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Hello, and welcome to Spacemon, the tale of my Pokemon TRPG campaign played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) System! Here you will find the complete collection of the rewritten chapters of Volume 1! If you want to get all caught up on the story, this is the place to start!

Spacemon is a science fiction space epic set in a Pokemon universe imagined up by GM and fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. The first batch of sessions that made up Volume 1 were from September 2014 through December 2014, and the original posts were made between October and December. The writing quality drastically improved for Volume 2, so once it concluded, I went back and rewrote the originals between April and June 2015. Now, I present to you Volume 1 of Spacemon!

Chapter 1: Gigan Station

Chapter 2: An Unlikely Partnership

Chapter 3: Rumble on Ragnarök!

Chapter 4: Tangling with Trevenant!

Chapter 5: Who is Mr. Silver?

Chapter 6: Silicron Showdown!

Chapter 7: Preparations

Chapter 8: Meeting on Manitou

Chapter 9: Belly of the Beast

Chapter 10: Big Booming Balls on Banton!

Chapter 11: The Sector 25 Incident

Chapter 12: Into the Unknown

Chapter 13: The Void

Chapter 14: The Price of Revenge

Chapter 15: The Calm Before the Storm

Chapter 16: The Battle of Solace Prime

Finished reading all of Volume 1? Then be sure to check out everything else related to Spacemon! Want to see what these chapters used to look like? Check out the original run of Spacemon! Want more of the story? Check out Volume 2 and Volume 3. You can also find every post related to Spacemon here! And finally, be sure to check out the Spacemon Appendix for more insight into the world and characters of Spacemon (Spoiler warning if you haven’t finished the series)!