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Spacemon: Remastered - Chapter 9: Belly of the Beast

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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the GCS Dunsparce met with Arlon’s old acquaintance Maxx Aler on the fifth moon of Manitou. He outfitted the ship with weapons and provided Arlon with information on the Red Suns in exchange for the data on Project Genesect. Unfortunately for Arlon he was forced to reveal his history with the Red Suns, placing him at odds with his fellow crew members.


With the Dunsparce outfitted with weapons, Arlon prepares to leave Manitou V. However, on his way to the cockpit, Dmitri blasts him with his psychic powers, sending him into a state of confusion. Morgan then grabs the dazed bounty hunter’s arm and pushes him against the wall. “Arlon Jett was it?” she asks coldly.

“What…?” Arlon asks, completely disoriented.

“This is not okay. I can almost deal with this warp bullshit, but if we’re going to die, it better not be because of something so mundane. “



“From now on,” Morgan continues. “With anything that concerns any of us... there will be no more lies, half-truths, deceptions, or obfuscations. Otherwise I will not hesitate to push you out the airlock.”


“Woah, slow down there, luv,” Arlon tells her, finally snapping back to his senses.

“Uh... What’s going on? Shane asks, having recently emerged from the lab, unsure of what had happened over the past few days.


“He knew who those pirates were,” Morgan explains angrily.

“Pirates?” Shane aks, still not that familiar with the past exploits of his new crewmates.


“You know, the pirates who blew up the station where we all met,” Arlon tells him.

“Oh right, I remember you telling me about that.”

“Well... I may have neglected to mention that I used to run with them,” Arlon continues. “Back when they were a respectable team of bounty hunters…” He turns his attention to the group as a whole. “Look, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you guys. I was waiting for the right opportunity. I needed to know if I could trust you guys.” Arlon looks back at Shane. “But what about you, mate? Where the bloody hell have you been? And what happened to H?”


“I think we should all just calm down,” Dmitri suggests. “Maybe we should try get to know each other a bit more, or something. So we don’t end up in another situation like this.”

“I have nothing to hide,” Morgan announces.

Really?” Shane asks incredulously. “It seems like with that code you were trying to decipher... You were really into it and I don’t think that could have been passion alone.”


“What would you know about passion?” Morgan snaps back at him. “You’re just a computer.”

“How do you know about that?”

“You told us.”

“Oh... Uh... right.”

“I’m just a student from Geneva,” Morgan continues. “There’s nothing else to it.”


“You still might be hiding something.”

“I’m not the one who should be getting grilled here,” Morgan says defensively. She turns her attention to Dmitri. “What about you? Who the hell are you anyway?”


“Well... um... my parents were Romanov researchers and I grew up on a Romanov research station,” Dmitri explains. “It was an old station that was a hotspot for paranormal Pokemon activity that the Romanovs were researching. Once I was old enough, I left the Romanov Union and I didn’t return until we delivered that package to the Alexi System.”

“What package?” Shane asks.

“Shortly after we acquired this ship we made a deal to deliver a package in exchange for a warp drive,” Arlon explains. “It turned out to be a fossil of a Pokemon called Genesect and the Romanov are using it to clone an army.”


“That… sounds bad,” Shane reacts.

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“You don’t say, mate. But there isn’t really anything we can do about it now. Now, would you care to enlighten us in regard to where the hell you’ve been these past few days? What happened in the lab?”

“Science,” Shane tells him.

“Now who’s being evasive?” Morgan asks.

“H and I were experimenting with that warp goo on various objects. A key chain, a loaf of bread, and a potted plant.”


“We had bread and weren’t eating it?” Arlon asks.

“Yeah, I just kind of found it.”

“I take it it’s no longer safe to eat…”

“I would assume so, not that it was before. It’s self-regenerating now, but I wouldn’t want to eat it.”


“So where’s H anyway?”

“He’s in the lab.”

“Well, then let’s see what he has to say for himself.”

The four make their way to the lab but there is no H to be found.

“Well, he was here,” Shane tells his crewmates.

Morgan has a feeling Shane isn’t telling them something, so she walks over to the closet and opens it up. An unconscious H falls out right on top of her.


“I can explain,” Shane responds..

“I’m sure you can,” Morgan replies, still fuming. “Would you care to begin?”

“You know how pushy H can be. When he finally realized I am, in fact, an AI, he wanted to put me in a computer and trap me there to experiment. That’s the very reason I ran away from Sinai.”


“I never really liked him anyway,” Morgan tells him.

“You could have told us, mate,” Arlon tells him.

“I suppose I should have,” Shane replies.

“Well, what’s done is done. Now, help me get him up on the table.”

Arlon and Shane grab H’s body on either side. Together, they lift him up and place him on the medical table.


“So, are we all good then?” Arlon asks his crewmates.

“As long as we can all understand each other from now on, I suppose things will be alright,” Morgan tells him. She then turns and storms out of the lab.


“Is there something wrong with her?” Shane asks.

Absolutely,” Arlon tells him. “But, damned if I know what it is, mate. Now, I think we best be heading to Banton now. We have a lead on getting to that uncharted sector.”


The Dunsparce drops out of warp space and approaches the Sector 31 warp gate. As the ship draws near it’s destination, the sensors start to pick up a strange signal. Arlon reaches for the comms. “I’m picking up a strange signal,” he announces. “You guys might want to get up here.”


Once the crew gathers in the cockpit, they begin analyzing the signal. “It seems to be coming out of warp space,” Morgan observes.

“But what is it?” Arlon asks. “I don’t think it’s a ship.”

“I’m going to try cleaning up the signal,” Morgan tells him. “Let’s see… there.” The signal plays again, this time a lot clearer. “It seems to be some kind of Pokemon cry.”


Just then a giant pink space Wailord drops out of warp space and flies directly at the Dunsparce.

Image Credit - Pikminimon

“What the fuck is that!?” Arlon shouts, seeing the massive Pokemon rapidly approaching through the viewport. He tries to turn the ship away but the Wailord pursues. “I can’t shake it!”

“Do something!” Dmitri shouts at him.

“I’m trying!” Arlon shouts back. “Strap yourselves in!” He pulls the ship up hard and pulls a hard Immelmann turn, turning the Dunsparce to face the Wailord. He then fires the engines up at maximum power, propelling the ship full speed at the giant Pokemon.


“What are you doing!?” Morgan shouts at him.

“I’m gonna try dodging past it.”

“Are you crazy!?”

“I know what I’m doing!”

Arlon flies the ship straight for the Wailord, then attempts to roll to the side. Unfortunately, the giant Pokemon opens its mouth wide and swallows the ship whole. The mouth slams shut and rush of water pushes the ship deeper inside. The Dunsparce eventually comes to a standstill deep within the belly of the beast.


After several minutes sitting around dazed and disoriented, the crew snaps back to reality, realizing the direness of the situation. “What… what just happened?” Shane asks.


“That thing ate us,” Morgan replies.

“Yeah… sorry about that,” Arlon tells his crewmates. “I honestly thought that would work. Now let’s figure out how the bloody hell we’re gonna get out of here.”


“Uh, guys, there’s a man standing out there,” Shane says, sounding quite confused. He points out the viewport at a man standing quite a distance away, on the other side of what appears to be the Wailord’s stomach.

“What the bloody hell…?” Arlon trails off, just as shocked as the others. “Let’s talk to him, I guess. Maybe he can get us out of here.”


The foursome disembarks from the Dunsparce and step out onto the fleshy island the ship has landed on. The man approaches them as they get their bearings. He appears to be wearing a formal naval uniform, albeit one that is drenched in saliva and other Wailord juices. “Sorry about that,” he says. “Seems Wailord here has taken a liking to you.”

“That’s... a nice way to put it...” Morgan tells him.

“Terribly sorry about all that, but since you’re here... this is the Water Gym.”

“There’s a water gym inside a Pokemon?” Shane asks.


“That’s… odd,” Arlon comments. “But the real question is, can we leave once we battle you?”


“Of course.”

“Can we get out without battling?” Dmitri asks.

“Now where’s the fun in that?” the man asks him.

“We might as well, mate,” Arlon tells his crewmate.

“I’m Captain Benz by the way,” the man informs the crew “What are your names?”





“Well met! To defeat this gym you must make it to the end.”

Benz turns, then hops across the fleshy islands to what appears to be the exit. He turns around and watches as the a Dragalge arises from the stomach acid. In response to the Pokemon, the challengers release their own. Morgan releases her Pikachu, Dmitri his Scyther, and Arlon his Deino. Shane releases a Klefki, a Pokemon which came into being when he injected H’s warp goo into a keychain.

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“Jean, jump across to that island!” Morgan commands her Pikachu. She points at a fleshy protrusion near the Dragalge. The electric mouse sprints to the shore and hops across. “Now, use Slam!” The Pikachu leaps at the Dragalge, throwing his weight against it and dealing some damage. Unfortunately, the Pikachu is pricked by one of the dragon’s poisonous barbs. The poisoned Pokemon lands back on the island, a little worse for wear.


“Gigan, use Wing Attack!” Dmitri commands his Scyther. The winged Pokemon flies at the Dragalge and swipes it with her wings.


“Hydra, use Dragonbreath!” Arlon commands his Deino. The Pokemon runs to the shore and lets out a powerful stream of her breath which succeeds in inflicting a partial paralysis upon the Dragalge.

In response to its attackers, the Dragalge unleashes a massive wave of sludge. The attack radiates outwards and strikes both Jean and Gigan, severely injuring both.


“Gigan, come back so I can use a potion,” Dmitri instructs his Pokemon.

“You too, Jean!” Morgan tells her Pikachu.

The Pokemon return to their trainers so that they can be healed.

“K.E.Y.S., use Metal Sound!” Shane commands his Klefki. The Pokemon moves in range and unleashes a high pitched metallic screech at the Dragalge which seems to soften up its scaly hide.


“Hydra, use Crunch!” Arlon commands his Deino. The small Pokemon jumps at the dragalge and sinks her teeth into the Pokemon. In response, the Dragalge floats off into the acid and fires off a draconic pulse of energy at Hydra, knocking her out. Arlon recalls his Pokemon and sends out his Aron.


“Gigan, use Wing Attack!” Dmitri commands his Scyther. Gigan once again flies at the Dragalge and swipes at the Pokemon with her wings.

“K.E.Y.S., use Fairy Wind!” Shane commands his Klefki. The Pokemon blasts a gust of wind at the Dragalge but it does not appear to be bothered. It ignores K.E.Y.S. and launches a large ball of sludge at Gigan, almost knocking the Scyther out.


“Ironhide, use Rock Slide!” Arlon commands his Aron. The Pokemon unleashes a blast of rocks at the Dragalge, bringing it close to the edge.

“Gigan, finish it off with Wing Attack!” Dmitri shouts. His Scyther makes another pass at the Dragalge and finally takes it down.


Benz nods approvingly in the distance and then proceeds through the exit into the next “room.” Before following, the crew switches out their Pokemon. Arlon sticks with Ironhide, but the others decide to change things up. Shane, Morgan, and Dmitri send out Rotom, Treecko, and Abra respectively. As they step into the next area, a Seismitoad emerges from around the bend and surrounds itself with a veil of water.

“You’re not gonna do any good here, mate,” Arlon says as he recalls his Aron in response. “You’re up Jiraiya!” He sends out his Froakie while the others prepare to attack.


“You too, Houdini,” Dmitri says to his Abra. He recalls the Pokemon and sends out his Haunter.

“B.O.L.T., use Confuse Ray!” Shane commands his Pokemon. The Rotom unleashes a ray of psychic energy at the Seismitoad, sending it into a state of confusion.


“Frederic, use Absorb!” Morgan instructs her Treecko. The Pokemon drains energy out of the Seismitoad but it doesn’t seem particularly bothered.

“Jiraiya, use Pound!” Arlon commands his Froakie. The Pokemon jumps at the Seismitoad and slams into it, but, again, it doesn’t seem particularly bothered. It leaps forward and slams itself onto the ground, creating an Earthquake which completely knocks out Jiraiya.


“Frederic, use Absorb again!” Morgan commands her Pokemon. The Treecko drains more energy from the Seismitoad, recovering a bit from the hit he just took.

“Wilhelm, Night Shade!” Dmitri commands his Haunter. The ghostly Pokemon fires off a blast of dark energy, further whittling the Seismitoad down.


“B.O.L.T., use Astonish!” Shane commands his Rotom. The electrical ghost flies at the Seismitoad and rams into it. B.O.L.T. doesn’t seem to inflict any damage on its target, but it does manage to catch the Seismitoad by surprise and prevent it from attacking.


“You’re up next Crocuta!” Arlon shouts as he releases his Mightyena. “While its guard is down, use Crunch!” Crocuta runs at the Seismitoad, teeth barred. Unfortunately, the Seismitoad comes to its senses at the last minute and dodges out of the way.

“Frederic, use Absorb!” Morgan commands her Pokemon. The Treecko attempts to drain energy from the Seismitoad once more, but the Pokemon continues to evade.


“Wilhelm, Shadow Punch!” Dmitri commands his Pokemon. The Haunter flies at the Seismitoad and throws a punch with one of his free-floating hands, making contact with his foe.

“B.O.L.T., use Astonish again!” Shane shouts. His Rotom strikes the Seismitoad once more, and once more stuns it.


“Frederic, Absorb!” Morgan commands her Treecko. This time Frederic lands a hit, and drains a massive amount of energy from the Seismitoad.

“Wilhelm, Night Shade,” Dmitri commands his Haunter. The Pokemon unleashes another burst of dark energy, continuing the focused assault on the Seismitoad. The Pokemon attempts to fight back but ends up whacking itself in the face in confusion.


“We need more firepower!” Shane tells his crewmates. He recalls his Rotom and sends out his Porygon2.

“We just need to keep shutting it down like we’ve been doing,” Arlon tells him. “Crocuta, use Crunch again!” The Mightyena runs as the Seismitoad once more. This time she manages to sink her teeth into her opponent and do some damage.


“Frederic, keep Absorbing!” Morgan tells her Treecko. The Pokemon keeps up draining energy from the Seismitoad, slowly whittling it down.

“D.A.T.A., use Psybeam!” Shane commands his Porygon2. It fires a beam of psychic energy at the Seismitoad, but the shot goes wide and hits the fleshy wall.


Looking desperate at this point, the Seismitoad runs up to Crocuta and throws a punch at the Mightyena. The fist connects and the Seismitoad begins draining energy from her.


“Fight back!” Arlon shouts to his Pokemon. “Use Crunch again!” Crocuta sinks her teeth into her attacker and inflicts a nasty wound.

“D.A.T.A., use Psybeam!” Shane Commands his Porygon2. This time the Pokemon’s attack connects with the Seismitoad and brings it down.


“Phew,” Arlon sighs. “That was a tough one.” He then recalls his injured Mightyena and sends his Aron back out. Dmitri and Shane follow suit, switching to Klefki and Abra. As soon as Dmitri’s Abra emerges, it begins to glow. When the light dies down, a Kadabra stands in his place. “Today’s your lucky day, mate,” Arlon tells Dmitri. “Your friend here didn’t really do any fighting.” The two laugh as the crew moves on to the next area.

They step out into what seems to be the Wailord’s esophagus. Benz stands behind a Clawitzer, waiting. “You may fire when ready,” Benz says to his Pokemon. He then turns and proceeds on to the next area.


“Houdini, Confusion!” Dmitri commands his Kadabra. The Pokemon fires a blast of psychic energy at the Clawitzer, dealing a bit of damage.

“K.E.Y.S., use Metal Sound!” Shane commands his Klefki. K.E.Y.S. lets out a high pitched metallic noise that softens up the Clawitzer’s shell.


“Frederic, use Absorb!” Morgan commands her Treecko. The little green Pokemon moves in and drains some energy from the Clawitzer. The Pokemon ignores Frederic, instead taking aim at Houdini. It fires off pulse of dark energy, which instantly takes the Kadabra down. The Clawitzer clamps its claw down and makes an audible clicking sound, as if reloading.

Image Credit - frostystar

“Ironhide, use Rock Slide!” Arlon commands his Aron. Ironhide runs up to the Clawitzer and unleashes a tide of stones, stunning the Pokemon and delivering a powerful blow.

“Wilhelm, you’re up!” Dmitri shouts as he releases his Haunter. “Use Night Shade!”


“K.E.Y.S., use Draining Kiss!” Shane commands his Klefki.

The two Pokemon unleash their attacks, further whittling the stunned Clawitzer down.


“Ironhide, use Take Down!” Arlon commands his Aron. Ironhide charges at the Clawitzer and throws all of his weight against it, knocking it against the side of the esophagus.

“Wilhelm, Confuse Ray,” Dmitri instructs his Haunter. The ghostly Pokemon fires off his attack at the Clawitzer, sending it into a state of confusion.


“Frederic, use Absorb!” Morgan commands her Treecko. The Pokemon drains energy from the Clawitzer, but not enough to bring it down. However, the influx of energy causes Frederic to glow. He grows in size as he evolves into a Grovyle. The Clawitzer pays him no mind and fires off a sphere of aura energy at Ironhide, and knocks the Aron out.

“K.E.Y.S., use Draining Kiss!” Shane commands his Klefki. The Pokemon flies up to the Clawitzer and drains away the last of its energy. The Clawitzer attempts to fire off a pulse of water as a last ditch effort but only ends up blasting the ceiling as it goes down, drenching the crew and their Pokemon.


Before proceeding, Morgan and Dmitri recall their Pokemon and send out Pikachu and Slugma respectively. Arlon also sends out his Mightyena, healing the Pokemon with a potion before the team heads into the next area. They emerge into what appears to be the back of Wailord’s throat. Captain Benz stands on the far end of the chamber.

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Suddenly, a Starmie flies out of nowhere, and gets the drop on the challengers, knocking out Arlon’s Mightyena with a pulse of water. “Damn it,” Arlon says as he recalls his fainted Pokemon. “Your turn, Cinder!” He releases his Cyndaquil and directs her to attack. “Use Flame Wheel!” The Pokemon rolls into a ball and throws herself at the Starmie as she covers herself over in flames.


“Jean, use Volt Tackle!” Morgan commands her Pikachu. The electric mouse charges full speed at the Starmie, electricity sparking out in all directions. He collides with his target and knocks it back against the wall, sparks shooting all along the Starmie’s body. Jean then passes out due to the poison of the Dragalge. Morgan immediately recalls her Pokemon and releases her Grovyle.

“K.E.Y.S., use Metal Sound!” Shane commands his Klefki. K.E.Y.S. lets out a high pitched blast of sound at the Starmie, softening it up for an attack.


“Obsidius, Smog,” Dmitri instructs his Slugma. The Pokemon sends a poisonous haze over to the Starmie in an attempt to poison it.


“Cinder, use Ember!” Arlon commands his Cyndaquil. She spits out a burst of flames, glowing white hot as she does. The glow covers over her body and she evolves into a Quilava as the flames strike the Starmie.

The Starmie remains immobilized thanks to Morgan’s Pikachu, leaving it wide open for an attack.


“K.E.Y.S., use Draining Kiss!”

“Frederic, use Absorb!”

Together the Klefki and the Grovyle drain away the last of the Starmie’s energy, leaving it knocked out on the ground.


“Hmm... Impressive,” Benz tells the challengers. He then turns and walks away yet again, leaving the Dunsparce crew to prepare for the next battle. Arlon, Morgan, and Dmitri recall their Pokemon and send out Houndour, Totodile, and Haunter. The crew then follows Benz to the next area, arriving in a large chamber filled with water. Benz stands on a small fleshy island in the center. A small boat sits in the water near the challengers.

“Who wants to get in this boat that is clearly not a trap with me?” Arlon asks cheekily as he steps toward the small watercraft.


“I’ll go,” Morgan tells him.

The two of them climb into the boat with their Pokemon and begin rowing toward the island. Ripples start forming along the water as they move along and a shadow appears beneath the surface. A massive Gyarados bursts out of the water, roaring loudly as it covers itself in a veil of water.


Dmitri directs his Haunter forward and it flies up into the Gyarados’s face. The two Pokemon roar at each other, then the Gyarados dives back into the water and swims toward Shane’s Klefki. The large Pokemon rises from the water and spits a massive surge of flames at the Klefki, dealing quite a bit of damage.


“Wilhelm, Night Shade!” Dmitri commands his Pokemon. The Haunter fires off a blast of dark energy at the Gyarados, landing the first hit on the Pokemon.

“K.E.Y.S., use Draining Kiss!” Shane commands his Klefki. The Pokemon moves in to attack, but the Gyarados dodges by diving down deep into the water.


The teams has barely a few minutes of respite before the Gyarado charges up from below, headed straight for the boat. Arlon dives off at the last second while Morgan throws up a protective barrier as the Gyarados smashes into the boat. Their Pokemon, however, are not as lucky. The Totodile is launched into the water while the Houndour takes the brunt of the attack. He begins glowing, evolving into a Houndoom as he attempts to resist the strike, but it is not enough and he passes out. The Totodile begins to glow as well, evolving into a Croconaw. Arlon and Morgan swim to the island, now soaked through with Wailord saliva. Arlon recalls his fainted Houndoom and sends out his Quilava, his last Pokemon.

“Wilhelm, use Curse!” Dmitri commands his Haunter. The Ghostly Pokemon inflicts a curse upon the Gyarados, counteracting the effects of its protective water veil.


“Hector, use Scratch!” Morgan commands her Croconaw. The Pokemon swims over to the Gyarados and scratches it with his claws.


“Cinder, use Ember!”

“K.E.Y.S., use Fairy Wind!”

The two Pokemon fire off their attacks from afar, whittling the Gyarados down. In response, the Pokemon dives again, emerging behind Hector. It roars loudly, then fires off a massive, powerful beam of energy. The beam strikes the Croconaw, taking it down instantly, passes harmlessly through Wilhelm, and collides with K.E.Y.S., dealing a massive amount of damage.


Morgan recalls her fainted Pokemon and sends out her Eevee. “Go, Yvonne, use Bite!” The small brown Pokemon leaps at the Gyarados and bites it, dealing a bit more damage.


“Wilhelm, Night Shade!”

“Cinder, use Ember!”

“K.E.Y.S., Fairy Wind!”

The Gyarados fights through the barrage of attacks as it recharges. It then dives down and swims for Shane’s Klefki. “Wilhelm, use Sucker Punch!” Dmitri commands his Haunter. The ghostly Pokemon rushes at the Gyarados as it rises out of the water, sights set on the Klefki. Fist raised, Wilhelm flies into the Gyarados’s mouth and phases through the other side, knocking the Pokemon out. The fainted Gyarados continues flying and lands on top of K.E.Y.S., knocking the Klefki out as well.


“Hmmm,” Benz says. “Hmmm… Not bad. This was a most exciting challenge! As a token of your victory, I present to you the Nebula badge!”

Session/Revision Notes: Sorry about the length on this one, but there was no good place to chop it into two chapters. Reading through gym battles is pretty quick though, so I hope it balances out.


H’s player was absent once again but The Other Guy returned!. Since he was the only one of the two who had been previously absent to show up, he got full reign over deciding what happened with Shane and H in the lab. He gave quite the good bullshit story on goo experiments that resulted in his Klefki, a regenerating loaf of bread, and a potted plant that grows in reverse.

The Water Gym was easily the most interesting of the ones in Volume 1. Having a gym battle inside a space Wailord was genius. It was funny how many Pokemon evolved in this battle. My Houndour and Cyndaquil evolved, as did Morgan’s Treecko and Totodile. We did catch them all at or over evolution level so we really only needed to use them once to have them evolve.


If you’re interested in the original version of this chapter, you can find it here.

Post-Chapter Challenge: Behold the glory that is the Space Wailord! Spacemon takes place in, well, space! As such, there needs to be Pokemon retooled for space! This shiny Space Wailord is a good example. It floats through space, doesn’t need air or water, is capable of warp travel, and is large enough to eat a spaceship!


For this week’s challenge, I would like you to pick any Pokemon you want and redesign it for space!

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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