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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! This is the sixth installment of a mini-series that was written concurrently with the final volume, but it has been inserted at the appropriate point in the story. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Arlon stood on the bridge of the Corsair, looking out the viewport at his new fleet assembled just outside the Sector 27 warp gate. Weeks upon weeks of preparations had lead to this: a motley assortment of buckets and frigates of both civilian and military make. Alliance, Genevan, and Romanov. The Red Suns’ leader was actually quite impressed by how quickly it had been accomplished. A fleet of twenty or so vessels built from a mere handful all in less than a month. Now it was finally time to put them to use.

Original Image Source could not be found (but this shot is from Warhammer 40K, I believe)

Arlon turned from the viewport and strode off the bridge. He crossed the corridor and stepped into the war room on the other end. Everyone else was already gathered around the holotable. They made room as their leader passed, allowing him to walk right up to it.

“Today, we stand ready to take on our toughest mission yet,” Arlon declared. He pressed a button on the holotable and the image of a Romanov Supremacy Broadsword class heavy cruiser flanked by several standard Supremacy cruisers sprang up. “I know many of you had friends and family who died during the Romanov invasion. Now it’s our turn to get a little payback.”


“So, what are we looking at here, boss?” Luke asked.

“This,” Arlon answered. He pressed another button, and the hologram focused in on the Broadsword. “Is the RSS Pročnost’. She’s a Broadsword class heavy cruiser, better known to us as the Supremacy’s infamous ramming ships, and she’s our target.”

“Target for what, exactly?” Petra asked.

“We’re going to capture her,” Arlon explained.

“That is not easy task,” Kiril observed. “What is purpose of this?”

“We’ve been asked by my contact in the Federation,” the Red Suns’ leader informed his crew. “The Federation has their hands full fighting against the Supremacy. That’s where we come in. The Pročnost’ is currently in Sector 10 in the Confederacy, and is believed to be carrying intel that could give the Federation the upper hand in this war. The Supremacy may have Sector 9 on lockdown, but the bastards don’t have control over Sector 10 yet. While Federation forces keep the Supremacists busy, we’re going to slip in and capture the Pročnost’ before they even know what hit ‘em.”


“You make it sound easy, but capturing a ship like that is still no laughing matter,” Petra commented.

“That’s why we’re bringing the whole bloody fleet,” Arlon responded, a slight grin forming on his lips. “Our ships keep the other cruisers distracted, while the Corsair swoops in and deploys one of our boarding craft. A small team of five will infiltrate the Pročnost’, then disable the life support systems and open every Goddamn airlock. Thanks to the EVA combat armor that Luke acquired, we will be perfectly fine while the Supremacists get sucked out into space. After that, taking the bridge will be a piece of cake.”

“Zat… is a very risky plan,” Rena observed. “I like it. Who will be on ze infiltration team?”


“We’ll need our best fighters. We are limited to only five, so I had to choose wisely. The infiltration team will consist of myself, Rena, Luke, Kiril, and Matthias.” Arlon turned his gaze to his tech expert. “You’re key to this operation, mate. We get you to the control room…” Arlon pressed another button, and the hologram of the Pročnost’ zoomed in further, lighting up the location of the ship’s control room. “Then you hack in and take over their systems.”

“That I can do, my friend,” Matthias said with a hint of excitement.

“Meanwhile…” Arlon continued, looking over to his final lieutenant. “Petra, you will be in charge of overseeing the fleet.”


“Got it,” the former bounty hunter acknowledged. “I’ll try not to break your new toys,” she added with a laugh.

“I would certainly hope so,” Arlon responded. “Everyone know their role?”

“You know it, boss,” Luke answered for everyone.

“Excellent. It’s time to get this show on the road.” Arlon pressed a button on the holotable and activated the fleet-wide comms. “All ships, prepare to jump!”


As the Corsair flew through warp space, edging ever closer to its destination, Rena wandered the frigate’s corridors. She, like many of her fellow Genevans amongst the ranks of the Red Suns, was quite troubled by the Romanov Supremacy’s invasion of the Confederacy. With the majority of the Confederacy’s leaders now dead at the hands of Heilovic, the Supremacy had been able to move in and take over without much resistance. Now it was just one more problem for the Red Suns to worry about.

As if Arlon doesn’t ‘ave enough on ‘is plate already, Rena thought. She was worried about him. Ever since he returned to the Red Suns, she had seen him push himself harder than ever before, and now, with all that was going on, she was afraid that he was pushing himself too hard.


Snapping back to the present moment, Rena found herself standing just outside of Arlon’s private quarters and realized that she had subconsciously wandered there. She sighed, then knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Arlon answered.

Rena pressed the button on the console, and the door slid open. She stepped inside to see Arlon sitting on the bed scrolling through a bunch of data on his Pokedex. The Red Suns’ leader looked up as Rena entered. “What’s up?” he asked.


“I wanted to talk to you… If you ‘ave the time,” Rena told him.

“Yeah, of course,” Arlon replied, putting his Pokedex away. “What’s on your mind?”


“Arlon… I… Well, you ‘ave been under a lot of stress lately and I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

“Yeah, I’m alright,” Arlon answered. He stood up and took a step closer. “But thanks for asking. Maybe once we strike against Mr. Silver, we’ll finally have some bloody peace and quiet around here.”

“I would certainly ‘ope so,” Rena laughed. “I was thinking, zough… ‘ave you thought about what ‘appens afterwards?” She reached out a placed her hand on Arlon’s arm. “About us?


“Course I have,” Arlon told her as he placed a hand on her shoulder. “Our future is important to me… but Mr. Silver is our priority right now. He has to be stopped.”

“I know, but I was thinking zat once we defeat ‘im… maybe we could settle down somewhere? You know, start a real life together? No more of zis running around ze Galaxy.”

“I think I’d like that,” Arlon agreed as he moved his hand up to Rena’s cheek. “I’ll tell you what, once Mr. Silver is history, we’ll make sure the Red Suns are in good shape, and then we’ll walk away. We’ll find that nice place you always wanted to go… just the two of us.”


Rena smiled as she looked up at Arlon. “I’ll ‘old you to zat.” She put her arms behind his neck and pulled him into a kiss. The two slowly moved toward the bed as they embraced.

Silence hung in the air of the Corsair’s armory as the infiltration team geared up, save for the sounds of shifting equipment. Arlon gazed around at his fellow Red Suns as he fastened the final bit of his armor in place. Their faces remained stoic as they checked their weapons and Pokeballs. The grim reality of the war with the Supremacy had soaked in over the past few days. They were going to be heavily outnumbered and outgunned, but they all knew the risks.


Fully armored up, Arlon strapped his belt on. The Red Suns’ leader then pulled out his pistols and made sure they were fully charged and ready to go. He had already checked them half a dozen times, but he couldn’t take any chances on this mission. One misfire, and the whole team could end up dead.

Once he was satisfied, Arlon holstered the guns, then walked over to the rack of heavy weapons lining the wall. They were going to need them. “Everyone, grab as many warp cannons as you can carry,” he ordered the team.

“What for, boss?” Luke asked as he slung his rifle over his shoulder. “Wouldn’t incendiary cannons be more useful?”


“For the Knight Commandos, mate,” Arlon told him. “We fought two of them on the Halcyon and it was almost too much. Their armor and shields are practically impenetrable and they tore through our Pokemon like they were made of paper. The only way we beat the rest of them was with a bloody insane plan and luck.”

“So, why warp cannons?”

“I saw a single Inkay take one down in one shot with a warp blast,” Arlon recounted the moment Shane’s Pokemon overloaded one of the Commando’s shield systems.


“Warp cannons function very similarly,” Matthias observed. “That stuff seriously messes with any kind of technology. Believe me, I know.”

“Precisely, mate,” Arlon agreed. “It’s an edge we desperately need if we want to have any chance of survival.”

“Da!” Kiril agreed as he picked up several warp cannons. “I’ll be sure to bring plenty! The Supremacists won’t know what hit them.”


“No, zey won’t,” Rena agreed as she stared down the sights of her sniper rifle. She had more reason to hate the Supremacists than most. Many of her family members were killed during the invasion of the Confederacy’s core system.

“We’ll be sure to give ‘em hell,” Arlon agreed with his crew. “Now, we’ll be arriving shortly. Be at the boarding craft in five.”

As soon as the Corsair dropped out of warp space, the Red Suns’ ship was immediately hailed by their target. Matt glanced over at Petra seated in the co-pilot’s seat for direction. The lieutenant nodded, signalling Matt to answer. The pilot opened the channel, and a Supremacist officer appeared on the viewscreen.


“Attention unidentified vessel,” the officer said. “You have entered restricted space. By order of the Romanov Supremacy, you must turn back at once.”

“That’s funny,” Matt retorted. “Last I checked, this was a Genevan sector. Ya know what? I think we’ll stay.”

“Turn back now, or you will be fired upon.”

“Nah. How about you go fuck yourself instead?” Matt closed the channel just as the remainder of the fleet dropped out of warp space behind the Corsair.


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Petra reached for the console and opened up the fleet-wide channel. “All ships, form up,” she commanded over the comms. “Charge weapons and focus on those cruisers. Keep them occupied while we deliver the ‘package.’”

As the mercenary fleet approached, the Supremacist squadron tightened formation around the Pročnost’. A Broadsword was much more useful against larger ships, so it wasn’t going to be much use against a fleet of smaller, much more maneuverable ships. However, the six cruisers were outnumbered nearly four-to-one.


Once the two groups of ships were within range, lasers, rockets, and energy blasts began flying. “Prepare for a bumpy ride!” Matt announced over the Corsair’s comms as he rocketed the frigate forward. Enemy fire began bombarding the vessel as it flew past the line of cruisers, straight for the Pročnost’.

“One minute till launch!” Petra’s voice sounded over the comms as the infiltration team climbed aboard their boarding craft.


“Alright you lot, the time has come to kick some Supremacist ass!” Arlon declared as he sealed the door behind him. “Who’s with me?!”

“Da!” Kiril called back. “I will show them how true Romanov does battle!”

“That’s what I like to hear! We’re taking this Goddamn ship even if we have to fight down to the last bloody man! All of you, stay vigilant and be prepared for anything!”


“You got it boss!” Luke shouted in response.

“Thirty seconds!”

The Red Suns’ leader slid his helmet’s faceplate in place and grabbed onto the support rail on the ceiling. “Make it through this one alive, and drinks are on me!”


“I will ‘old you to zat!” Rena responded.

“Prepare to launch in five… four…. three… two… one… Launch!” The boarding craft lurched forward as Petra spoke the final word. “Good luck out there.”

The Red Suns braced themselves as they rapidly approached the target. As the moments crawled by at a Slowpoke’s pace, the mercenaries gripped their weapons in anticipation.


Just as it was beginning to seem that the moment would never come, there was a loud clang, and the whole craft rattled violently as it lurched to a stop. It was immediately followed by a contained explosion as the door blasted open.

Arlon pulled out a pistol and a Pokeball as he charged out of the boarding craft. “Move! Move! Move!

Arlon fired off a flurry of shots with his pistols down the corridor, sending the Supremacist soldiers diving behind the support beams. From the safety of cover, the Supremacists ordered their Bisharps to advance as they returned fire. One of the Pokemon took a swipe at Arlon with its wrist-blade, but the nimble mercenary leaped backwards just in time.


“Jiraiya, Night Slash! Cinder, Lava Plume!” Arlon commanded his Pokemon. His Greninja sprang forward, right over the Bisharps, then took a swipe at their trainers, taking two of the soldiers down. Meanwhile, Arlon’s Typhlosion charged right into the advancing Pokemon and unleashed a massive burst of flames from her back. The blast knocked the Bisharps back into the walls.

As more soldiers rounded the corner at the end of the passageway, they walked right into Rena’s sights. The Parisian sniper fired off a burst of perfectly aimed shots, laying three Supremacists out. “Ballerine, use Moonblast!” she then commanded her Pokemon. Her Gardevoir gracefully moved forward and blasted one of the injured Bisharps with a surge of energy, knocking it out.


“Matthias! How’s that door coming!?” Arlon shouted to the team’s hacker.

“The lock is really advanced!” Matthias shouted back. “I need another minute!” The Athínian hacker was confident he could crack this lock, but he just needed more time. “Cipher, give me a little hand here,” he called out to his Porygon-Z. The digital Pokemon floated over and interfaced with the console, narrowly avoiding taking a hit from the incoming laser fire from the rear.


“I’ve got you covered!” Luke shouted as he turned to face the squad of soldiers moving in to flank them. The Alliance merc fired off a few controlled bursts of fire, taking down several Supremacists. “Sobek, you’re up!” he then shouted to his Feraligatr. “Use Aqua Tail!” The reptilian Pokemon charged forward and bashed the remaining soldiers into the wall with his powerful tail.

Once Luke’s Pokemon was out of range, Kiril unleashed a wave of fire from his flamethrower, roasting the wounded soldiers alive in their armor. “Ha ha!” the Romanov laughed triumphantly. He then turned his attention to the larger force advancing from the other end of the corridor. “Otrava, Gyro Ball!” Kiril commanded his Weezing. The Poison Gas Pokemon floated over, and rammed into a group of Supremacists, knocking one right to the floor.


“On your feet, soldiers!” a booming voice rang out. “Show this scum true Romanov power!” A lone Knight Commando strode down the corridor, brandishing his Aegislash. The Supremacist soldiers rallied behind him as he advanced.

“We’ve prepared for this!” Arlon shouted to his team. “Hit him with a cannon, then focus fire!”

“My pleasure,” Kiril said as he took aim with one of his warp cannons. He locked onto the Knight Commando and pulled the trigger. A blast of warp energy flew across the hall and collided with the armored Romanov. The Commando blocked the shot with his Aegislash, but he was not prepared for the second blast from Luke. His armor began sparking violently, giving the Red Suns the opening they needed.


“Light him up!” Arlon shouted. “Jiraiya, use Water Shuriken! Cinder, use Blast Burn!” The water projectiles kept the Commando pinned down, leaving him defenseless as the flames roared down the hallway, knocking out his Pokemon and devastating the other soldiers. Just to make sure, the remaining Red Suns ordered their Pokemon to attack, finishing off the Commando and any remaining soldiers.

Aaand, there’s the door!” Matthias shouted.

“Otrava, Smokescreen,” Kiril commanded his Weezing as the door slid open. The Pokemon began to release a steady stream of noxious smoke into the control room, covering the Red Suns as they moved in. A few quick bursts of fire later, and all the soldiers inside were dead.


“Matthias, you’re up again! Do your thing!” Arlon commanded.

Matthias ran to the main computer and jacked in with his Pokedex. “Alright, let’s see here,” he said as he began breaking into the Pročnost’s systems. “There’s life support. Let’s go ahead and shut that off. Oh, and door controls. How about we open everything?! Oh, and let’s not forget their airlocks either!”

The Red Suns watched on the security feeds as countless Supremacists were sucked out into space. Unfortunately, they spotted many soldiers, including several more Knight Commandos, that managed to fight off the vacuum pull. The bridge, however, seemed to be completely unharmed.


“They must be on a separate system,” Arlon guessed. “Matthias, can you do something about that?”

“Not from here, I’m afraid,” the hacker answered. “The good news is I’ve loaded up their systems with all sorts of bots. They won’t be getting them back online anytime soon, and they certainly won’t be going anywhere.”

“Nice work, mate,” Arlon responded. “Everyone, activate your suits’ life support systems and switch to Pokemon that don’t need air. We’re headed for the bridge!”


The Corsair rumbled as it was battered by the advanced weaponry of the Supremacist ships. “Open fire!” Petra yelled to the gunners as Matt dove the ship in for another pass on one of the heavy cruisers. The ion cannons popped the cruiser’s shields, allowing the plasma beam to slice through the hull.

“It’s shields are down!” Petra broadcasted across the fleet. “Now’s your chance!” The surrounding ships unleashed a tide of lasers and rockets at the heavy cruiser. Explosions rippled along the ship as it was bombarded. Matt pulled the Corsair away from the cruiser as it was reduced to rubble.


“That’s three!” Matt shouted in excitement. The battle was intense, and the Red Suns had lost many ships, but they had strength in numbers. Aside from the Broadsword, only half the Supremacist ships remained.

Matt rolled the Corsair as the nearest cruiser fired another salvo from its cannons. The Red Suns’ flagship slipped between the blasts, but several of the nearby mercenary vessels were decimated. “We are losing too many ships!” one of the pilots shouted over the comms.

“Stay calm!” Petra replied. “The odds are still in our favor! Form up on the middle cruiser! It’s preparing to fire! Don’t let it get those shots off!”


Matt pushed the Corsair forward, and aimed for the cruiser’s underbelly. “All guns front!” Petra commanded the gunners. A line of fire erupted along the bottom of the cruiser as the Corsair strafed past. Just before the Supremacist ship exploded, it fired off another volley of rounds taking down two more mercenary vessels instantly, and damaging several others.

“Our engines are going critical!” one of the damaged ships’ pilot declared over the comms.

“Alkaev, what the hell are you doing?!” Petra responded as she watched the ship begin to accelerate toward one of the two remaining cruisers.


“We are dead anyway, comrade,” the pilot responded calmly. “We will not go without fight.” The ship opened fire upon the enemy cruiser, breaking a hole in its shields. The mercenary frigate flew full speed through the opening and smashed into the cruiser, destroying both vessels in a massive explosion.

Original Image Source could not be found (but this shot is from Warhammer 40K, I believe)

“I guess that’s one way to take down a cruiser!” Matt commented as he narrowly maneuvered the Corsair away from a salvo from the remaining cruiser.


“All ships, focus fire on that last cruiser!” Petra commanded the fleet. The remainder of the Red Suns’ ships fired upon the final ship with every weapon at their disposal, quickly tearing through its shields.

Woooo!” Matt cheered as he flew the Corsair in close. The frigate’s plasma beam cut straight through to the cruiser’s engines, delivering the final blow.

Bodies flew in all directions as Arlon’s Golem and Kiril’s two Electrodes bowled through the opposing soldiers. Arlon strode forward, firing off his pistols as fast as he could at the Supremacists before they hit the ground. “Hydra, Dragon Pulse!” Arlon commanded his Zweilous, advancing beside him. The dragon Pokemon fired off an energy pulse that took out another.


The other members of the team were close behind, firing with their own weapons. Rena aimed for the ones in the back, picking them off with her sniper rifle before they could even get in range.

“Nice shooting!” Luke complimented her as he fired off several bursts at the closer targets.


“And zey say sniper rifles are no good indoors!” Rena responded as she picked off a couple more soldiers. “Ordinateur, use Psychic!” she then commanded her Metagross. The metallic Pokemon released a burst of psychic energy down the corridor, blasting the advancing troops backwards.

“They clearly haven’t seen you in action!” Luke shouted back as the Red Suns moved up. “Kaiju, use Thrash!” Luke’s Tyranitar charged ahead and smashed through the Supremacists as they picked themselves up.

“Or they’re just idiots,” Matthias suggested. “Long range attacks are perfect for these corridors. Cipher, use Zap Cannon!” the hacker commanded his Porygon-Z, as if to demonstrate. The Pokemon blasted a giant ball of electricity down the hallway, taking down one of the soldiers the Tyranitar had missed. “There. Now the path is clear.”


Image Credit - Aminirus

The Red Suns moved forward, through a set of blast doors into the ship’s hangar, right into a group of four Knight Commandos. “You just had to open big mouth, didn’t you?” Kiril jabbed at Matthias as he turned to look at the hacker.

“You know what to do!” Arlon shouted to his compatriots. Down to their last warp cannons, Kiril and Luke each fire off their final warp blasts at separate Knight Commandos, crippling their shields.


Rena then leaped onto her Metagross’s back, and the two floated up into the large open space they now found themselves in. As they rose, the sniper fired off as many shots as she could, aiming right for the weak points of the Commandos’ armor, taking both down. However, that still left two with their shields perfectly intact.

“Guess we’ll have to do this the hard way…” Arlon said to no one in particular. “Terra, use Rollout!” The ground rumbled as the mercenary’s Pokemon rolled forward toward the Commandos. One of the armored Romanovs raised the shield half of his Aegislash and deflected the hit. His armor whirred as the motorized joints pushed against the force of the Golem. The two Commandos then swiped at the Pokemon’s rocky hide with their swords, knocking her out. One then punted the injured Golem out of the way with a swift kick.


“Run for cover!” Kiril shouted to his comrades. “Sleva, Prava, Explosion!” The Red Suns quickly moved out of the way as the Romanov’s two explosive Pokemon rolled into position and detonated. When the smoke cleared, the Commandos were still standing, but their armor looked a little worse for wear.

“Keep it up!” Arlon shouted as he began unloading with his pistols. “We’ve done this before, we can do it again! Hydra, use Dark Pulse!” His draconic companion unleashed a blast of darkness at one of the Commandos, but the Romanov soldier deflected it with His Aegislash.

“Block this!” Matthias shouted in response. “Cipher, Lock-On and use Hyper Beam!” The hacker’s Porygon-Z flew forward and took aim at one of the Commandos. The brilliant beam of light it fired slipped right past his Aegislash as he attempted to block and burned a noticeable mark into his armor.


Before the Red Suns got the chance to follow up with more attacks, another squad of Supremacist soldiers moved in from behind. “Zhukov, let’s take care of these bastards,” Luke said as he tapped the large Romanov on the shoulder. “Kaiju, use Earthquake!” he then commanded his Pokemon. The Tyranitar charged right into the middle of the Supremacists and stomped his foot down, knocking them all to the ground. Luke and Kiril then moved in, and opened fire before they got a chance to pick themselves up.

Up in the air, Rena continued to use her Metagross as a mobile sniper platform. As the metallic Pokemon floated around, Rena fired off round after round at the Commandos. However, this didn’t seem to do much more than annoy them. Without their shields disrupted, they were nearly indestructible.


The sniper was at least proving herself to be somewhat of a threat, because the Commandos both aimed their Aegislashes in her direction. The sword Pokemon glowed as they charged up energy and fired off super powerful beams! The blasts met their mark, knocking both Rena and her Metagross out.

Rena!” Arlon bellowed in dismay as he watched her fall. There was a very audible crack as she hit the ground. “Hydra, protect her!” the Red Suns’ leader fiercely commanded his Pokemon as the Commandos moved in for the kill.

The Zweilous charged forward and leaped into the way just in time. The Pokemon began to glow as both blades collided with her. Hydra roared with frightening intensity as she grew in size and sprouted another head. The newly evolved Hydreigon lunged at one of the Commandos at lightning speed. One head ripped the Aegislash from the soldier’s hand while the other two went in for the kill. Blood squirted out as Hydra’s teeth sank into the armor’s weak point at the neck.


Image Credit - AutobotTesla

“Oh no you don’t,” Matthias said as he saw the remaining Commando raising his sword to strike the Hydreigon. He whipped out his Pokedex, and remotely hacked into the Romanov’s armor systems. “Get him while he’s vulnerable!” the hacker shouted as the Knight Commando’s shields began to short out.

“Arlon!” Kiril shouted as he tossed a grenade to the Red Suns’ leader. Arlon grabbed the grenade out of the air, then leaped at the Commando from behind. He jammed the explosive into a crevice in the armor, then sprang backwards just as it detonated. The Commando fell to the floor, a chunk of his body completely blown away.


Arlon picked himself back up and wasted no time in running to Rena’s side. “Please… no…” the mercenary breathed out.

“She’s still alive!” Matthias exclaimed after quickly running a scan with his Pokedex. “But we need to get her out of here now!”

“Matt, get the Corsair here right now!” Arlon ordered over his commlink. “Rena’s been hurt and she needs medical attention now!”


“On my way, boss!”

“I’m not gonna ask you again,” Arlon snarled menacingly at the Pročnost’s commanding officer, his gun pointed right between the man’s eyes. “Where is the data?


The Romanov commander stared back just as fiercely. “I do not know what you are talking about, you Outer Rim scum.”

With the cruisers eliminated and the majority of the Pročnost’s crew dead, taking the bridge had been easy. Now the Red Suns floated through warp space on their new Broadsword while Arlon interrogated the surviving command crew. He had them all on their knees, with dozens of guns trained on them

“Don’t play dumb with me, mate,” Arlon told the commander. “Tell me where the data is, or I will shoot you.”


“You can’t shoot me,” the commander laughed. “Shoot me, and you get nothing.”

“You’re right, mate,” Arlon agreed. “I can’t kill you.” The mercenary pointed his gun at one of the other officers and pulled the trigger. Several other officers winced as the body hit the floor, but the commander’s face remained emotionless. “Tell me what I want to know or I’ll kill another one of your men.”

“Go ahead,” the commander replied.

Without hesitation, Arlon aimed his gun at another Supremacist officer and fired. “Nyet!” the officer next to him gasped as blood splattered into his face. “He had wife! Children!”


“Shut up, you Supremacist dog!” Arlon shouted as he cracked the man on the head with the butt of his pistol, playing him out on the floor. “How many wives and children died because of you?! On the Halcyon! On Parisia! On Albion!” He picked the man off the floor and shoved his gun into his mouth. “I should kill every last one of you!”

Stop!” the commander shouted. “I will tell you what you want to know.”

“That wasn’t so hard, now was it?” Arlon asked as he dropped the officer back to the floor. He walked back over to the commander.


“The data is on hard drive in my pocket,” the commander explained. Arlon reached in and pulled out a small hard drive.

“Matthias,” Arlon said as he tossed the drive.

The hacker caught it, then plugged it into his Pokedex. “It’s there. Unencrypted, even.”


“Now, you will let my men live?” the commander asked.

“I never said that, mate,” Arlon answered. The Red Suns leader turned his attention toward his own men standing behind the Pročnost’s crew. “Kill them all,” he ordered before storming off the bridge. The sound of laser fire echoed down the corridor after him.

Author’s Notes: Action! Action everywhere! This one was a nice little something I had planned out when I first conceived this series. I had about a week in the Spacemon timeline between Chapter 25 and Chapter 26 of Volume 2 and I was just like “I’ma cram an op where they capture a Broadsword and Arlon is a hardcore motherfucker.” And that’s what I did.


A lot of thought went into the breakdown of the scenes. I knew I wanted fleet combat to show off the Red Suns’ new fleet, and I wanted Knight Commandos and explosions and awesomeness! I really went into it with the mentality of “if I were the Red Suns, how would I plan this op.” I knew there would have to be Knight Commandos on a Supremacist ship, but I also knew that Arlon would be prepared for that after the grueling battle he, Rena, and Kiril had against them in Volume 2, Chapter 23. Enter the warp cannons, which DragonStorm says functions like the move Topsy-Turvy which reverses combat stages, negating the Knight Commandos’ effectiveness. That’s how Shane’s Inkay messed one of them up really good in Volume 2, Chapter 24. So they blew through many Commandos that way, but I also wanted to remind readers how badass the Commandos are, so I had them run out of warp cannons!

I also wanted to start pushing Arlon and Rena’s romantic relationship forward. I showed what their relationship was like back in Arlon’s origin story, but after Arlon being framed and presumed dead and all that, it did take some time for them to put things back together. I showed it a bit in the scene I added in Volume 2, Chapter 25, but I really wanted to show that they were really together here. And having that moment where Arlon went hardcore to protect her later on was important. It also gave me a kickass way for Arlon’s Zweilous evolve into the badass Hydreigon we see in Volume 3, Chapter 6.

The final scene was actually the first scene I planned for this part. I knew I wanted to show Arlon moving closer toward the ruthlessness of Devlin Garth, slowly becoming what he hates in order to achieve his goals. He’s pissed off about the Romanov invasion of his homeland and that thirst for revenge is clouding his judgement. It’s just a really great character arc for him, I think.


This is the last part of Seeing Red that takes place before the start of Volume 3, so this series is going to go on a little break before the final part while I get caught up on the writing for the two sessions we’ve had that haven’t been posted as chapters for yet. Be sure to check out the previous part of Seeing Red if you haven’t yet.

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!