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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The UAS Helix traveled to the galactic core, pursuing the lead from the Mirrored Temple. The coordinates led them to a world made of glass with a singular spire rising above the mirrored plains. With Shane and H unable to assist, Morgan, Dmitri, and Alex set out to find answers and were forced to confront their deepest fears. Now, they have come face to face with a dark entity and must fight for survival.

Morgan, Dmitri, and Alex awaken in the middle of a glass field. It extends as far as the eye can see before dropping off into a chasm on all sides. The mirrored spire looms beyond the chasm, a giant shadow rising in the twilight. All three of them feel on edge, as if something is watching them from all sides. Morgan releases her Oshawott and Dmitri releases his Scyther, anticipating a fight. Suddenly the ground begins to rumble and the figure they saw before rises up from the chasm, only this time it towers over them on a gigantic scale.


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They all hear their own voices whispering inside their heads, speaking the name of the massive Pokemon rising up before them.

“Leviatan!” Alex yells, reaching for one of her Pokeballs. She throws it out, and her own gigantic Pokemon emerges, although it appears tiny next to the humongous form of Darkrai. Lightning cracks in the sky as Leviathan calls forth a massive storm, with several bolts striking the ground.

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Darkrai reaches out toward Dmitri’s Scyther and a surge of hellfire blasts out from its hand toward the green Pokemon. The flames overwhelm the Pokemon and take her down instantly.

“Leviathan, use Thunder!” Alex shouts and the Pokemon obliges. A massive bolt of lightning crashes from the sky and strikes Darkrai, dealing a heavy blow.

“Herman, use Razor Shell!” Morgan commands her Oshawott. The small blue Pokemon leaps at his giant foe and slices it with his shell. Darkrai does not seem particularly bothered by the attack.


“Your turn, Ness!” shouts Dmitri as he releases his Gyarados. In the meantime, Morgan peers into the future with Miracle Eye and prepares an attack against Darkrai.

Darkrai waves its arms and pulses of dark lightning strike down on the ground. When the smoke clears, the trio finds themselves face to face with doppelgangers of themselves. The doppelgangers silently release the same Pokemon that they have out.


The false Gyarados lets out a roar and fires a pulse of darkness at Ness, dealing a solid blow to the Gyarados. “Ness, Bite it back!” Dmitri commands. His own Gyarados rushes forward and sinks his fangs into his copy, causing it to flinch.

Leviathan’s imposter moves next and summons a surge of wind and snow that strikes the real Leviathan and Ness. Leviathan avoids the attack but Ness is hit and the Gyarados goes down. “Leviathan, use Aqua Ring!” Alex commands her Pokemon. The massive creature shrouds itself in water, an attempt by Alex to keep it alive as long as possible.

“Herman, use Fury Cutter!” Morgan commands her Pokemon, pointing at the false Leviathan. The Oshawott lunges at the large beast and slices it across the face. Herman’s imposter attempts to do the same to the real Leviathan but it is unable to land the hit.


Morgan’s prepped attack launches out of the air and strikes Darkrai, dealing another solid blow. Dmitri takes this time to quickly switch out to Wilhelm, his trusty Haunter.

Darkrai reaches out toward Leviathan and dark shadows surround the Pokemon, putting it to sleep. Darkrai appears to be feeding off the sleeping Pokemon and regaining its stamina. Luckily, the veil of water surrounding Leviathan restores the drained energy.


“Wilhelm, Shadow Ball!” Dmitri instructs his Haunter. The Pokemon creates a ball of dark energy in his hands and lobs it at the fake Gyarados. The imposter Pokemon responds with a pulse of its own dark energy, taking down the Pokemon that attacked it.

The false Leviathan locks onto Herman and fires a powerful Water Pulse at the Oshawott. The hit is strong but the Pokemon manages to endure it. The real Leviathan remains asleep while Alex nervously looks on. C’mon, wake up! she thinks. We need you!

“Herman, use Fury Cutter again!” Morgan commands her Oshawott. He lunges forward at Leviathan’s imposter once again and prepares to slice it. His own doppelganger attempts to intercept with a Fury Cutter of its own but Herman parries the attack and lands his own on the false Leviathan. Dmitri seizes the opportunity to fire a Will-O-Wisp at the fake Oshawott and burns it.


Morgan targets the fake Gyarados and blasts it with an Extrasensory attack! The imposter Pokemon finally goes down. Both Dmitri and his doppelganger reach for Pokeballs and throw out their next Pokemon. Dmitri’s Kadabra, Houdini, now stands face to face with an imposter of Wilhelm.

Darkrai reaches out to Leviathan again and drains more energy from the sleeping creature. While this is happening, Wilhelm’s imposter throws a Shadow Ball at Houdini. “Houdini, Teleport out of there!” Dmitri commands the Kadabra. His Pokemon obliges and quickly warps out of the way as the ball of energy whizzes through the space he occupied seconds ago.


Leviathan’s imposter roars and calls forth another surge of snow and ice, this time targeting Morgan’s Oshawott. The nimble little Pokemon is able to dodge the brunt of the attack and keep on fighting. The real Leviathan awakens, and lets out a roar of its own. Alex sighs with relief and commands her Pokemon: “Leviathan, use Water Spout!” The giant sea beast rears its head and spits up a massive blast of water. It rains down on Darkrai and deals a hefty blow.

Herman’s imposter moves again, lunging at Houdini and furiously attempting to cut the Kadabra. “Herman, keep using Fury Cutter!” Morgan commands her own Oshawott. He leaps at the false Leviathan once again and hits it with an even stronger blow than before.


Morgan preps another attack while Dmitri pulls out his laser rifle and starts shooting at Darkrai. The giant Pokemon doesn’t seem wounded from the laser fire, but it is weakened. It looks down at the Humans and Pokemon attacking it and summons a massive void of darkness around them, putting them to sleep. With its enemies asleep, Darkrai begins draining energy from them.

Wilhelm’s doppelganger locks onto Herman and throws a Shadow Ball at him. However, the shot goes wide and misses the sleeping Oshawott. As the only combatant still awake, Houdini moves up and assaults the false Haunter with a blast of psychic energy and takes it down.

Leviathan’s imposter targets Herman as well and spits a pulse of water at him. The Oshawott amazingly endures the hit and wakes up from the impact! Unfortunately, his doppelganger moves in and deals a finishing blow, taking him out of the fight.


The real Leviathan lets out a mighty roar as it awakens. Without its trainer to command it, the beast acts on its own, summoning a giant wave of electricity, completely electrifying the ground.

Having been lying on the ground quite close to her Pokemon, the electrified ground shocks Alex awake and she leaps to her feet to see her friends sleeping on the ground. She dashes over to Dmitri who is lying nearby and tries to nudge him awake. “Sorry,” she says quietly when this fails to wake him. She kicks him hard in the side which causes him to wake up.


Before Dmitri gets a chance to assesses the situation, Darkrai reaches out toward his Kadabra and fires a pulse of Darkness. He looks on in horror as he watches his Pokemon die from the powerful attack.

Dmitri’s doppelganger then releases a copy of the Kadabra, rubbing the salt into the wound. Houdini’s imposter fires its own blast of psychic energy at Leviathan, dealing a nasty blow. Leviathan’s own doppelganger follows up with a pulse of water, further whittling it down.

“Leviathan, use Blizzard!” Alex yells, pointing at the copy of her Pokemon. Leviathan summons a blast of freezing air and snow and directs it at its doppelganger. The blast hits both its own imposter and Herman’s. The fake Oshawott tries to get a hit off on Leviathan but collapses due to its burn.


Dmitri releases his Absol, Harbinger, but the Darkrai quickly takes it down with a powerful blast of energy. The false Kadabra fires a blast of psychic energy at Leviathan, but the powerful Pokemon shrugs off the hit. Leviathan’s doppelganger tries to follow up with another pulse of water, but Leviathan dodges out of the way. “Use Water Pulse, Leviathan!” Alex commands her Pokemon. “Take that faker down!” The giant creature fires a pulse of water of its own back at its copy and takes it out of the fight.

The attack Morgan predicted before she fell asleep emerges and slams into Darkrai, reminding the others that they need to focus on the main enemy and not the copies it created. Darkrai is unfazed and fires a pulse of darkness at Leviathan, continuing its focused assault on the durable Pokemon. The false Kadabra attempts to follow up with a blast a psychic energy but it misses.

Seeing Leviathan running out of steam, Dmitri runs over and uses a potion on it. Combined with the veil of water surrounding it, the large Pokemon appears reinvigorated as it prepares for another attack. “Use Thunder!” Alex shouts. The Pokemon lets out a mighty roar as it summons a massive lightning bolt that crashes down on Darkrai.


Morgan finally wakes up and assesses the battlefield. She sees that Leviathan stands alone against the Darkrai and the doppelgangers and decides to heal it. She runs over and pulls out a hyper potion, bringing the Pokemon nearly to full strength. Dmitri covers her by firing a Will-O-Wisp at Darkrai, burning the massive Pokemon.

Darkrai reaches out toward the rejuvenated Leviathan and fires a pulse of darkness at it. The giant sea best dodges out of the way and the attack strikes the ground, kicking up water and shards of glass. The false Kadabra follows up with a blast of Confusion. Leviathan shrugs off the hit and prepares to attack again.


“Leviathan, use Blizzard!” Alex yells. Leviathan lets out a roar as it summons another squall. The ice and snow batter Darkrai and trap it in ice! Dmitri raises his hand at his immobilized foe and casts a Hex on it, further whittling it down.

The area around the battlefield begins to warp and dark lightning begins crashing down all around the combatants. The doppelgangers vanish as the huge Darkrai dissolves out of the ice and three smaller ones appear where the doppelgangers once stood. The trio of Darkrais appear to be worn down and weakened.

“Leviathan, use Water Pulse!” Alex commands, pointing at one of the enemies. The Pokemon spits a blast of water at it and it dissolves into smoke. Only two remain. Morgan releases her Bellsprout and Dmitri releases his Slugma as they prepare to end the fight. Dmitri also pulls a ball off his belt and attempts to capture one of the Darkrais.


The ball immediately starts shaking violently and the Darkrai bursts out of it. The two Darkrais then take aim at Leviathan and fire pulses of darkness at it. Leviathan manages to dodge one, but the other finds its mark.

“Edouard, use Sleep Powder!” Morgan commands her Bellsprout. As the powder settles on the Darkrai, its image becomes hazy.

“Obsidius, Flame Burst!” Dmitri instructs his Slugma. The Pokemon fires a lick of flames at the other Darkrai but it dodges out of the way. Dmitri then pulls out another ball and throws it at the hazy darkrai. The ball closes around the Pokemon and everything seems to move in slow motion.



The ball beeps, but instead of the ball shaking the whole planet feels as if it is rumbling.


Again. The whole area starts going hazy and reality starts to distort. The other Darkrai vanishes as the rumbling becomes more violent.


Suddenly Morgan vanishes, as if she was pulled out of reality itself. Alex vanishes in the same way soon after, leaving Dmitri standing alone.


The whole planet shakes again, and then falls still. The whole world begins to unravel and Dmitri finds his eyes locked with Darkrai, his hand clutched tightly around his Pokeball. He feels the familiar whisper in the back of his mind, but he also feels his own whisper calling back to it. It feels as if he now has some sort of influence over Darkrai, as if they have some sort of symbiotic connection.


Morgan and Alex find themselves back at the spire summit, having awoken from the nightmare Darkrai had trapped them in. They see the Pokemon standing over Dmitri’s body, as if the two are locked in some sort of mind struggle. The color in Dmitri’s hair fades to a ghostly white and the Pokemon begins to drift away, pulled back towards the moon. Dmitri’s eyes open, now glowing a brilliant shade of blue.

As he awakens, Dmitri becomes aware of what Darkrai is. Darkrai exerts a pressure, bending humans’ minds with their fears. But it is just a conduit. The whispers in the back of the mind don’t come from Darkrai, they come from somewhere else.


There is something else.

And they are coming.

“What happened?” Alex asks.

“I’m not entirely sure,” Dmitri tells her. “I think I am now bound to Darkrai, similarly to how Shane is bound to Giratina. I believe that it has some kind of aura that exists around it that causes people to be pressured by their fears. I think the mirrors are similarly bound to it, conduits for its power. There is something else, beyond Darkrai. That’s what drove those people insane.”


“That’s really fascinating and all,” Morgan tells him. “But I really think we should leave.”

“We can’t leave yet, we haven’t found anything!” Alex shouts.

“You were the one who didn’t want to come here because it might be dangerous,” Morgan snaps. “Well it really is dangerous.”


“But if we leave now it will have all been for nothing.”

“Who cares if it was all for nothing? At least we’d still be alive.”

“But we are still alive.”

For now!

“You told me to keep going until I find the truth, so that’s what I’m gonna do! We’re staying until we find something!”


“Okay, but make it quick.”

Alex looks around but there doesn’t seem to be any clues. It doesn’t look like anyone has been here in a long time, definitely not within the last two decades. It becomes painfully apparent to Alex that her father was never here.

With nothing more they can do, the trio returns to the Helix, eager to be gone from this terrible place.


“Rough night?” Minerva asks as she sees them walk past the bridge looking quite down and worn out.

“Just get us off this damn planet,” Morgan tells her before walking away.

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” the pilot says as she fires up the engines. As soon as they’re ready to go, Minerva brings the ship back into space and makes the jump back to civilized space.


Session Notes: The was one hell of a battle! Darkrai and Doppelgangers! The whole fight was fittingly set to Dooplis’s theme from Paper Mario: TTYD. It was a bit tough with just three of us but it would have taken so long if we had to go up against five doppelgangers at once! Plus more EXP for us!

There are still so many unanswered questions, but things are starting to come together! Once we find out how the Gardner ties into all of this, I think some crazy shit is gonna go down. I can’t wait!


There was a lot of great character development over these two chapters. This was a very important session for Alex as a character. We really got to see how she has bonded with the others over the past couple of months and how strong her fear of abandonment really is. Those two aspects work really nicely together. Too bad she didn’t find what she was looking for yet.

And then there’s Dmitri, who now has a bond with Darkrai. I wonder how that will influence him as a character going forward. Only time will tell.

I also wonder how H and Shane will react to all of this. Next week is gonna be good!


Post-Chapter Challenge: Boy, we’ve sure seen a lot of Trainers being linked to Legendaries! First there was Shane and Giratina, now we have Dmitri and Darkrai! PTU has a neat Trainer option called Brands where you basically make an arrangement with a Legendary. It’s a very Faustian “deal with the devil” type of thing, as you gain power in exchange for some form of payment. I kinda wrote myself into a corner with Spacemon by not giving Pokemon, even Legendaries, voices and wills of their own; I can’t really nail the Faustian element of the contract, so what’s presented in Spacemon is much more watered down than I had originally wanted to do. Nevertheless, I love the concept.

So you’ve been Branded! Tell me the nature of your contract. Which Legendary Pokemon have you made a bargain with, and why? What power have you gained? And what is your payment?


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!