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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! This is the final installment of a mini-series that was written concurrently with the final volume, but it has been inserted at the appropriate point in the story. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

The warning sirens blared as Arlon and Morgan ran through the large corridors of the Federation dreadnought. Crewmen and emergency response teams darted about, moving to their stations as the two passed. Once they reached the hangar, they parted ways.


“See you on the other side!” Arlon shouted to his former crewmate. Morgan nodded and ran for the Helix while Arlon continued onward toward the Corsair.

The Red Suns’ leader bashed his fist against the ramp controls as he boarded his ship. “Matt, get us the hell out of here!” he ordered his pilot as he ran onto the bridge.

The entire dreadnought rumbled.

“Way ahead of you, boss,” Matt responded as he fiddled with the controls, already prepping for takeoff. The ship lifted off the ground, and the pilot steered it toward the open hangar door. He cranked up the engines and followed the Helix out.


As the two ships emerged from the hangar, Arlon spotted a streak of light pierce through the dreadnought, right through the ship’s fusion core. The Corsair rumbled violently as the massive ship behind erupted into a gigantic explosion. Flames licked the back of the smaller frigate as it struggled to outrun the blast.

“It’s gonna be a close one!” Matt shouted. Following the Helix’s lead, the pilot cranked the engines to maximum and rocketed the Corsair away before it was engulfed by the fireball.

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As the abomination emerged from the conflagration completely unharmed, the remaining ships in the fleet began to open fire on each other, bent to its will. “What the hell are they doing?!” Luke shouted in disbelief.


“You saw the recordings,” Arlon told him. “Bloody mind control! Matt, get us out of here!”

“Working on it!” Matt shouted back. Just then a cruiser tumbled by, tossed aside like a discarded toy by the creature. Matt pulled the Corsair up, drastically changing heading to avoid collision. The frigate rumbled once more as the out-of-control cruiser smashed into a destroyer and both ships detonated.


As the Corsair rapidly moved away from the battle. Arlon caught a glimpse the Helix dropping into warp space. “They’ve got the right idea!” the Red Suns’ leader shouted. “Set a course for the warp gate and jump out of this mess!”

“Just a moment…” Matt responded as he weaved the Corsair between another pair of spiraling ships. Once the vessel broke free of the battle, the pilot fired up the warp drive and the Corsair catapulted into warp space.


Goddamn it! That bloody thing is still out there and you’re doing nothing?!” Arlon screamed at the viewscreen.


“Need I remind you that we are fighting a war here?” Admiral Graves asked coldly.

“The bloody Romanovs don’t mean shit anymore!” Arlon yelled back at her. “Mr. Silver’s little monster wants to kill all humans. Federation, Romanov, Genevan, it doesn’t give one bloody fuck. You’ve seen the video, you know this thing should be your top priority. We need your help.”


“The last time you asked for help, I sent you a fleet,” Graves replied. “Where is it now?”

“That thing ripped it to pieces! It tossed your ships aside like toys! You, of all people, should understand how dangerous it is. There’s only more on the way.”


“Until you can provide more concrete evidence that there are more of these… things, as you call them, I’m afraid I cannot help you. Our resources are spread too thin against the Romanovs to go on some wild Farfetch’d chase. Farewell.” The screen went dark as Graves disconnected.

Arrrgh!” Arlon shouted in frustration, slamming his fist on the console.

It had been a few days since Mr. Silver’s monster had destroyed the Federation fleet in Sector 7. Now safely back at the Red Suns’ base on Harmonia, Arlon had contacted Admiral Graves hoping to get the Federation to go after that thing, but with no other survivors to support his claims, the mercenary was unable to convince her of the severity of the situation.


“Things not going so well?” Rena’s voice sounded behind the Red Suns’ leader. He turned to see her standing in the doorway.

“I still can’t reach the Helix and the bloody Federation won’t help us,” Arlon explained. “We’re on our own on this one. I don’t know what we’re gonna do about that damn creature. You saw what it did to that fleet.”


“I don’t think yelling at our allies is going to solve anything,” she replied.

“You’re right, but… It’s just so frustrating. They’re refusing to acknowledge that this… thing is a problem.”


“Well, zen forget zem.” Rena placed her hand reassuringly on Arlon’s. “We dealt with Mr. Silver, and we will deal with zis thing too. Like we always do.”

“Right. First, we need to know what we’re dealing with. Go find Matthias and tell him to pour over every damn file we got from Mr. Silver. We need every edge over that creature we can get, and there has to be something we can use hidden in there. I’ll call the fleet so we can- what the hell?” Arlon cut himself off as a flashing red light appeared on the console. The Red Suns’ leader walked over to investigate.


“What is it?” Rena asked.

“It’s a distress call,” Arlon answered. “From the Helix.”

“Zey must be in trouble. Where are zey?”

Here. In orbit around Harmonia. Let’s see if we can’t lend a hand.”

“Alright, listen up,” Arlon said to his compatriots gathered around the holotable in the Corsair’s war room. “Our true enemy has been revealed. If you thought Mr. Silver was bad…” Arlon trailed off as he pressed a button on the table. A video of the abomination in action began to play. “Think again. By now, most of you have seen this… thing in action, but this is only the beginning. This monster is but the first of many.”


“There’s more of them?” Carmen asked incredulously.

“A lot more,” Arlon answered. “Mr. Silver’s objective is to create a bloody army of them. Matthias has decrypted every single file we stole from that bastard.” He glanced over at the hacker as he spoke. “That lab we discovered… there’s a whole bunch more.” Arlon pressed another button and the hologram shifted to display a map of the Galaxy with dozens of marked sets of coordinates. “These are all locations where they’re creating more of these things… ‘Project Mewtwo,’ they call it. Our data is incomplete, so there may be even more of these facilities.”


“Well, then what are we waiting for?” Kiril asked. “Let’s blow them up.”

“That’s the idea, mate. We need take these labs out before they make any more of these so-called Mewtwos.” Arlon folded his arms and looked around the room again. “The problem is, we still don’t know how many other labs there are… ones we don’t know about.”


“Couldn’t we just find out where the others are by boarding one of these ones?” Luke asked, pointing to the map.

“Judging from the data, the entire project is compartmentalized,” Matthias answered. “It looked to me like each lab didn’t even know the others existed.”


“The only way to know for sure would be to attack Mr. Silver with the cyber-weapon again, but the odds of success are so low it would be suicide,” Arlon continued. “Taking out the labs is still the best course of action. We won’t wipe out all the Mewtwos before they’re created, but, at the very least, we’ll slow Mr. Silver’s progress and we won’t have to fight so many at once. Between us, the fleet, and the Helix, we should be able to take care of this swiftly.”

“You ‘ave told ze ‘elix about this plan, zen?” Rena asked.

“They seemed to have enough on their plate,” Arlon answered. “As soon as they get back from their little shopping trip, I’ll fill them in. The next step is to contact the fleet and-”


Suddenly the entire ship rumbled.

“What the bloody hell was that?!” Arlon shouted.

“Boss, you’re gonna wanna see this,” one of the bridge crewman announced over the comms.


Arlon hit a button on the holotable and activated the comms. “Patch it through to the war room,” he instructed.

“You got it, boss.” A few moments later, an all too familiar image sprang into view.


“You have got to be kidding me,” Arlon said in disbelief. He quickly activated the comms again, this time contacting the Helix crew. “Do you guys read me?”

“We hear you,” Dmitri’s voice answered.

“So, we’ve got a problem… That thing is back.” Arlon’s eyes locked with those of the holographic display of the abomination… the Mewtwo. For a brief moment, it seemed to stare back at him.


Then it spoke, its voice echoing through not just Arlon’s mind, but that of everyone on Harmonia. “Humans: pathetic vermin beneath my gaze. You know only anger and a lust for power which you can never have. You are unworthy of existence. Now, bear witness as I tear this world, the first of many, apart.

The entire planet rumbled again, snapping The Red Suns’ leader back to reality. He activated the comms once more, broadcasting on all channels. “Everyone, back to base, NOW! We are leaving!


Arlon looked out the front viewport on the Corsair’s bridge at his fully amassed fleet. It had been four days since they had escaped the destruction of Harmonia, and now it was time to put the plan into action. The Helix had already departed to pursue Mr. Silver’s agent known as I and collect a powerful artifact known as the Eye of Aether, one that could possibly help them destroy the Mewtwo running around the Galaxy. In the meantime, it was up to the Red Suns to deal with the remaining Mewtwo labs before they had more of the monsters on their hands.

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“You sure you don’t want to come with us, mate?” The Red Suns’ leader asked as he turned back to face Hondo. “I could certainly use an extra ship.”


“I signed on to collect an ancient artifact of untold value,” the smuggler captain answered. “Not to hunt down these Mewtwo things. I’ve seen the news reports, my friend. I don’t want to be anywhere near that thing.”

“Suit yourself, mate. But, there is something else you can do for me.”


“Would you mind taking Mr. Pierce over there off my hands?” Arlon asked, glancing over at the ASI Consolidated CEO the Helix crew had dumped on him. “The only reason the bastard even made it off Harmonia was because his daughter’s girlfriend is a member of the Helix’s crew.”


“What do you want me to do with him?” Hondo asked.

“I doesn’t matter to me, mate,” Arlon answered “Dump him on a random planet for all I care. I just want him out of the way while I’m trying to save the bloody Galaxy. He’s one of the richest men in the Galaxy, I’m sure you’ll think of something!”


“Fair enough,” the smuggler responded. “Good luck on your… hunting trip.”

Arlon watched as Hondo departed, taking Jonathan Pierce along with him. He could hear the businessman complaining about something as they walked off the bridge. “Well, that’s one bloody problem taken care of,” the Red Suns’ leader mumbled to himself. “That just leaves-”


“Arlon, you’ve got to see this,” Petra’s voice sounded over the comms.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Arlon grunted. He walked over to the captain’s chair and activated the comms. “What now?”


“Just get to the war room now.”

“Dozens of worlds have fallen to these unknown Pokemon of incredible power.”

A flame-shrouded Mewtwo reduces moons to molten blobs, and lobs them at the planet they once orbited.


“Some are calling this the end of days.”

Another forms a black hole, which swallows an entire planet in mere moments.

“Harmonia, it seems, was only the first…”

The original one tears another world in half.

Arlon flips through dozens of news channels on the holotable. The anchors comment in disbelief and wildly speculate as images of the Mewtwos flash by. Frustrated, the Red Suns’ leader deactivates the table.


“So much for destroying the labs,” Luke commented.

“What are we supposed to do now?” Carmen asked. “One is bad enough, but this is just…” She trails off, unable to find the words.


“We ‘ave to do something,” Rena answered.

“But what?” Petra asked her. “Going up against just one of these things would be suicide.”


“It wouldn’t be a one-hundred percent chance of death,” Matthias countered.

“It’s close enough,” Luke responded.

“But that’s a risk we’re going to have to take,” Arlon final spoke. “We can’t just sit here talking while those monsters slaughter countless innocents. We pick one, and hit it with everything we’ve got.”


The Red Suns’ leader reached for the holotable once more. This time, he used to to call Admiral Graves. Arlon was surprised when he was put through almost immediately.

“Hello,” Graves greeted him as her face appeared on the projected screen, showing the same stern look as ever. “I suspected I would be hearing from you.”


“I guess you know why I’m calling, then?”

“I’m afraid so,” the admiral answered. “You were right to be concerned about these… creatures. I should have listened.”


“It’s too late to dwell in the past now,” Arlon responded. “We are prepared to help in whatever way we can. I need to know where the nearest one is to our coordinates. Sending them now.”

“The assistance is appreciated,” Graves told the Red Suns’ leader as she looked over her reports. “One of our fleets is being decimated in Sector 3. Here are the coordinates. It’s close to your location. This is a key position we cannot afford to lose.”


“You can count on us, Admiral.”

“Good luck.”

Not a moment after the Admiral ended the call did Arlon open up a fleet-wide channel. “The time has come for action!” He declared. “Today, we stand against the greatest threat the Galaxy has ever known! Many of us will not survive, but it is up to us to do all we can to ensure we have a future! I’m transmitting the coordinates now; prepare to jump!”


Tension hung heavy in the air aboard the Corsair as it flew through warp space toward Federation space, toward a foe of unimaginable power. Arlon sat in the captain’s chair, gazing out at the swirling purples and blues and contemplating what lied ahead. The future of the Galaxy now seemed uncertain. The Red Suns’ leader hoped that whatever the Helix crew found at I’s base would help them defeat these monsters. He knew there was no way they could take them all down by force with their current resources.


Suddenly, Arlon felt a hand on his shoulder. He shook his thoughts away and looked up to see Rena standing in front of him. “Are you alright?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Arlon answered. “I’m just thinking about the mission. Did you need something?”


“I ‘ave to tell you something,” Rena told him. The mercenary noted a strange look in her eyes. She reached out and pulled him up, then brought him away from the rest of the crew.

“Is something wrong?” Arlon asked.

“No,” she answered. “It’s just zat…”

“What is it?” the Red Suns’ leader asked. He brushed his hand across Rena’s cheek.


“I meant to tell you back on ‘armonia, but zen zat Mewtwo showed up, and we ‘aven’t had a moment to relax since.” She reached up and grabbed Arlon’s hand, then moved it down to her stomach. “I’m pregnant.”

“What?” Arlon asked, shocked. “This is incredible.” He placed his other hand on Rena’s stomach. “But… I can’t ask you to come with me on this mission. We’ll drop out of warp space immediately, so you can be safe.”


“No,” Rena said firmly. “We ‘ave to do everything we can to ensure zat our baby ‘as a future. I ‘ave to stay. You know zat. You would do ze same in my position.”

“You’re right,” Arlon told her as he pulled her in close. “We’ll face these monsters together. Then, we can rest easy knowing that we made sure that our child has safe Galaxy to grow up in.”


Explosions and debris flew past the Red Suns’ fleet as the ships dropped out of warp space. Matt weaved the Corsair between the wrecked carcasses of Federation ships as a single Mewtwo ravaged the remaining fleet, one ship at a time.

Image Credit - AbelVera

“All ships, focus fire on that thing!” Arlon commanded the fleet. “It’s small and maneuverable, so don’t let it slip through!”


As the rag-tag band of ships opened fire on the Mewtwo, it turned to face them. A fierce and powerful voice boomed inside the heads of the Red Suns. “More Humans. I will vanquish you like the others.” Fist raised, the abomination flew toward the incoming ships. It pierced right through the hull of a frigate, and emerged on the other side. The ship exploded in a massive fireball.

“Hold the line!” Arlon commanded his fleet. “Matthias, patch me into the Federation fleet’s comms!” he added over the Corsair’s comms.


“You got it, boss!” the hacker responded. “Annnd, now!” Immediately the Federation comm chatter began playing.

“This is the UAS Corsair of the Red Suns!” Arlon announced. “We’re here to help!”


“How did you access our comms?!” an officer demanded.

“That’s not important, mate!” Arlon shouted back. “Admiral Graves sent us. We have experience dealing with these things. Rally to our position and focus fire on the creature!”

Image Credit - Dennis Chan

Your numbers are meaningless,” the Mewtwo’s voice sounded once more. “All shall fall.


“Not if I have anything to say about it!” Arlon shouted over the comms to no one in particular. “Fire!”

Lasers deflected off the Mewtwo’s barriers as it flew in for another kill. It blasted through the side of a Federation destroyer like paper. Arlon watched explosions ripple across the ship’s hull as it moved through the ship.


“That ship’s good as dead! Blow it up while it’s still inside!” Arlon commanded over the comms.

“That’s murder!” one of the Federation commanders responded.

“They’re going to die anyway!” Arlon shot back. “Make their deaths mean something!”


As the Red Suns’ ships began to open fire on the Destroyer, many Federation ships began to follow their lead. Under such sustained fire, the ship exploded with the Mewtwo still aboard. A streak of light shot upward from the blast.

How quickly you turn upon one another. Your kind must be purged.

It still spoke with confidence, but Arlon could see its barriers falter ever so slightly. “Keep it up!” Arlon shouted over the comms. “Don’t give it any breathing room!”


The creature continued to weave between the waves of laser fire, smashing through ships as it went. For every chink the fleets put in its barrier, the Mewtwo seemed to destroy several more ships.

“This thing just won’t die!” one of Arlon’s pilots shouted.

“Just keep pushing!” Arlon shouted back.

The Mewtwo charged at the Corsair, moving to smash through the hull. “No you don’t!” Matt screamed as he rolled the ship out of the way at the last second.


The abomination rocketed past, tearing right through another of the Red Suns’ frigates. As it flew away from the blast, it hefted up a Federation cruiser with its mind, and used it like a club to smash through several more. Countless anguished screams sounded over the comms.

I do what is necessary. None shall be spared.

“This is hopeless!” another pilot yelled.

“Don’t listen to it!” Petra shouted back at him. Arlon watched her weaving through debris in the Draken, landing a few hits on the Mewtwo’s barriers as she drew near.


“Petra’s right!” Arlon broadcast to the fleet. “Push it out! Don’t let it get to you! Hit it with all you’ve got!”

The remaining ships unleashed a massive salvo of fire at the Mewtwo, battering its barriers to oblivion. As the barriers shattered, they exploded outward from the monster. A giant shockwave of psychic energy radiated outward in all directions, destroying several more ships and damaging many more. The Corsair rumbled violently as it passed through.


As Matt wrestled to keep the ship steady he suddenly felt control completely torn away. “It fucking grabbed us!” the pilot cried in frustration. The ship rapidly accelerated as the Mewtwo tossed it at a Federation cruiser. Matt furiously battled the controls, attempted to do everything possible to regain any kind of control. “C’mon you hunk of junk…” he said tensely as the ship began to slow. The whole vessel lurched violently as it made contact, but, thanks to a last minute adjustment, it managed to avoid total annihilation.

“Nice flying, kid!” Arlon complimented the pilot as the warning lights start flashing.


“Thanks, but we’re not gonna make it much longer! the stabilizers are out and the nav system is completely shot!”

Arlon looked outside and he could see the Mewtwo beginning to waver. It was still decimating the fleet, but he could tell the sustained fire was slowing chewing through it now that its barriers were down.


Suddenly, a warning siren began to sound. “Reactor’s been damaged!” one of the bridge crew shouted. “It’s going critical!”

“Shit,” Arlon swore under his breath. He then activated to comms. “We’re abandoning ship!” he announced. “Everyone head for the escape pods! We’ll head for the Pročnost’. It’s our best shot! But we’re gonna leave a little present for it.”


“Whatcha you thinking, boss?” Luke asked.

“We’re going to overload the warp drive,” Arlon answered. “Combined with the reactor, it should blow that Goddamn thing to hell! Rena, prepare the drive, then head for the escape pods.” He then activated fleet-wide comms. “All ships, prepare to retreat!”


“I’m on it,” the Parisian responded before rushing off.

“Everyone, get moving!” Arlon commanded the others. The bridge began to empty, but Arlon noticed Matt remained seated. “That means you too,” Arlon told him.


“You know someone’s gonna have to fly this ship into that thing, right?” Matt asked, looking over at his boss. “Leaving it here is too risky, and the autopilot’s dead.”

“I can’t ask you to do that, mate,” Arlon told him. “We’re getting out of here.”

“If you say so, boss.” The pilot stepped back from the controls and began moving toward the door. “You know, I’m gonna miss flying this ship,” he said as he took one last look.


“She served us well, mate,” Arlon responded. “Now, let’s move!”

The two moved to the escape pods where the crew had nearly finished loading up. Arlon waited outside for Rena to return. Soon enough, she emerged from around the corner. “Ze drive ‘as been set,” she informed the Red Suns’ leader.


“Great work, now get on board.”

As Rena stepped into the pod, Arlon pulled off his weapon and Pokeball belt and pushed it into her hands. “What’re you giving me zis for?” she asked him.


“Take good care of them for me,” Arlon told her, a somber note in his voice.

“What are you saying?”

“Someone needs to deliver the final blow,” the mercenary answered. “The nav system’s fried.”


No!” Rena pleaded. “You can’t!”

“I’m sorry…” Arlon shoved her into the pod, then slammed his fist against the control. He could hear her scream for him through the door before the pod launched.


Slowly, he returned to the bridge and settled himself into the pilot’s seat. Once he saw the escape pods safely reach the Pročnost’s hangar, Arlon began flying toward the Mewtwo. The warning sirens continued to blare as the countdown on the reactor ticked away.

“Arlon, what the hell are you doing?!” Petra shouted at him over the comms.

“What I must,” he answered. “It’s been an honor serving with you all. Rena… I love you… Make sure that our child has a future.”


He could hear her scream for him over the comms, but the sound cut out as the fleet jumped away.

Flee, Humans,” the Mewtwo’s voice sounded in the mercenary’s head. “Your time will come soon enough.


“That’s what you think,” Arlon said aloud as he flew the Corsair directly at the monster. He could see its body regenerating itself. His eyes narrowed as the Mewtwo turned to face the ship, and he could feel it touch his mind. “You think we’re unworthy, huh?! I’ll show you! Humanity is more worthy than you’ll ever be!”

Your kind proved otherwise long ago.

“Yeah? Well, we’ll see about that.”

The Mewtwo raised a hand to destroy the rapidly approaching ship, but then the entire region of space was swallowed by a giant light as the warp drive went critical. And then… nothingness.

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Sorrow filled the air aboard the RSS Pročnost’. The Red Suns stood around in shock and disbelief, mourning the loss of their leader.


“I can’t believe ‘es gone,” Rena cried.

“We’ll make sure his sacrifice meant something,” Luke told her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. “We have to.”


“Luke’s right,” Petra agreed. “We can’t let everything that we… that Arlon built go to waste. It’s up to us now to lead the Red Suns.”

“We will make Mewtwos pay for what they’ve done,” Kiril chimed in.

“So, then what’s our next move?” Luke asked.

Rena wiped the tears from her eyes, a determined expression on her face. “Now, we contact the ‘elix,” she told her compatriots. “By now, they ‘ave surely collected the Eye. Zen we use it to destroy every last one of those monsters.”


Author’s Notes: That’s right! I killed my own character! Deal with it!

When I started this series, I had no idea how it would end. Shortly before I started working on Part 6, I decided that I was going to kill Arlon. I was thinking that the other players and the GM weren’t getting too engaged with the series and wanted to throw something in here that no one would see coming, even the GM. That’s when I knew.


But I knew the moment had to be perfect, so I ended up telling DragonStorm anyway so he could give me some feedback. I was right: he didn’t see it coming. But that sadistic smile that appeared on his face when I told him… Man.

So, timeline wise, this final part happens concurrently to what we’ve seen so far in Volume 3. The first scene is a retelling of the final scene in Volume 3, Chapter 1 from the Red Suns’ perspective. The next scene was one of the first ones I thought of for this series: just Arlon yelling at Graves. That one happens concurrently with the beginning of Volume 3, Chapter 6. The next scene on Harmonia takes place during the events of the end of Volume 3, Chapter 7. And finally, the rest takes place just after Volume 3, Chapter 9, concurrently with the events of Chapter 10 and Chapters 11 and 12 which haven’t even been posted yet!


The big idea with this part was to show the Galaxy slowly going to shit, and the Red Suns just trying to keep up and revise their plans. The Mewtwos have been fully unleashed upon the Galaxy! It culminates with Arlon giving his life to stop one, allowing his men, his friends, his family to live to fight another day. He gave his life to ensure there’s actually a Galaxy for his unborn child to grow up in.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading this mini-series as much as I enjoyed writing it. I look forward to seeing you in the comments, and in the remaining chapters of Volume 3! Also, be sure to check out the previous installment of Seeing Red if you haven’t yet.


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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