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I'm really feeling it!
 Original Image Credit - Funerium
Original Image Credit - Funerium

Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!


Previously on Spacemon…

While approaching the planet Vandia in the Togan System in Sinai Space to look for the gym leader Gilgamesh, the UAS Helix was attacked by an unknown ship crewed by odd, almost zombie-like humans. The crew of the Helix successfully destroyed their assailants, but they took too much damage in the battle and crash-landed on Vandia. On the planet, they met a strange teenage girl who has taken a surprising interest in them. However, they wanted nothing to do with her. Unfortunately for them, she refused to stay out of their business. They still need to get the Helix repaired and look for clues about the whereabouts of Gilgamesh and it seems like this girl is planning to tag along.

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“What’s the situation?” Shane asks his newly returned crewmates with their collection of scrap metal.


“Well, we have the scrap metal we need,” Morgan tells him.

“And we can get the hull repaired enough so we can take off again,” H adds.

“So, should we just repair our ship and get out of here then?” Shane asks.

“Well, we still have her to deal with,” H tells him, pointing at the girl who still seems to be following them around.


“So, how about you tell me what you’re doing here already. You clearly aren’t here to see the sights,” the girl chimes in.

“I don’t really know,” says H. “What are we doing here?”

“We came here to look for someone,” says Morgan.

“Who?” the girl asks.

“You wouldn’t know him. He’s a monk.”

“There’s lots of monks here… What does he look like?”

“Bald. Long beard. Flowing black robes.”

“I saw a guy like that the other day. He went in there,” the girl says, pointing at the ruins in the distance.


“Yeah, I’m sure he came out again,” Morgan says, sounding annoyed again. “Do you know where he went after that?”

“No, but he went there.”

“Let’s go check it out,” Dmitri suggests.

“It will take the bot a while to repair the ship anyway, so we might as well,” Morgan agrees.


And with that the crew follows the strange girl as she leads them off towards the ruins.

Image Credit - Judd Patterson
Image Credit - Judd Patterson

“They call these the Sunset Plains,” the girl tells them as they walk through the open fields, the sunlight barely breaking above the horizon in the distance. “Aren’t they pretty?”

“Is the sun setting at all times or something?” H asks.

“Due to the planet’s weird rotation, this region is in a perpetual state of sunset or sunrise.”


Before the conversation can progress further, a wild Pumpkaboo runs past with an Absol in pursuit. Dmitri immediately throws a Great Ball at the Absol and successfully captures it.

“Goddamn it, I wanted that,” Shane tells him.

“NOOOOOO!” The girl shouts. “I’ve been chasing that Absol for weeks!”

Morgan, Shane, and the girl send out Croconaw, Klefki, and Espurr to try and weaken the Pumpkaboo for a capture. They exchange a few blows but the Pumpkaboo proves resistant, using Absorb to keep itself going. Dmitri sends out his Scyther to help but ends up accidentally knocking it out.


“Damn…” Shane grumbles.

“Sorry about that,” Dmitri tells him.

“Don’t worry about it,” Shane replies

“Alright let’s head for the ruins,” says Dmitri.

“Sure. Let’s go to the ruins,” says H. “Nothing bad can happen.”

Dmitri suspects that H is being sarcastic so he attempts to read his mind. He gets a brief burst of thoughts from H: Ruins. Information in ruins. Information useful in ruins. Ruins dangerous. Dangerous in ruins. Information in ruins? Possibly yes, go to ruins. Go to ruins.


“So when was Gilgamesh here?” Morgan asks the girl as they walk along towards the ruins. “When did he leave?”

“A couple weeks ago.”

“Did he say why he was here? Did anyone know why?”

“No. He was just... there. I don’t know. I didn’t talk to him. I just saw him.”

“Well that’s useful,” mumbles Shane.

“I can’t help but wonder why you’re still following us,” says Dmitri.

“Yup,” Shane agrees.

“Because you’re interesting,” she tells them. “There’s nothing to do here. You’re the most interesting people I’ve met in my life! So why are you looking for this Gilgamesh guy anyway? What’s so important about him?”


“We have some questions for him,” says Morgan.

“What kind of questions?”

“Things you wouldn’t understand.”

“I know you’re lying.”

“Does it really matter? Do you want me to hurt you again?”

“Like you could.”

The rest of the walk is spent in cold silence until they reach the ruins. As they start getting close, they start to see people; mostly tourists and a few monks. As they arrive at the ruins, Shane becomes very much aware of the strange and quite obvious mark on his arm and tries to hide it as they move through the crowd.


“What are you doing?” the girl asks.

“Look we just don’t want people asking questions,” Morgan tells her.

“But questions are fun!”

“Questions are fun!” H agrees.

“Not when you have to answer them,” Morgan says, sounding annoyed once again.

“But answering them is the fun,” says H.

“H, shut up. You’re not helping,” Shane tells him.

“Well answer this question,” Morgan tells the girl. “What’s your name anyway?”

“Alex,” the girl tells her.

As they get close to the ruins, a small group of confused tourists approach and start talking to Alex. “Excuse me, Miss, are you a tour guide?” one of them asks.


“Sure!” Alex says enthusiastically, though the crew can tell that she is clearly lying.

“And you’re all here for the tour as well right?” the guy then asks the Helix crew.


“Something like that,” Morgan tells him.

“I think we found the rest of the tour group,” the tourists say amongst themselves.


“This is totally the tour group!” Alex says.

“See! I told you! There’s nothing to worry about,” the man says to his companions.


“Actually we’re a group of random travelers who happened to crash here-” H starts.

“Shhh,” Alex hisses at him, elbowing him in the stomach. “Alright if you’ll follow me we will begin the tour!”

Image Credit - MacRebisz
Image Credit - MacRebisz

“Great. What can you tell us about this temple?”

“These ruins scattered throughout the Sunset Plains are believed to be the remnants of a city left behind by an ancient race of Angels, the chosen people of God. Some say that the Angels were chosen by God to ascend to the heavens and become messengers and guardians to the inheritors, that would be us, of what they left behind.”


“So I’m an Angel?” H blurts out.

“No,” Alex tells him sternly.


“What is his deal exactly?” one of the tourists asks.

“He’s a crazy hobo who followed us,” Shane tells him while glaring angrily at the girl who actually had been following them.


“Disregard their opinions for I am the chosen one who will bring the people and all Humanity to salvation!” H proclaims.

“Alright, let’s move on,” says Alex, as she continues to lead the tour. “Monks and archaeologists have spent years uncovering the secrets that were left behind. This site in particular is some sort of temple.”


“What kind of secrets?”

“Y’know, secret secrets. Lost writings and stories. That kind of stuff. Such as this mural here! It shows the birth of Man and Pokemon who were born from the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, planted and curated by the Angels.”


The Mural in question depicts a stoic figure and his Pokemon companion, encroached on all sides by clawing darkness. A radiant hand whose fingers loosely resemble branches reaches down to them from above. An inscription at the base of the mural reads: Approx. 92 million years.

“What are all those dark things surrounding them?”

“No one can say for sure. Some say that they are evil spirits that wiped out the Angels. But that’s kind of a dark theory. Another theory in a similar vein I find intriguing is that these Angels, whoever they were, were highly advanced and eventually their technology surpassed them and spawned legions of murderous machine-men who wiped them all out. But no one can say for sure what really happened.”


“So how old are these ruins?” the tourist asks, trying to ignore the absurdity that just came out of his guide’s mouth.

“No one can say for sure, but they were here long before Humanity ever reached this planet. Most estimates are around ninety-two-million years or older.”


“Wait…” says Shane. “If these were here long before Humanity reached the planet then why is Humanity depicted in the mural?”

“That’s a good question,” one of the tourists agrees. “What he said.”

“Well, if the Angels were chosen to watch over Humanity as believed, why wouldn’t they depict them in their murals? Legends say that Humanity was born from the Tree of Knowledge which was planted by the Angels themselves!”


“You’re a terrible tour guide!” H shouts, and several of the tourists nod in agreement.

“Archaeologists have spent decades researching this stuff but there is still so much they have yet to discover! I can’t tell you what no one has figured out yet!”


“I heard they carbon dated this site to about ninety-two-million years old which is long before Humanity would ever have been here,” says one snarky tourist wearing a fedora and stroking his impressive neck-beard.

“Look, I said Humanity didn’t need to have been on this planet for the Angels to have known of our existence!”


“In both truth and reality these humanoids aren’t Humans, they are superior!” H declares. “They are the next generation that were lost and just now being discovered and I am one of these humanoids.”

“Yeah, keep on telling yourself that,” Alex says in a very sarcastic tone.

“I call bullshit!” the snarky tourist speaks up. “Humans didn’t evolve from Mankies until, you know, like six-million years ago! What do you have to say to that, huh?”


“That’s an assumption based on a primitive theory that existed long before Humanity ever reached for the stars! You came here for a tour to learn about Sinai culture and history and you’re being kinda culturally insensitive.”

“We’re so sorry about him,” one of the other tourists apologizes to Alex.

After the tourists calm down again, Alex leads everyone further into the ruins, passing by several monks and archaeologists.


“Here you can see a group of monks and archaeologists working together to decipher these wall writings,” She informs the tour group.

“What are they looking at now?”

“Just some recently uncovered writings. They’re still trying to figure out what it says. If you come this way you can see more of this new area which leads to a very recently discovered room.”


Alex leads everyone into what is, in fact, a newly uncovered section of the ruins. There isn’t much to do on Vandia so Alex often spent her days walking around the ruins, posing as a tour guide. She is well aware that this is the most recent discovery in the ruins. The room is mostly full of dust and rocks but there is one mural that depicted some form of ancient star map.

“This is an ancient star map that depicts a group of star systems in relation to the galactic core. The researchers have only just begun to analyze this map, but the prevailing theory right now is that other sites such as this one exist in the depicted locations.”


“I see…” says one of the tourists.

“The belief is that these sites may contain even more secrets and lost technologies that we can only hope to imagine,” Alex continues.


“And no one goes there because?”

“Because this mural was just discovered,” Alex tells the tourist

“Oh,” he says, realizing the stupidity of his question.

“Can we help you?” an archaeologist asks, approaching the group. “We’re still excavating this area so, if at all possible, we’d like to get back to it.”


“Just giving the tour!” Alex says. “It’s time we moved on anyway.”

“So when did they discover this room?” One of the tourists asks.

“Not too long ago,” Alex tells him, recalling that the room had first been discovered around the time that Gilgamesh visited. “Only in the last few weeks.” If this Gilgamesh is as important as the crew of the crashed ship seems to think, it can’t be a coincidence.


Morgan seems to pick up on the similar time frame Alex provided for when Gilgamesh was here and when the room was discovered and asks one of the archaeologists about him as Alex leads the group out of the room.

“He was here around when we started digging up the room, yeah. He took a good look at this and then left,” he tells her.


“He didn’t happen to mention where he was going did he?”

“No, I’m afraid not.”

“And that brings us to the end of the tour!” Alex declares, as she leads the tour group back out to the exterior of the ruins.


“See, I told you there would be nothing bad in the ruins,” H tells everyone in earshot.

“Thank you for visiting,” Alex tells the tourists, attempting to sound as charming as possible. “I hope you enjoyed the tour.” She is successfully able to extract two-hundred-twenty-five credits worth of tips from the unwitting tourists.


Session Notes: More of Alex’s interesting character has come to light. I really put in the effort to make her more interesting than Arlon was. And by making her a very different person than myself I am challenging myself to improve my RP abilities. I am having a lot more fun with this character for sure, but it doesn’t seem like the other characters are! The players love her though haha.


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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