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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the GCS Dunsparce squared off with fire type gym leader Masou McKay on the harsh volcanic desert world of Silicron! The battle was tough but the crew emerged victorious and earned the Star Badge! Morgan was also able to decrypt the data she stole from the Romanov research station in the Alexi System, revealing information about the mysterious “Project Genesect.”

The GCS Dunsparce floats along as it orbits the planet Silicron. After defeating Masou McKay, the crew enjoys some down time, glad to be out of the blistering heat of the volcanic world. As he makes his way toward the cockpit, Arlon hears strange sounds emanating from the med bay, which H has commandeered as a makeshift research lab.


“Hello?” he asks as he knocks on the door. No response. “H, you in there, mate?” Still no response. He tries the door console but it does not appear to be working. “That’s odd…” he mumbles to himself as he walks away.

Arlon relaxes in the pilot’s seat for a few hours, browsing through the ship’s nav charts, looking for planets that might have anything useful for the trip into unexplored space. Once he forms a rough idea of where he thinks the crew should travel, he calls the others to the cockpit to get their input. Dmitri and Morgan are the only ones who show up.


“Where are H and Shane?” Arlon asks.

“In the lab, I think,” Morgan tells him.

“There are strange sounds coming from in there,” Dmitri elaborates.

“I noticed,” Arlon tells him. “I couldn’t open the door either. But that was hours ago. What the hell are they doing in there?” Arlon brings up all the ships systems on the viewscreen but none of the sensors can get a read on what is happening in the lab.


“I guess we just have to wait for them to come out,” Morgan says.

“I suppose we will,” Arlon agrees. “Now on to business, where should we head next? We should probably start preparing for our little venture to the mystery coordinates.”


“Right,” Morgan tells him. “We probably could use some supplies.”

“We should also get some weapons on this ship,” Arlon adds. “We don’t know what we might find out there.”


“Weapons sound like a good idea,” Dmitri agrees.

“We’ll need a weapons system first,” Arlon continues. “Our best bet is to head to Federation space. We have a good shot at finding a good technician on one of the urban planets, and while we wait we can pick up supplies.” He quickly glances at the nav chart again. “Let’s see here…” He points to a planet. “How about Otho in Sector 3?”


“That works,” Morgan tells him.

“Alright, I’ll plot a course.”

The Dunsparce drops out of warp space into Federation Sector 3. The ship is immediately hailed by one of three Federation destroyers that guard the gate. Arlon answers the call and a Federation officer appears on the viewscreen.


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GSC Dunsparce, state your business,” the officer instructs Arlon, who is currently the only one in the cockpit.


“We’re on our way to Otho for ship repairs,” Arlon tells him. “And to pick up some supplies.”

“Very well. Prepare to be boarded for inspection.”

Arlon docks with the destroyer and then activates the comms to inform the rest of the crew. “Heads up, we’re being boarded for inspection.”


Arlon then departs from the cockpit to meet up with the rest of the crew at the airlock. The officer Arlon spoke with and a squad of crewman step through onto the Dunsparce. “Show us to your cargo hold,” the officer instructs the crew.

Arlon, Morgan, and Dmitri lead the troops to the cargo hold, where they fan out and thoroughly search the empty crates, finding nothing of interest. They then proceed to the warp drive room to check where the ship has been.


“You seem to have gone quite a few places in the Outer Rim,” the officer comments as he looks through the ship’s warp jump logs.

“Yeah we sort of travel all over,” Arlon replies.

“For business or for pleasure?” the officer asks.

“Pleasure,” Dmitri chimes in.

“I would say both.” Arlon corrects him. “We’ve been traveling around challenging gyms and taking odd jobs here and there.”


“What sort of jobs?”

“Well, uh, mostly transportation.”

“Shipping or... smuggling?”

“Shipping,” Arlon answers confidently, having bluffed to Federation officers many times before.


Really?” the officer asks incredulously. “Search the cargo hold again,” he then orders his men. However they still don’t discover anything, not even the now empty smuggling compartment.

The Federation troops continue to search the ship and find nothing else amiss until they arrive at the lab.


“This door is locked,” says the officer.

“It is,” Arlon replies.

“We’re going to need you to open this door,” the officer tells him, clearly fed up with his dodgy answers.


“I’m afraid we can’t do that,” Arlon explains. “We’ve been trying to open the door but nothing seems to work.”

“Well, try harder”

“Look this is one of the reasons we needed to come all the way here,” Arlon lies. “We need a skilled ship technician to take a look at this. The ones out in the Outer Rim just don’t have the chops to handle some weird thing like this.”


“Very well.” the officer tells him. “But make sure to get this fixed right away so we don’t have this problem again.”

“Of course.”

Determining that everything is in order, the officer clears the Dunsparce to enter Federation space.


On the way to Otho, the Dunsparce stops at a large space station to refuel. While there, the crew visits the station’s Wonder Trade center, since both Morgan and Dmitri have Pokemon they want to trade away. First Dmitri trades his Caterpie away and receives a Shellos, then Morgan trades away her Lotad and receives a Pikachu. Having used up his wonder trade for the day, Dmitri asks Arlon to wonder trade one of his Pokemon for him. Arlon trades away Dmitri’s Lotad and receives a Gulpin. Morgan seems very satisfied with her trade results; the Pikachu seems to be pretty well trained and she thinks it will make a great addition to her team. Dmitri, however, seems less than ecstatic.


Before departing from the station, Morgan uses a Spacenet terminal to look up information on warp travel, thinking it might be useful to their trip into unexplored space. She finds some information on how it works and current research in the field as well as a great article about the history of warp travel:

The history of warp travel dates back to the early days of the Sinai Ascendancy. Sinai life ships from Earth landed on planets rich with ancient ruins that gave them insights into the mysteries of warp space.

Through collaboration with the Geneva Confederacy, known for their scientific prowess, the Sinai developed long distance communication through warp space. With backing from the rest of the Federation, these powers later developed warp drives for ships, enabling them to travel much greater distances.

With the full collaboration of all Federation powers, the first warp gate was created. These gates work with a ship’s warp drive to slingshot them across the galaxy. The Federation pushed for seeding the galaxy with warp drives.

Early conventions called for transmitting the steps for assembling the gate through warp space and having the local government oversee the construction. Once the Federation began to expand this became more difficult for Outer Rim sectors. With newer technology, the Federation has been creating new ships with much more powerful warp drives capable of much longer distance warp travel in order to go out into uncharted space and construct a new warp gate on site.


Morgan also discovers many “troll” articles explaining warp phenomena with crude and inaccurate science. This is not entirely unsurprising to her as the Spacenet is full of trolls these days, more so than in the distant past.

Arlon also accesses a Spacenet terminal and searches for information about the Red Suns and the attack on Gigan Station. All he can find is one article discussing the station’s destruction and an ongoing investigation into a possible pirate attack. Arlon determines that, unsurprisingly, he isn’t going to find any insights into the Red Suns’ activities this way. He decides it’s about time he visits some of his old contacts to see what he can find out.


The Dunsparce drops out of warp space in the system containing the planet Otho, a jungle world with many large urban cities with lots of plantlife integrated nicely into the urban sprawl. Arlon flies the ship to its destination and brings it in atmosphere and sets down in a spaceport with the facilities to install a weapons system.


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As H and Shane still seem to be locked away in the lab, Arlon, Morgan, and Dmitri depart from the Dunsparce and approach the spaceport manager. “Hey mate, I don’t suppose we could get a weapons system installed on our ship?” Arlon asks him.


“Sure, that will be five-thousand credits,” the man replies. Arlon picks up on the faint hint of some sort of Genevan accent.

“That’s a very steep price,” Arlon tells him harshly. “You should consider giving us a better deal.”


“What are you trying to pull here?” the manager asks, a cross expression on his face.

“Look, mate,” Arlon says, realizing he needs to alter his approach. “We’re going on a dangerous mission into unexplored space. We need weapons but, we don’t have a lot of money to spare and the more we have left over for other supplies, the better. Surely as a fellow Genevan, you understand the importance of this… scientific expedition.”


“Very well. If this mission is for the advancement of scientific knowledge, I suppose I can knock five-hundred credits off the price.”

“Thanks, mate,” Arlon tells him as he makes the transaction.

“It will take my men six hours to install the weapons system on your ship,” the manager explains. “Feel free to head off to visit some of the city’s sights. We’ll have you ship ready by the time you return.”


Arlon turns to his crewmates. “Why don’t we go find someplace to eat?” he asks them. “I’m sure you lot are as sick of space slop as I am.”

“That’s a good idea,” Morgan agrees.

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They take a shuttle down to Otho’s surface and begin wandering the walkways, browsing the bustling storefronts for a nice place to eat. Feeling homesick, Dmitri leads the crew into Romanov restaurant.

Arlon doesn’t seem too satisfied as they sit down and dig into their food. “Of all the places you could have picked, you had to pick a bloody Romanov joint. There’s nothing to Romanov cuisine other than potatoes and shitty vodka.”


“But this shitty vodka reminds me of home,” Dmitri replies.

“Feeling a little homesick, mate?” Arlon sighs. “At least this grub is better than what we have on the ship… Anyway, what’s the plan after this? We still have a few hours to kill.”


“I say we go to one of the jungle areas and look for Pokemon,” Dmitri suggests.

“Works for me,” Arlon replies.

“Sure,” Morgan agrees.

After finishing their meal, the trio catch a ride to one of the natural jungle regions near the edge of the city. The head out into the thick jungle to explore and look for Pokemon. It is not long before they come across a group of Pokemon. A Treecko climbs the side of a large tree toward a Nuzleaf hanging out on a low branch. An Abra sits sleeping up against the base of the tree. Dmitri immediately throws a Pokeball hard and fast, catching the Abra before anyone has a chance to react to the situation.


The sudden human presence alarms the remaining two Pokemon and they prepare to attack. The crew send out their own Pokemon in response. The Nuzleaf jumps down from its perch and swipes at Dmitri’s Scyther, catching her by surprise.

“Cerberus, Bite that Treecko,” Arlon commands his Houndour. The canine Pokemon rushes at the small green creatures, then bites it, sinking his teeth in and inflicting a nasty wound. In response the Treecko drains some energy out of its attacker to replenish its own.


“Flora, use Tackle!” Morgan commands her Beautifly. The bug Pokemon flies over to the Treecko and bashes her body into it, whittling it down a bit more. Morgan then pulls out a Pokeball and throws it. The ball pulls the Treecko in and falls still.

With the other two Pokemon caught, the three trainers focus in on the Nuzleaf. Dmitri casts out a blast of energy at the Pokemon and sends it into a state of confusion.


“Cerberus, use Bite again!”

“Flora, use Poison Sting!”

“Gigan, False Swipe!”

The trio command their Pokemon to attack simultaneously, overwhelming the Nuzleaf with their combined might. Dmitri then casts out another blast of energy and puts the Pokemon to sleep. Morgan then pulls out another Pokeball throws it, capturing yet another Pokemon.


As they make their way back into the city, the crew comes across a group of tourists. One is a tall, brown haired man with a bit of scruff on his face. The other man appears to be around the same age, except a bit shorter with blond hair and glasses. The third is a dark-haired woman of similar age. Arlon notes that they appear to be Pokemon trainers. The tourists seem to get the same idea about them and approach. “You all look like Pokemon trainers,” the brown haired man says.


“Indeed we are, mate,” Arlon tells him.

“How about a battle?”

“Sure,” Arlon replies with a smirk, expecting an easy win.

“Let’s make this interesting,” the trainer says. “We each put in five-hundred credits, winner take all.”


“Sounds good,” Arlon agrees

“Shall we begin then?” the man asks.

The six trainers step away from each other and reach for their Pokeballs. Arlon, Dmitri, and Morgan send out Aron, Shellos, and Pikachu respectively. The brown haired man sends out a Nidoking, the other man sends out a Cryogonal, and the woman sends out an Ivysaur.


“Cryogonal, use Ice Shard!” the blond haired man commands his Pokemon. It fires a chunk of ice at Morgan’s Pikachu, but the nimble little electric mouse dodges out of the way.

“Jean, use Slam on Ivysaur!” Morgan commands her Pikachu. The Pokemon charges at the Ivysaur but he is unable to land a hit.


“Nidoking, use Earth Power!” the brown haired man instructs his Pokemon. The Nidoking stomps down on the ground and kicks up a blast of rocks at Morgan’s Pikachu, knocking the Pokemon out instantly.


“Ivysaur, use Vine Whip!” the woman commands her Pokemon. The Ivysaur extends its two vines and strikes Dmitri’s Shellos with them, dealing a nasty blow.

“Use Water Pulse!” Dmitri commands his Shellos, pointing at the Nidoking. The Pokemon shoots a blast of water at the Nidoking and deals a solid blow.


“Ironhide, use Metal Claw!” Arlon commands his Aron. The small metal Pokemon charges at the Cryogonal and swipes at it with his claws. The attack lands and chinks off a few chunks of ice as it deals major damage to the ice Pokemon.


“Nidoking, use Thunderbolt!” the Pokemon’s trainer commands. The Nidoking fires off a blast of electricity from its horn which strikes Dmitri’s Shellos and knocks it out of the fight. Dmitri recalls his fainted Pokemon and sends out his Slugma.

“Ivysaur, use Sleep Powder!” the woman commands her Pokemon. “Put that Aron to sleep!” The Pokemon unleashes a fine dusting of powder at Arlon’s Pokemon and puts him to sleep.


“Yvonne, use Covet on that Cryogonal!” Morgan shouts as she releases her Eevee. The Pokemon emerges from her ball and runs at her icy opponent. She strikes the Pokemon, further whittling it down.


“Counter it with Ice Beam!” the Cryogonal’s trainer commands. The Pokemon fires a beam of colorful light at its attacker, dealing a significant blow to the Eevee.

“Now, use Quick Attack!” Morgan commands. Yvonne runs at the Cryogonal once again and throws herself at the icy Pokemon, knocking it out of the fight.


“Use Earth Power!” the Nidoking’s trainer commands. The Pokemon unleashes another blast of earth, this time taking out Dmitri’s Slugma before he gets the chance to attack. Dmitri recalls the fainted Pokemon and sends out his Houndour.

“Ivysaur, use Vine Whip!” the Pokemon’s trainer commands. The Ivysaur extends its vines toward Yvonne, but the Pokemon tangles its vine and Morgan’s Eevee is able to get out of the way in time. The woman just sighs at her Pokemon’s mistake.


“Yvonne, use Covet on that Nidoking!” Morgan instructs her Eevee. The Pokemon rushes the dangerous Pokemon and gets off a hit.


“Use Sludge Bomb!” the Nidoking’s trainer shouts in response. The Pokemon fires off a massive blob of sludge at Yvonne and knocks the Eevee out. Morgan recalls her fainted Pokemon and sends out her Solrock.

“Use Poison Powder!” The Ivysaur’s trainer commands, this time pointing at Dmitri’s Houndour. However, her Pokemon’s attack misses once again.


“Use Ember,” Dmitri commands his Pokemon in response. The Houndour spits out a lick of flame at the Ivysaur, taking a nasty bite out of the Pokemon.


Finally, Ironhide wakes from his slumber and rejoins the fight. “Ironhide, use Rock Slide!” Arlon commands the freshly awoken Aron. The Pokemon unleashes a tide of rocks at the Nidoking, pummeling it over and over, and taking it down.

“Camille, use Confusion!” Morgan commands her Solrock. It fires a blast of psychic energy at the Ivysaur.


“Dodge it!” the Pokemon’s trainer commands in response. The Ivysaur dives out of the way of the attack and then turns to face its opponent. “Now use Vine Whip!”

“Dodge it, Camille!” Morgan commands her Pokemon. The Solrock floats out of the way of the incoming vines, causing the Ivysaur to miss yet again.


“Now, take it down with Metal Claw!” Arlon commands his Aron. Ironhide charges at the Ivysaur and swipes at it with his claws, finally knocking it out of the fight.

“Well fought!” exclaims the Nidoking’s trainer. “That was quite the battle!” The other two look a bit more dejected at the outcome, especially the Ivysaur’s trainer.


“And you as well,” Arlon replies. “That’s quite a badass Nidoking you’ve got there, mate.”

“Thank you.”

“It reminds me of the one I used to have,” Arlon continues.

“Oh? What happened to it?”

“It’s… it’s a long story, mate, and we really need to get back to our ship.”

“Very well. Perhaps we shall meet again one day.”

The crew collects their winnings and then catch another shuttle back to their ship.


Once the crew is back aboard the newly outfitted Dunsparce, Arlon activates the engines and prepares to take off.


“Don’t we need lasers or rockets or something?” Dmitri asks.

“Don’t worry about it,” Arlon tells him. “I know a guy who can outfit this ship with weapons for a lot cheaper than anything we can find here.”


“I don’t even want to know,” Morgan responds.

“Look, he’s an old acquaintance I used to run jobs for. Not only can he supply us with weapons, but he might have some information about how the bloody hell we’re going to get to that uncharted sector. He’s set up on a mining colony on the fifth moon of Manitou out in the Outer Rim.”


“Alright,” Morgan agrees.

Arlon sets a course for the Sector 3 warp gate, then flies the ship out of the port. On the way, the ship makes a brief detour back to Wonder Trade station at Dmitri’s insistence. While there, Dmitri wonder trades away Gulpin and gets a Solosis. Still not particularly happy with the result, Dmitri returns to the ship so that the crew can be on their way.


Session/Revision Notes: This session was rather interesting. Both H’s and Shane’s players couldn’t make it for various reasons so it was just three of us. According to DragonStorm this was a completely unplanned session for him. He sort of just let us pick some things we wanted to do as individual players beforehand and then had us decide as a group which ones to do. I came up with three contacts for Arlon and the worlds they were located on and figured we would maybe go to one or two of them. The one turned out to be the old acquaintance Arlon mentions at the end of this chapter.


We also got the first taste of DragonStorm’s random planet generation system. He rolls a d12 to determine its biome and a d4 to determine the level of civilization. That’s where Otho came from. We had an interesting battle on Otho. That Nidoking was lethal but I rolled a nat 20 on my accuracy check for rock slide and destroyed it. I actually based the build for the Nidoking Arlon has in the prequel/Volume 2 on it (I actually hinted at that in this rewrite). And of course Ivysaur had a bunch of bad rolls.

In rewriting this session, it got several pages longer than the original, so I ended up splitting it up into two chapters like I did for Session 4. So tune in next week for the conclusion of this session.


If you’re interested in the original version of this chapter, you can find it here. As mentioned before, it covers the events of both this rewritten chapter and the next.

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!