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Spacemon: Tales & Transmissions - Initiation

Original Image Credit - Frontier Developments

Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! This is one of several loosely related one-off stories set between the events of the various Spacemon campaigns. You can get caught up on the entire adventure here!

“Don’t worry, ‘e won’t bite,” Eveline’s mother encouraged her, giving the young girl a nudge toward the spiny purple Pokemon standing before her.


Eveline looked up at the Nidoking with equal parts fear and wonder as she took a cautious step forward. She had watched her mother tend to this Pokemon before, but this was her first time doing this herself. The fearsome Pokemon looked down at her as she approached.

“Here ya go,” Eveline said nervously as she held up the Pokemon food her mother had prepared to the Nidoking.

The Pokemon sniffed the girl’s offering, then eagerly accepted it. Taking the food in hand, the Nidoking lifted it to its mouth and took a bite, letting out a satisfied grunt as it did so. Eveline took a step back and smiled. The Pokemon didn’t seem so frightening now.

“Zat wasn’t so bad, was it?” Eveline’s mother asked, placing her hands on the girl’s shoulders.


Eveline tilted her head back and looked up at her mother. “Nope.”

The girl’s mother looked back at her with a smile on her face. “Alright, let’s go get ourselves something to eat now.”


“But what about that one?” Eveline asked, pointing out another Pokeball resting in front of the small memorial her mother kept on the shelf in honor of her father, a man she had never known. He had died eight years ago, shortly before her birth.

Eveline had heard many times the story of how her mother had distributed the Pokemon that had belonged to her father among the members of the Red Suns to keep his memory alive, aside from the ones she had kept for herself, of course. The ones she hung onto included the Nidoking as well as a Mightyena that served more as a family pet these days. Eveline had never seen the one in the Pokeball that always remained on the shelf.


“I’ve told you before, sweet’eart,” Eveline’s mother said. “Zat Pokemon never listened to anyone other zan your father. It is very strong and dangerous.”

“But won’t it get hungry?” Eveline asked.

“I will take care of it later,” the girl’s mother replied, ushering her out of the room. “Now, come.”


“Absolutely not.”

“But Mom, I’m not a kid anymore. I’m almost seventeen; I can handle myself.”

“You are not going on zat mission and zat’s final.”

Eveline angrily folded her arms as she stared her mother down across her desk. “That’s not fair!” she protested. “I’m older than you said Dad was when he left home to become a bounty hunter! I’m ready for this!”


Rena Bordeaux, leader of the Red Suns, frowned back at her daughter. “Zat’s not for you to decide,” she said sternly. “I’m ze one in charge ‘ere and, as your mother, I say you’re not ready.”

“Yeah?! Well what do you know?!” Eveline shouted. Without waiting for an answer, she turned and stormed off in a huff.


This is so unfair, Eveline fumed to herself as she departed her mother’s office. All she had ever wanted was to follow in her parents’ footsteps, to become a mercenary and go on awesome adventures like they did. She had been training for this for so long. She knew she was ready. Why couldn’t her mother see that?

“It didn’t go well, I take it?”

Eveline didn’t even look back as her best friend Viktor, who had been leaning against the wall outside the office, followed after her. “What do you think?” she asked angrily.


“I told you this would happen, Ev,” Viktor replied calmly, keeping his cool. “We just need to wait until they think we’re ready.”

“How can you be so calm about this, Vik?” Eveline asked, glancing over at her friend. “We are ready.”


Viktor let out a sigh. “It doesn’t matter if we are or not. We can’t go on a mission until they say so. We just need to be patient.”

Eveline narrowed her eyes, glaring at Viktor with fierce determination. “Make no mistake,” she said. “We’re going on this mission.


“This is such a bad idea.”

“You worry too much, Vik,” Eveline said as she looked down the sights of an old laser pistol that had once belonged to her father. She held the weapon at arm’s length, getting a feel for its weight. It was quite different from the weapons she’d used for training, but if she and Viktor had gone to the armory, they would have been found out. They would have to make due with the pair of pistols Eveline’s mother kept on display in her quarters.


“I’m just being realistic,” Viktor replied as he turned the second pistol of the pair over in his hands, running his fingertips across its metallic surface. “What do you think’s gonna happen when they find out we snuck onto the dropship?”

Eveline glanced over at her friend, then let out a short laugh and shook her head. “Not take us back, that’s for sure. The Marauder’s jumping away once we disembark, remember?”


“So they sideline us. I don’t imagine they’ll be very happy with us and you can bet your ass they won’t go ‘you disobeyed orders and snuck onto the dropship, but since you’re here you might as well come.’”

“Well fine. If you’re so worried, then stay here.”

A slight smirk formed on Viktor’s lips. “And let you hog all the glory? No way, Ev. Besides, someone needs to keep your ass safe and we both know it’s not gonna be you.”


“Then stop complaining,” Eveline replied, playfully punching Viktor’s shoulder.

“Alright, let’s get moving then,” Viktor said, holstering his pistol. “We don’t want them to leave without us.”


“One second,” Eveline said, her eyes falling upon the Pokeball that had been resting next to the pistols on the memorial to her father. Mom’s already gonna kill me, so I might as well. She reached out and grabbed it, then placed it onto her belt next to the ball containing her Girafarig.

Turning back to Viktor, Eveline nodded. “Okay, now we can go.”

“What’s that?” Viktor asked, eyeing the Pokeball.


All things considered, sneaking aboard the dropship had been quite easy. Getting into the shuttle bay had been simple enough; as the daughter of the Red Suns’ leader, Eveline was rarely questioned no matter where she went on the GCS Marauder. From there, it was just a matter of slipping onto the dropship when no one was looking.


As the dropship approached the surface of Javan, Eveline could hear Aidan McMahon, the squad leader, addressing the men in the main cabin through the door of the storage compartment she and Viktor were hiding in. “Listen up, laddies!” the lanky Irishman barked. “Our mission here is a simple one. The Quasars went an’ stole a new prototype warp drive the Federation’s been workin’ on. It’s our job ta get it back.”

“Where are they keeping the drive, sir?” one of the men asked.

“There’s an old abandoned mining colony out in the desert the bastards have made into their hideout,” McMahon explained. “Scans show there’s quite a few of them, but you lads should be more than a match fer ‘em.”


“What’s the plan?” another asked.

“Oh, ya know, the usual. We march in an’ knock some heads together until we get what we came for. We’ll land a good ways out so they don’t see us comin’ an’ take ‘em by surprise. The bastards won’t know what hit ‘em!”


“He certainly sounds confident,” Viktor quietly said to Eveline.

“Shh. Be quiet,” Eveline whispered back. “We don’t want them to know we’re here until after the Marauder jumps.”


“Right, sorry,” he replied.

The pair spent the rest of the flight in silence, listening to the occasional banter of the men. It was rather cramped in the storage compartment, but at least they wouldn’t be in it for much longer.


After several more minutes, Eveline felt the dropship touch down. Once the sound of the men departing the ship died down, she popped the door to the storage compartment open and took a step out.

“It’s empty,” she informed Viktor after a quick look around.

“Good,” he replied as he stepped out behind her. “My leg was starting to fall asleep.”


“There you go complaining again,” Eveline laughed. “Now, c’mon, let’s go.”

Stepping onto the dropship’s ramp, Eveline could see McMahon and the rest of the squad. “We’ll split inta teams an’ come at ‘em from two sides,” the squad leader was saying, motioning to the abandoned colony in the distance.


“Sounds like a good plan,” Eveline said as she confidently strode down the ramp toward the squad. “Which team should we join?”

An expression of surprise appread on McMahon’s face as he turned around and saw Eveline and Viktor approaching. It soon turned to one of anger. “What the feck are ya doin’ here?!” he demanded.


“Joining the mission,” Eveline answered. “What does it look like?”

“No,” McMahon responded. “No no no, yer definitely not comin’ on the mission. Yer ma will have my arse just for lettin’ ya sneak aboard the dropship. She’d feckin’ kill me if somethin’ happened to ya.”


“Hey, we can handle ourselves, you know!” Eveline replied. “Let us help.”

“If ya want to help, stay here an’ keep outta trouble.”


“That’s an order, lassie.” McMahon glanced over at one of his men, then pointed to Eveline and Viktor. “Davis, stay with these two an’ keep an eye on ‘em.”


“You got it, chief,” the man responded.

Eveline folded her arms and frowned. “This is bullshit.”

“This sucks,” Eveline grumbled. She kicked a small rock, sending it tumbling along the dusty ground.


“I did tell you this would happen,” Viktor said, looking up from his Pokedex.

“I don’t want to hear it,” Eveline replied. She let out a sigh as she gazed across the desert at the abandoned colony in the distance. This wasn’t how things were supposed to go. This was supposed to be her big moment. Her chance to prove her mother wrong, to show her that she was ready to become a Red Sun. Instead, she was stuck being babysat by some rookie merc.


Eveline glanced over at Layne Davis, the young man McMahon had left behind to make sure she and Viktor didn’t try anything. He couldn’t have been much more than three or four years older than her. She had nothing against the guy, of course; he seemed nice enough. It just seemed a little unfair that he was fine to go on missions with the handful of years of experience he had when she had been around mercs her entire life and wasn’t allowed to.

“So why did you want to go on this mission so bad anyway?” Davis suddenly asked, having noticed Eveline looking his way.


“Not to stand around here doing nothing, that’s for sure,” she snapped back.

Davis sighed. “That’s not what I meant. You …” He paused for a second and glanced over at Viktor. “Both of you … you’re still kids. This isn’t the kind of thing people your age normally sign up for.”


“We were raised on the stories of our parents’ exploits,” Eveline explained. “Ever since I was a girl, I heard these stories and I wanted to grow up to be just like my parents.”

“And besides, we’re definitely not normal a good gauge for what’s normal for people our age,” Viktor chimed in. “Our parents are mercs and we’ve grown up around mercs our whole lives. This is what we were born to do.”


“But why rush?” Davis asked. “You’ve got your whole lives ahead of you.”

“Because we’re ready now,” Eveline said. “And you don’t really have any room to judge. You’re not much older than we are.”


Davis let out a laugh. “I guess you’ve got a point there.”

The air soon fell silent again, but the silence was soon broken by the sound of Davis’s commlink crackling to life. “Davis, are ya there?!” McMahon’s voice sounded, underscored by the sound of gunfire.


“Yeah, I’m here, chief,” Davis spoke into his commlink. “What’s the situation?”

“We’re facin’ far more resistance than anticipated,” McMahon informed him. “This place is crawlin’ with Quasars and the bloody bastards have us pinned down! We need backup! If ya come at ‘em from behind it might draw their fire an’ give us a chance!”


Hearing this, Eveline’s hard shot toward the Pokeball containing her Girafarig. The men needed help and she wasn’t about to sit around if there was something she could do.

“You got it, chief,” Davis said into his commlink. “I’m on my way.” He then turned his focus back to Eveline and Viktor. “You two stay here and don’t do anything stupid.”


“Uh uh,” Eveline said, wagging her finger at the young merc. “No way, pal. Going by yourself is suicide, so you don’t get to lecture us about doing something stupid.”

“McMahon told me to keep you out of trouble,” Davis said.

“Well, we’re going to go help them whether you like it or not,” Eveline told him. “If you want to keep us out of trouble, you’d better let us come with you.”


“You’re not changing her mind,” Viktor said, letting out a chuckle as stepped up next to Davis. “Once she sets her mind to something, there’s no dissuading her.”

“I’m beginning to see that,” Davis said with a sigh. “Alright, fine. You two can come, but you follow my lead and do as I say.”


“You got it,” Eveline replied. It wasn’t ideal, but she could stomach taking orders from a rookie if it meant finally getting the chance to prove herself, to show that she could carry her weight and make a difference when it mattered most. “Lead the way.”

Eveline could hear the sound of gunfire growing louder as she moved between the dilapidated buildings of the abandoned mining colony with Viktor and Davis. Quickly and quietly darting from cover to cover, she kept a firm grip on her pistol and an eye out for danger. McMahon had said the place was crawling with Quasars so she wasn’t taking any chances.


As the trio drew nearer to their objective, the sounds of combat died down, leaving only tense silence. “That can’t be a good sign,” Davis said, glancing over at the other two.

“I’ve got a bad feeling,” Viktor said, nodding in agreement.

After rounding a few more corners, Eveline learned why the gunfire had stopped. From the shadows between two partially collapsed buildings, she could see that the Quasars had McMahon’s squad surrounded and were demanding their surrender.


“Shit,” Davis said, walking up behind Eveline. “We’re too late.”

“Not necessarily,” Eveline replied. She then sent out her Girafarig and hopped up on the Pokemon’s back.


“What are you doing?” Davis asked. “We need to come up with a—”

“Let’s go, Chomp!” Eveline urged her Pokemon, not bothering to listen to the rest of Davis’s sentence. She knew she needed to act fast if she was going to save the rest of the squad.


“Wait!” Davis’s voice sounded from behind, but there was no turning back now.

As her Girafarig galloped forward, Eveline put up a protective psionic barrier around herself and the Pokemon. “Use Zen Headbutt!” she commanded as they charged into the Quasars.


Eveline held on tight as Chomp slammed into one of the Quasars at full speed. The man let out a surprised grunt as he was knocked to the ground. Aiming her pistol at him, Eveline fired off several shots before he had the chance to react.


“Now, use Stomp!” Eveline ordered her Pokemon as the Quasars moved to surround them. Chomp reared up and kicked out his front legs, knocking the man in front of him to the ground. Eveline then spurred her Pokemon forward. The Quasars opened fire as they dashed away, but the shots deflected off Eveline’s psionic barrier.

“After her!” Eveline heard one of the men shout as she guided Chomp into a turn.

As she and her Pokemon rushed in for another pass, Eveline could see Davis and Viktor firing their weapons as they ran out from cover. While several men turned and began returning fire on her companions, quite a few remained focused on her. Eveline lowered her head as she shots flew in, shattering her barrier.


Suddenly, one of the Quasars sent out a Luxray right in Chomp’s path. The Girafarig slammed into the electric Pokemon with enough force to knock Eveline right off. She let out a grunt through gritted teeth as she fell face-up on the ground.


From where she lay, Eveline could see McMahon and the surviving members of the squad had joined the fray. Gunfire flew in all directions as the Red Suns clashed with the Quasars. Seeing one of the Quasars moving toward her with a combat knife, Eveline rolled over onto her stomach, then got to her feet. She opened fire on the man as she backed away toward her Pokemon.

The man suddenly lunged at Eveline, but her quick reflexes allowed her to dodge past him. She then delivered a swift kick to the back of his legs, sending him stumbling into her Girafarig. The man screamed in pain as the second head on Chomp’s tail bit down on his arm. He soon fell silent, however, as Eveline bashed him over the head with the bottom of her pistol, knocking him out cold.


With the immediate threat dealt with, Eveline took the time to look around. Pokemon, Quasars, and Red Suns were everywhere and Gunfire and Pokemon attacks filled the air. By now, Viktor and Davis were in the thick of the fray. Alongside his Golem, Viktor was facing off with a pair of Quasar Magnetons, while Davis was focusing on the trainers, aided by his own Pokemon, a Lycanroc. The two of them seemed to have things under control, so she turned back to her Girafarig. It looked like the Pokemon needed a hand dealing with the Luxray that had separated them.

As Eveline aimed her pistol at the hostile electric Pokemon, another Quasar directed his Pokemon to attack her, having dispatched one of the Red Suns. “Thunder Wave!” the bald-headed man barked at his Klinklang.


Thinking quickly as the Gear Pokemon sparked out immobilizing jolts of electricity, Eveline put up a fresh psionic barrier, safeguarding herself from harm. She breathed out a sigh of relief as the attack dissipated against the barrier. That was too close, she thought as she advanced forward. Eveline opened fire on the Pokemon’s trainer as she moved toward her own Pokemon to mount up. Unfortunately, the Luxray brought down her Girafarig with a powerful Crunch attack before she could reach him. Eveline gritted her teeth as she recalled the fainted Pokemon.

This is not good.

The trainers of the Klinklang and the Luxray glared menacingly at Eveline as they closed in on her with their Pokemon. Even without her Pokemon by her side, Evaline stood her ground; she didn’t know what else to do. She raised her pistol and emptied her clip at the Klinklang in front, but the shots seemed to deflect off its metallic body. “Lock-On and take her out with Zap Cannon!” the Pokemon’s trainer commanded.


Eveline raised her arms to protect herself as the Gear Pokemon unleashed its powerful electric attack. Clenching her fists and squeezing her eyes shut, she braced herself for the impact, but it never came. Eveline opened her eyes to the sight of Viktor’s Golem standing between her and her foes.

“I’ve got your back, Ev!”

“Thanks, Vik! I owe you one!” Eveline called out, glancing over at her friend as she backed away.


Viktor nodded, then turned to face the advancing Pokemon and their Quasar trainers. “Nikola, Wild Charge!” he commanded his Golem. “Take out that Klinklang!” Sparking wildly, the Megaton Pokemon charged forward. Nikola slammed into the enemy Pokemon with incredible force, sending it flying backwards toward its trainer in an eruption of sparks. The bald-headed Quasar soon joined his Pokemon in unconsciousness thanks to a few well-placed shots from Viktor’s pistol.

“Damn it,” the other Quasar grunted. “X-Ray, deal with that Golem! Superpower!” The Luxray let out a fierce roar, then charged at Viktor’s Golem. Eveline fired off a few shots at the Pokemon, but it evaded with its lightning-fast speed. Within seconds, the Luxray was upon Viktor’s Pokemon, landing a super effective critical strike. As sturdy a Pokemon as Nikola was, the Golem was left quite injured by such a powerful attack.


“Quite the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, huh, Ev?” Viktor said as he backed up toward Eveline, firing off a few shots with his pistol on the way.

“This is why I wanted to come up with a plan first,” Davis cut in as he approached the pair.


“We’ve got this,” Eveline replied confidently.

“Yeah,” Viktor agreed. “We’ve still got some aces up our sleeves.

“Well now would be a good time to pull them out,” Davis snapped back, his eyes drifting back toward his Lycanroc, which was battling it out with a Magneton.


“I guess now’s as good a time as any,” Viktor said, turning to look at his Golem, which was being encircled by enemy Pokemon. “Nikola’s not gonna last much longer.”

“I know what you’re thinking,” Eveline told her friend. “And now is absolutely the time. We need to thin their numbers.”


Viktor nodded. “Nikola, use Charge! It’s time to power up for an Explosion!” Eveline knew this technique well. Electric variant Golems were naturally capable of using the move Explosion as an electric type attack, and Viktor combined that ability with the move Charge to make Nikola’s Explosion extra devastating.

Upon hearing Viktor’s command, the Quasars began focusing their fire on his Pokemon, but it wasn’t enough. Nikola finished building up an electrical charge and was now primed and ready to blow.


“Now, Nikola! It’s time to detonate!”

“Oh no you don’t!” one of the Quasars shouted as the Golem began to glow with bright white light.


Though she couldn’t see it through the radiant light, Eveline heard the sound of a Pokemon being released from its Pokeball. Nikola then detonated in a violent blast of electricity. Lightning bolts shot off in all directions, but then they arced off in the same direction, converging on a single point. When the sparks died down, Eveline saw a Raichu standing where the energy of the blast had been redirected, electricity flowing all along its body. What was more, the surrounding Quasars and their Pokemon were all unscathed.


“What?!” Viktor cried out in surprise.

“It acted as a lightning rod!” Eveline realized.

“I hope that wasn’t your only ‘ace!’” Davis shouted.

“It wasn’t,” Eveline said, grabbing the second Pokeball off her belt. She looked down at the blue, white, and red Great Ball clutched tightly in her hand. It contained a powerful Pokemon that had once belonged to her father … and their best chance at making it out alive. “I’ve got one too,” she continued before tossing the ball out into the mass of enemies, releasing the beast contained within.


With a flash of light, a large and mighty Pokemon emerged, uncurling its black, blue, and fuchsia colored body and spreading its six thin wings. Three long necks spread out, the head on the end of each letting out a fierce roar. All eyes on the battlefield were drawn to the Hyrdreigon that had belonged to Arlon Jett, its mere presence commanding attention. A silence fell over the battlefield, but it was soon broken by the Brutal Pokemon as it lashed out with its three heads at the Quasars surrounding it. The two smaller heads on the sides bashed into men on either side of the Pokemon, sweeping them off their feet, while the main head snapped up the Quasar who had sent out the Raichu, violently thrashing his body around before tossing him aside like a discarded carcass.

“Hydra!” Eveline called out the name of the dragon Pokemon she’d heard in stories told by her mother and other members of the Red Suns who had known her father. The Pokemon’s three heads all snapped in her direction, glaring at her with fierce, menacing eyes. Under the Hyrdeigon’s gaze, Eveline felt a shiver of fright run down her spine. She hesitated for a moment before regaining her focus. “Take out that Luxray with Dragon Pulse!” she commanded.


A low, rumbling growl escaped the Hyrdreigon, and it turned away from Eveline with indifference. Instead of following the order, it instead lashed out at the nearest Quasar, blasting him with a pulse of dark energy.

Snapping out of their stupor, the remaining Quasars began opening fire on the Brutal Pokemon. The Hydreigon let out a defiant roar at the men attacking it, and a fiery glow began emanating from its three mouths. A sudden wave of flames erupted forth, consuming three Quasars and two Magnetons. The Pokemon and two of the men dropped to the ground instantly, while the third man stumbled forward, flailing his burning arms around wildly until he collapsed. Then, with a flap of its six black wings, the Hydreigon lifted into the sky. Pulses of dark and draconic energy rained down on the battlefield as the dragon Pokemon flew above the fray, targeting Quasars and Red Suns alike.


“That’s some ‘ace!’” Davis exclaimed. “It’s attacking our own guys!”

“At least it’s doing more damage to the Quasars than us!” Eveline replied. “Now c’mon! Let’s finish this fight!”


Raising her pistol once more, Eveline charged into the fray, flanked on either side by Viktor and Davis. She took aim at one of the remaining Quasars, then squeezed the trigger. He was still distracted by the Hydreigon and never saw the shot coming. Eveline passed him as he fell to the ground, and aimed her pistol at her next target.

“Ezo, use Stone Edge!” Davis commanded his Lycanroc as he downed another Quasar with a burst of fire from his rifle. The Wolf Pokemon let out a howl, then fired a series of razor-sharp rocks at the Luxray that had somehow managed to evade the wrath of the Hydreigon. As the projectile rocks found their mark, the electric feline was finally brought down.


The Quasars were quick to exact reprisal upon the crimson and white Midnight Form Lycanroc. Several of them lit it up with gunfire while one commanded his Magnezone to attack. “Flash Cannon!” the man’s gruff voice barked out the order. His Pokemon fired a beam of brilliant light at the Lycanroc, finishing it off.


“Damn it,” Davis grunted as he recalled his Pokemon.

Moments later, the Hydreigon dove down from above, rushing the Magnezone with a powerful attack. The sturdy Magnet Area Pokemon, however, was resistant to it and didn’t show much sign of damage. That was until the Hydreigon unleashed another Heat Wave attack, burning through the Magnezone’s metallic body. This super effective assault did a real number on the Magnezone and took out an additional two Quasars as well. Following up with a Dark Pulse, the Hydreigon brought down the Magnezone.


With the threats surrounding it dealt with, the Hydreigon turned its three-headed gaze upon Eveline, Viktor, and Davis. In its rage, it couldn’t and didn’t care to distinguish friend from foe. The Brutal Pokemon fired out a pulse of draconic energy at the trio, sending them all diving for the ground. Upon hitting the ground, Eveline used her momentum to roll forward, then she sprang back to her feet. She quickly turned to get a visual on the rogue Hydreigon only to see it floating above Viktor, heads reared back to strike.


“Hydra, No!”

The words escaped Eveline’s mouth in a fierce, commanding shout that she didn’t even know she was capable of. Time seemed to stand still as the Hydreigon’s three heads turned to face her.


“Don’t!” she barked at the Brual Pokemon. She stared it down as she walked toward it. She needed to get the Pokemon under control. Viktor’s life depended on it.

Eveline looked up at the Hydreigon as she approached, locking eyes with its main head. The dragon Pokemon stared back with its cold black and purple eyes. It backed away from Viktor as its body fully rotated to face Eveline. She swallowed hard, holding back the nerves as the Pokemon growled at her. A tense moment passed, then the Hydreigon bared its teeth.


Eveline narrowed her eyes. “Down,” she commanded the Pokemon with a strong, authoritative tone. Another moment passed during which Eveline placed her hand on the Pokemon’s ball … just in case.

Just as it began to seem to Eveline that this staring contest would last forever, the Hydreigon bowed its heads to her, acknowledging her as its master. “Good girl,” she said as she reached out and placed her hand on the Pokemon’s neck. “Let’s win this fight together now, okay?”


Keeping her eyes on the Hydreigon, Eveline walked around to its side. Firmly grasping one of the dragon Pokemon’s back spikes, she pulled herself up onto its back, then she got into riding position, putting her arms around its neck. “Let’s go!” she commanded the Pokemon, spurring it onwards. With a mighty roar, the Hydreigon lifted off into the air.

From above the battlefield, Eveline could see all the action. The Red Suns had the Quasars on the ropes now. The surprise ambush and the release of the Hydreigon had caught them off guard and that had given the Red Suns the upper hand they needed. The Quasars now numbered in the single digits just as the Red Suns did. Now was the time to turn the course of the battle completely in their favor.


“Hydra, land there, right in their midst!” Eveline instructed her Hydreigon, pointing out a spot where several of the Quasars had bunched up. The Brutal Pokemon heeded the command and dove down. Laser fire flew at them as they descended, but they pushed through.

“Now, use Outrage!” Eveline called out over the shouts of the men. Lashing out in all directions with her three heads and her tail, Hydra tore into the Quasars, sending bodies flying every which way. As the men hit the ground, Eveline let loose at them with her pistol, ensuring that they wouldn’t be getting back up.


“Fall back!” one of the Quasars shouted, and those that remained began to retreat.

“Don’t hold back, Hydra! Dragon Pulse!”

Eveline fired on the fleeing Quasars as her Pokemon blasted them with draconic energy. The pair was joined by Viktor, Davis, and the rest of the surviving Red Suns. A hail of gunfire pursued the Quasars as they fled, dropping many of them before they could escape to the cover of the abandoned buildings of the colony.


“That’s right!” Eveline called out. “You’d better run!”

The day was won.

“You were reckless, irresponsible, and in completely over your ‘eads!”

Eveline looked down at her feet as her mother berated her and Viktor. Rena Bordeaux had not been thrilled to learn that the pair had snuck their way onto a mission she had forbidden them from going on.


“And what’s more, you disobeyed me! You both could ‘ave been seriously hurt … or worse!

“Mom, I’m sorry. I just—”

“But I am so proud of you. Both of you.”

“I … what?” Eveline looked up at her mother, a surprised expression on her face. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.


“You saved lives today,” Eveline’s mother said. “If you ‘adn’t done what you did ze Quasars would have captured ze men I sent on zat mission, perhaps even killed zem. You both did good today.”

“I told you we were ready,” Eveline said.

“Zat may be,” her mother replied. “You ‘ave proven that you are capable of ‘andling yourselves in a fight. And, Eveline … ze fact zat you were able to make your father’s ‘ydreigon speaks volumes to your abilities as a trainer and a leader. You truly are Arlon Jett’s daughter.”


“I just wanted to make you proud, Mom.”

“I am very proud of you, Eveline. ‘owever …”

“However, what?” Eveline asked.

The girl’s mother turned her focus to Viktor. “I’ll let your parents decide your punishment,” she said before turning back to her daughter. “But as for you, young lady … you are grounded until I say otherwise.”


“But—” Eveline started to protest before her mother cut her off.

“No buts,” Rena said sternly. “You still disobeyed me.”

“I—” Eveline was about to continue arguing, but then she thought better of it. Her mother had a point. “I understand.”


“Good. Maybe your punishment won’t be so long after all. Once I decide that you ‘ave been punished enough, we can discuss your first real mission.”

Author’s Notes: Ah, another piece of Red Suns lore finished. I really love how this piece turned out. The seeds for this story have been kicking around in my head for ages, all starting with an idea of Eveline demonstrating the strong leader she would one day become by taming her father’s Hydreigon at a young age when it hadn’t obeyed anyone since his death. Using that as a starting point, I finally sat down and built up a narrative around it, eventually coming up with what you just read. Ever since the original Spacemon campaign ended, I wanted to write something about the next generation of Red Suns and I’m so glad I finally got around to it. You can bet on me writing more about Eveline and Viktor’s future exploits!


That does it for this story. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this piece! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the rest of the Spacemon saga, join the Spacemon Discord server, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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