan answers.

“It’ll have to do then. Right, I need you to hack the Federation ship monitoring the warp gate when we get close. I’ve had a crew that’s done this before. You can hack into their computers no problem and slip the ship’s info in and it will get pushed up to the main Federation network.”

“I think I can handle that,” Morgan tells him.

They arrive at the gate shortly thereafter and Morgan manages to get into the Federation ship’s system. Before she is able to put in any information about their ship, however, the Federation ship hails them. “Your ship is not appearing on our logs.”


“We’re definitely in there,” Arlon lies. “It’s the GCS… uh...” He pauses for a moment to think of a name.

Dunsparce,” H blurts out before Arlon can say anything.

“Right, the GCS Dunsparce.”

“We have no ship by that name on record,” the Federation officer replies.

“It must be a glitch, mate,” Arlon tells him. “Try refreshing or something.” He then looks over at Morgan. After a few moments she nods and gives him the all clear.


“Hmm, ah, yes. Here it is. The GCS Dunsparce. Sorry about that. You’re clear to go through the gate.”

“No problem, mate,” Arlon tells him. He then hangs up the call and takes the ship into the warp gate on a course for the Romanov Union. Once they’re through, Arlon swivels his seat around and looks at H. “Of all the bloody names you could have come up with, why would you name the ship Dunsparce?”

“What’s wrong with Dunsparce?” H asks.

“It’s just a bloody stupid name for a ship. Anyway, we need to find a spot to hide that package. Searches are mandatory when entering and leaving the Romanov Union.” Arlon leaves the ship on autopilot and then heads back to the cargo hold.


The other follow behind and enter to find Arlon pushing the empty crates around. “I figured this ship would have something like this,” he says as he uncovers a hidden compartment. “Smuggling hatch. These small buckets tend to have them, especially ones out here in the Outer Rim. Help me lower the package in.” He pulls open the hatch and then starts moving the package from Hondo in with the help of the others. Once it’s in, they cover it up with the empty crates again.

During the time in warp space, Dmitri becomes curious about the effects of warp space on organic matter, so he fetches a bowl from the mess area and fills it from the slop machine. H looks on with curiosity as Dmitri takes it to the airlock and seals it inside. The Romanov then opens the exterior airlock and watches as the bowl is sucked out into warp space.


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“Fascinating,” H mumbles as he watches the slop turn into a glowing rainbow mass as if floats along into warp space. “Dmitri, we must make more of this! We must study it!”

“What the bloody hell are you doing opening the airlock in warp space?!” Arlon’s voice suddenly sounds over the comms.


“It is a risk we must take for science!” H says into the nearby intercom.

“Whatever. Just be careful. Don’t get us all killed,” Arlon replies.

“If only I could get a sample,” H says to himself, ignoring Arlon.

“What if you secured it with String Shot or something?” Dmitri suggests.

“That’s brilliant!” H shouts. “Fetch me another bowl!”

Dmitri heads back to the mess area, then fills up another bowl with slop. Joining H once more at the airlock, Dmitri places it inside.


H then releases his newly evolved Beedrill, which had evolved shortly after the gym battle. “#2 coat the bowl with String Shot and then secure it to the floor,” the cyborg commands the Pokemon. The Beedrill flies into the airlock and coats the bowl in a cocoon and then attaches it to the floor with more sticky sting. H then recalls his Pokemon and seals the airlock.

H and Dmitri watch through the interior airlock window as the exterior airlock opens and the radioactive particles of deep warp space come flying in. The webbing turns from white to pink to rainbow to glowing black before they seal the airlock.

“Great, now we’ve got a radioactive blob in our airlock.” Arlon complains, having been monitoring their activity. “Don’t open that airlock until we drop out of warp space and get a chance to vent it out.”


“Ugh, fine,” H replies.

When the Dunsparce drops out of warp space in Romanov space, they are immediately hailed by one of the many Romanov ships guarding the gate. “State your business,” the Romanov officer who appears on the viewscreen tells them.


“We have packages to pick up in Romanov space,” Arlon lies.

“Prepare to be boarded,” the officer tells him as he transmits docking instructions.

Arlon docks flies toward the Romanov ship and docks as directed, making sure to use the airlock that is not inhabited by the radioactive mess. A squad of Romanov soldiers boards the Dunsparce along with the officer Arlon had talked to.


“Take us to your cargo hold,” The officer instructs the crew.

“Right this way,” Arlon tells him confidently. He leads them to the Cargo Hold and they begin to search the many empty crates. Arlon looks on, ready with a response in case they discover the smuggling hatch. Luckily the soldiers do not find it. After finishing in the cargo hold, the Romanovs do a quick sweep through the ship and the officer then clears the Dunsparce to enter the Romanov Union.

Arlon returns to the cockpit and detaches the ship from the Romanov cruiser. Once clear, he plugs in the coordinates of the Alexi System and makes the jump back into warp space.


When the Dunsparce drops out of warp space in the Alexi System, Arlon spots a meteor field and decides to check it out. “Just a heads up,” he says over the ship’s comms. “We’ve arrived, but there’s a meteor field here passing by and I thought we should go check it out.”

“Is that safe?” Morgan asks him.

“It is as long as I’m your pilot, luv,” he tells her.

Arlon flies the Dunsparce between the meteors and spots a large opening in one of the bigger ones. He then flies the ship inside and eventually emerges into a massive cavern. “Holy shit, that’s a lot of bloody Hydreigons,” Arlon says aloud. The cavern is full of the massive three-headed dragon Pokemon, flying around a frozen lake. He thinks one will make a great addition to his team, but realizes the crew isn’t properly equipped to capture such a powerful Pokemon yet.


Image Credit - SakuraAlexia

“Ah,” he says when he spots a lone Deino wandering off away from the Hydreigons. “That little bugger’s mine.”

Arlon lands the ship near the Deino and then gets up from his seat. “Meet me at the airlock,” he says into the comms. “I need help with something.” He heads for the airlock himself and then releases his Graveler.


“Terra, I need you to head out the airlock and grab the Deino out there and bring it onto the ship,” Arlon instructs his Pokemon. He opens the interior airlock and the Graveler steps in. A few minutes later, Terra returns with the Deino trapped in her four arms. Arlon seals the exterior airlock as the rest of the crew arrives.

“Why have we been called here?” H asks.

“To help me catch this, mate,” Arlon tells him as he opens the airlock.

“Ah!” H exclaims. “Very well! #2!” H releases his Beedrill and then points at the Deino. “Use String Shot!” The beedrill blasts the Deino with string, further trapping it in Terra’s grasp.


“Gigan, keep hitting it with False Swipe!” Dmitri commands as he releases his Scyther. The Green Pokemon moves up and repeatedly strikes the trapped Pokemon with her blades. Once it looks sufficiently hurt, Dmitri blasts it with psychic energy, sending it into a state of confusion.

“That’ll do,” Arlon tells him as he pulls out the last of his Great Balls. He throws it at the Deino and the Pokemon is pulled inside with ease. The ball shakes once before falling still as Arlon reaches to pick it up

“Thanks for the assist,” Arlon tells his crewmates as he places his new capture on his belt. He then recalls his Graveler and turns to head back to the cockpit.


“No problem,” Dmitri tells him.

Before taking off again, the crew vents out the airlock with the radioactive blob in it. Warp energy floats out of the open airlock in brilliant displays of color. Once the radiation subsides, they seal the airlock and H collects his experiment. He and Dmitri take it to the lab to study while Arlon takes the Dunsparce up and out of the meteor.

Before the H and Dmitri get a good chance to study the strange warp goo they created, the Dunsparce arrives at the coordinates Hondo had provided them with. A space station orbits the swamp planet at the given coordinates. Arlon hails the station and requests permission to land.


A Romanov scientist appears on the viewscreen. “What do you want?” he asks.

“We have a package delivery from Aarn Hondo,” Arlon tells him.

“Ah, yes,” the man replies. “Here are docking instructions.”

Arlon docks the Dunsparce as the docking tube the scientist instructed. He meets the crew in the cargo hold and together they bring the package out from the smuggling hatch. They bring the package off the ship where they are greeted by the scientist and a couple of guards.


“I trust the containment seal remains intact?” the scientist asks.

“Indeed. We did not open it,” Arlon assures him.

“Very good. You may leave.”

Morgan and Arlon turn to head back to the ship, but H and Dmitri instead follow the scientist. “I said you could leave,” the scientist tells them.


“But I am curious to know what is inside the package,” H replies.

“Oh, really? And why should I show you?”

“We are both very interested in what is inside, comrade,” Dmitri tells them. “Would you please show us in the name of scientific knowledge?”


“Oh, fellow scientists?” the Romanov man asks, sounded quite charmed by Dmitri. “Very well. I will allow you a look. Follow me.” He turns and begins to bring the package into the station with H and Dmitri in tow.

“Stay with the ship,” Arlon tells Morgan with a sigh. “I’ll follow and make sure they stay out of trouble.”

Arlon easily slips past the guards and sneaks into the station’s air ducts. He follows the scientist and his crewmates down a few halls until they arrive in some sort of viewing area.


The package is brought behind the containment area and it is carefully opened by mechanical arms. Through the vent and glass, Arlon sees some sort of ancient looking fossil. “Fascinating, isn’t it?” the scientist asks H and Dmitri.

“Truly!” H responds.

Suddenly another scientist arrives and addresses the other: “Sir, we have collected enough specimens to begin production.”


“Excellent.” the apparent head scientist replies. “I’m afraid I have to ask you to leave now,” he says as he turns to H and Dmitri. As it is clear they can go no further, the two head back to the ship. However, Arlon presses further on into the air ducts, seeing if he can find a way to see what lies within the facility.

He eventually emerges from the air ducts onto a high up maintenance platform overlooking a massive factory that seems to be producing some kind of Pokemon from a ton of fossils that look similar to the one they delivered. They are moving down an assembly line where they are being armed and mounted with giant cannons.


“What the bloody hell is this place?” Arlon asks himself, not liking what he sees in the slightest. He pulls out his Pokedex and snaps some pictures before heading back to the Dunsparce.

Session/Revision Notes: This was the last chapter before I started taking notes on the sessions so like the last two rewrites, I had to fudge a lot of the details on this one, specifically with the gym fight. But as opposed to the last two chapters, I remembered what happened in this fight a lot better. Probably because of how my Geodude tanked that Golem and evolved way earlier than it would have normally. I decided to give the gym leader a name and stuff like that too. Since the gym was in orbit around a half destroyed planet I decided that Ragnarök was the perfect name for it. Based on that I decided the previously non-descript gym leader was from Geneva (New Sweden specifically) and named him by combining the name of frontmen from two awesome Swedish metal bands.


That Shuckle though… It was a hard foe to fight be had the advantage of numbers so we triumphed in the end! Then it was onto the discovery of the Genesect! That was the first big plot point we had and it was such a great way to end the session.

If you’re interested in the original version of this chapter, you can find it here. The initial posting actually lumped the first three chapters together since they were more or less just short blurbs.

Post-Chapter Challenge: Have you ever wondered what the characters and ships and locations of Spacemon look like? If you’ve looked in the Appendix then you’ve seen approximations of what our characters in Volume 2 look like using a character creator. However, that can only get you so far. The particular generator could not get anything close to what Arlon looks like. And what about other characters, such as Aarn Hondo or the Gym Leader we fought in this chapter, Johan Lindberg, or any of the characters from the later chapters?


This week’s challenge is to create some fanart for this series! Regardless of artistic talent, we would love to see your takes on the characters and locations of Spacemon! From crappy Photoshops, to quick sketches, to super detailed masterpieces, show us what you’ve got!

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