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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the GCS Dunsparce was contacted by a mysterious person claiming their employer wished to meet with them. On their way there, the crew picked up Shane, a sentient, free-thinking artificial intelligence, on a Sinai ship he was stowed away on. The crew then traveled to their destination and met with the enigmatic Mr. Silver who paid them for samples of warp goo that H had created, then provided them with a mysterious set of coordinates in an uncharted sector of space with no warp gate.

“What the bloody hell happened in there?” Arlon asks the crew when they return to the Dunsparce.

“I’m not really sure myself,” Shane tells him.

“Something just seemed off about that guy,” Arlon continues.

“Definitely,” Shane agrees.

“So, are we going to go to those coordinates?” Dmitri asks.

“They’re in a bloody uncharted sector, mate,” Arlon points out.

“I still think we should go,” Dmitri insists.

“It might be interesting,” Shane chimes in.

Arlon looks at the faces of his crewmates and sees that they are all determined to travel to the mystery coordinates. “Alright, looks like we’re headed to the mystery coordinates then. I still think this is mental, but if you lot want to go…” he trails off. “Right then, before we go anywhere, we need to prepare ourselves. First, we need to figure out how the bloody hell we’re going to get to a sector without a gate. That could take a while so in the meantime we should train our Pokemon. I say we challenge another gym.”


“Which one?” Dmitri asks.

“Let’s see,” Arlon says as he sits down in the pilot’s seat and checks the nav computer. “The nearest one is on Silicron. Fire type, if I remember. That planet’s pretty nasty, so we may want to get some heat-resistant gear. I’ll plot a course that takes us near somewhere where we can get some supplies.”

The Dunsparce drops out of warp space in Sector 35 and Arlon brings the ship into orbit around the planet Silicron, a harsh volcanic desert word infamous for its brutal heat and unpredictable temperature spikes. Quite the location for the Fire Gym, Arlon muses. He reaches for the comms and informs the crew that they’ve arrived.


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Heeding Arlon’s call, Shane heads up toward the front of the ship. As he passes through the living quarters and notices a Pokedex lying on the ground. He picks it and sees that it was left on and was viewing a series of messages. Not interested in snooping, Shane only gives a cursory glance through the Dex until he determines that it belongs to Morgan. Figuring that he will find her near the cockpit, he continues on his way so that he can give the Pokedex back to her.

When he arrives at the computer room behind the cockpit, Shane finds Morgan extremely focused on doing something on the computer. “I think this belongs to you,” he says to her as he holds out the Pokedex.


She doesn’t respond.

“Are you okay?” Shane asks her.

Morgan continue to ignore him, remaining focused on whatever it is that she is doing.


Suddenly H’s Rhyhorn comes leaping out of nowhere in an attempt to grab the Pokedex. With his quick reflexes, Shane easily dodges out of the way and then angrily looks over at H, who has just entered the room.

“What are you doing!?” Shane yells at him.

“#1 has smelled something interesting,” H explains.

“Your Rhyhorn could have hurt someone!”

“Nonsense! No one was in any danger. #1 was just investigating this Pokedex, which Morgan clearly does not want.”


“You do realize how ridiculous that sounds, don’t you?”

Hearing all the commotion, Arlon steps into the room to investigate. “What the bloody hell is going on back here?!” He shouts at his crewmates. H and Shane ignore him and continue to argue amongst themselves. “I can’t believe I have to put up with this crap,” he grumbles to himself. He quickly assesses the situation, and determines Morgan’s Pokedex to have been to cause of the problem. Before anyone realizes it, Arlon walks over, takes the Pokedex, puts it in Morgan’s pocket and then returns to the cockpit.

Arlon sits himself down in the pilot’s seat and takes the ship down toward Silicon’s surface. As the ship descends, a warning flashes on the console. Warning: Surface temperatures exceed recommended landing parameters. He dismisses the warning, then cranks the shields up to maximum and continues to search for a good landing point.


Eventually Arlon finds a nice spot and sets the ship down. He then meets up with the rest of the crew so they can discuss what to do. “I set the ship down on the surface,” Arlon tells his crewmates. “I figure we can find some good Pokemon to capture here before we challenge the gym. I’m headed out there now. Anyone care to join me?”

“I’ll go,” Dmitri answers.

“And I as well,” says H.

“I’ll stay here,” Shane tells the rest of the crew as he glances over at Morgan. “Someone should keep an eye on her.”


“Good idea, mate,” Arlon agrees. He then goes with H and Dmitri to prepare to depart from the ship.

Before jumping to Sector 35, the Dunsparce had stopped at a Sinai merchant station to pick up some supplies. Arlon had picked up a heat-resistant suit and had encouraged the others to do the same, but no one heeded his warnings. They had, however, all chipped in to purchase a space suit for the ship.

“Be careful with that, mate,” Arlon tells Dmitri who is putting on the space suit in lieu of a heat suit.


“I will,” Dmitri assures him.

Once Arlon and Dmitri get their suits on, they follow H out into the harsh climate of Silicron. “You sure you’re alright without a protective suit, mate?” Arlon asks H.

“Of course!” H exclaims before leading the way.

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After a walking a good ways, the trio comes across a Slugma and a Cyndaquil chilling out by some lava. Before they can react, a group of three Numels suddenly runs by with a pair of Houndours in hot pursuit.

“A Houndour will do nicely on my team,” Arlon says to himself. He pulls out one of his Pokeballs and releases his Froakie. The other two follow suit and release Gastly and Rhyhorn.

“Wilhelm, Confuse Ray,” Dmitri instructs his Gastly. The Pokemon sends a strange wave of psychic energy at one of the Houndours and sends it into a confused daze. Dmitri then follows up with the same attack, confusing the other as well.


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“Jiraiya, use Water Pulse!” Arlon instructs his Pokemon. The Froakie leaps forward and fires a blast of water at one of the Houndours. The Houndour runs at Jiraiya for a counterattack but falls flat on its face. “And now for the capture,” Arlon says as he pulls out a Pokeball. He throws it at the fallen Houndour and captures it.

“#1, attack those Numels!” H commands his Rhyhorn. The Pokemon plows into the Numel and starts racking up some hits on one of them. H throws a Pokeball at it and successfully captures it while the other two begin attacking his Pokemon.


“Wilhelm, Night Shade!” Dmitri commands his Pokemon. The Gastly fires off a blast of dark energy at the remaining Houndour. Before it gets a chance to react, Dmitri pulls out a Pokeball and quickly throws it, easily capturing the Pokemon.

“Jiraiya, use Water Pulse and take down one of those Numels!” Arlon commands his Pokemon. The Froakie turns his attention toward the Numels around H’s Rhyhorn and fires off another pulse of water, taking one of them down.

“Now, #1, use Stomp!” H commands his Rhyhorn. The Pokemon lifts his foot and slams it down on the remaining Numel, dealing a pretty hefty blow. Dmitri then pulls out a Pokeball and throws it, successfully capturing it.


H recalls his injured Rhyhorn while the other two go after the remaining Pokemon. Arlon easily captures the Cyndaquil while Dmitri has a bit of trouble with the Slugma. Dmitri ends up wasting all his Pokeballs on it, but finally captures it with his last one. As the battle wraps up, Dmitri’s Gastly begins to glow and it evolves into a Haunter.

While Dmitri checks out his newly evolved Pokemon, Arlon notices the sand the sand beneath their feet starting to turn to glass. The glass begins to crack and glow red and the temperature begins to increase rapidly.

“Run!” Arlon shouts to his crewmates. He begins bolting back to the ship with Dmitri and H close behind.


Back on the ship, Shane begins to grow tired of watching Morgan stare so intently at the screen and decides to help her do whatever it was that she is trying to do. Being an AI, he pops himself into the computer to have a look from the inside. From what he can tell, Morgan appears to be attempting to decrypt some heavily encrypted data.

While Shane does want to help, Morgan seems quite intent on doing things on her own, so he doesn’t provide that much assistance so as not to upset her. As Morgan continues to break through the decryption, Shane sees files on something called “Project Genesect.”


Eventually Morgan finishes the decryption, and all the files are left exposed. As he begins reading through the files Shane notices a mysterious blob of data that doesn’t seem to be related to the rest. His Porygon curiously approaches the blob and begins playing around with it.

After briefly parsing through the decrypted files, Shane pops back into the real world to ask Morgan about them. As soon as he manifests himself in physical form again, Shane notices that Morgan seems to be feeling proud of herself. “So what are these files exactly?” he asks her.

“Before we met you, we delivered a package to a Romanov science station,” Morgan explains. “They were making these things,” she continues as she brings up a blueprint for some sort of cybernetic Pokemon on the screen. “They’re called Genesect, apparently. They look dangerous. The scientists seemed suspicious so we stole some data before we left.”


“I see,” Shane replies as he looks over the Specs for the Genesect. “We should probably warn someone about this.”

Before they can discuss any further, the exploration party returns to the Dunsparce exhausted, out of breath, and, in H’s case, badly sunburned. Arlon immediately heads to the cockpit, running past Morgan and Shane. “Hey, Arlon, we need to talk to you about something,” Shane tells him.

“No time!” Arlon shouts as he jumps into the pilot’s seat and fires up the engines. He quickly takes the ship up, eager to be off the ground. Even with the shields set to max, the unpredictable temperature spikes and shifting magma close to the surface could put the Dunsparce in danger. “Sorry about that,” Arlon calls to Shane from the cockpit. “The ground’s a bit dangerous and I thought it best we find somewhere else to land.


Arlon eventually locates the large plateau where the gym is located and sets the ship down. Once it’s settled, he joins the rest of the crew in the computer room. “Alright then, what did you want to talk about?”

“While you were gone, I decrypted the data I stole from that Romanov station,” Morgan tells him.

“So that’s what you were doing… Would it’ve killed you to tell us that?”

Morgan doesn’t say anything.

“It doesn’t matter now, anyway. What did you find out then, luv?”

“Those Pokemon they were making… They call them Genesect,” Morgan explains. She points the the blueprints on the screen and the rest of the crew takes a look.


“I don’t like the looks of this,” Arlon tells the others.

“I think we should warn someone,” Shane tells him.

“Like who?” Arlon asks. “The Alliance? The Federation? This will be stuck in bureaucratic bullshit forever.”


“But we have to do something,” Morgan tells him.

“Until we know more, there’s not really much we can do. If we’re really going to chase these mystery coordinates, we can’t worry about that right now. Now let’s do what we came here for.”

The crew steps off the Dunsparce onto the plateau, out into the blistering heat and sunlight. A lone man stands a distance away, wearing nothing but a pair of rather short shorts and sunglasses.


“I am Masou McKay!” He shouts to the new arrivals as they approach. “Have you come to feel the heat!?”

“Quite the, uh, place you’ve got here, mate,” Arlon tells him sarcastically. “Not much in the way of a gym.”

“So much better to feel the burn this way!” McKay responds. “Now, are you here for a challenge or not?”


“Why else would we be on this bloody planet?” Arlon asks.

“Very well,” the gym leader responds. “You may each have one Pokemon out at a time. You may each have one extra as I expect you will be burning through them.”

“Right then, Ironhide, you’re up.” Arlon releases his Aron and steps back as the others send out Rhyhorn, Haunter, Lotad, and Porygon to back him up.


“Magmortar! Chandelure!” McKay calls out as he releases his own Pokemon. “It’s time to crank up the heat! Magmortar, give them a taste of the twin suns with Solarbeam!” The Magmortar quickly positions itself with a clear shot through #1 and Wilhelm and fires off a massive blast of solar energy from its cannons, taking the Rhyhorn down and badly injuring the Haunter.

Image Credit - beowolfkiller2

“That didn’t go so well,” H mumbles to himself as he recalls his Rhyhorn. “#4, it’s your turn!” He sends out his Trevenant onto the field, but makes sure to keep it a ways away from McKay’s Pokemon.


“Wilhelm, Confuse Ray,” Dmitri instructs his Haunter. The ghostly Pokemon sends a blast of energy at the Chandelure sending it into a state of confusion.

“Chandelure, it’s time to burn them up!” McKay calls to his Pokemon. The ghostly chandelier attempts to blast the challenging Pokemon but in its confused state ends up not being able to do much than sputter out a few harmless embers.

“Clément, use Nature Power!” Morgan commands her Lotad. The small Pokemon then summons up a natural attack from the planet, in this case unleashing an earthquake. The quake strikes the Magmortar, dealing a bit of damage.


“#4, use Growth!” H commands his Trevenant. The ghostly hangs back and begins to build up power, aided by the strong light of the twin suns.

“Ironhide, use Rock Slide!” Arlon commands his Aron. The Pokemon charges at the Magmortar, kicking up a surge of rocks as it goes, and then slams them into the fiery Pokemon, dealing a severe blow.

“D.A.T.A., use Psybeam!” Shane shouts to his Porygon. The Pokemon fires a beam of psychic energy at the Magmortar.


“Magmortar, dodge it!” McKay commands. Despite its injuries, the blast Pokemon manages to dodge out of the way of D.A.T.A.’s attack. “Now, use Overheat!” The Magmortar fires a massive blast of fire at Shane’s Porygon, dealing a hefty blow. The flames continue past and also strike Morgan’s Lotad, knocking it out of the fight. Morgan quickly recalls the fainted Pokemon and sends out her Solrock.


“Wilhelm, finish that Magmortar off with Night Shade,” Dmitri commands his Haunter. The Pokemon blasts the Magmortar with strange energy and finally takes it out of the fight. As it goes down, Shane’s Porygon begins to glow in a weird reaction to the data it had been exposed to and it morphs into a Porygon2.

“Your turn Houndoom!” McKay shouts as he recalls his Magmortar and releases his next Pokemon. “Use Fire Fang on that Haunter!”


“Intercept it with Sucker Punch!” Dmitri commands his Pokemon. The Haunter swings at the Houndoom as it charges at him with one of his floating hands but the swift canine Pokemon dodges out of the way and then leaps at him. The Houndoom’s fangs sink in and do some damage.

“Camille, use Ancient Power on that Houndoom!” Morgan commands her Solrock. The Pokemon lifts up many rocks with its psychic abilities and blasts them at the Houndoom, dealing a powerful blow.


“Chandelure, use Will-o-Wisp!” McKay instructs his Pokemon. The Chandelure sends off a small ghostly flame at Morgan’s Solrock, inflicting a burn upon it.

“D.A.T.A., use Conversion 2!” Shane commands his newly evolved Pokemon. The Porygon2 begins shifting a bit as it changes it’s typing.

“Houndoom, use Thunder Fang!” McKay commands his Pokemon, correctly guessing the type-shift. The Pokemon charges at D.A.T.A. and sinks its shocking fangs into the Porygon2, which is now water type. Miraculously, the Pokemon manages to weather the hit.


“Camille, use Confusion on that Chandelure!” Morgan commands her Solrock. The Pokemon fires a blast of psychic energy at the ghostly chandelier but it doesn’t seem to pay much mind.

“Chandelure, use Hex!” McKay commands his Pokemon in response. The ghostly Pokemon fires off a powerful blast of dark energy at the Solrock and takes it down instantly, knocking Morgan completely out of the battle.


“Ironhide, use Rock Slide again!” Arlon shouts to his Aron as he points at the lethal chandelier. Ironhide rushes the Pokemon with another surge of rocks and deals a pretty powerful hit.

“Houndoom, use Inferno!” McKay commands his other Pokemon. The Houndoom lets out a powerful blast of fire at Shane’s Porygon2, and takes it down. Shane quickly switches out to his Rotom.


“Wilhelm, Confuse Ray,” Dmitri commands his Haunter. The ghost Pokemon unleashes a blast of psychic energy and sends the Houndoom into a confused rage.

“#4, Horn Leech!” H commands his Trevenant. The massive Tree Pokemon charges across the battlefield at the Houndoom and slams it hard with his powerful limbs, taking the Pokemon down.

“It’s your time to shine, Torkoal!” McKay shouts as he releases his final Pokemon. The Torkoal emerges for its ball and spews out a thick smoke from its mouth.


“Ironhide, use Metal Claw on that Chandelure!” Arlon commands his Aron. The little metallic creature charges at the ghostly chandelier and swipes at it with his claws, whittling it down a bit more.

“Torkoal, uses Inferno against that Trevenant!” McKay commands his newly released Pokemon.


“Teleport!” H shouts to his Pokemon. The Trevenant quickly warps away just before a massive surge of flames engulfs his position.

“Wilhelm, use Night Shade!” “B.O.L.T., use Shock Wave!” Dmitri and Shane command their Pokemon. Both the ghostly Pokemon unleash their attacks on the Chandelure but it manages to stay up.

“Use, Shadow Ball!” McKay shouts in response. His Chandelure fires off a ball of Shadowy energy at Wilhelm and knocks the Haunter out of the fight.


“Alright, you’re up next Gigan,” Dmitri says as he recalls his fainted Pokemon and releases his Scyther. “Use, Pursuit!” Gigan flies at the Chandelure at top speed and swipes at the Pokemon with her blades. The hit lands and the Chandelure is finally taken down!

“Use Inferno!” McKay commands his Torkoal, as he points at Ironhide. The fire tortoise unleashes a massive tide of flames at the Aron, almost taking the sturdy Pokemon out with one hit.

“That’s enough for you, mate,” Arlon says as he recalls the injured Pokemon. “You’re up now Hydra.” Arlon throws out another Pokeball and releases his Deino.


“B.O.L.T., use Confuse Ray!” Shane commands his Rotom. The electric ghost shoots a blast of psychic energy at the Torkoal and sends it into a state of confusion.

“Use Gyro Ball!” McKay commands his Pokemon. However, the Torkoal falls over in its confusion and fails to land a hit.

“Now, use Astonish!” Shane commands the Rotom. B.O.L.T. lands a hit and stuns the durable Torkoal.


“Hydra, use Dragonbreath!” Arlon commands his Deino. The Pokemon spews her powerful breath at the Torkoal and immobilizes it.

“#4, Phantom Force!” H commands his Trevenant. The Pokemon vanishes from sight as he prepares his attack.

“Torkoal, attack!” McKay shouts to his Pokemon. However, thanks to Hydra, the Torkoal remains immobilized. #4 then reappears right above the Torkoal and slams down on it with unstoppable force, finally taking it down.


“Well fought!” McKay declares as he recalls his fainted Pokemon. “A powerful fire burns within your hearts! This Star Badge is proof of that.” McKay reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handful of gym badges and presents them to the victorious challengers.

Session/Revision Notes: Holy crap, I forgot how much of a slog fest that fight was! That was the first battle in which I wrote down every move used in the fight in my notes and, I have to say, there were a ton of them! Going back for this rewrite I ended up cutting out a lot of repetitive, boring, and unnecessary parts to keep it from going on too long. It was just too much to read.


That Torkoal was a major pain in the ass. It was just so tanky. But then we shut it down so hard. Between me paralyzing it and The Other Guy confusing it and flinching it over and over, we managed to keep it from doing much of anything while H’s player built up his Trevenant’s combat stages to take it down in one fell swoop!

I also retconned that Shane’s Porygon evolved in this fight. He did find the upgrade item in the Genesect data, but he never actually told us when it evolved. It just sort of became a Porygon2 at some point. He kept calling it Porygon as well so that made things more confusing. We all agreed this seemed like a good place for it to have evolved.

If you’re interested in the original version of this chapter, you can find it here.


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!