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Spacemon Vol. 2 - Chapter 13: The Mirrored Temple

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Welcome to another terrifying installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

Alex was truly welcomed amongst the crew of the UAS Helix and they agreed to help her find the Mirror, the artifact her father was searching for before he vanished. They traveled to the Mirrored Temple, the very location where Alex’s father disappeared. Having cut through the thick jungles of the planet, they now prepare to enter this ancient temple.


The light from the entryway begins to fade as the crew presses further into the temple and they soon find themselves surrounded in darkness. Alex feels an unsettled feeling creeping up on her with the darkness, a sense of foreboding unlike anything she has experienced before.

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“Lumiera, we need you to light the way!” she calls out as she sends out her Lampent. The Pokemon makes a faint noise as she floats up above the crew, her ghostly flames lighting up the area and revealing patterns of reflective metal embedded in the stone. Lumiera’s ghostly blue light refracts off of eyeball designs on the walls and thin strips along the floor and ceiling, bouncing back and forth across the mirrored surfaces. The light constantly shifts as the crew progresses through the dark corridors, the patterns cast off by the eyeball designs slowly moving along the walls as if their gaze is following them.


“This place is creepy…” Alex says to no one in particular. Over the years, many ideas passed through her head about what the Mirrored Temple would be like, but she never imagined something like this. There is something deeply disturbing about the atmosphere here. She shakes her head, trying to dispel the thoughts from her mind. She needs to know what happened here, creepy or not.

Alex isn’t the only one troubled by the temple. Something just feels off about this place to Shane. He eyes the shifting light nervously as they push onwards. It almost feels as if that there is something here, watching their movements. H also feels disturbed; the eyes along the walls horrify him. He tries to avert his eyes but everywhere he looks another eye stares into him. He starts to lag behind the others.

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Eventually they come to a few steps that lead up to a giant, circular chamber. A large, round stone slab sits in the center, with several rectangular slabs arranged around it, spreading out and away from the center.


“Uh… guys…” Shane says, his head tilted back, looking straight up. The chamber extends upwards into darkness, a tall circular shaft with the mirrored eye patterns arranged around the edges.

“I think we need to go up,” Alex suggests.

“Do we?” H asks.

“Well the holoscroll said the Mirror was at the top. We need to get up there.”

“Well there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to go from here,” Morgan points out. She’s right, the only way out of the room is the way they came in.


“We’ve got to be missing something…” Alex trails off. She looks up at the dark shaft and then back toward the stone slabs. She approaches one and takes a closer look. “I wonder,” she mumbles to herself. She starts pushing against it, throwing all her strength into it, and it starts sliding, moving around the center slab. Another slab on the opposite the chamber from her moves along with it. “I think we need to line them up!” she calls out to her companions.

“Which way?” Dmitri asks.

“Uh… with the door, maybe?” Alex suggests.

The crew starts pushing the slabs, aligning them in a straight line through the center from the door to the opposite wall. Nothing seems to happen.


“Well, that didn’t work,” Alex grumbles to herself.

“Hey, look, there are holes in the wall,” Morgan points out. A pair of square holes face each other on opposite ends of the chamber, perpendicular to the door. “What if we tried lining them up that way?”


“Good idea,” Shane agrees.

They all rearrange the slabs, lining them up with the holes. A low rumbling sounds as the slabs start sliding into the holes, followed by a thud as they lock into place. The center starts turning and the slabs shift in the holes, almost like a key. The whole room starts turning, the eye patterns sliding across the walls and sinking lower. The platform they stand on in moving up, constantly rotating as it ascends to the top of the temple.


Eventually, the platform grinds to a halt in another large chamber, this time at the top of the shaft. Lumiera’s light dances along the walls, reflecting off more eyeball designs and revealing a narrow tunnel-like corridor.

“I guess we’re going this way,” Shane says. He leads the crew forward to the corridor entrance. As they draw near, the pale light reveals a statue of grey-yellow stone standing on the far end of the corridor in front of what appears to be some sort of door.


They slowly approach the statue, passing by more eye patterns on the wall. Shane gets the strange feeling that the eyes are following them as they move down the corridor. He shakes the thought out of his head, telling himself that it’s just a trick of the light.

Reaching the statue, it appears to be a large rounded likeness of a man or some sort of humanoid Pokemon but it’s hard to say for sure. It has many details carved into it and a gold plate on the facial area. It appears almost as if it were a casing containing something within.


Alex walks up to it and reaches out, brushing the tips of her fingers against the cold stone. A sharp chill runs up her arm and down her spine. Get out! The thought echoes in her head. Get out of here! She slowly backs away, a terrified look on her face. She backs up past her companions and finds herself in the middle of the corridor, the eyes staring at her from all directions. All she wants to do is turn and run, but she finds herself frozen in fear.

“Alex…?” Morgan asks, a worried tone in her voice.

The girl says nothing.

Dmitri steps forward and touches the statue. To him, something definitely feels off about this statue; as if something ghostly is contained within. He reaches up and touches the gold face panel. As his hand makes contact, the eyes start glowing a menacing shade of red. He twists the panel and the front of the statue starts to slide open like a coffin. Darkness starts to creep out of the statue, like small little tendrils.


Some of the eyes start moving off of the walls, surround those standing back from the statue, their gaze creeping ever closer.

“No! Stop!” Alex cries out. “Make it stop!” She feels paralyzed as an eye draws nearer to her. It zeroes in, right in front of her face. She feels the cold mirrored surface touch against her trembling face; it is too much to bear.


Alex’s scream echoes down the narrow corridor, splitting the eerie silence, only to be overpowered by the terrified roar of H’s voice. The cyborg bolts out of the corridor as fast as he can, back toward the open chamber. “We are breaking through this wall!” he shouts as he releases his Rhyhorn. The two start wailing on the thick stone wall, trying to smash through.

One of the eyes starts slowly following him back to the chamber while the other two focus in on Morgan and Alex. Shane quickly sends out his Inkay and then vanishes from the room.


As he moves through warp space Shane can see darkness radiating out from the three eyes and the statue, like they are feeding off the very Warp itself. He pulls himself back into real space and strikes the statue with his Phantom Force, phasing his hand through the stone to damage the inside. His mark starts glowing black and he feels it go numb. He pulls back reflexively, the darkness resisting for a moment.

Alex snaps out of her frozen state, her fight or flight response kicking in. “Lumiera, use Shadow Ball!” she shouts out. The Lampent fires a ball of dark energy at the eye looming in front of her trainer. The eye vanishes suddenly, just before the attack strikes, and the ball slams into the wall.


The thing reappears by H. Now two eyes stare into him. He turns around the see the creatures behind him, two large black Pokemon: Sigilyph. “No! No! No! No! No!” H screams as he recalls his Pokemon, completely terrified by the sight before him. He runs back toward the corridor, trying to get as far away from the Sigilyphs as possible.

The eyes of the statue-coffin start glowing and the tendrils of darkness form into four ghostly hands as it reveals itself. A terrifying ghostly face emanates out from the Cofagrigus, locking on to Lumiera. The Lampent shudders momentarily but remains focused on the battle.

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“Hector, use Ice Fang!” Morgan commands as she releases her Croconaw. The reptilian Pokemon lunges forward, teeth coated in ice, and takes a nasty bite out of the Sigilyph lurking in the darkness.


Shane attempts to jump back into warp space for another attack but finds himself unable. He stares as his blackened mark in fear, quite disturbed by his inability to use his power. He retreats off into a corner to keep out of range of the assailants.

“Lumiera, use Will-O-Wisp!” Alex shouts, pointing at the Cofagrigus. A small ball of ghost flame flies out from the Lampent and circles around the Cofigrigus before phasing through the outer shell, burning it on the inside.


“Wilhelm, Shadow Ball!” Dmitri commands as he releases his Haunter, directing it toward the Cofagrigus. A ball of shadowy energy builds up in the Pokemon’s hands as he charges his attack. He lobs it at the Cofagrigus and it connects with it’s face, dealing a nasty blow.

The coffin shell opens fully as hundreds of ghost hands come flying out! A blast of psychic energy gushes out from the open coffin and tears Wilhelm’s ghostly form to pieces. Dmitri recalls his fainted Pokemon as he starts to form back together.

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The three Sigilyphs begin glowing, almost as if they are building up for a massive attack. They begin to move back toward the crew, attempting to close in around them.


“D.E.R.P., use Hypnosis!” Shane commands his Inkay. The squid’s eyes start glowing in an attempt to put the Cofagrigus to sleep but he fails to do anything.

“Hector, use Ice Fang again!” Morgan instructs her Pokemon. The Croconaw leaps up and to take another bite out of the Sigilyph he attacked before. This time it teleports away, reappearing in a line with the other two.


Shane pulls out an Ultra Ball and throws it out from his corner at the Cofagrigus. It bounces off the coffin shell, then pulls the ghostly creature in and falls to the floor. It starts shaking violently, but eventually settles down, the capture successful.

One of the Sigilyphs moves up, its eye glowing as it locks on to D.E.R.P., and releases its stored up power. A wave of psychic energy appears around the Inkay and crushes him, killing him almost instantly. “No!” Shane yells out as he sees his Pokemon fall, an enraged look in his eyes. He throws out another Pokeball and his Rotom pops out.


“Hector, use Ice Fang!” Morgan commands her Pokemon. The Croconaw runs up and takes another bite out of the Sigilyph he had attacked previously, the one that had just killed D.E.R.P.


“Go, Ness! Dark Pulse!” Dmitri shouts as he releases his Gyarados. The Pokemon roars as he emerges from his ball and fires a wave of dark energy at the Sigilyph but it floats out of the way.

H runs to the door. With the Cofagrigus out of the way, he begins trying to figure out how to open it. It’s sealed tight by some sort of locking mechanism. In his panicked state he can’t really figure out how it works.


“Lumiera, use Shadow Ball!” Alex commands her Lampent. The ghostly lamp builds up another ball of energy and fires it at the Sigilyph in the front. It hits dead on and deals a pretty hefty blow. The creature doesn’t show any signs of being bothered by the attack.


“B.O.L.T., use Thunder Wave!” Shane instructs his Pokemon. The Rotom shoots out a wave of electricity at the Sigilyph. As the attack connects, sparks shoot along the creature’s body, immobilizing it.

Dmitri pulls out a Great Ball and throws it at the Sigilyph. The weakened creature is pulled inside the ball, which then falls still on the ground. “Ness, now Bite one of the others,” he commands his Pokemon. The Gyarados lunges forward to attack one of the other Sigilyph, but in the tight quarters of the corridor he is unable to land a hit.


“Hector, keep using Ice Fang!” Morgan yells out. Her Croconaw runs up to another Sigilyph and attempts to land another attack. However, the Sigilyph floats up and out of the way of its attacker.

Shane recalls his Rotom, then runs to the door. H is wildly banging on it trying to bash it down. “Get out of the way!” Shane shouts at him. “You’re not doing anything!” He shoves the panicked cyborg out of the way and examines the door. He notices two handprint designs on it and presses his hands against them. The designs start glowing faintly, and the door appears to start unlocking.


“Lumiera, use Will-O-Wisp!” Alex commands her Lampent. The Pokemon sends out another ghostly flame, this time at one of the Sigilyphs. The ball of fire burns the creature, but it doesn’t appear to be bothered. It moves forward and sends out a wave of psychic energy at Morgan’s Croconaw. The energy wraps around the Pokemon and crushes the life out of him.


The other one moves up as well and locks on to Lumiera. It attempts to unleash its own wave of of psychic energy at the Lampent, but it fails; the power does not quite materialize. Then, Dmitri raises his hand, directing the energy back at the Sigilyph. The power builds up inside the Pokemon until it explodes!

“Ness, Bite the last one!” Dmitri commands his Gyarados. The Pokemon sinks his teeth into the sole remaining Sigilyph and deals a pretty nasty wound.


“Now, finish it off with Hex!” Alex orders her Lampent. Lumiera’s eyes flash, the ghostly lamp focusing in on the Sigilyph. Dark energy closes in around it, amplified by the burn inflicted upon the creature, and saps away the last of its energy.

With the fight won, the others recall their Pokemon, leaving Alex’s Lampent as the only Pokemon remaining, her light still illuminating the area. Shane kneels down by his fallen Inkay, mourning the Pokemon’s death. Dmitri walks up to him and holds out the ball containing the Sigilyph he caught. “Here comrade,” he says to Shane. “You need this more than I do.”


“Thanks,” Shane replies quietly. He reaches up and takes the ball out of Dmitri’s hand. He looks at it momentarily before placing it with his other Pokemon. He gets up and follows Dmitri, H, and Alex through the newly opened door.

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The door leads to a massive chamber, the chilling nighttime air flowing in through open windows high on the towering walls. In the center of the chamber rises a large metal gyroscope housing a giant shimmering mirror. Alex stands before it in awe; at long last she has found it.

H immediately runs past, and attempts to climb the wall, to escape the temple through the windows, terrified by what he had experienced within. Dmitri, however, walks up to the Mirror and reaches out to touch it.


“Wait, don’t do that!” Alex shouts, “It might be dangerous!” In her heart she had always considered the possibility that the Mirror was the cause of her father’s disappearance. Perhaps it had trapped him in an alternate dimension or something of the like. The terrifying things she had seen within the temple only served to strengthen the fear that it might be true.

However, her warning comes too late for Dmitri. He places his hand upon the Mirror and a chill runs up his arm. He tries to pull away but finds that he cannot remove his hand. Dmitri locks eyes with his reflection and he feels as if it is staring back, watching with a menacing look in its eyes. He starts to hear voices faintly whispering inside his head.


Shane also feels himself drawn toward the Mirror. As he approaches, he sees his reflection gradually change, the expression on its face becomes menacing and the mark starts glowing a virulent shade of green. The hand reaches out as if to grab him, and Shane suddenly realize that he had been subconsciously reaching for the Mirror himself, but he is too mesmerized to try to stop it.

He continues to gaze into the Mirror and sees the reflection place its hand on his own shoulder. He feels it grip him, trying to pull him. Shane turns around to see Alex pulling on his shoulder, trying to keep him from touching the Mirror. “C’mon!” she shouts at him. “Help me get him away from it!” Shane snaps out of his mesmerized state and follows Alex over to Dmitri, together they are able to pry the man away from the Mirror.


The whispers in Dmitri’s head stop as Alex and Shane pull him back from the Mirror, removing his hand from its cold surface. He looks at the palm of his hand and shakes his head in confusion, unsure of what had just happened.

“Are you alright?” Alex asks.

“I don’t know…” Dmitri trails off. He doesn’t understand what had happened. There were voices inside his head, but they are gone now. “I think so.”


Shane looks around and notices H is missing. He glances upwards and sees the cyborg attempting to climb up to the windows, several stories up. “H, get the hell down here!” he shouts at him. “You’re gonna get yourself killed!”

“No! I need to get out of here!” H shouts back at Shane. “I’m not going back in that place!”


“They’re gone!”

“I don’t care! There will be more! You saw how many eyes were on the walls!”

Alex feels herself drawn to the Mirror. The only thought burning in her mind is to stay away from it, but she feels herself slowly walking toward it, as if someone else is controlling her. All she sees is herself reflected in the smooth metal, her new companions nowhere to be seen. She feels as if she is completely alone in the Galaxy, a feeling of total isolation that she had not felt in many years.


Alex feels her hand pulled toward the Mirror and, as her fingertips brush against the Mirror’s surface, her own reflection vanishes. Her heart pounds inside her chest as the image of her father appears before her. And then he’s gone; Shane pulls Alex away from the Mirror. The room spins around her as she falls to her knees; a single tear rolls down her cheek.

After making sure that Alex is okay, Shen pulls himself into warp space to get a better look the Mirror. He sees several lines spreading out from it, extending out in different directions. One, in particular, catches his eye; it’s thicker and darker looking than the others. He pops back into real space and looks at the mirror once more. He grabs hold of the gyroscope frame and starts to reposition it, aiming it in the direction of the dark line.


“What are you doing?” Dmitri asks him.

“It’s kind of hard to explain,” Shane tells him. “When I was in warp space I saw lines going out from this Mirror to other points somewhere else in the Galaxy. I’m lining it up with the largest one to see what happens. Alex do you have that holoscroll on you?”


Alex says nothing and continues to stare at the floor.

“Hey Alex,” Shane says, walking up to her and resting his hand on her shoulder.

“Huh, what?” she asks, snapping out of her dazed state.

“Can I see the holoscroll?” Shane asks again. Alex pulls it out of her bag and opens it up. It displays only a single line of script.

Gaze Unto The Mirror And Become Empty

Shane is distracted from the holoscroll when he looks up and sees H about to dive out the window. He quickly uses his power to switch places with H, the effects of the Cofagrigus having worn off. He finds himself teetering on the edge and hurriedly warps himself back down to where the others are.


H now finds himself looking into the Mirror and sees floating eyes swirling around inside it. It terrifies him but he cannot look away; he feels drawn to it. He walks closer, and, as he approaches, his own reflection appears before him, but his augmentations are missing. As he continues forward, pieces of his reflection are slowly replaced with bits of metal, strange augmentations he has never seen before. He takes a step back to see if they fall off, but they stay. He walks forward again and more pieces of twisted metal replace his body. Backward again. The augmentations remain.

Soon his entire reflection is coated in metal and with each step back and forward a copy of himself appears behind him. This continues until there is quite a sizable number of copies standing behind him. He stares, fascinated by the sight before him. At first he had reasoned that the Mirror was showing him the past, but perhaps now it shows a potential future. One by one the copies begin to morph; augmentations appear that he could never even begin to imagine. They seem terrifying.


H remains the only one unchanged. The others surround him with a menacing look in their eyes. One pulls out a knife and drives it into his back, sending the cyborg into augmentation shock. A sense of dread overcomes him as he falls to the ground.

In its new position, the Mirror starts to glow a bit darker in color. This catches Dmitri’s eye and he approaches it once more and places both hands upon it. The whispers from before start becoming clearer and Dmitri realizes that he is hearing his own thoughts. His Metang appears before him, then the guy he murdered, then, slowly, everyone he has ever known, one at a time. They seem to surround him, staring, softly saying one word over and over: “Why?” He pulls his hands away and begins to back away. As he gets further from the Mirror, the voices stop and the images fade away.


Morgan eventually joins the others in the Mirror chamber and sees the others gathered around the Mirror. To her, it seems completely covered in black. She walks up to it and slowly the image changes. The blackness fades away, leaving a dirty coating over its surface. She can see her reflection behind the dirt and lurking behind her is the face. The haunting face that she first saw on the Trevenant, the face she saw on the Cofagrigus. She shakes her head, trying to dispel the feeling of dread. Morgan glances at the Mirror once more and its surface has become totally black once again.

Shane holds the holoscroll up towards the Mirror, and it begins displaying several temple locations across the stars, with lines linking from the present site to others. “Here. This is where the large line I saw pointed,” he says. The scroll zooms in as he points to it, showing more details about its location. The temple in question appears to be somewhere in the core of the Galaxy. “I don’t think we’re going to find anything else here,” Shane continues. “I think it would be best if we left now.”


“Agreed,” says Morgan.

Without any hesitation, the two exit the mirror chamber and return to the platform that brought them up. H remains in augmentation shock; he’s still conscious but his cybernetic parts have not yet come back online. Dmitri helps him up and leans him on his shoulder so that he can move him to the platform with the others. Alex lags behind, taking one last glance at the Mirror before following the others out of the chamber.


Moving the slabs again causes the platform to lower once more. The eyes still appear to follow them as they return to the temple entrance, but this time it really is just a trick of the light.

The crisp night air blows through the trees as the crew makes their way back to the Helix. The jungle is calm for now, but they all remain tense after their ordeal in the Mirrored Temple. As the crew continues, they hear a faint rustling sound, as if something is moving along with them in the brush.

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Morgan stops and looks around, listening. Seeing her pause, the others also stay still. The rustling seems to have stopped. “I think we’re being followed by something,” she says to her companions. After several minutes of silence, they continue walking. The rustling starts up again, this time faster. Something is definitely following them.


Alex breaks into a run. After what she went through in the temple, she’s completely terrified. The only thought in her mind is to get back to the ship. In her fear, she trips over a large tree root and slams into the ground. She can hear the sound of human footsteps surrounding them.

“Hey!” Morgan calls out to their pursuers. “Who are you!?”

“Agh!” a voice screams in the trees. “They’re from the temple! Aaaaagh!

A group of ragged looking men run out of the brush, charging after the crew. Morgan reaches for a Pokeball and releases her Espeon. Dmitri drops H and does the same, sending out his Scyther. The men sprint closer, and the crew can see a crazed but empty looks in their eyes: afraid and angry. Morgan gets the same feeling she felt when the Helix was attacked on the way to Vandia.


The men charge forward at the crew, ignoring the Pokemon. One lunges straight for Dmitri.

“Gigan!” Dmitri shouts at his Scyther. The Pokemon intercepts and slices the man’s arms clean off. The crazed man continues to charge at Dmitri, ignoring his missing limbs. Dmitri throws his hands up to keep him at bay.


“Yvonne, attack!” Morgan commands her Espeon. The Pokemon swiftly runs up and bites one of the men’s ankle, but the man ignores her and continues to charge.


“B.O.L.T! Thunder Wave!” Shane commands, sending out his Rotom. The Pokemon shoots a wave of electricity at another of the men and causes him to fall to the ground, seizing up and twitching. Shane then teleports behind another of the men and knocks him to the ground.

“Anubis!” Alex shouts as she picks herself back up, releasing her Lucario. “Get him!” The Pokemon runs forward and punches one of the men still standing and knocks him old cold. Morgan blasts the last one with her mind and knocks him down. The man screams in pain as he collapses to the floor.


With the men taken down, Alex takes off running again toward the ship. Dmitri and Shane follow close behind, but Morgan stays behind with H, who is only just starting to come back around, his augmentations coming back online.

“We can’t leave them here,” Morgan says to him. “Use your Rhyhorn to get as many back to the ship as we can.”


“Give me one reason why I should!” H shouts at her.

“Because these people obviously need help.”

“Fine. I guess you did help me at the University, so I will help you with this.”

Together they collect a couple of the crazed men that have been incapacitated and load them up on #1, then start heading back to the ship.


Shane, Dmitri, and Alex arrive back at the Helix and quickly get aboard the ship. Alex immediately runs off to hide away in her room, completely shaken up by the events of the day.


“You know, I’m not even gonna ask. I don’t want to know,” Minerva says as she looks over at Shane and Dmitri and sees the looks on their faces.

Morgan and H return shortly afterward bring the crazed men with them.

“Are you sure you want to bring them on the ship?” Shane asks, very confused as to why Morgan had brought the men with her.


“They need help,” she tells him.

“What about the part where they tried to kill us?”

“What if they were just scared? Maybe we can help them.”

Shane attempts to say something to the effect of “no, they’re not coming on this ship,” but before he can say anything Morgan gives him a look, the same look she gave him after the incident with the Romanov Supremacy, when she attacked one of their ships with the warp gate. “Fine,” Shane tells her. “Just keep them locked up.”


“Now I really don’t want to know,” Minerva quips.

“Just… get us out of here,” Shane tells her.

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” she replies. She fires up the engines and flies away from the planet, back into the calm safety of space.


Session Notes: Well that was a dark session… Not one, but two Pokemon deaths! And damn… that Mirrored Temple… That was just creepy as fuck. Those Sigilyph man! Comic Power/Calm Mind + Stored Power = Murder. It’s not hard to see why H, the man with no fear, is terrified out of his mind by Sigilyph. Apparently that’s one of his only fears. And don’t even get me started on the party’s crappy roles… We had two crit fails in a row!


So RIP D.E.R.P. and Hector, you shall be missed. At the end of the session, H’s player actually told us that he could have picked up a feat that lets him prevent Pokemon from dying about six levels ago and didn’t take it. I think a few players may be a bit annoyed with him, especially since he’s the only play to have not lost a Pokemon yet!

The Mirror was… not exactly what I was expecting. It was so evil, and that is going to have some major effects on Alex’s character development. I am really excited to see what happens next, I think there are a lot of cool and interesting places I can take her character from here. It also seems like there is something even darker lurking in the galactic core. Only time will tell.


So yeah, zombie people! Or something. I picked up on it pretty quickly that these guys were very similar to the people that attacked the Helix at the beginning of the volume. Even though Alex doesn’t know about that attack yet, as a player I now know that it was somehow connected to the Mirror. Very ominous indeed. I think some major shit is gonna go down soon.

Post-Chapter Challenge: A lot of plotlines were cryptically hinted at this session… there’s so many different ways they all can resolve. To that end, I have a question of the week for all of you!


A Gecko Ending is what usually happens when an adaptation, typically an anime, catches up with the source material and has to BS its own ending that ties up all the loose ends. My challenge is simple: you are the producer/writer of Spacemon: The Animated Series! By now, you’ve caught up with the original TRPG, and have to come up with your own ending to the saga. Who is Mr Silver? Who or what is the Gardener? What’s with all this mirror mumbo jumbo? Who are They, and why are They coming? Now is your chance to answer those questions! I want to hear it all, from your intricately thought out plans to your ideas that are just plain goofy.

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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