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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the GCS Dunsparce delivered the package they received from Aarn Hondo to a Romanov research station in the Alexi system within the Romanov Union. There they discovered the scientists were cloning an army of cybernetically enhanced Pokemon from ancient fossils. After stealing a large data package from the station, the crew stopped on the swamp planet the station was orbiting. While on the planet, H injected a tree with the warp goo that he had created, mutating it into a Trevenant with teleporting powers. H managed to capture the Trevenant, but the battle left Morgan with some intense emotional trauma. After leaving the planet, the Dunsparce was contacted by a strange man claiming his employer would pay the crew for samples of the goo.

The Dunsparce drops out of the Warp into Sinai space. Almost immediately, the ship picks up a distress signal and Arlon decides to investigate. “I’m picking up a distress signal,” he says over the comms. “Let’s go see if we can lend a hand.”


As the Dunsparce approaches the origin of the distress signal, Arlon spots a stalled Sinai ship. He hails the vessel but there is no response. He brings the Dunsparce in and docks with the ship.

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The crew meets up at the airlock and boards the Sinai ship. They are greeted by a monk with a somewhat panicked look on his face. “Thank goodness,” he says to them.

“What seems to be the problem, mate?” Arlon asks.

“Well, we detected a stowaway and then all our systems started going haywire. We only just started to get power back and managed to send out a distress signal.”


“Any idea what caused it?” Arlon asks the monk.

“No. That’s what we’ve been trying to figure out.”

“Mind if we take a look at you sensors?” Arlon asks.

“Certainly not.” says the monk, showing the party to the sensors.

Arlon glances at the life signs sensors, and all the signatures check out for those on board save for one odd signature that seems to be moving between the cargo bay and the engine room. “What the hell is this thing?” Arlon asks in regard to the strange signature. “I bet that’s what your problem is. Can you take us to the cargo hold?”


“Right this way,” the monk tells him. He and two other monks escort the crew of the Dunsparce to the Cargo hold and allow them to have a look around.

Arlon releases his Mightyena. “Crocuta, see if you can’t pick up any strange scents,” he commands the Pokemon. The Mightyena begins to sniff around the room, but she can’t seem to pick up anything of interest. “Guess we’ll have to do this the old fashioned way.”


The crew fans out and begins manually searching the crates, but they continue to turn up nothing. As she searches, one of the crates begins to give Morgan a strange feeling so she walks over to it and opens it up. As soon as she slides the lid off, a teenage boy with electric blue hair and very brightly colored clothing jumps out of the crate.

“YOU!” one of the monks shouts. He and the other two monks reach for their Pokeballs.


“Who the bloody hell is this guy?” Arlon asks, surprised to see such a harsh reaction from Sinai monks.

“It is an internal Sinai matter and none of your concern.”

“Well we only helped you find the bloody guy. I think that warrants more of an explanation, don’t you mate?”


“He is an escaped experiment and none of your concern.”

“I am a superior being!” H declares. “I demand that you tell me more!” This only serves to farther anger the monks, causing them to throw out their Pokemon: A Jynx, a Xatu, and a Delphox.


“So that’s how it’s gonna be, huh?” Arlon asks. “We can still talk about this.”

“Do not interfere.”

“No, can’t do, mate. If you want the kid, you’ll have to go through us,” Arlon tells the monks as the blue haired guy slowly moves behind him and his crewmates.


“#4, it is time to show me what you can do!” H exclaims as he releases his newly captured Trevenant. Morgan starts to back away uneasily when she sees the Trevenant, but the situation at hand keeps her from freaking out again.


The monks silently look on as they wordlessly command their Pokemon. The Jynx prioritizes the Trevenant and rushes at the Pokemon with an icy punch. The Xatu immediately follows up with a blast of psychic energy. Meanwhile, the Delphox surrounds itself with three fireballs.

“Crocuta, use Bite!” Arlon commands his Mightyena. “Hit that Delphox hard!” His Pokemon runs up to the Delphox and sinks her teeth into the Pokemon dealing a nasty injury. In response, the Delphox throws one of the fireballs it summoned at Crocuta, dealing a nasty blow in kind.


“Yvonne, finish it off with Quick Attack!” Morgan instructs her Eevee. The Delphox throws another fireball at the Yvonne as she rushes at it. Despite being hit, the Eevee leaps at the Delphox and slams into it, knocking it out.


“You next, Gigan!” Dmitri shouts as he releases his Scyther. “Use Pursuit!” Gigan rushes at the Jynx and swipes at her using her sharp blades.

“#4, use Feint Attack!” H commands his Trevenant. The large tree Pokemon rushes forward and swipes at the Jynx with his powerful limbs. The combined attacks of the Scyther and Trevenant are enough to take down the Jynx, leaving only the Xatu.


Image Credit - Marriland

The Xatu fires off another blast of psychic energy at the Trevenant, but it seems relatively unfazed. “Crocuta, finish it off!” Arlon commands his Pokemon. The Mightyena charges the Xatu and takes a nasty bite out of it, taking the Pokemon down instantly. Having been defeated, The monks flee from the cargo hold in the direction the warp drive.


“Time to go!” Arlon shouts. He and the rest of the crew begin running back toward the Dunsparce. He grabs a hold of the blue haired stowaway as he passes him. “C’mon, kid. You’d best come with us.”

As soon as he gets onto the Dunsparce, Arlon runs for the bridge and detaches from the Sinai ship just before it warps away. “That was a bloody close one,” Arlon sighs. Out of danger, Arlon kicks the ship into autopilot and then turns to face the rest of the crew as well as their new passenger. “Alright, mate. Who the hell are you?”


“My name is Shane,” he responds.

“Alright, Shane. What the hell was up with those monks back there?”

“Do you know about AI?” Shane asks.

“Well, yeah,” Arlon tells him.

“An inferior form of computing that was abandoned because it is not as powerful as a living mind,” H chimes in.


“Not abandoned,” Morgan points out. “While current AI can’t think on their own, they still have their uses.”

“But cyborgs are the way of the future. Organic matter to think and machine to do.”


“Well, what if I told you that the Sinai created a much more evolved AI that could think freely?” Shane asks.

“I would say that’s impossible,” H replies.

“That AI is me,” Shane tells him.

“I see. Well let me show you to your room,” H tells him. He then starts leading him in the direction of the airlock.


“The rooms are that way, mate,” Arlon tells H sternly. “Don’t even think about throwing him out the airlock, or it’ll be you floating out in space.”

“What?” Shane asks as he eyes H with suspicion.

“Relax, mate. This guy’s just a bit crazy. We won’t let him do anything to you. Right H?”


“Alright, fine,” H agrees. “But I’m keeping an eye on him.”

“Oh, I’m not saying I trust the guy,” Arlon tells him. “I just think we ought to show him a bit of decency. Well, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the goo. What do we want to do?”


“What goo?” Shane asks.

“Let’s just say our fine friend over here decided to expose a bowl of slop to warp space,” Arlon explains as he looks over at H.


“That… sounds dangerous,” Shane responds.

“That’s what I said. Anyway, some guy apparently wants to pay us for samples of it. All we got was a set of coordinates. The whole thing seems very shady.”


“And you’re going to just give it up like that? It could be dangerous.”

“Look, mate, we really need the money. I say we should at least check it out.”

“I agree,” says Dmitri.

“I guess we can check it out,” Morgan agrees. “But if it seems sketchy, we’re leaving.”


“Well that settles it,” Arlon decides. He turns back to the controls and begins to fly the ship to the coordinates.

After a brief jump, the Dunsparce arrives at a large, fancy looking ship. Arlon hails the ship and receives a transmission with docking instructions and the words Mr. Silver will see you now.


Arlon flies the Dunsparce into the designated hangar bay and sets it down. The crew and Shane disembark from the ship with some samples of the goo and the tree sap and are greeted by a squad of heavily armed but professionally polite guards. “This way, please,” one of the guards tells them.

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As they are escorted by the guards, the crew gets a pretty good look around. The ship seems to have all kinds of sensors and monitors everywhere but it is also very stylish with lots of light and lush red carpets. They are eventually lead to a dimly lit office and the doors are shut behind them. A lone figure stands in the back of the room, looking out the viewport into space. In the dim light, it is hard to get a good look at the figure.

“Hello?” Morgan asks.

At Morgan’s words, the figure turns to face the crew. They all recognize the form of a Mr. Mime, but there is something strange about it. It appears to be cybernetically modified and has various receivers on it and it has a screen for a face. They all get the feeling that it is being controlled by someone else.


“Greetings,” a digitally filtered voice, presumably that of Mr. Silver, emanates from the Pokemon. “I see you brought both samples with you.” A sound wave moves on the screen as he speaks.

“How did you know about that?” Arlon asks.

“I know many things.”

“I prefer to talk to somebody in person,” H tells him. “I don’t like making deals when I can’t see their face.”


“I am very far away.”

“We can come to you.”

“That would be inconvenient... I conduct various business dealings throughout the galaxy... I find the only effective solution is to be in multiple places at once.”


There is a long pause as the crew appraises the situation. Shane in particular appears to be terrified.

Mr. Silver seems to make note of their apprehensiveness, then redirects the conversation back to business. “I see you brought your other creation as well,” he says; a scan of the Trevenant appears on his screen-face. “How willing are you to part with these samples?”


“That would depend on your intentions,” H tells him.

“My intention are my own.”

“I must know what you are planning to do with them. I cannot become better without acquiring more knowledge.”


“Ah yes... Experiment #1749XQR5Z-H, your name has crossed my desk before. I believe we may be able to come to some sort of arrangement. I will provide five-thousand credits for each sample.”

“We can provide the goo and the sap as long as we can keep some samples for ourselves,” H tells him. “But #4 is mine and I intend to keep it.”


“Very well.”

“I don’t suppose you could give us a little more for these samples?” Arlon asks.

“What more could I possibly give?”

“Well these samples seem very valuable to you, and we went through a hell of a lot to get them. You clearly have a bloody lot of money, so five-thousand seems a bit low.”


“Money, is that all you bounty hunters care about? I believe there is more to you than that. Only time will tell if you will find the answers you seek.”

“And what about you? What is it you want?” he says, turning his attention back to H.


“Knowledge. How can I be the most superior being if I do not know all there is to know about these specimens? If I am to give them to you I want to know what you are doing with them.”

“Knowledge is an honorable goal.” Then turning to Dmitri, “What is it that you want?”


“To catch more Pokemon,” Dmitri replies enthusiastically.

“Interesting. And what about you?” he asks Morgan.

“I want to go home.”

“And what is home?”

“The Geneva Confederacy.”

“Not where, but what. What is home? Will you really find it by going back to Geneva? No. It is up to you to decide whether you will get there by going forward or by going back.”


“And what is it that you want then, mate?” Arlon asks, turning the tables on Mr. Silver.

There is a brief silence. Mr. Silver seems to be contemplating.

“I will give you each five-thousand credits for the samples, and a set of coordinates. They are in an uncharted sector in the Outer Rim. There is no gate that reaches this location. It is for you to decide what to do with these coordinates. Will you go forward or will you go back? You’ve proven yourselves resourceful so far, it is up to you to decide if you will continue to do so.”


Session/Revision Notes: And thus Shane joined the party! Originally there were supposed to be five of us but the fifth player dropped out last minute so we played the first three sessions with just four of us. Our new player, known here on Kinja as The Other Guy, spent the majority of the session finishing up his character building which is why he didn’t make an appearance in the first chapter from this session.


And of course how could we forget about the enigmatic and mysterious Mr. Silver. What an interesting character. According to DragonStorm, he was created out of the necessity to begin tying the plot points together. And he did so perfectly, creating the conclusion of Act I of Volume 1.

If you’re interested in the original version of this chapter, you can find it here. As mentioned before, it covers the events of both this rewritten chapter and the previous one.


Post-Chapter Challenge: This chapter introduced us to the enigmatic Mr. Silver! If you’ve read Volume 2, then you know who he is, but if you haven’t then you must be wondering… Who is Mr. Silver? He was initially created by the GM as a means to tie the plot together and send us on our way to the rest of the plot, but he eventually evolved into something much more.


So for this week’s challenge, create a Mr. Silver type character! It can be for an alternate take on the Spacemon universe, or for the setting you designed for the challenge in Chapter 1, or any setting you like! What is their purpose? What are their goals? How do they shift the tone of the story? It’s all up to you!

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!