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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! This is the final installment of a three part mini-series following some behind-the-scenes events that has been inserted at the appropriate point in the story. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Aarn Hondo, veteran smuggler captain, approached the rendezvous point; he had spent the last three months selecting from his small fleet of acquired vessels the most appropriate ship for this mission, and outfitting it with all the necessary add-ons he could find.

Already docked at the station were a group of Alliance transports. Commander Rodriguez and his “Drapion” Company were timely as expected, and, with any luck, the hacker prodigy, Meta, was still with them.

But his client, Gilgamesh, had yet to arrive. Hondo twiddled his fingers as the Skarmory perched on his shoulder pecked anxiously at the bulkhead. The plan they had formed for the mission explicitly called for his presence. Meta had insisted on reviewing and overhauling the plan at least five times by now; she turned out to be exceedingly clever, so they all indulged her. Upon discovering Gilgamesh’s telepathic abilities, and of the existence of Human psionics in general, she had become quite obsessive with her research on countering the subject. She was convinced psionics would make up a component in Mr. Silver’s defenses. “It’s what I would do,” Hondo recalled her saying. “And, besides, better to be prepared, than not.”

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Hondo guided the GCS Clavion into dock with the station. He supposed they would review the plan while they waited for Gilgamesh to arrive, especially if Meta had decided she needed to revise it another six times since their last meeting.

“Hang on,” began Rodriguez. “I’m still not sure I understand...”

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Meta stared at him from across the war room table, her eyes emitting a faint, icy glow. He had managed to acquire her a whole suite of high tech equipment and cybernetic augmentations, as part of her compensation for this operation. Some of those items were secret prototypes, all of them were hardened against external access, at Meta’s absolute insistence. She had even turned down a few neural enhancements because she could not guarantee they couldn’t be used against her in the future. She had convinced Rodriguez it would help her keep his men alive during the mission, but it was still a tall order; some of that stuff was downright dangerous in the hands of someone like her.

“Why do we need to capture one of the Romanov Cruisers? Wouldn’t it be easier— and safer—to conserve our forces for the main base?” he continued.

Meta let out a long sigh. “Because, Commander, I don’t know anything about Mr. Silver’s system architecture. I’ll need a code sample from a friendly uplink. And Romanov ships are shoddy pieces of work. You get me one of them, and I get you a technical readout of the base.” Her patience was wearing thin.


“Okay,” Rodriguez caught on. “Then the next step is... ‘rapid tactical entry.’”

“Exactly,” said Meta. “Romanov Broadsword class heavy cruisers come equipped with plasma-edge ramming blades. So, we fly straight into the station, and board through the hole.”

Rodriguez nodded along. It was crazy, but her original plan involved jury rigging orbital drop pods and launching them at key points on the enemy station. Rodriguez had put his foot down on that one; he was not going to throw his men away on a reckless suicide run like that. “From there we split up into two forces: a small group to reach the Eye, and a larger force to provide a distraction and create as much chaos as possible.”


“And I expect...” Hondo spoke up. “That this small party will consist of myself, you, the good commander, and-”

The doors opened then, and in walked Gilgamesh.

“And the Sinai, of course!” finished Hondo. “Your timing is perfect, as usual!”

Gilgamesh walked straight to the table and took a seat, focused on the task at hand. “I fear this quest will be gravely difficult, if Mr. Silver is indeed here.”


If he’s actually here,” Meta interjected. “I’ve been thinking a lot about that, actually.”

“Come now,” said Hondo. “We all saw the communique: ‘I will be there to personally ensure the project’s success.’ Seems pretty clear to me.”

“Assuming it’s accurate, Captain,” she replied. “Always ask yourself: what do you know, and why do you think you know it? What if we were meant to see that message?”


Hondo frowned. He didn’t like where this was going. “Child, even if what you say wasn’t utter nonsense, would it not be wise to assume it is Mr. Silver, and prepare for the worst? One can never be over prepared.”

Meta didn’t take the bait. “You’re half right. There’s no such thing as being too prepared, but you can still prepare wrong. Like, if you make assumptions that a certain condition is true, and build your entire plan around that assumption. You could spend months constructing a really elaborate plan, only to have it completely fall apart because that condition turns out to be false.”

Rodriguez had given up trying to follow along at this point. Judging by the gazes from half the table, so had most people.


“I guess what I’m trying to say,” she continued. “Is that we need to consider any disadvantages we might have if Mr. Silver is not here. For instance, are any of you planning on capturing him?”

Hondo and Gilgamesh looked at each other. They had considered it as a side objective, but ultimately decided that it would be too difficult to go after both him and the Eye at once. “No.”

They spent the next half hour brainstorming potential scenarios before Rodriguez interrupted them.


“Look, this is fun and all, but don’t you think it’s time to go? Now that we’re all assembled, we’re on company time.”

Gilgamesh stood up and said: “Very well, Commander. It is time.”

Hondo breathed a sigh of relief, while Meta just sat there pouting.

“Alright!” Rodriguez bellowed as he stood and turned to face the troops. “Ladies and gentlemen, you know your mission. Get out there, charge your rifles, check your Pokeballs, and keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times!”


Everything had gone smoothly so far. The Clavion had sent a transmission requesting docking access to deliver supplies, and it had been intercepted by one of the Romanov Broadswords.

All according to plan.

Hondo had done an excellent job of playing the Romanov guards. He was crude enough to get himself and the crates— all filled with Drapion company— sent to the security room, while maintaining enough tact to not press an encounter.


Meta, meanwhile, had simply walked into the control room. Hacking the security feeds to playback a 30 second loop was child’s play. She didn’t do it. Avoiding the patrols was simple enough when she could track their routes in real time. She made no such effort. She merely walked in, synced up to one of the consoles, and simulated a reactor leak. Once all of the command staff had fled the room, Meta sealed the blast doors and deactivated her shiny new personal cloaking device: she loved Commander Rodriguez.

She also completely hated him, but that was beside the point.

“That’s our cue, boys!” Rodriguez shouted, opening his crate from the inside.

The ship’s alarm had distracted the guards, giving Drapion Company an opportunity to take them out before they regained their wits. Their Pokemon had made short work of the opposition.


“I guess this means Meta made it to the rally point, eh?” asked Rodriguez.

“You say that as if there was any doubt to begin with, my friend!” replied Hondo as he holstered his laser pistol.

“We must remain cautious,” Gilgamesh warned, climbing out of his crate. “I sense much confusion and activity outside these walls.”


“Well, that is the plan, no?” asked Hondo as he took out his communicator. “Meta! My friend! How are things on your end?”

“Hold on, I’m clearing a path for you,” the device crackled. Ten seconds later, one of the doors clicked open. “There. Head through the series of unlocked doors. They’ll take you directly to the control room and avoid the guards.”

“You heard her, boys!” roared Rodriguez. “Time to move out!”

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Meta was already downloading the station schematics when the group entered the control room. “You made it. Excellent!” she said, beaming each of them a map. “I managed to find the Eye’s position. It’s located here in the upper heart of the facility.” She pointed to the spot on the map. “From what I can tell so far, it appears to be powering... some kind of machinery. But it’s not providing power to the station; that’s coming in from the generators here and here. I’m afraid I’m at a loss as to what this thing actually does.”

“In the hands of Mr. Silver, nothing good I fear,” Gilgamesh spoke up. “In my recent travels, I have uncovered evidence of-”

“Hold that thought, I have the system now,” Meta interrupted. “Let’s start this party... and make sure we have no uninvited guests.” She fed a few inputs into the terminals, and vented every room onboard the ship except for the one they were standing in. As the vessel turned into position they witnessed a few of the engineering staff float away outside the viewports, grasping in vain at the empty void.


Gilgamesh heaved his shoulders, and sighed quietly. Meta just nonchalantly shrugged and said: “They could have been a problem for us later. Now they won’t be.”

And the ship’s plasma segments activated, giving the vessel the appearance of a glowing blade against the cold vacuum. As the engines set to full power, it began to thrust into the heart of the large space station before them.

“Brace yourselves,” yelled Rodriguez.

The four of them raced through the corridor. The distraction had worked perfectly; the soldiers of Drapion Company had rather loudly gone down the more obvious main path to the Eye, drawing all the attention of the security forces present. Meta had managed to activate no less than a dozen alarms: everything from reactor leaks to hull breach signals were set off. It seemed very likely to her that the enemy would see through them as the distractions that they were, but she might as well trigger them anyway. With any luck it would fool some of the guards, delaying them for a minute or two until Mr. Silver, or whoever was coordinating the defenses here, reestablished contact.


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They could hear the fighting all the way from the other end of the section. The distinctive sounds of blasters, Fire Blasts, Ice Beams, and explosions were only slightly muffled by the facility’s many titanium walls. They could even feel the occasional Earthquake rock the station as they ran. They kept pace until they hit a fork in the hallway.

“Which way do we go?” asked Rodriguez.

“Let’s see,” said Meta as she synced her Pokedex into the system. “The Eye is down the hallway on the right... and the left leads to... whatever they’re applying it to. I bet if I head over there I can figure out what they’re using it for, maybe find a way to stop it and deal some damage. Whoa-”


Suddenly she became fixated on her Pokedex.

“These readings don’t make any sense. And my equipment’s not faulty so... it could be a trap, and I’m only seeing what they want me to see, but... I’d be very interested to know what’s going on up there.”

“Alright, we’ll split up, two and two,” suggested Rodriguez.

“No offense, but I’m more efficient on my own,” she replied, activating her cloaking device.


And, like that, she was gone.

The hallway opened up into a massive chamber. Their footsteps echoed around the walls as they entered.


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The hallway opened up into a massive chamber. Their footsteps echoed around the walls as they entered.

In the center floated an immense sphere, comprised of rock, metal, and crystal. It looked very strange, as if it were both natural and artificial. Gilgamesh could feel the aura of power radiating from it. “This must be Eye of Aether,” he remarked in awe.


“It is magnificent!” Hondo breathed. “I wonder, how much is it worth?

“Hey, I- uh- hate to ruin the moment...” Rodriguez interrupted. “But we’ve got company.”


Six armed guards entered the chamber from the opposite side. Each sent out a Bisharp as they fanned out.

Rodriguez quickly raised his laser rifle and fire off two very precise bursts of fire, taking two of the guards down as they moved in. “Send out your Pokemon!” he shouted to his compatriots. “I’ll keep you covered!”


Hondo took a few steps back and released his trusty Skarmory while Gilgamesh chose to use his Malamar. “Use Steel Wing!” Hondo commanded his Pokemon. “Take those guards down!” The Armor Bird Pokemon flew forward at top speed and slashed past the line of advancing guards, taking a couple more down with its razor-sharp wings.

Gilgamesh then telepathically commanded his Malamar to attack one of the Bisharps as the guards finally finished processing the situation and began to return fire. The Malamar hovered forward and lashed out at the Bisharp with one of its tentacles, breaking through its metallic armor and delivering a nasty blow. Viewing the Malamar as the largest threat in the room, the guards began to focus their fire on it.

In the meantime, the Bisharps closed the gap. Two moved in on Hondo’s Skarmory and swiped at it with their sharp blades. The swift metallic bird dodged out of the way of one, but was unable to avoid the second hit. Two more went after Gilgamesh’s Malamar, both delivering pretty decisive blows. The remaining two continued to march forward toward Hondo, Gilgamesh, and Rodriguez, their armor shimmering like polished iron.


Rodriguez fired off a few more bursts at the approaching Pokemon, then reached for his Pokeball. “You’re up, Drapion!” he belted out. The Ogre Scorpion Pokemon snapped its claws together menacingly as it emerged. “Use Earthquake!” The Drapion charged forward at the line of advancing men and Pokemon. The entire station rocked violently as the powerful Pokemon unleashed its attack.

Meta ran up the stairs. Her cloaking device completely masked her both visually and electronically, but it didn’t hide sound. Not that it mattered: her new leg implants, in addition to allowing her to land great falls unharmed, also rendered her footsteps silent.


She went up to the door, and spliced into the locking mechanism to get a view from the room’s security camera. Once she saw the room was empty, she unlocked the door and opened it.

She relocked it behind her once she entered.

It appeared to be some kind of control room. Consoles and terminals lined the walls, but they were boring, expected fare. Her cybernetic eyes found a line of heavy cable hidden behind a panel, and followed it along the wall and under the floor, up into some kind of machine in the center of the room. A six-and-a-half second analysis confirmed that it was not linked with the rest of the station’s systems.


“How curious,” Meta whispered to herself. “Tell me more about yourself, my shiny little friend.” It appeared to be some kind of case on closer inspection, protecting the no doubt juicy components inside. One side had an embedded terminal, likely for development and testing of... whatever this thing was.

How do you work?

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She decloaked and linked her Pokedex into the terminal. Immediately, it lit up and began displaying a stream of code. Her Pokedex lit up as well; it appeared the machine was attempting to access it through the password system. Meta smirked. Passwords were usually easy to bypass because most people had pathetic passwords that were easy to guess. But Meta was not “most people.” Having her own substantial experience with brute force input routines, she deliberately designed her passwords to be difficult to guess for both humans and machines.

But she was curious to see what this machine did, so she did nothing but watch the terminal.

The code on the terminal called a single function. Simple enough: take some input, do something, and return an output. This particular function, for its input, took another function, one Meta wasn’t quite sure what it was. She could find no record of it in the database.


Then the program did something rather peculiar. A single line of text displayed itself on the screen: it was her Pokedex password! How could it have known that?

The function continued its operation; it seemed to be writing a new piece of code and saving it to the machine’s database. This new function was quite simple in that it just displayed her password. The astounding part, however, was that it was identical to the previously unknown function used in the first one.

What the actual shit?!?” Meta screamed at the terminal screen. This machine had somehow run a program before it existed, and then used the results it generated to make that program! She stumbled backwards. The implications of this were enormous!


What Meta did with computer systems was merely exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities left behind by people who were sloppy or stupid. Sometimes she even manually rearranged the hardware components in order to manipulate the functionality of a device to her uses. Everything she could do was stoppable by actual security implemented by smart people who knew what they were doing and actually gave a damn.

But... but this... this made every security system worthless. Something like this could bypass it all... instantly. Meta decided she had to have one for herself... or six.

Suddenly she heard voices coming from outside. She hastily reset the machine and reactivated her cloaking device.


“...and, by the way, how have your limbs been doing Councillor?” said one voice. “I am quite familiar with cybernetic replacements...”

Ach! I vill manage. But ze car! If I ever find ze brat who hijacked me, I vill-”

“Patience, Councillor. After all, what is a mere skycar, compared to this magnificent cyber-weapon?”


The first door opened, and a blond man with some serious cybernetic augmentations walked into the room. He looked more machine than man! Could this be Mr. Silver?

The second man following him, judging from the accent, conversation, and recovering injuries, was most probably Councillor Robert Heinkel. Meta had made friends with his skycar back on Xiaou a few months ago.

“Mr. Silver does make good on his promises, I vill give him zat.”

“Indeed,” the cyborg nodded in agreement. “And I’ve known him to be quite thorough in his dealings.”


So, this wasn’t Mr. Silver. Who was he then? Was Mr. Silver even here in the base?

The two of them walked over to the machine case, and the cyborg opened it. He took out a sort of rod. One end appeared to contain a brand of tech Meta didn’t recognize. The other end seemed to be comprised of a liquid alloy.

“One cyber weapon, as promised,” said the cyborg. “Mr. Silver sends his gratitude for your contribution.”


Heinkel’s eyes lit up as he held the device. “This should liven up ze conference, no?”

“Best not to keep them waiting then,” the cyborg grinned, and Heinkel left. The cyborg closed the door after him, then turned around and began casually pacing across the room, humming a quirky tune. “And then there were two.


Before Meta could react, the cyborg raised his hand and unleashed a small ionic blast, knocking her on the ground and disabling her cloaking device. Her vision went static for a few seconds as the electricity coursed through her cybernetic eyes.


“But... how did-” she stuttered.

“How did I know you were here? Well, I knew you were coming...” he replied. “And, while your little friends made their way to the Eye, I knew that... someone like you couldn’t resist investigating... a place like this...” he gestured to the room and to the now empty case.

“Ah, but where are my manners? You may refer to me as ‘I’...”

It took Meta half a second to recall the communique. “I will be there to personally ensure the project’s success,” she recited.


I chuckled. “The name does have it’s quirks.”

Thinking quickly, she tossed out her Pokeball, releasing her Magnezone. She only had one shot at this; after that, her odds of success would diminish exponentially.


“Magneto: Zap Cannon.”

The magnet Pokemon charged up the electrical attack and hit its target. Meta expected I’s body to collapse from the augmentation shock, but he simply took a step forward, smiling.

“An electrical attack against a cyborg. Clever. Unfortunately, as you can see, I don’t particularly mind.”


I sent out his own Pokemon, a Rhyperior. “Use Drill Run,” he commanded. The Magnezone went down in one super-effective hit.

Meta gritted her teeth. She hated losing.

“Oh, don’t look so disappointed,” I looked down at her. “You’ve done very well to make it this far! I’m actually impressed!”


Meta managed a smirk. “I could say the same, I suppose,” she glanced at the machine case. “That’s some interesting tech you got there.”

“You had fun playing with it, I see. Figure out how it works, yet?” asked I casually as he fiddled with the terminal.

“... I think so...” she pondered. She would do anything to stall for time at this point. What did she still have at her disposal? “It looks like it calls functions before they’re defined... but how is that possible?”


I looked out the viewport into the chamber housing the Eye. “Did Gilgamesh tell you what the Eye of Aether does?”

“He said a lot of things... Too much to believe if you ask me. Revive the dead, transmute material, see the future, solve any riddle... huh, that’s sort of like generating any password, right?”

I grinned back at her. It was kinda creepy, given that half of his face appeared to be mechanical. She would continue to play his game for now. She had her infiltration kit, two remaining Pokeballs, and her amazing technical skillset. Now she just needed more time...


“It seems to do too many things at once, though, that’s the problem. Unless-”

“Unless the Eye only has one property, which can be applied in many different ways,” I said. He was having too much fun playing this game with her. “Can you guess what that property might be?”

She really should have been devoting all of her focus at that point towards developing her escape plan. But it was too enticing; she couldn’t resist the puzzle I had presented to her. And once she thought about it, it became clear to her.


“The answer is-”

“It’s Time,” breathed Gilgamesh in awe.

“Oh?” asked Hondo, who had just checked the last Romanov guard to make sure he was down. “Time for what?”


“No, it is Time!” cried Gilgamesh, pointing up at the Eye of Aether. He had just come to the revelation. “I could not see it before, but my eyes are now opened.”

“Hold up,” interjected Rodriguez. “You trying to tell me that thing’s some kind of time machine?”

“… Not quite. At least, not as you understand it.” Gilgamesh closed his eyes and felt the aura radiating from it. It was powerful. “I’m not sure I truly understand it, myself, but its aura tells me it is in tune with the forces of Time.”


“Yes yes, very nice,” Hondo said rather quickly. “Now, how are we going to move this thing?” He had a glint of avarice in his eye.

It was a fair question. The Eye of Aether was far larger than the three of them could physically carry, and about half of their Pokemon were worn out from the previous battle. They were also at a loss as to how to get it down in the first place. “Any ideas?” Hondo asked.

Gilgamesh kneeled in place and just sat there for a few moments. “Perhaps we must-”


All of a sudden, an attack came from behind; two new enemies in full power armor wielding Aegislashes charged in. Romanov Knight Commandos: Gilgamesh hadn’t sensed their presence!

Rodriguez, whose Pokemon was already fainted, simply raised his laser rifle and took aim. Hondo looked to his Skarmory, which still had some fight left in it. “Night Slash!”

The steel bird flew in and swiped past both the opponents, but their armor appeared to absorb most of the impact.


Gilgamesh sent out his Slowbro and telepathically commanded it to use Thunder Wave. The Hermit Crab Pokemon let out a stunning jolt of electricity and hit one of the Knight Commandos dead on, but it did little more than spark harmlessly off his energy shield.

Rodriguez fired a volley of lasers from his rifle at the other one, but he managed to deflect most of the bolts with his Aegislash.

The pair then raised their swords and leveled them at Slowbro, and a twin Shadow Ball strike took it down instantly. The Knight Commandos raised their shields, and moved in to advance...


These Knight Commandos would not go down! Rodriguez gritted his teeth. No matter how many times he fired on them, the Commandos did not appear to be slowing down at all. Rodriguez would not have believed their endurance had he not witnessed it with his own eyes.

“This is getting us nowhere!” Hondo shouted from behind cover. His Skarmory had long since fainted and he had resorted to taking the occasional potshot from his hiding spot.


Rodriguez glanced over at the smuggler captain and at Gilgamesh. While the smuggler captain was hiding behind his cover, the Sinai monk was exposed as he expertly commanded his Gardevoir with his mind. The Embrace Pokemon gracefully weaved her way through the battlefield, dodging the attacks of the Knight Commandos. One of the Commando’s took a swing at the Gardevoir with his Aegislash, but she teleported away, then unleashed a massive blast of stored up energy. Unfortunately it was still not enough.

Rodriguez realized that Hondo was right. They weren’t gaining any ground and couldn’t take much more of this. He needed to do something. He cast aside his now-drained rifle, and pulled out his final grenade.


He charged forward at one advancing Knight Commandos, dodging his attacks as he passed. Then, he activated the grenade and jammed it between the sections of the Commando’s armor. Rodriguez quickly dove behind cover as the grenade detonated. The sound of the explosion was quickly followed by several loud clanks as the remains of the power armor hit the floor, coated in what was left of the Commando.

Rodriguez picked himself up to see the remaining Knight Commando charging toward him, Aegislash raised. He knew there was no way he could avoid the hit. Just before the blade made contact, the Commando stumbled and missed Rodriguez by a hair. The commander could feel the rush of air as the blade whizzed past his head and instead struck the Knight Commando in the leg.

Rodriguez looked over at Gilgamesh to see the monk with his hand raised, blasting the Commando’s mind with psionic energy. The aging Sinai man nodded in his direction.


While Gilgamesh’s actions had saved Rodriguez’s life, it did little to slow the Commando down. The heavily armored Romanov soldier quickly regained his balance and set his sights on the Sinai monk. He took a few swift steps forward and threw his Aegislash directly at Gilgamesh.

The Royal Sword Pokemon slashed through the air at surprising speed, shrouding itself in shadowy energy as it neared the monk. Then it stopped. The blade pierced through the heart of Gilgamesh’s Gardevoir, who had teleported herself into its path in order to protect her trainer.

Rodriguez had seen many casualties in the field before, and watching Pokemon die was always rough. This time was no different. The Gardevoir cried out for an agonizing second before it collapsed to the floor in a pool of its own blood. To his credit, Gilgamesh maintained an air of focus on the battle, but the commander knew deep down the old man had been shaken.


There was no time to mourn, however, as the Aegislash began to float up out of the hole it made in the lifeless Pokemon and back into the hand of the advancing Knight Commando. Recognizing the severity of their situation, Rodriguez decided it was time to move. “We need to get out of here!” the commander shouted to his companions, then he began running toward the exit on the far side of the room with Gilgamesh and Hondo close behind.

As the trio neared their destination, the doors slid open, revealing a blond cyborg so augmented that Rodriguez almost mistook him for a bot. His hands sparked dangerously.

“Wait... I know you!” Gilgamesh’s eyes went wide. A second later he frowned in confusion. “But… you’re not-”


“No. I’m afraid you don’t know me,” replied I, as he raised one of his hands.

And a blast of lightning sparked out. Gilgamesh was launched backwards as volts of electricity coursed through his body.

Rodriguez ran back to where the old man landed and knelt beside him.

“You must... run,” Gilgamesh managed to whisper with his dying breath. “Find them…” And then he was gone, leaving the commander with a telepathic image of five people he did not recognize.


And so Gilgamesh became one with the Void.

“I recognized them,” Hondo spoke softly. It had been a harrowing ordeal, and the two of them had only just barely escaped with their lives.


“Oh yeah?” Rodriguez breathed; there was not much room in the escape pod. “Figures the old man was trying to tell us something. Probably important.”

“Bah,” grunted Hondo. It would be a while before the pod reached the designated extraction zone. “You really think a bunch of kids can help?”

“He must have had his reasons. I’m still under contract, so whatever you want to do from here, I’ll follow.”


Hondo sighed; he had a feeling he wouldn’t be able to just walk away from this one. Something in the monk’s eyes had told him this was bigger than any of them. “They may indeed just be our last hope...”

Author’s Notes: “Tempore Ex Machina” translates roughly to “time from the machine” or “the time machine.” I felt I may have given the players perhaps too monumental a challenge at the end of Volume 2 (as you will see at the end of the volume if this is your first time reading through according to the recommended reading order), so I wanted to supply them an appropriate narrative tool. Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t yet. Special thanks to DisturbedShadow for helping me finish off the writing for this post.


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